Welcome to your midweek guidance for week four!  My focus is on giving you the best streaming suggestions as we approach winning time in H2H matchups.  Fantasy hoops matchups are won on the margins.  Unless you drafted flawlessly, you’re going to have to outmaneuver your opponent via waiver wire adds in competitive leagues.  Fortunately for you, I’m here to take on some of the research burden.  I trawl through the NBA schedule on a weekly basis and identify the teams and players who give you the best chance of success in various categories.  Let’s get into it!

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If you’re limited on roster additions, avoid streaming players from the teams with only one game remaining this week: Mavericks, Knicks, Magic, Kings, Wizards.

The Clippers are the only squad with three remaining games.  They’re solidly represented in this post as a result.

The following teams have games on both low-volume game days (Thurs, Sat): Pacers, Clippers, Heat, Sixers, Raptors, Jazz.

Here are my streaming recommendations as we head toward the end of weekly matchups:

Four Category Contributor

  • Thaddeus Young (Rebounds, Assists, Steals, FG%): Our first four category contributor this season!  I’d left Thad for dead when he didn’t crack the rotation at the start of the campaign, but the Jakob Poeltl absence is giving Young his first real opportunity with the Spurs.  He’s been a top 50 player over the past week.  Poeltl may return on Sunday, so we may only see one more solid workload for Thad this week (Plays Fri, Sun).

Three Category Contributor

  • Royce O’Neale (Threes, Rebounds, Steals): Steady as they come.  He gets overlooked due to the lack of scoring, but he put up top 80 numbers over the past two weeks on the strength of 1.4 threes, 5 rebounds, and 1.9 steals per game.  For the third consecutive week, the Jazz play a very stream-friendly schedule to close out the matchup (Plays Thurs, Sat).
  • Drew Eubanks (Rebounds, Blocks, FG%): Another beneficiary of Poeltl’s quarantine, Eubanks fits the big man stat mold (18 points and 6 rebounds on Wednesday).  He’s good to go another 24+ minutes on Friday but might be a drop for Sunday depending on Poeltl’s status (Plays Fri, Sun).

Two Category Contributors

  • Terance Mann (Rebounds, Steals): Mann had a string of double-digit scoring performances before crashing on Tuesday.  When it comes to Mann, however, the offense is simply a side dish.  He has a very Josh Hart-esque fantasy profile, so expect the boards and steals with some production in threes and assists (Plays Thurs, Sat, Sun).
  • Eric Bledsoe (Assists, Steals): There was a time when we were drafting this guy in the third round.  Oh, the ravages of time and injuries!  I won’t despair too much, because it looks like the steals are back for now (1.9/game).  He’s a great streaming option for the Clippers’ three games on low-volume game days (Plays Thurs, Sat, Sun).
  • Shake Milton (Points, Assists): Danny Green is back, and as of this writing, Tobias Harris and Seth Curry are questionable for Thursday.  That being said, we are approaching the end of the line for holding Shake, Furkan, and Niang in 12-team leagues.  If Milton garners another 30+ minutes, he’ll help fill the offensive vacuum left by the smoking hole that was the Sixers’ starting lineup (Plays Thurs, Sat).
  • Josh Richardson (Threes, Steals): In the two Celtics games since Jaylen Brown went down with a hammy, RichardSON played 31 and 33 minutes. He even turned back the clock with a block in each game (Plays Fri, Sat).
  • Nemanja Bjelica (Threes, Rebounds): Draymond Green exited last night’s game early and is questionable for Friday. When Bjelica received 27 MPG with the Kings in 2019-20, he averaged 11.5 points, 1.8 threes, 6.4 rebounds, and 2.8 assists. With that in mind, keep an eye on Dray’s status heading into the weekend (Plays Fri, Sun).

One Category Contributors

  • Patrick Beverley (Assists): He’s in the starting lineup for now, giving him 12-team value.  Shot blocking is the most underrated aspect of his game (Plays Fri, Sat).
  • Furkan Korkmaz (Threes): Aside from letting it fly from deep, Korkmaz is capable of contributing those hard-to-find assists (2.9/game).  The dimes are hard to rely upon, however. Seth Curry’s status is the biggest variable impacting Furkan at this stage, as he may drop below 20 MPG when the Sixers’ backcourt rotation is full up (Plays Thurs, Sat).
  • Georges Niang (Threes): Tobias Harris is the guy to watch heading into Thursday night.  If he’s out again, Niang is an option.  He presents a similar fantasy profile to Korkmaz with fewer assist opportunities (Plays Thurs, Sat).
  • Luke Kennard (Threes): I apparently cursed Kennard by speculating that he may sustain top 100 value this season.  He averaged under ten points in the three games since then.  The silver lining is that he also averaged three 3s in that span, so he’s a sniper with a fantasy-friendly schedule (Plays Thurs, Sat, Sun).
  • Gary Payton II (Steals): Glove Jr. is a chip off the ol’ block on the defensive end, averaging 2.4 steals per game over his last five contests.  Steals specialists can be difficult to rely on, especially for players who don’t play significant minutes.  At the very least, he’s a great option for deeper leagues (Plays Fri, Sun).
  • Devin Vassell (Steals): Vassell is quietly hanging in the top 100 this season for nine-category formats.  The 1.3 steals per game are the highlight, but he adds 11.6 points and 1.8 threes as well (Plays Fri, Sun).
  • Darius Bazley (Rebounds): He’s hit his stride, though it’s a fairly underwhelming stride.  Still, he provides some blocks and threes to go along with 6.8 rebounds per game.  If you’re in a tight battle for shooting percentages, I’d look elsewhere (Plays Fri, Sun).

Hit me up below with any comments or questions.  Best of luck!


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1 year ago

Hanging around the middle of the pack in my 12 teamer, 9 cat league. I am patient as this is a long season and I usually win or go deep into the playoffs with this group.
With that, here is the team and my questions:

CP3, Dame, VavVleet, McConnell
Smart, Bane, Melton
PJ Wash, Tatum, Bazley, Tate
Horford, JJJ
IR: B Lopez

WW: PBev, Vassell, Simons, Sengun, Matisse

1. Not a lot of info on PWash or BLo. Hold or?
2. I am semi punting FG% but my FT% has been shaky too. Need to compete in one at least. WW?
3. Is there a guy or two on my roster that has value but maybe more to another team given my team’s build?
4. Is Bane done? Horrific shooting lately, Fillion back etc

1 year ago

Hey JC! Yeah it’s all about getting into the playoffs where anything can happen.

1. I’m holding Lopez myself. If you’re sacrificing an active roster spot for PJW, I’d drop him for now and monitor his status so you can potentially pick him back up when more news is available.

2. Seems like you’re much closer on being solid at FT% than FG%. It’s hard to find high volume/high percentage FT shooters on the WW though. Of the group you listed, Simons is the most helpful overall in both, but he tailed off this week.

3. I really like your build on paper. I’m surprised that FT% isn’t a strong suit, but this year has been strange with key guys well below career benchmarks (ahem Marcus, Dame). Bazley is the FT% liability that may not bring enough in other categories to be worth holding. If you don’t like his blocks production, I wouldn’t feel too attached.

4. It’s not looking good. If he can’t break 25 MPG / 10 points / 2 threes in the next couple of games, it’s time to start thinking alternatives.

1 year ago

I’m in a shallow home league with some friends. 7 categories, no rate stats. Maxey is available. Drop a struggling Derrick White for him? I also have Reggie Jackson I could drop

1 year ago

Thanks for this level of detail and an explanation on your opinions. Very helpful. It has been an odd start to the year. But Dame playing better although he is allergic to stocks. Team is actually shooting great this week (49% and 80% respectively. I am holding everyone including PJ this week and will make decisions on Sunday on roster moves. Patience grasshopper as they say!

1 year ago
Reply to  JC

No problem at all! I enjoy the process whether it’s my own team or someone else’s.

Yes, if you’re tracking towards a comfortable win, there’s no reason to dump guys who you think will turn things around.

1 year ago

Well, this check-in finds my team in 7th pace in a 12 teamer, h2h, 9 cat league. The good news is I take the long view building toward the playoffs and have already played the top two teams. So the schedule flips in my favor now but my team is going through a patch of injuries. Here’s the team and top WW options;

Dame (out), VanVleet (DTD), McConnell, CP3
Smart, Melton, Bane,
Tatum, Bazley, Tate
JJJ, Horford (DTD), PJ Wash (out),
IR: BLopez
WW: Simons, RoCo, K Hayes, A Gordon, Dragic, Little

I imagine Dame’s situation may dictate my next steps. If he’s out a week or so, fine. But if he, BLo and PJ are out longer term, I may need to drop deadwood to field a decent team. So given that, what would you do?