Congrats to all who are reading this, as this means you probably are in your fantasy playoffs and have had much success. May my nuggets of wisdom tide you over for a day as you work towards victory.  And if they aren’t nuggets of wisdom, may your disagreement of said nuggets further assist you.

Bucks over the Spunky Funky Magic

Big news for the Bucks was Khris Middleton.  He still spells his name wrong, but 31  minutes, 24 points and 11 assists.  Just in time for the playoffs.  Of course, if  you spent a high pick on him you aren’t in the playoffs.  Lesson learned:  avoid injury situations in your drafts.  They can linger, be load managed, etc.

If Wendell Carter misses more time as he is wont to do, Goga Bitadze had a 12 point 8 board performance.  If you’re desperate for big guy stats, go ahead.

Wizards over the not Spunky Pistons

Let’s give a shout out to James Wiseman, shall we?  10-13 shooting for 21 points, along with 5 rebounds and 2 blocks to boot.  Clearly the Warriors don’t have an idea how to develop guys.  It’s probably a situation where they just said “Go out there and play young man, no thinking,” so he did.  Just keep in mind he had 12, 3, and 7 points the last few before.  I’m watching him closely for next year’s purposes.

Somehow Hornets beat the Knicks

I’m worried about RJ Barrett.  Last night was 10-24 shooting 43% for the year.  I guess that’s not terrible.  His decisions in real life leave something to be desired though.  He’s one of those Mamba Mentality guys.  You know, be confident all the time, it’s your job to shoot, etc.  So when you’re off, keep shooting.  I’m wondering if the Knicks move off of him, and I’m looking for his minutes to diminish until he’s a role player.

Sixers over the lousy TWolves

Anthony Edwards had 32 with 5 3s and 7 boards.  Assists were only one, but what was he supposed to do?  Edwards has made the leap to solid second round status for a while, and his early season issues with effort and attention seem to have evaporated.  Great season for the former 1 overall pick.

Nets keep the Rockets looking terrible

Nets pecking order is now established.  Mikal Bridges is the alpha while Spencer Dinwiddie will continue to be a scoring point guard.  Bridges is a borderline first round pick if nothing changes for him next year.  Cam Johnson will get shots and Nic Claxton is the rim runner.  A totally modern team.  Will be interest how they leverage their extra wings this offseason, but they have talent and are quite fun to watch.

The Rockets are terrible and are doing their young players a disservice by not teaching winning basketball.  Just a terrible team and I’d move any of their young guys in a keeper/dynasty.

Warriors Change it up, Lose to Thunder

Jonathan Kuminga, one of my favorite modern 4 spot players, moved into the starting lineup replacing Kevon Looney, who’s droppable if this continues.  Kuminga had 21 points on 8-11 shooting, but only 3 boards.  His plus/minus was a +3 though, so whatever he did wasn’t terrible awful.

Give thanks to Stephen Curry‘s return for the playoffs with his 40 points and 10 3 pointers.  Shai Gilgeous-Alexander returned too and hit for 34.  It’s just so nice when guys come back for your fantasy playoffs.  They rehabbed hard, worked on their conditioning, and made sure they are in for your important matchups.

Dallas downs Utah

Christian Wood is the reason you have to pay attention to if a guy is good at actual basketball.  He’s not a good player in real life.  He does put up numbers per minute.  Unfortunately, he’s lazy.  Coaches hate lazy, so he is down below 20 minutes most nights, and rightfully so.  Sorry if you wasted a pick on this guy early;  put up numbers on the Rockets but that means nothing, as evidenced by this season and their terrible wasted team.  Guys like Wood, ride them while you can, but keep in mind they might just not be good at basketball and lose their minutes ASAP.

Grizzlies Shoot Themselves in the Foot and it wasn’t Ja

Tyus Jones was a popular pick and is now 92% owned on Yahoo.  But only 3 assists!  What a bust, right?  Look at the box score, Dillon Brooks and Desmond Bane were a combined 8-31.  There’s probably 5 missed assists there, and Tyus gets a solid 16-8.  He’s not a star, but if you got him keep rolling it out for the playoffs, he’s just fine.


Good luck in your matchups, and thanks for the honor of reading my stuff!