A nuclear warhead was launched and detonated by agent Rich Paul yesterday when he notified the New Orleans Pelicans that Anthony Davis has no intention of re-signing with the team and has requested a trade. Let the madness begin. All the dots connect to him being in Los Angeles sooner than later, but I have heard some alternative theories that could land him elsewhere. I’m both intrigued and entertained. The L. A. Times reported that any offer from the Lakers would have to begin with Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac, and a first-round pick. The salaries of Ball, Kuzma, and Zubac equal $10.7 million. Davis will make $25 million, so that won’t be enough from a money perspective. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope makes $12 million (expiring contract), so he’d likely have to be included in any deal. Rob Perez @WorldWideWob laid out the scenario of Kyrie Irving going to the Lakers, with Davis going to Boston, and Ball, Jayson Tatum, Brandon Ingram, and Lance Stephenson going to New Orleans. The Knicks have been mentioned as serious players, as they may be willing to part with Kristaps Porzingis, Tim Hardaway Jr., and a first-round pick for Davis. Portland has been mentioned with C. J. McCollum, Al-Farouq Aminu, and a first-round pick for Davis. AD is 25 years old and moon walks over the rest of the competition. He’s a player that teams should be willing to push all the chips into the middle of the table. Yes, he’s missed some games in his career (82 in 6 1/2 years) but he’s that freaking good. I can’t wait to see who else emerges in the sweepstakes and where he eventually ends up, because it has a chance to completely change the landscape in the NBA. AD is resetting. Can’t wait to see where year 0 A. D. begins.

Here’s what else I saw yesterday:


Jordan Bell


Got the start because Draymond Green (rest) was out, but only played 19 minutes. Ding. Dong.

Stephen Curry


Only played 27 minutes because the Warriors won by 32 points.

Kevin Durant


And the Warriors still won by 32 points. And Green did not play. And the game was in Indiana. And….Ok Son. We get it. They good.

DeMarcus Cousins


Played 25 minutes. Since returning to the court, Cousins has played 15, 21, 24, 23, and 25 minutes. I don’t think we see him getting 30 minutes of run, not at least until the playoffs. Regardless, he’s still a top 60 player. I had serious doubts, but I’ve been very impressed and need to give him props for returning to this form.

Myles Turner


Led the team in scoring, but only played 26 minutes due to the blow out.

Edmond Sumner


Got the start because Tyreke Evans (back) was out and played 28 minutes. Sumner had played a total of 34 minutes prior to last night. Sumner is a second-year player out of Xavier who is 6′ 6″ 176 pounds.

Aaron Holiday


Played 22 minutes. Holiday is only 6′ 1″ 185 pounds, so Nate McMillan prefers Sumner’s length, but if Holiday balls, he could carve out a niche for himself. Someone to keep an eye on.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson


Returned to the starting lineup and played 27 minutes. Everyone ready? Monday….Tuesday….Wednesday….Thursday….Friday….Saturday….Sunday…..Rondae!!!!! It’s been so long. I missed you! The injuries and lack of playing time have made Rondae blah for fantasy, but he can provide points, boards, and D stats when he does get significant run.

Jarrett Allen


Only played 22 minutes. Atkinson went to Jarrett, but didn’t stay long. Instead…..

Ed Davis


….he couldn’t neglect his horse. Good for Atkinson, but bad for fantasy.

D’Angelo Russell


Only played 24 minutes. Atkinson going back to his college rotations. Eight players received at 20 minutes, while the other two played 19 minutes. Shrug emoji.

Shabazz Napier


With all the injuries in the backcourt, Napier should get around 27 minutes per game and jack up 14-15 shots per. Dinwiddie is out for at least a month, so it’s Shabazz time!

Theo Pinson


Played 25 minutes after playing 26 the prior game. The 6′ 6″ 218 pound guard out of North Carolina has carved out a niche for himself.

Al Horford


Love and marriage. There are good times, there are bad times, but at the end of the day, it’s all good. Recently, it’s been nothing but good times, as he’s been the #12 player over the past six games.

Marcus Smart


Over the past seven games, Smart has been a top 50 player. He provides boards, dimes, and steals, but the 2.4 threeecolas have been unexpected. Since entering the starting lineup 28 games ago, Smart has attempted 4.7 threeecolas a game and converted at a 39% clip. He had been a career 30% shooter from beyond the arc.

Terry Rozier


Got the start because Kyrie Irving (hip) was out and played 35 minutes. By now, it’s a Pavlonian response to insert Rozier into the starting lineup whenever Irving misses a game.

Aron Baynes


Played 21 minutes off the bench. Doesn’t get the minutes (17 per game), but when he’s out there on the court, Baynes provides threeecolas, boards, and block.

Jaylen Brown


Played 32 minutes. Remember when I said that Brown is Kawhi 2.0? Shit, I was hoping you didn’t. I shall perform seppuku once again.

Noah Vonleh


Noah performed a specific role for God. The Knicks Noah also performs a specific role. Maybe it’s for God, but that’s probably a little too deep. We’ll keep it at a team level.

Kevin Knox


Played a team-high 35 minutes. Knox has been brutal recently, so it was nice to see him notch a good shooting performance. With that said, he’s a black hole (0.9 dimes) and is outside the top 300 for fantasy.

Trey Burke


Got the start because Frank Ntilikina (groin) was out and played 25 minutes. Burke can light it up with the best of them. Unfortunately, he can light up your money and dreams just as well. Burke is likely the guy to play the most, but you never know what Fizdale is going to do.

Tim Hardaway Jr.


Just outside the top 100 for fantasy. Hardaway provides threeecolas, boards, and a handful of dimes. He craps out too often, but who doesn’t? It’s the hot streaks that are imbedded in our memories that have us keep going back to him.

Mario Hezonja


Played 26 minutes. Not a super performance, but he’s played 26 and 30 minutes the past two games. Could be something, could be nothing, but could be something. Thanks Fizdale.

Kadeem Allen


Played 18 minutes. Allen was signed to a two-way contract two week ago, so of course Fizdale is going to make him a thing. Thanks Fizdale.

Allonzo Trier


Played 21 minutes. We know he can score, but the minutes are all over the place. Thanks Fizdale.

Kemba Walker


Top 50 player over the past two weeks, as the scoring is below 20 points due to the 40% shooting from the field. Other than that, he contributes across the board. The Kemba Label is only brought out for prime-time games.

Jeremy Lamb


He’s not as baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad as he was earlier in the season, but still producing top 120 value. The lack of D stats and poor shooting percentage (41%) have knocked him down.

Miles Bridges


Played 24 minutes. Thanks Knicks. He had been averaging 17 minutes per game.

Willy Hernangomez



I’m done with the Free Willy campaign, though. I’ve been relegated to the fact that he will always be confined to a small space, like the whales and dolphins at Sea World.

Tony Parker


Played 19 minutes yet tied for the team in scoring. And the Hornets still won 101-92. Nice job Knicks. Parker reminds me of Pepe Le Pew. Oui oui?

Malik Monk


Played 22 minutes. I’ve heard that he’s in the dog house. Well, he had played 12, 18, 16, 19, 13, and 5 minutes the past six games. Maybe there’s something to that.

Paul Millsap


I really thought Millsap would turn it up, but he’s been outside the top 100 the past seven games. The most troubling thing for me is the drop in usage rate from 20 down to 17.

Nikola Jokic


Didn’t mess around. What a Jokic!

Gary Harris


Got the start and played 31 minutes. First time receiving over 30 minutes since returning from injury (six games ago). It’s only a matter of time before he starts balling out again, but don’t expect a repeat of last year’s numbers. The Nuggets play at a much slower pace.

Will Barton


Got the start because Jamal Murray (ankle) was out and played 36 minutes. It’s been 10 games now since he returned from injury, and it was the second time receiving at least 30 minutes of run. He’s back. Even when Murray returns, Barton should continue playing plenty of minutes because of his versatility at both ends of the court.

Malik Beasley


Played 24 minutes. Has a usage rate of 23 over the past four games, which is impressive considering the Nuggets are getting healthy. Don’t expect more than 24 minutes of run, but Beasley can light it up and provide points, threeecoals, and steals.

Jaren Jackson Jr.


Fouled out again. Shocker. JJJ is tied with KAT with 187 fouls on the season. Appropriate because he’s killing fantasy owners due to them. Maybe Jaren needs to listen to some audio books of the Reverend Jesse or something, so that he can stop bludgeoning.

Kyle Anderson


Mr. Anderson returned from injury and played 30 minutes. He fills up the stat sheet, except for threeecolas.

Marc Gasol


Played 38 minutes. Looks like Gasol is rounding back into form, as he’s been a top 45 player over the past four games.

Mike Conley


Top 40 player over the past eight games. His massive contract may make it difficult for the Grizz to trade him, but pretty much any other situation would be a boon for Conley, as Memphis is dead-last in offensive pace.

Bruno Caboclo played 23 minutes while Joakim Noah played 24 minutes. That is where we are at in Memphis. My prayers are with you my Memphians.

John Collins


Top 30 player over the past five games, even though he only contributes in points, threeecolas, boards, and a handful of dimes. When he gets those D stats? I’m feeling a little Old Dirty Bastard, “Oh baby I like it raw.”

Dewayne Dedmon


Dewayne has been anything but a Dedmon, as he’s been a top 25 player over the past four games and is top 60 on the season. Pretty impressive considering he averages around 25 minutes per game. Currently, he’s on pace to become the newest member of the 1/1/1 club. And he grabs those boards.

Trae Young


Trae is going to be a good one me thinks, as he has heart and the I. Q., but will he be the next Stephen Curry? Probably a dumb question because there will probably be only one. With that said, for shits and giggles, many of the stats are similar for Trae when compared to Curry’s rookie year except….Curry shot 46% from the field and 43% from downtown. Trae’s season numbers are 40% from the field and 29% from downtown. Stop the fight.

Taurean Prince


Played 30 minutes off the bench. It’s been seven games since he returned from injury and Prince has been a top 165 player. He did miss 19 games so it takes time. Or maybe he’s not that good. Time exposes all.

Alex Len


Over the past six games, Len has been a top 65 player while averaging only 20.1 minutes. Impressive. Points, some threeecolas, boards, handful of dimes, and D stats with a 26.7 usage rate. With that said, he’s not consistent so have fun riding that wave if you choose to.

Tobias Harris


Is Tobias a max player?

Patrick Beverley


Continues to start and played a team-high 38 minutes. Usage rate is low, but the contributions in the peripheral cats have him producing top 60 value.

Montrezl Harrell


Played 32 minutes off the bench. I am a Sontrezl of Montrezl.

Lou Williams


Played 31 points off the bench. Usage rate is an insane 35! Sweet! Shooting percentage has been 31% over the past five games. Not sweet. Been a top 100 player over the past five games, contributing 27.1 points, 1.2 threeecolas, 5 boards, 7.8 dimes, and 1.2 steals.