Halloween was last night and we live in quite possibly the best area in the US for the candy gaining activities.  My town was founded in 1705.  Blackbeard made his mainland home here.  There’s a graveyard that dates back to 1734.  Truly cool and spooky stuff.

Unfortunately, the flu, like the actual literal flu, struck the Kelder household and we were unable to join any festivities this year.  With two people actively sick and me fighting off a scratchy throat and achy knees which I always have anyway, sat home.  Now notice I’m not complaining about two days off of work watching Full House, Ninja Warrior, and playing Mario Kart.  I should probably also mention that I fell asleep on the couch during the Knicks-Cavs game, so I’m purely box score watching instead of my report from watching TNT Tuesdays.

Here’s what happened fantasy wise last night:

Knicks over Short-Handed Cavs

I drafted Josh Hart everywhere as a power guard who rebounds well.  Josh has been more fart than Hart this year.  See, the Knicks have what we call in the business an old-fashioned logjam at the guard position.  They have six guys for two positions.  I’m trying to replace Hart (5 points, 7 boards) now.  Well, not NOW now, but in my brain I am.  Right now I’m telling you to get off of Hart.

RJ Barrett didn’t get minutes over 30 last night.  To my eye he’s bulked up and is going for a power wing attitude.  My criticism for him is that he is a somewhat stiffer athlete than you’d like with poor shooting touch.  He is hitting his 3s this year and is still entering his prime.  Great for you points leagues people;  roto the shooting still isn’t good enough.

Knicks rotation is killing the value of Quentin Grimes, Donte DiVencenzo, Hart, Immanuel Quickley, Mitchell Robinson, and Isaiah Hartenstein.  They all get 20-25 minutes and each would be solid in case of injury.  As it stands though, I would value Quickley as the guard and Robinson as the C to own.

The Cavaliers were short three rotation pieces, so Evan Mobley was set to feast on this bad boy.  Except that he only had 6 points, although 12 boards and 5 assists help.  Not sure we’re getting a star turn from Mobley and I expect him to settle as a valuable but not elite piece going forward.

This game got out of hand and the minutes weren’t there for anyone.  Emoni Bates played his first minutes and had 9 points and 6 rebounds and looked like a guy with some potential long term.

Any game that Tristan Thompson logs 18 minutes in, though, is not worth any more effort by my fingers typing.  Moving right along……

Spurs Shock Suns

Just watch this ending:


And then watch Victor Wembanyana https://x.com/ESPNNBA/status/1719578760175890498?s=20

Oh my gosh do I love the Spurs this year!

I would love them more if my guy Tre Jones got more minutes and assists.  I would hold for now, he’s a good player, but 10 points and 3 assists aren’t what you hoped for this year.  I guess we need to remember that he was a second round pick with questionable shooting numbers coming in, and might just be a role player going forward.

Kelden Johnson went crazy with 27 points and Devin Vassell went nuts late with 18 points total and both are great holds.  Congrats if you got these guys they’re legit.

Oh and ol’ Wemby had 18-6 with 2 treys and 4 blocks.  I think he’s adjusting well.

Suns still are without Devin Booker and Bradley Beal despite NBA rules against resting that everyone’s already breaking.

Eric Gordon was allowed to pass this game with 6 assists to go with his 20 points and is a good streamer until their roster heals up.

Grayson Allen is going to have games like this when the shot is falling and drain five three pointers for 19 points.  Another good streamer until Beal and Booker return.

Of course Kevin Durant had his typical 26 with 7 dimes.  Five TO put a damper on it and that game ending was pretty inexcusable but you don’t care about that.  Well you might if you’re a Suns fan but otherwise just keep rolling your first round pick out there until he gets hurt.

LOL I Buried the Lead!

Lucky me, I get to write about the Clippers on the day after they got PJ Tucker in a trade!

Here’s how I see this all shaking out.

James Harden will be the starting point guard for the Clippers.  He will take it easy on games everyone plays.  He will shoot more on the inevitable rest days.  I forsee an elite assists guy and his scoring to drop a little bit.  Not sure there’s a huge market for Harden out there in the open market;  this is his last chance and I expect some good behavior.

I honestly don’t think any Clipper loses or gains value in a big way here.  Russell Westbrook will stay the same.  Terrance Mann probably is the big loser but he’ll still get good minutes.  Norman Powell probably is safe as well.

On the Sixers’ end, they need a new PF.  Robert Covington is my choice to start going forward here, and he could be like 10 points and 2 stocks per game if he’s still got that kind of juice.  Nicolas Batum will get minutes and open threes as well.

If you ask me, the biggest winner of all is Tyrese Maxey.  He’s going to continue playing at an all star level and you will make a profit on him based on where he was picked.  I think Maxey is a second round pick next season.

They played the Magic last night but that doesn’t really matter.  I guess I should highlight the poor start of Paolo Banchero, right?  I expected a leap from the Duke product, and 12 points, 5 RB, and 4 Ast. isn’t what you signed up for.  I’m chalking it up to increased attention as the number one option and hoping he comes out of this.  He’s too talented;  I’d buy low.





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