Dennis Smith Jr. went off in the Big Easy, going 5-21-10-10-1-0-7. It was his first career triple-double and hopefully, this is a sign of things to come for him. Carlisle gave him vote of confidence after the Mavs’ last game, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Yeah, definitely a sign of things to come, if I’ve ever seen a sign of things to come. He’s been garbaggio as the Italians say, in his last four games, so hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Yes, I own him, so you know what I’m hoping for. Anyway, here’s what else went down on Friday in fantasy hoops:

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J.J. Barea– 3-14-2-9-1-0-5 J.J. Just, just, missed the dime bag. Came up short again! Story of his life.

DeMarcus Cousins– 3-32-20-8-2-5-6 with 7-of-8 FTs and 11-for-24 FGs. Hard to say anything negative about Cousins, besides the TOs. Nitpicking!

Anthony Davis– 1-33-5-2-2-0-1 Yaaaawwwn!

Darren Collison– 4-30-3-5-2-0-3. Oladipo was out, but WOOF!

John Henson– 18-6-2-0-4-0. The Muppet had a night that would make Jim Henson proud. His FT% is way down from last year, but his playing time is there so he should be owned if you can take the drain.

Giannis Antetokounmpo– 29-12-6-1-1-5. Average night for the Greek Freak. More D stats! I’m greedy.

Tony Snell– 4-15-4-0-2-0-0. The Ghost in the Snell came out for a nice game against the Thunder. Not buying in, but worth a mention.

Carmelo Anthony– 1-12-6-0-0-0-2. Sadly, this has almost become the norm, for Melo my Man, albeit slightly below average. He’s seeing a reduced role in OKC (which was expected), and hopefully, you didn’t invest too much.

Russell Westbrook– 2-40-14-9-1-0-5. The near trip-dub. Could have made him the lede, but I made him the lede two weeks ago, and I gotta spread the love. He’s playing his best ball of the season and you’re hoping he can keep it up. It seems like he’s returning to the alpha male role in this offense. In other words, he’s re-becoming what he never wasn’t.

Paul George– Got the DNP which could have contributed to Westbrook’s big night, but the Thunder got the horns from the Bucks.

Lance Stephenson–  2-18-9-3-0-0-2. Getting the start, Lance took advantage and put up a decent line. The lack of D stats Willa always be his caveat.

Lauri Markkanen– 5-32-7-1-0-0-1. He had a nice buy-low moment, but it has passed. The window has closed. Even with the return of Mirotic, he’s still been pretty nice.

Nikola Mirotic– 8-28-4-4-1-0-3. Eight threes! Hopefully, you added before he came back, because Miro is ballin’. The Bulls have also been killing it since his return.

Caris LeVert– 12-5-11-1-0-2. Young Caris with another nice line. Definitely ownable in 12ers. If his FTs improved, he would be killing it, but I’m optimistic on his future.

Joe Harris– 4-21-7-0-0-0-3. Joe Blow had a night! The Nets really spread out their minutes, especially in a blowout win against the Heat! What in the world? Not much to see here, just a deep league 3-point specialist.

Wayne Ellington– 7-2-0-0-0-0. When he’s not hitting his 3’s, the Heat take the Ell-ington. 0-for-6 from downtown is no bueno.

Taurean Prince– 5-30-10-1-0-2-0. Prince you’ve been gone, welcome back! Where are you Kelly Clarkson?

John Collins– 11-8-0-0-4-1. Four blocks. Nice. 5-of-8 from the line, as his FT% continues to regress. He’s a hold in 12-ers, but his decent FT’s were really floating his value like a maraschino cherry in a Tom Collins. No more cocktail for you!

Delon Wright– 1-13-7-2-2-1-0 in 29 minutes. He’s got the Wright Stuff! Reminds me of the horrible movie, “Just Wright.” Common, you really stooped to an all-time low in that one… At least the New Jersey Nets had a movie about them… kind of.

Otto Porter Jr.– 7-26-6-7-2-1-1. Otto-mattic! He’s efficient…What can I say?

Kelly Oubre Jr.– 3-21-4-1-3-0-1. Still putting up decent numbers.  A Hold in 12ers.

T.J.Warren– 26-10-1-0-0-1. The Regulator, with another empty scoring and rebounding line. Next stop is the Eastsiiiieeeedd Mote-e-e-e-el.

Garrett Temple– 2-12-3-5-1-1-3. Legends of the Hidden Temple had another solid line, and he’s worth a look in deeper leagues. Maybe Kings should change their name to the Purple Monkeys.

Dwight Howard– 29-13-7-2-0-4. Somehow the Hornets beat the Warriors in Oakland. Warriors did not come out and pla-a-a-y tonight. I guess they didn’t hear the guy clinking bottles together with his fingers. Not panicking, obviously.

Kemba Walker– 3-16-5-5-3-2-1 on 5-of-16 shooting. Near-rainbow line, but not even a great game for Kemba against the Dubs. Six Hornets scored in double figures. Maybe there’s something to playing team basketball? Nahhhh!

Draymond Green– 8-11-16-0-3-5. If I could dish to KD, Curry (out), and Klay I’d average 7.7 assists per game. Fat dime bag for Mr. Green. That’s what you have his name saved as in your cell phone.

Blake Griffin– His first game back from a knee sprain and he goes 1-24-6-6-1-0-4 with 11-of-12 FTs, but also 6-of-15 FGs as the Blake Show topped the Lake Show.

DeAndre Jordan– 12 and 16 with two blocks. His other stats are irrelevant, but he managed to avoid the FT line. Smart Lakers, real smart!

Milos Teodosic– 2-11-7-5-1-0-3 in 33 minutes. Decent enough game from him, but owners were probably hoping for a little better since P-Bev has been out.

Julius Randle– Got the start and went 18-7-2-1-1-1. Nice line, but the Lakers still lost. It didn’t work Walton, give it up!

Kyle Kuzma– 1-13-5-2-0-0-1. Two clunkers in a row, but I think he’s in for a big night against the Rockets.

Larry Nance Jr.– 16-4-4-2-1-2 on 6-of-7 “shooting.” I suspect dunking was involved. Lay that ball up like a gentleman Nance! No one wants to see those flashy, high-flying antics!

Jordan Clarkson– 2-20-5-8-0-0-2. This was the best performance by a J.C. since the Resurrection!

On that note, leave a comment or question, I’ll try to answer it as soon as possible.

  1. Regurgitating Gordon Wood says:

    So what’s your thoughts on Enes as a cheap keeper in a 9 cat league?
    I’m considering a dump deal to get Porzingy (one more year left on his contract) but am torn bc I’d lose Enes in the deal.
    Is Enes an one year wonder or you think he’s valuable long term?!?
    Any help would be appreciated!

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Regurgitating Gordon Wood: I kinda think Kanter is a one year wonder and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets traded though the Knicks and the NY fans really love him. I’m not sure the specifics of your keeper league so without the context it’s kinda hard to say.

  2. Chilly says:

    If injuries mount/linger, what are the odds Porz is shut down? Beasley worth of a stash in a 15 teamer?

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Chilly: I don’t think he’ll be shut down. Knicks are gonna gun for that 8th seed because they haven’t made the playoffs in something like 5 or 6 years. I’d probably add Beasley in a 15-teamer.

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