I now understand why this forward position is named power, as it is a microcosm of society at large. There is the 1% vs everyone else. For fantasy basketball, there is Giannis Antetokounmpo vs womp womp womp. While all the other positions have multiple players who could legitimately vie for the top spot, everyone bends the knee to G. This is 1985-1989 Mike Tyson-esque domination. Could a Buster Douglas come out of nowhere? Sure, as black swan events can never be discounted, but outside of injury to G, that scenario is highly unlikely.

To see my per-game value projections for each player, click HERE. In the “Pos” box (which stands for position, not the other thing you were thinking), type in “pf” and the table will sort by just power forwards.


1) Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee Bucks)

Man, that song always hits the spot and it’s relevant to this blurb because it truly is nuthin’ but a G thang. He is an overall top 5 player for fantasy and head and shoulders above everyone else at the power forward position. The free throw shooting isn’t great and the tres are light, but he made a substantial leap in that area last season. As a result, G could become the newest member of the 1/1/1 club. He wasn’t given a full load last season due to a knee issue and fact that the Bucks were just too good, so that’s something to keep in mind.

2) Al Horford (Philadelphia 76ers)

Horford will never win a week for you, but he contributes across the board. The percentages are good, dimes are a plus for a big man, the turnovers are low, and he can also be a 1/1/1 member. Now, the 76ers are stacked so the usage may come down a bit, but he was never a high usage guy to begin with. Playing at power forward could see a decrease in rebounds as well. With that said, I have him down for 32 mpg and think he plays plenty of minutes at center when Embiid sits. Understand that I probably have a more optimistic projection than most for Horford.

3) LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs)

LMA with the O! Remember when I would just ROFL and LMAO when writing about Aldridge? Neither do I. LMA scores, boards, blocks, and provides excellent percentages. He’s getting up there in age, and we know Father Time is undefeated, but outside of that, you know what you’re getting from LMA.

4) John Collins (Atlanta Hawks)

I’ve always loved the game, as Collins can score from both inside and outside, and the environment in Atlanta doesn’t get any friendlier for fantasy. Collins is a walking dub-dub machine, but the lack of D keeps his value depressed.

5) Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors)

P. S. – he’s good. Is he alpha, number one option good? We shall see, but there’s risk from that perspective. Regardless, the D stats are light for someone with his athleticism, but he does contribute a little something something. Outside of that, he produces in every other cat.

6) Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Love hurts, literally and figuratively. The last three seasons, Love has played 22, 59, and 60 games. He’s 31 years old and plays for a crappy team. When healthy, he’s a beast on the boards and drains an abundant number of tres. He also dishes out dimes, but won’t contribute in D cats. It all comes down to health and draft price.

7) Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors)

The perfect punt points player, as he contributes in everything but. 7 dimes and 7 boards, with the potential to be a 1/1/1 member is juicy.

8) Zion Williamson (New Orleans Pelicans)

The dunks, rebounds, and D stats should all be there. With the Pelicans playing at a hyper-fast pace, and willing passers on the squad, he should get so many opportunities to be on SportsCenter. The free throw shooting is going to be bad, though, and you won’t get many tres. In addition, not sure how many dimes he will dish. With the hype, he’s going to get overdrafted. UPDATE: After watching him make a mockery of preseason opponents, I’m scurred of my relatively low projection.

9) Jaren Jackson Jr. (Memphis Grizzlies)

Fouls and injuries kept JJJ under wraps last season. If he can stay on the court, the sky’s the limit, as he can shoot from downtown and protect the rim on the defensive side of the ball. With Ja Morant leading the offense, he should also get plenty of easy baskets. JJJ is another potential 1/1/1 member.

10) Larry Nance Jr. (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Why haven’t the Cavs just unleashed Nance? Makes me so sad. Anyways, new coach Beilein could. Or he could not. We will just have to wait and see how he wants to play it. Regardless, when he’s on the court, Nance will grab boards, dish out some dimes, and get his 211 on. The blocks are low for someone with his athleticism, though, and he’s not a great shooter or offensive player.

11) Lauri Markkanen (Chicago Bulls)

The Finnisher will do just that, finish and drop buckets. Lots of them. Unfortunately, he doesn’t contribute much outside of tres, points, and boards.

12) Blake Griffin (Detroit Pistons)

Y’all know my affinity for Lake, right? NOT! Lakers 4 life! I kid, as that has nothing to do with it. I’ve actually always been mesmerized by his game, as he would throw down dunks while his hands were two feet away from the rim, break defenders down with his handle, and dish out dimes like a smaller point guard. All at 6′ 10″. And he even developed a shot from downtown. Impressive. What is not, though, is the lack of defensive stats, especially blocks. Hence, the Lake Griffin. Regardless, you’re getting plenty of points and the chance for a trip-dub on any night. He just doesn’t bring the D. No wonder he’s no longer with Kendall Jenner.

13) Serge Ibaka (Toronto Raptors)

Nick Nurse did a fantastic job tweaking Ibaka’s game last season, as he had him closer to the rim. This increased his shooting efficiency and rebounds. Unfortunately, the tres also dipped. With that said, many have his minutes decreasing this season, but I think he gets around 28 mpg, as he will back up both center and power forward positions. In addition, I think Marc Gasol’s playing time will decrease.

14) Derrick Favors (New Orleans Pelicans)

Will start on a team that will play at a hyper-fast pace and be surrounded Lonzo Ball, Jrue Holiday, Zion Williamson, and Brandon Ingram. Do yourself a Favors and draft him. You will get excellent field goal percentage, boards, and blocks. The free throw shooting isn’t great, though, and you won’t get tres or dimes, but he will get his 211 on for you.

15) Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic)

One of these days, the Commissioner will make an appearance. Until then, we can just mental masturbate over the sky-high potential that Gordon possesses. He does kind of have a Lake Griffin 2.0 feel to him, right?

16) Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks)

When Porzingis is on the court, even Rocky dons the robe and goes back to the locker room. Unfortunately, the Mavs are not going to push Porzingis, so his games played projection is low. I have him at 58 games played. When he plays, KP will provide tres, good percentages, boards, and blocks.

17) Zach Collins (Portland Trail Blazers)

I like Collins a lot. He stretches the floor on offense and protects the rim on defense. He is athletic, but does have trouble moving laterally on defense when forced out to the perimeter. In addition, he’s had a penchant for fouling. With that said, he’s young, should get plenty of run, and is surrounded by a ton of talent.

18) Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic)

If I like Collins, then I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooove Isaac. He provides the D and could be a 1/1/1 member. It’s all about the offense, and early indications show that his game has developed. He’s breaking defenders off the dribble and improved his shooting. It wouldn’t surprise me if Isaac finishes much higher than here, but projections are conservative in nature.

19) P. J. Tucker (Houston Rockets)

Tucker is swap meet Draymond Green without the dimes. You’ll get some defensive stats, boards, and tres, but don’t even think about points. Tucker does play a shit ton of minutes, so there’s always upside that he trips and falls into some counting stats.

20) Dario Saric (Phoenix Suns)

Mario with a D should soak up most of the minutes at power forward for the Suns. Coincidentally, he won’t provide much D. Mario it is then. What he will provide are tres and boards.

21) Julius Randle (New York Knicks)

He’s a bull in a china shop that will break everything, either from rampaging or the bricks lofted into the air. Ha! I kid. His shooting has improved somewhat, so Randle will deliver some tres now, but the free throw shooting still isn’t great. He also won’t provide many defensive stats, but should be a nightly dub-dub threat.

22) Thaddeus Young (Chicago Bulls)

A D-without-the-3 player, Young is one of the options many flock to when hunting for steals. The free throw shooting has always been a bugaboo, but it’s on low volume, so the impact isn’t too severe. Outside of steals, Young will provide some boards, but that’s about it.

23) Marvin Bagley (Sacramento Kings)

Bagley is a human pogo stick and will collect a shit ton of boards and blocks. I doubted his ability to score in the NBA, but he’s proved me wrong and should be a nice source of points. Playing alongside De’Aaron Fox doesn’t hurt.

24) Maxi Kleber (Dallas Mavericks)

Anyone else craving cookies? Kleber is a 3-and-D player, but not in the capacity that we normally think, as he provides tres and blocks. Not tres and steals.

25) Paul Millsap (Denver Nuggets)

Millsap is an across-the-board contributor. The Nuggets are deep, so there’s a chance his minutes get trimmed a bit, but I have him down for 28 mpg.

26) Marvin Williams (Charlotte Hornets)

Marvin will be starvin’ this season, as it looks like he will be relegated to a reserve role. I have him down for 22 mpg. When he’s on the court, though, he will provide tres, boards, and a little something something in the defensive cats.

27) Kyle Kuzma (Los Angeles Lakers)

Kuzma is dealing with a foot issue, and the “will be out indefinitely” was thrown about, so be cautious. When healthy, Kuzma should be a good source of points and tres. He’s excellent off the ball and LeBron loved to feed him while cutting last season. The shooting, especially from deep is a concern, but he should get plenty of open looks playing alongside LeBron and AD.

28) Robert Williams (Boston Celtics)

Time Lord is my dude this year. I’m “all you can eat, baby!” There’s been chatter that he could start. I’m dry heaving right now and just put an ad on Craiglist for a fanner. Even if Enes Kanter does start, Williams should receive close to 20 mpg. Now, Mitchell Robinson is all the rage this season, and for good reason. He could block the sun and make Earth inhabitable if he chose to. Per 36 minutes, MRob blocked 4.3 shots per game. Time Lord? 5.1. And you can get him super late in drafts.

29) Rodions Kurucs (Brooklyn Nets)

Kurucs could start for the Nets. Or he could be deported. Crazy, but it’s possible after Kurucs was arrested for misdemeanor assault in September. That’s how wide the range of outcomes is for Kurucs. Last season, he started 46 games for the Nets and showed promise as a floor spacing big who also played with energy and moved without the ball well. The Nets are loaded so playing time could be an issue, but I have him down for 20 mpg.

30) James Johnson (Miami Heat)

Johnson is currently suspended, as he reported to camp overweight. It doesn’t look to be a big issue, but something to monitor regardless. I initially had JJ starting for the Heat, but it looks like Kelly Olynyk will be playing alongside Bam Adebayo. I have JJ down for 21 mpg now. He’s older now at 32 years old, but he can still provide across-the-board production. Just don’t expect heavy doses.

31) Brandon Clarke (Memphis Grizzlies)

Clarke is a rim-running big who could be a maven on defense, due to his versatility and rim protecting ways. The shot is a question mark and so is the playing time. I have him projected for 20 mpg.

32) Jabari Parker (Atlanta Hawks)

If you need points, Parker could be sneaky source, as he will likely lead the second unit. The Hawks play at a super fast pace, so the environment is a juicy one. Don’t expect any defensive stats.

33) T. J. Leaf (Indiana Pacers)

I’m intrigued withe Leaf. He’s a big who rebounds and finishes at the rim well, and also has some range from downtown. The defense is suspect, but he should have a consistent role this season backing up Domantas Sabonis at the power forward position. Word out of camp is that he’s improved a lot. We shall see, but sometimes where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Don’t just watch this Leaf blow in the wind.

34) Daniel Theis (Boston Celtics)

There’s been chatter that Theis could start for the Celtics. Meh. You know I’m all about Time Lord, but the talk is out there. If Theis does get significant run, expect boards and blocks.

35) Jeff Green (Utah Jazz)

This will be Green’s eighth team in the NBA. Crazy. Anyways, he won’t provide much in the way of D stats, but Green could be a vital piece for the second unit of the Jazz. Tres and points are what he will primarily provide from a fantasy perspective.

36) Mike Muscala (Oklahoma City Thunder)

I have Muscala down for 20 mpg. He should primarily serve as a big who can stretch the floor, but will chip in a fair amount of blocks.

37) Anthony Tolliver (Portland Trail Blazers)

Another stretch four, but unlike Muscala, Tolliver won’t bring the D.

38) Nemanja Bjelica (Sacramento Kings)

The Nemanja was potent at times last season, but that’s because Dave Joerger smoked a little too much of it and played him over Marvin Bagley. New coach Luke Walton won’t make the same mistake. Although, he is known to get high from time to time. I have him down for 15 mpg and he will provide tres when he’s on the floor.

39) Moritz Wagner (Washington Wizards)

I was intrigued when the Lakers selected Wagner in the draft, as he’s a big who can stretch the floor and works well in transition. The defense, or lack of it, is a concern, though. Wagner could find some minutes as a backup, especially since the Wizards are going to be turrable.

40) Al-Farouq Aminu (Orlando Magic)

Aminu will back up Jonathan Isaac and Aaron Gordon. I have him projected for 18 mpg. When he’s on the floor, Aminu will provide tres and boards.

41) Omari Spellman (Golden State Warriors)

Spellman was a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Atlanta, so the team decided to ship him to Golden State. Spellman could theoretically provide some D stats and hit shots from downtown, but he’s still a little too rotund and looks to be buried on the depth chart.

42) Ed Davis (Utah Jazz)

If Mr. Ed plays significant minutes, then something has seriously gone wrong in Utah. When he does play, Mr. Ed should provide excellent field goal percentage and plenty of boards.

43) JaMychal Green (Los Angeles Clippers)

There’s been chatter that both Kawhi and PG don’t want to play power forward. If so, Green could then get some run, but I’ll believe it when I see it. He will provide tres and boards when on the floor.

44) Taj Gibson (New York Knicks)

The Taj Mahal finds its way to New York this season. Unfortunately, it will be closed to the public most hours.

45) Ivan Rabb (Memphis Grizzlies)

He may not even make the roster, so for those of you that are actually reading this far down the list, 1) bless your souls, 2) you in a deep ass league, and/or 3) your team sucks.

46) Markieff Morris (Detroit Pistons)

Morris will provide tres and not much else. At 6′ 10″ you’d figure some rebounds will be grabbed. Alas, probably too many business decisions.

47) Rui Hachimura (Washington Wizards)

Hachimura has performed well over the summer and could get some significant run, especially since the Wizards are going to be turrable. Rebounds and some D stats could be in the offering, but the shooting may be suspect. I have him down for 20 mpg, but if he gets closer to 28, then he moves way up.

48) Marcus Morris (New York Knicks)

Like brother Markieff, Marcus could provide some tres and not much else. Since they are twins, it would make sense that both are 3-without-anything-else players. Now, I thought it was cute that Morris elbowed and And1’d a player by smashing the ball off his face in order to install some toughness into the squad. I think it would have more impact, though, if he was actually going to be playing games during the season. Sounds like an internet tough guy to me.

49) Jordan Bell (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Kerr hated Bell, so that has weight for me, and puts me in the guilty until proven innocent camp. I’m thinking it’s an awareness issue. With that said, he may get a chance, albeit a small one in a backup role, to at least show what he can do. Good field goal percentage, boards, and blocks are the chimes of this Bell.

50) Frank Kaminsky (Phoenix Suns)

This tank has become obsolete, as the new and improved armament has taken center stage. If Frank the Tank is called upon, his long-range turret will be put to good use. Outside of that, he provides nothing else and I have him down for 10 mpg, which may be generous.

51) Ersan Ilyasova (Milwaukee Bucks)

Ilyasova can provide tres, boards, and some steals. He just won’t see the court too often.

52) Semi Ojeleye (Boston Celtics)

I have Ojeleye cracking the rotation and playing a reserve role. I don’t see Ojeleye doing much with that run, but he could provide some tres and boards.

53) Luke Kornet (Chicago Bulls)

There’s plenty of savory filling in this Kornet, as he provides tres, steals, and blocks. Unfortunately, playing time will be an issue.

54) Noah Vonleh (Minnesota Timberwolves)

Vonleh is primarily a boards guy, but will contribute a little something something in all the other cats. Just enough to wet the appetite. As with most of the players down here, playing time will be an issue, as he will likely be competing with Jordan Bell for backup minutes.

55) Bobby Portis (New York Knicks)

There was an old hockey game, I forget the name, in which you would choose between players with speed, offense, defense, or goons. I think that’s how it went. Anyways, the goons were obviously there to just beat up the opposition. Well, maybe Marcus Morris was just being a company man the other night when he got ejected and all the power forward signings over the offseason look to make more sense in this context. As for Portis, is there anyone better for the goon role? Anyways, when he plays, he will provide tres and boards with not much else.

56) Cheick Diallo (Phoenix Suns)

Waiter….Cheick please!!! I know it’s corny but I can never help myself. Diallo can provide boards, blocks, and excellent field goal percentage. He’s just buried on the depth chart.

57) Harry Giles (Sacramento Kings)

Giles is so skilled and has so much potential. Buuuuutt……injuries have derailed his career. Prior to joining the NBA, he had three knee surgeries, and is now dealing with a sore knee. Even if he gets healthy, there’s no motivation for the Kings to rush him back, especially since they are deep in the front court.

58) Trey Lyles (San Antonio Spurs)

At one point I was intrigued with Lyles. Now? Not so much. He’s a big who can shoot from downtown, but the efficiency isn’t good. In addition, while he will grab some boards, he won’t contribute anywhere else. It’s possible that Pop can unlock him, but minutes could be tough to come by.

59) Mike Scott (Philadelphia 76ers)

Another big who can shoot. Great Scott! Womp womp womp, though, as he doesn’t do much else and won’t get much run.

60) Juan Hernangomez (Denver Nuggets)

Juancho can shoot. There’s no doubt about that, but won’t provide much else. In addition, with how stacked the Nuggets are, especially if Michael Porter Jr. cracks the rotation at some point, Juancho will be buried on the depth chart. There is a chance that he gets traded to another team, which provides some hope for his fantasy prospects.

61) Chris Boucher (Toronto Raptors)

Boucher is the guy who is most tantalizing down here, and has the most upside. He was the Anthony Davis of the G-League last season, dominating in all phases of the game. He’s 6′ 10″ 201 pounds, so he needs to add muscle to his frame, but he has Pascal Siakam-esque athleticism. He’s 26 years old, but like Siakam, hasn’t been playing organized basketball that long. Boucher is an excellent shot blocker and can shoot from downtown, although the release is very slow. The awareness is still relatively raw and he’s buried on the depth chart, but if an injury strikes or he gets traded or he just flat out balls his way into the lineup, Boucher is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

62) Jonah Bolden (Philadelphia 76ers)

Bolden probably won’t get much run for the stacked Sixers, so he’s more of a dynasty look. He’s 6′ 10″ 220 pounds and is versatile on both offense and defense. Bolden can shoot from downtown and protect the rim on D. The free throw shooting is atricious, though.

63) Michael Porter Jr. (Denver Nuggets)

MPJ is such a tantalizing player. He is 6′ 10″ 210 pounds but can shoot from downtown and break defenders off the dribble. His shot selection is suspect and defensive contributions will likely be minimal, but he can flat out score. The injury history is a huge concern, though, and he could play his way into the backup forward role. As it stands, I have him making a minimal impact, but if he does lock up that backup role, then bump him way up.

64) Christian Wood (Detroit Pistons)

When given the opportunity, Wood has balled out. Phrasing? Anyways, he will drain tres, grab boads, provide some D stats, and shoot efficiently from both the free throw line and field. Playing time will be an issue, though.

65) P. J. Washington (Charlotte Hornets)

Washington may spend some time in the G-League this season, but the Hornets are going to be bad, so the youth movement will likely start sooner than later. Washington should contribute something in all cats and there could be some hidden upside from an offensive standpoint. He’s looked good so far in the preseason, but significant minutes will be tough to come by…at least early on.

66) Skal Labissiere (Portland Trail Blazers)

He’s still in the league?

67) Isaiah Hartenstein (Houston Rockets)

Hartenstein is 7′ 250 pounds and only 21 years old. He moves well for a man his size and can shoot from downtown. He will likely spend most of the time down in the G-League, but he’s definitely an intriguing prospect if he does get run.

68) Grant Williams (Boston Celtics)

The 20 year old out of the University of Tennessee has tremendous basketball IQ. At 6′ 7″, though, he’s small for the position. He’s not the greatest shooter either, but has the ability to contribute in all the other cats. There’s also the question of how much run he will get, but the coaching staff seems to love him and he could carve out a role. Maybe he’s the Marcus Smart of the front court for the Celtics.

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Rudy corrales
Rudy corrales
3 years ago

Head to head 9 cat.

After his insane preseason, what is zions ADP for you now?

3 years ago

Heyy Son,

My team :
KAT, kemba, LMA, zion, lowry, miles bridges, lamb, lou wil, mcgee, thady, danny green

would you trade zion+lamb for vucevic + schroder ?? My league 14 teams, 11 players, H2h, 9 cat

Thanks son

3 years ago

Is there a top 200 rankings list as there has been in some years past?

I Just Wanna Kawhi
I Just Wanna Kawhi
3 years ago
Reply to  Trader

Son, I’ve been itching to drop Delon Wright for Kevon Looney

3 years ago

Hey son, loving the content

I need your advice, im playing in a 11 cat league (9cat + fgm and ftm)

Any general advice on what type of players i should value more? Im very confused its the first year we do it.

3 years ago
Reply to  DLOSSS

9 cat + 3pm and ftm

3 years ago

Hey, Son.

What do you think of Klay or Nurkic as fill ins for IL? Any one you think will come back faster than expected?

3 years ago

SON, im in 8 cat roto. Turnovers not a cat
Is your roto no turnover list updated? If so could u please post. Thank you

3 years ago
Reply to  Son

Awesome! But could u please send to my email
[email protected]

3 years ago

Hey man interesting thought. What would be your top 3 choices to use the last pick in 10-12 team league draft, that have a great chance to become top 70 or even 50 players this season?

3 years ago

hey buddy

Kawhi or drummond/gobert in a dynasty


3 years ago
Reply to  slimbo

What’s league context?

3 years ago
Reply to  Son

9 cat

my squad is. Trae Young, Delon Wright, Alexenader, Jokic, zion, Harrell, John collins, Looney. pull the trigger?

3 years ago

Both of them in the deal

3 years ago
Reply to  slimbo

I’ll take the Drummond/Gobert side

3 years ago

Woke Son, “Now understand why this forward position is named power, as it is a microcosm of society at large. There is the 1% vs everyone else.”

Is my favorite Son

3 years ago

Seriously Horford #2???? Wow is all I can say.

I am the Walrus
I am the Walrus
3 years ago

Seriously on Horford at #???. Wow are you high???

3 years ago

Would you really draft someone like PJ Tucker over someone with the upside of Bagley? I just don’t get it. Tucker is barely playable.