Ah, centers. The literal giants of the fantasy basketball world. There are 56 centers listed below, with the shortest being Montrezl Harrell who stands at 6′ 8″ tall. In the United States, the average height of a male is 5′ 9″, which puts Montrezl in the 99.988 percentile. But he’s the shortest player in this piece. Many, if not most, are seven feet or taller. In the entirety of the world, there are approximately 2800 people seven feet or taller, which translates to 0.000038% of the population on Planet Earth. And 1.7% play in the NBA! Crazy! The outliers don’t stop there, though. Nikola Jokic is the only center who is projected to average over 4 dimes per game, with a whopping 7.5! Since these literal giants tower over the landscape, it would make sense that they dominate the blocks and boards categories. There are 15 players projected to grab at least 10 boards per game. 12 are centers. For blocks, 19 players are projected to reject at least 1.5 shots per game. 13 are centers. Let’s all bow down and pay homage to these titans of the fantasy basketball world.

To see my per-game value projections for each player, click HERE. In the “Pos” box (which stands for position, not the other thing you were thinking), type in “c” and the table will sort by just power forwards.


1) Anthony Davis (Los Angeles Lakers)

The MRI on AD’s finger came back clean. Unfortunately, that’s akin to saying your butt hole is pristine after taking a dump and wiping it with paper. When healthy, AD has the highest ceiling of any player out there. He’s just not out there as much as others.

2) Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)

MEOW! KAT has the highest floor of any player in fantasy, as he literally does it all, plays a ton of minutes, and has only missed five games in four seasons. In addition, the new regime in Minnesota is advocating more pace and space. So far in the preseason, the Timberwolves are second in overall pace at 112.5.

3) Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets)

The blocks are lacking, but the dimes are magnifique. Pair that with 21 points, 11 boards, 1.4 steals, and 1.2 tres, and Nikola ain’t no Jokic.

4) Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers)

The 26.2 points per game are only bested by AD. The 12.6 boards are on par with KAT’s 12.7. Embiid also provides tres, dimes, and blocks. The field goal percentage of 47% pales in comparison to the 50% of the other top options, the 3.5 turnovers are the highest amongst all centers, and the potential to sit games is high. With that said, he’s Joel Freaking Embiid and you will stand in line if he asks, “Who gonna sex Embiid tonight?”

5) Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz)

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! This Rudy is no underdog, though, as he will crush the competition in field goal percentage, boards, and blocks. The free throw shooting stinks and he won’t provide dimes, but with Derrick Favors gone and Mike Conley leading the Jazz attack with shooters galore, Gobert should have plenty of space to feast this season.

6) Nikola Vucevic (Orlando Magic)

Vucevic is the most well-rounded of the center options. The percentages are good, nightly dub-dub potential, a healthy amount of dimes, low turnovers, and potential 1/1/1 member.

7) Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons)

Everyday is Dre Day for me, as he is E.L.I.T.E. in boards, steals, and blocks. The free throw shooting is turrable, you will go no tres, and the dimes are light. He’s more geared for H2H, but can be utilized in roto if you construct the squad properly.

8) Mitchell Robinson (New York Knicks)

In Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood, everyone and everything gets blocked! China would love him! He’s the only player projected for over 3 blocks per game. He will also provide excellent field goal percentage and boards, but nothing else. The potential pitfalls are foul trouble and David Fizdale.

9) Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers)

By my count, I’ve walked 1000 Myles. I don’t care, though, as I will walk 1000 more. Myles is projected for 2.7 blocks per game, just under Mr. Robinson’s 3.1. In addition, he provides tres and good percentages. The boards are light for a big man, though, as he likes to chill out in downtown.

10) Deandre Ayton (Phoenix Suns)

Deandre is a player I like Ayton. He’s a dub-dub machine who will provide good percentages and stocks. He’s a zero in tres, though, but whatever. You can find those later in the draft.

11) Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks)

Splash Mountain! Boards are frowned upon on this ride, but 2+ tres and blocks are lovely. The great thing about this ride is that the line is never too long.

12) Thomas Bryant (Washington Wizards)

I love TB! Uhhh, to whoever or whatever controls the diseases “up there”, I’m not talking about that TB. And to all you people in Bahston, go F yourselves! When Bryant was with the Lakers organization, I always appreciated Bryant’s motor and hustle. That’s not to say he doesn’t have skills, as he does, but the fans are going to love how he plays the game. For fantasy, he will provide excellent percentages, boards, and blocks. He should get plenty of run because there’s no one else.

13) Clint Capela (Houston Rockets)

The C & C Music Factory wasn’t churning out the hits last season, as Capela missed 15 games and the blocks fell from the prior season. The boards increased by 2 a game, though. With Russell Westbrook on the squad, that number will likely come down, but double-digit boards is still the likely outcomes. The field goal percentage is elite, but the free throw shooting holds him down.

14) Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat)

BAM! Some people need an alarm to wake up in the morning. I just dream of Adebayo then BAM! I’m up. With Hassan Whiteside out of the picture, BAM! is going to get most of the center minutes for the Heat. He’s young, athletic, and versatile. BAM! is going to provide boards, stocks, and good percentages, but he’s an excellent passer so dimes will be dished. He’s my favorite big man and makes going guard/guard early in the draft more viable.

15) Jonas Valanciunas (Memphis Grizzlies)

JV has been dealing with a minor foot issue, so we haven’t seen him in the preseason, but all indications point to him being ready for the regular season. There’s a chance his minutes get chopped, but I’m going off the assumption that all is well. If so, points, boards, blocks, and good percentages should be provided.

16) Dwight Powell (Dallas Mavericks)

Powell doesn’t excel in anything, but provides a little something something in everything. Even tres.

17) Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

The free throw shooting stinks, but the field goal percentage is elite and he will grab boards and contribute in both steals and blocks.

18) Hassan Whiteside (Portland Trail Blazers)

Mt. Whiteside has moved to Portland, which fits because there is a chance for some explosive volcanic activity from Mt. Whiteside. A dub-dub machine who will contribute a healthy amount of blocks, the free throw shooting stinks, like with most big men, but the main stinker is that when Jusuf Nurkic returns, Mt. Whiteside may become dormant.

19) Steven Adams (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Adams should be a rebounding animal with Westbrook no longer on the court. The contributions in both steals and blocks is nice. The free throw shooting is a killer, though.

20) Jarrett Allen (Brooklyn Nets)

Is going to Jarrett worth it this season? Well, he will provide boards and blocks. Unfortunately, he and DeAndre Jordan will split the center minutes straight down the middle.

21) Kelly Olynyk (Miami Heat)

Kelly O makes women moan with his flowing locks, but makes fantasy nerds shivers due to the lack of stocks. He does provide tres, though. 3 fingers, the international sign of pleasure?

22) JaVale McGee (Los Angeles Lakers)

McGee will provide an excellent field goal percentage due to all the lobs and dunks he will get. It’s nice to play with the King. There should be plenty of boards and blocks as well. It still amazes me how well McGee moves for a man his size. Too bad he’s dinosaur-esque, though, in that his awareness his minimal.

23) Marc Gasol (Toronto Raptors)

Gasol will provide a little something something in every cat. He just won’t play enough minutes to provide anything of substantial value.

24) Domantas Sabonis (Indiana Pacers)

Will start alongside Myles Turner and is projected to play 28 minutes per game. Sabonis will provide good field goal percentage, points, boards, and dimes. Don’t expect anything else.

25) Jakob Poeltl (San Antonio Spurs)

Excellent field goal percentage, boards, and blocks are what Poeltl provide. The free throw shooting stinks, though, and there’s the risk of Pop telling him to get off his lawn.

26) Alex Len (Atlanta Hawks)

Len always seems to steal our sunshine, but here we are again. The environment in Atlanta doesn’t get any juicier and Len could thrive in the pace-and-space scheme. I have him projected for 24 mpg but there’s a chance he gets more. Len should provide tres, boards, blocks, and decent percentages. I like him, but am prepared to get disappointed again.

27) Enes Kanter (Boston Celtics)

Points, boards, and field goal percentage are what you get from Kanter. That’s it. Daniel Theis and Robert Williams should also get significant run at center for the Celtics, so Kanter’s upside is limited.

28) Kevon Looney (Golden State Warriors)

Looney is done for the preseason, as he is recovering from a hamstring injury. He should be ready for the opening of the regular season. Looney is a versatile big man who can shoot from the midrange and guard out on the perimeter. He won’t provide any tres, but the field goal percentage will be good and he will contribute boards, stocks, and some dimes. The free throw shooting is below average, though. I have him projected for 24 mpg, but I could be too low, especially since Willie Cauley Stein is expected to miss a month. When he’s out, Looney could get 30+ minutes, but when WCS returns, the playing time could get slashed.

29) Wendell Carter Jr. (Chicago Bulls)

Injury concerns and a penchant for fouling are negatives for this Carter administration. The good are the percentages, boards, and blocks.

30) Dewayne Dedmon (Sacramento Kings)

Dedmon should soak up most of the center minutes for the Kings. With that said, I only have him projected for 24 mpg. Dedmon should provide good percentages, tres, and boards. He does contribute in both steals and blocks, but fewer than one per game for each.

31) DeAndre Jordan (Brooklyn Nets)

This DJ is a buzz kill for the party at Jarrett, but one must do what one must do in order to get Kevin Durant. Both DJ and Allen will likely split the center minutes right down the middle, which sucks for both. The free throw shooting still remains a bugaboo, but he did shoot over 70% from the line in 2013/2014/2015. This DJ provides excellent field goal percentage, boards, and blocks.

32) Ivica Zubac (Los Angeles Clippers)

Zubac is a center of the traditional mold. He will post up down low and protect the rim on the defensive end. He provides good percentages and will get his board on. Playing time is an issue with Montrezl ahead of him on the depth chart, but I still have him projected for 20 mpg.

33) Willie Cauley-Stein (Golden State Warriors)

WCS is expected to miss the first four games of the season. Foot injuries are especially concerning for a big man, but until I read something negative about his recovery, I will keep him here. The free throw shooting stinks, but he will grab some boards. I’ve always been miffed with WCS because he’s so athletic, yet he doesn’t get his block on.

34) Nerlens Noel (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Noel will provide boards, steals, and blocks when he’s on the court. Unfortunately, he’s only projected for 15 mpg. There has been some chatter of Steven Adams getting traded, so if that happens, then Noel’s value should elevate faster than the pants tent of a teenage boy when watching his first porno.

35) Cody Zeller (Charlotte Hornets)

Health is always a concern for Zeller, but when he plays, he’s productive. He contributes good percentages, boards, and a decent amount of stocks. Being an adept and willing passer, Zeller also provides a healthy amount of dimes.

36) Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves)

If Gorgui plays any significant minutes, then all of Minnesota will be screaming, “Dieng it!” He’s the backup to KAT, if any of you are confused. When he does play, he will provide boards and some stocks.

37) Mason Plumlee (Denver Nuggets)

The backup to Jokic, Plumlee will grab boards and provides some dimes from the big man position. His claim to fame, though, is being the last Plumlee standing.

38) Robin Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks)

Robin provides boards while brother Brook drains tres. Too bad they aren’t Siamese twins. At least they both provide blocks.

39) Tristan Thompson (Cleveland Cavaliers)

If you commit to Tristan, you’ll likely need someone for a rebound, which is ironic because that’s all he provides for fantasy.

40) Boban Marjanovic (Dallas Mavericks)

Boban’s role as Ernest in John Wick encapsulates his NBA career. He can’t fight/play for long, but is super effective when he does. His height and length give him tremendous advantages, but at the end of the day, smaller, quicker opponents are able to neutralize him.

41) Willy Hernangomez (Charlotte Hornets)

It’s been many of years since the #FreeWilly campaign commenced. It’s time to pivot and head down to SeaWorld, though, as that’s the only place a Willy will be freed. When he does play, he has the potential to dub-dub and get some blocks. When being the key word.

42) Kyle O’Quinn (Philadelphia 76ers)

Embiid has KOQ behind him. Phrasing, Son! Phrasing!

43) Ian Mahinmi (Washington Wizards)

You know why the US of A is the greatest country in the world? Mahinmi will earn $15.45 million this season.

44) Aron Baynes (Phoenix Suns)

Shouldn’t get much run backing up Ayton, but he does bring toughness to the squad. There’s a chance he gets moved at some point.

45) Meyers Leonard (Miami Heat)

Leonard is a big man who can shoot from downtown. He shouldn’t see much run, but will likely back up Bam at center.

46) Mohamed Bamba (Orlando Magic)

Bamba is still raw, but there is potential for tres and blocks from this physical freak of nature. He could get the backup minutes behind Vucevic.

47) Jusuf Nurkic (Portland Trail Blazers)

Recovering from a leg fracture and is expected back sometime at the end of February. If you have an IL spot, then I guess you can stash him, but I’m not crazy about the idea. With that said, if he does return to form, Nurkic will provide boards, dimes, and blocks.

48) Bruno Fernando (Atlanta Hawks)

Bruno is a boards and blocks guy. He is the likely backup to Alex Len at center, but John Collins will also get some run as a small ball five.

49) Jaxson Hayes (New Orleans Pelicans)

Hayes is a rim-running big who elevates to throw down dunks. I wanted to add thunderous there, but Zion will take care of all that. With that said, he’s behind Derrick Favors and Jahlil Okafor on the depth chart.

50) Goga Bitadze (Indiana Pacers)

Goga is an intriguing prospect and I may have his minutes projection way too low. It’s at 10 currently. Goga is agile for a man his size, has some handles on the perimeter, excellent cutting and rim-running, and has range from downtown. He’s also a very good passer. With Myles Turner and Domantas Sabonis starting at center and power forward respectively, the minutes may be sparse. I have TJ Leaf soaking up a lot of front court minutes, but acknowledge that Goga does have a chance to carve out a more substantial role if he shows that he can ball out.

51) Thon Maker (Detroit Pistons)

Let me see that Thon Thon Thon Thon Thon! He kind of sucks and only provides some tres if he sees the court at all.

52) Ante Zizic (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Could provide points and boards if he got run, but he’s buried on the depth chart.

53) John Henson (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Is starring in the new movie titled, Missing Muppet.

54) Khem Birch (Orlando Magic)

Performed well when give the opportunity last season, but it may be Bamba time this year.

55) Dwight Howard (Los Angeles Lakers)

I don’t expect much from Dwight. He could dub-dub and get his block on, but I doubt it. I think it’s more likely that he gets cut. While he’s on the squad, though, he decreases the value of JaVale McGee.

56) Tyson Chandler (Houston Rockets)

Will back up Capela at center, but the Rockets do like to go small at times, so I have Chandler down for 10 mpg. He’s strictly a boards guy.

57) Bismack Biyombo (Charlotte Hornets)

He’s behind Willy on the depth chart, and we know Willy ain’t getting freed. Even if he did get run, there is no such thing as a Bismack attack because he doesn’t provide anything. Fine, maybe some blocks.

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2 years ago

Which 2 out of these 3 would u keep in 9 cat H2h. Have to drop one. Danny green, og anunoby, olynk?

2 years ago
Reply to  Mak

Without knowing the rest of your squad, Green and OG, but if you need a PF or C then Olynyk has to be considered.

Michael Pan
Michael Pan
2 years ago

I need some advice on my team. I think I am overloaded at the PF, C spot. This is for 9 cat roto.
PG: Deaaron Fox, Ish Smith, Coby White
PG – SG: Malcom Brogdon, Goran Dragic
SG – SF: Gordon Hayward, Gary Harris
SF: Taurean Prince
SF – PF: Jerami Grant, Jae Crowder, Jabari Parker
PF – C: Anthony Davis, Nikola Jokic, Nerlens Noel
C: Jonas Valancunis

2 years ago
Reply to  Michael Pan

You are super light in tres. Other than that, you are fairly balanced in the rest of cats

2 years ago

Thanks son!
Had my second draft last night think I did a little better. Please let me know what you think. H2H 9 cats.

G start 5
Beal-Conley-Lowry -Clarkson-Ross-Garland-Augustin
F start 5
C Start 2
Brooks Lopez-Dedmon-Robin Lopez

2 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Assist and steals look to be weakest cats, with boards right behind.

Mr. Blast
Mr. Blast
2 years ago


Nice, I have 3 out of the top 12 Centers – Jokic/Vucevic/Bryant

Would you drop any of – Danny Green, Robert Williams, PJ Tucker

For – Poeltl, Marvin Williams, PJ Washington, Noel, Chriss, Crowder ?

Key time to make first pickups.

Thanks my guy!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mr. Blast


I’d hold but I’d keep an eye on PJ Washington. Maybe swap PJ for PJ.

Drew Taylor
2 years ago

anybody wanna join a last minute 10-team H2H 9-cat league? We’re drafting at 8pm ET tonight!! I have one last spot to fill– email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Herro my Hero
Herro my Hero
2 years ago

Hey, nice write up. What do you think of this team I drafted last night? I had the 9th pick in a 12 team h2h 9-Cat league.
My squad:

G:Delon, Oladipo, Jimmy Butler
F:Covington, Gallinari, Oubre, Kyle Anderson, P.J. Tucker
C:Embiid, Capela, Steven Adams, Hassan, Looney

Punting FT% and Asts and it looks like I might struggle with points? What cats do you think I should look to improve?


2 years ago

Hey Son, just another dude asking opinions on their 12 team, 9 Cat, H2H team (from the dreaded 8th pick slot):

Damian Lillard, Kemba, Jamal Murray, Dragic
Jeremy Lamb, Jaylen Brown, Terrence Ross, Bazemore, Thad Young
Myles Turner, Blake Griffin, Larry Nance Jr, Cody Zeller, Thomas Bryant


2 years ago
Reply to  Son

much obliged. thanks for the advice and all the info you provide. been my crutch for way too many seasons of fantasy ball.

2 years ago

Hey Son,

Love your articles! Would you be able to identify any glaring weaknesses on my team. standard 9-cat:

PG – Harden, Teague, DSJ (NYK still undecided at PG…)
SG – D Mitch, LaVine, Gary Harris, Danny Green,
SF – Tobias Harris, De’Andre Hunter
PF – Myles Turner, Jarrett Allen
C – Whiteside, McGee, *WCS

I’m probably light in Rebounds & Assists.

Thanks in advance!

2 years ago
Reply to  STL

Thanks, STL!

Affirmative. Boards and dimes. Killing blocks

2 years ago

Hi Son.

Thoughts on Robert Williams getting meaningful mins to start and maintain for the year? I’m looking to switch him up for a pg (need assists and 3s) and want someone w exciting upside (carsen edwards, nunn, it2, simons, poole).

thoughts on my team – 18m 11 cat (off reb, def reb, ato) and let me know if you agree that i need a guard instead of time lord:

pg – dinwiddie, pbev
sg – booker, wesmat
sf – gay
pf – giannis, horford, j collins
c – wendell carter, mcgee, time lord

2 years ago
Reply to  hamtime

I like Robert Williams a lot but you have plenty of blocks and you’re hurting for dimes and tres. Gotta make a trade for a guard.

2 years ago
Reply to  Son

League is deep so FA options are limited. Looking at carsen, Dunn, IT2.. Would you drop Williams for any? Who’s a reasonable target if I traded Wendell carter?

2 years ago

Hi Son,

Thanks for all your hard work! Here is my 12 team, 9-cat roster that I drafted.

I wasn’t planning on punting FG% when I picked Harden initially, but when Paul George fell to me at 23 I couldn’t resist – and then punting FG% made the most sense to me. If PG comes back healthy and produces similar numbers to last year, I essentially have two top-5 guys in a punt FG% model.

In doing so, I kind of inadvertently punted rebounds but I think the team works nonetheless with elite FT%, 3PM, Steals and good blocks, reasonable assists (I think?).

Batum was a bit of a panic pick – if Charlotte hits the youth movement button I could see him benched a lot, but if he plays he fits my build and gets me a few assists that I need. I could see him and Thybulle being the first to hit the waiver wire with this team. Anyone to consider from the following: Maxi Kleber, Marvin Williams, Rajon Rondo, Bobby Portis, Dennis Schroeder, Tyus Jones, Robert Williams, Kris Dunn, Jerami Grant

1. (2) James Harden PG,SG
2. (23) Paul George SF,PF
3. (26) Draymond Green PF,C
4. (47) Robert Covington SF,PF
5. (50) Brook Lopez C
6. (71) Kelly Oubre Jr. SF
7. (74) Ricky Rubio PG
8. (95) Gary Harris SG,SF
9. (98) Serge Ibaka PF,C
10. (119) Nicolas Batum SG,SF
11. (122) Collin Sexton PG,SG
12. (143) Kent Bazemore SG,SF
13. (146) Matisse Thybulle SF

2 years ago

What up son!
Happy Monday!

10 Team H2H Daily League.

PG – D.Mitchel
SG- D.Russell
SF- Lebron
PF- Drummon
C- K.Love
ULT- Derozan
UTL- Rozier
UTL- B.Lopez

Garry Harris (SG/SF)
J. Allen (PF/C)
Clarke (PF)
Rubio (PG)
D.Powell (PF/C)
Willie Burton (PG)

I want to dominate in boards, Oreb, Dreb, and Dimes. Do i trade D. Mitchell for Simmons?

2 years ago

Hey Son-

Keep these coming! Awesome write-up. Thoughts on below team? Yahoo, H2H, 10 team, 9-cat, 12 starters/3Bench:

Guards – DBooker, DRussell, KLowry, TRozier, DMurray, KHuerter
Forwards – THarris, JIsaac, BIngram, BBogdanovic, TPrince, OAnunoby
Centers –NJokic, RGobert, JMcGee

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Aces
Jeff Aces
2 years ago

Hey Son,

How does my team look? 12 team h2h

PG: Westbrook/Satoransky
SG: Lavine/Brogdon/D Green
SF: Lebron/Oubre/Miles Bridges
PF: Tatum/Nance/B Clarke
C: M Robinson/ M Turner/McGee

Jeff Aces
Jeff Aces
2 years ago
Reply to  Son

What trade package can i put together to better my tres? Anyone specific?

Jeff Aces
Jeff Aces
2 years ago
Reply to  Jeff Aces

Shamet is on the WW, who should i drop for him?

Jeff Aces
Jeff Aces
2 years ago
Reply to  Son

W\ho should I drop for Shamet? Satoransky?

2 years ago

good stuff son!
any notes for the team below, 16 team league 9 cat h2h

PG Damian Lillard (8 overall)
SG Josh Richardson (72)
G Tomas Satoransky (104)
SF Jeremy Lamb (89)
PF Draymond Green (40)
F De’Andre Hunter (136)
C Nikola Vucevic (25)
U Bam Adebayo (57)

B Dwight Powell (121)
B Jakob Poeltl (153)
B Dwayne Bacon (168)
B Robert Williams (185)

any weak cats? good value picks? thanks!

2 years ago

Hey Son, Playing my first roto league on Y! this year and am wondering if the max games played (82) is for each position. It’s not explained, and I figured a roto pert like yourself would know what that means. Thanks for all your writing, I feel like I have a solid game plan thanks to you!

I Just Wanna Kawhi
I Just Wanna Kawhi
2 years ago

I got Jokic, Ayton, Turner and Robinson on my squad in a 10T/9C league but I still need one more big. And for some reason I’m gravitating towards Looney and I don’t know why, it’s mostly a gut-feel and I think I should follow it! I just don’t know who to drop. Hah

PG Kyrie
SG Devin
SF J-Rich
PF Jokic
F Turner
C Ayton
C Mitch Rob
Util Bledsoe
Util Oubre

BN Prince
BN Delon

I Just Wanna Kawhi
I Just Wanna Kawhi
2 years ago
Reply to  Son

Yea, Prince prolly will only contribute in 3PM, kinda like what Joe Harris did last season. I think Looney can provide more value. Will make the switch later, thanks Son!

2 years ago

Anytime, my man!

2 years ago

12 teamer, h2h, nine cats. Thoughts overall on this team? On its balance?
Any immediate drops for a wire guy like: Grant, Mamba, Reddish, Ish, or someone who usually goes undrafted that you like?

Myles (reached? Conley was available)
Bog Bog

2 years ago
Reply to  Trader

Looking good!

2 years ago
Reply to  Son

Thanks! Appreciate the ongoing advice.

For another draft, please rank Plumlee, McGee, Olynyk, Grant, Gibson.

2 years ago
Reply to  Trader

Really depends what you want. McGee for blocks. Plumlee for dimes. Olynyk for tres. Grant for blocks. Gibson I wouldn’t care about. In a vacuum, it’s McGee for me

2 years ago

9 cat h2h 10 person league.

trae young
larry nance
zach collins
danny green

What you think?

2 years ago
Reply to  Justin

Very solid and well constructed squad. Good luck!

2 years ago

SON, did my 9 team 8 cat no turnover league.
Can u please asses Team A and Team B. I am team A and my friend is Team B
Team A

Team B
Pf-Greek Freak

2 years ago

Curious what you think about the team. Strengths, weakness, and who you think i should look to strengthen an area: 10 team, H2H Cat
D. Fox, Beal, Ingles, Lebron, J. Collins, Bam, Horford, A. Gordon, Whiteside, Danny Green, Larry Nance Jr, Dinwiddie, Huerter.

Crime dog
Crime dog
2 years ago

Who’s the drop for a streamer spot….delon wright, herro, Collins?

Crime dog
Crime dog
2 years ago
Reply to  Son

Lol so drop wright? I’m an accountant, I’m bad at riddles

2 years ago

Here’s the squad (h2h points 12 team)

1. KAT
2. Collins
3. Trae
4. Bryant
5. Valanciunas
6. LaVine
7. Ibaka
8. SGA
9. Miles Bridges
10. Powell
11. Olynyk
12. Thad Young
13. Eric Gordon

I chased boards and points mostly. Probably could’ve went for a better SF earlier, but I have faith in Miles. What do you think?