And now, the end is near. I went through the Top 10, the Top 25, the Top 50, and the Top 100. I hope the journey has been one of extraordinary magnitude. Now, we finish up the Top X series with the 150. If you’re in a deeper league, then go to the Preseason Projections. It goes 463 deep. Yes, I do things My Way.

THIS IS NOT A RANKINGS PIECE. The order I have players is based on my projections and overall value for category leagues. Where I’d draft a player depends on ADP, categorical need, and roster construction. Keep that in mind when going through all my Top X pieces and when choosing who to draft in your leagues. The FG and FT numbers are weighted for volume.

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  • ROYCE O’NEALE – Few rejoice when clicking on Royce. As they put blinders on race horses, just cover the first name and focus on the O’Neale. Shaq. Jermaine. That should make things more enjoyable. A Rolls Royce he is not as the usage rate is low (sub-10%) and the points do not glitter and bling. He’s the Honda Odyssey of fantasy hoops – boring yet functional and spacious as he will contribute a little something something in each cat without hurting you in any. He’s not a 1/1/1 player because the blocks are a little light but he grabs a good amount of boards and dishes out a few dimes. The most alluring aspect of his game is that he plays over 30 minutes per contest. That’s half the battle. Yo, Joe!
  • BOBBY PORTIS – You ever look at someone. Then they look at you causing you to look away. They then look away but you want to take a peek. They also want to take another peek then your eyes lock once again. And the process starts all over. That’s Portis. Yes, he does have crazy eyes that make you look and look away at the same time but he doesn’t play that many minutes but is very effective when he’s on the court. He is the anti-Royce O’Neale. Portis plays in the low-20s but has a much higher usage rate and scores more points. The free-throw percentage isn’t great, though, although it is on low volume. Royce provides more dimes so it really depends on wants and needs. Do you want the Odyssey or the CR-X?
  • IVICA ZUBAC – If only Zubac played close to 30 minutes per game. If only I was six inches taller. If only I had called her. If only. The reality of the situation is that Zubac won’t play more than 24 minutes because he gets exposed on the perimeter. He should’ve been born decades earlier. If only he could control that. Anyways, while he’s on the court, he makes Tupac proud because he brings the business on the nightly. Points, boards, and blocks are all in the repertoire. What really makes him alluring…besides those beautiful eyes….are the percentages. 65% from the field and he shot 78% from the line last season. Ooh la la.
  • DANNY GREEN – The pain to the percentages hurt. So much that he’ll make your face turn Green. But like the color of money, Green delivers across-the-board production and is oh so close to being a 1/1/1 player. If only he grew five inches or stretched out his arms in one of those medieval torture devices or if he got bit by a radioactive flea and started jumping five feet higher. He’s essentially swap meet Robert Covington.
  • HARRISON BARNES – Mehrrison Barnes wasn’t so meh last season, as he finished as the 82nd player on a per-game basis. He still didn’t provide the steals or blocks. Props to Mr. and Mrs. Barnes for raising their son right. The big bumps to his production came from the boards and dimes which was partly helped by the 36.2 minutes per game he played. Two years ago, he was at 34.5 mpg. There will likely be a bit of regression in both the playing time and counting stat production but Mehrrison will deliver what you need from him – points, tres, boards, dimes, and excellent percentages.
  • THOMAS BRYANT – Bryant was one of the more difficult players to project this season. He’s recovering from a torn ACL so he’s going to miss time. How much time? No idea. I have him down for 42 games. The talk about his recovery has been glowing but I don’t put that much stock into that. When healthy, he provides points, boards, blocks and excellent field goal percentage from the big man position. He also chips in some tres which are nice. The free-throw shooting isn’t great and he’s light in dimes and steals. Two seasons ago, he was a top 70 player, so that’s the ceiling but the Wizards brought in Montrezl Harrel and Daniel Gafford is an intriguing young big. I’m thinking Bryant plays around 28 mpg when he’s ready and plays half the season but it’s within the range of outcomes that he has a setback or the team brings him back slowly or Gafford and Harrell carve out significant roles.
  • CARIS LEVERT – It was announced that LeVert has a stress fracture in his back. I did not touch the projections until I hear something about missing time. It’s a risk, though, and something to monitor for sure. When healthy, LeVert is a high-usage player who will provide a ton of points with a good amount of boards, dimes, tres, and steals. He’s not a zero in the blocks department either. The percentages aren’t great at 44% from the field and the free-throw shooting has been all over the map in his career. Last season, he shot 81%. Prior to that, he converted 71%, 69%, 71%, and 72%. I know I’m probably lower on LeVert than most, especially since he finished as a top 60 player last season.
  • DE’ANTHONY MELTON – The depth chart in Memphis opens up a little as Grayson Allen will no longer be tripping and swishing. That said, how many minutes will Melton get? I have him down for 25 mpg but he’s rarely received more than 20 mpg in his career. If he doesn’t get more run, then Son will have a Melton of epic proportions! He’s not a great shooter or scorer, hence the 9.1 ppg and 43% field goal percentage last season. But he garnered a 19.4 usage rate so, things that make you go hmmmm. He drains tres and produces a little something something in every category. The free-throw shooting is around 80% but the volume is low. These types of players are better for roto formats but they do have some utility if you want to balance out things.
  • EVAN FOURNIER – The usage will come down since he will be playing alongside Kemba Walker, Julius Randle, and RJ Barrett. That said, he pairs with Thibs who has been known to be a maniac with his playing time disbursement so he should get more run in NYC. He’s primarily a points and tres player but he does chip in some boards, dimes, and steals. The 46% field goal percentage ain’t bad from the guard position. He’s the last of the guards who won’t kill you in that department. After him, it gets mighty U.G.L.Y. he ain’t got no alibi. The free-throw percentage is good in the 80% range and the turnovers are sub-2.
  • TIM HARDAWAY JR. – I went to the local dispensary to check out the latest supply. Yo, Scott. What you got on the menu today? We got some THJ, straight from Dallas, homie. Any good? It’ll get you high for sure but it’s got some LSD tendencies. Pleasant highs but plenty of paranoid lows. It’s cheap, though. THJ can score, as he averaged 16.6 points and three tres per game last season. While he will trip into a few boards, he doesn’t do much outside of that. And even the scoring can be volatile at times. The free-throw shooting is excellent and the turnovers are sub-1. That probably gives him a boost in overall value. The field goal percentage isn’t great, though, at 44%. He will play around 28-29 minutes per game and garners a 23 usage rate. With new coach Jason Kidd at the helm, there is some uncertainty. Could he play more than 30 mpg?
  • JALEN SUGGS – I love Suggs as he contributes on offense, defense, and special teams. Damn, wrong sport. He was a star high school quarterback and could’ve gone to a major D1 school so I wasn’t completely off the beaten path. Many have made this comp but he does remind me a lot of Brandon Roy. Maybe it’s because they look physically similar but in play style as well. So smooth. He should start right away and play plenty of minutes. The boards, dimes, and steals should be there from day one. He will likely be light in blocks and the question will be the offensive efficiency. The percentages probably won’t be great. Remember, he’s still a rookie and most rookies struggle. If you don’t believe me, here’s the historical look at rookies.
  • P.J. WASHINGTON – Washington was a top 85 player last season and had stretches when he was top 50! Much of his success was as the small-ball five, though. He played 54% of the time at power forward and 46% of the time at center last season, which is impressive considering he’s only 6-foot-7 and 230 pounds. His ability to shoot from downtown and run circles around more lead-footed trees enabled him to exploit many of matches. He was also a nightmare in transition with LaMelo. That said, I’m not sure how much small-ball five he plays this season. The Hornets brought in Mason Plumell and drafted Kai Jones so he probably won’t see 46% of the action at center. That said, he’s still going to be on the court for around 30 minutes and he’s a 1/1/1 player who will grab boards and dish out a couple of dimes. The percentages aren’t terrible but not great either – 44% from the field and 75% from the line. That said, you will be grateful that you have a PJ to help you sleep at night and keep you warm with fantasy goodies.
  • TERRENCE ROSS – A hucker. A chucker. Probably a midnight toker. A choker? Alright, let’s not go there. Ross always sports a high usage rate and is a professional getter of buckets. That said, he is very inconsistent and doesn’t provide much outside of points and tres. The field goal percentage is rough as well. He shot 41% from the field last season on 13.4 attempts. As with going into Ross stores, it’s hit or miss but sometimes you can find some quality stuff at low prices. Just know that you will often walk out empty-handed.
  • DORIAN FINNEY-SMITH – DFS is a low usage player who contributes a little something something in every category. He will never win a week for you as most will never win in DFS. That said, he won’t hurt you anywhere. Definite marriage material. He plays around 32 minutes and….class? Minutes are half the battle. Yo, Joe!
  • DE’ANDRE HUNTER – Hunter dealt with knee injuries last season and only played 23 games last season. He showed marked improvement from his rookie season, though, when he was on the court. The field goal percentage went from 41% to 48% while the defensive numbers ticked up. He’s still a better real-life defender than a fantasy one but I’m not going to completely write him off from improving in that area yet. There’s potential there for sure. He showed some versatility on offense and scored at least 20 points seven times with a high of 33 points. The free-throw shooting is good and he will grab some rebounds but Hunter doesn’t do much else outside of that. We need Hunter to be more of a gatherer of fantasy goodies. The Hawks are deep on the wings but as long as he’s healthy, Hunter should play over 30 minutes per game and be an integral part of the team.
  • SADDIQ BEY – After a slow start to the season, Bey Blade was an offensive force down the stretch. He scored at least 20 points in 12 games with a high of 30. The usage rate was near 20 and he drained close to three tres. While he grabbed some boards, our Boo Bey didn’t contribute much else. The defensive stats were super light and he obviously isn’t a caring person because he doesn’t share. The big bugaboo was the shooting efficiency, as he converted 40% of his attempts from the field. At least the turnovers were low. It’s hard to turn the ball over when you are doing damage to the rims. That said, he is still a young player and he’s shown the ability to score. If you need points and can take the field goal hit, then spin with Bey.
  • JOE INGLES – I used to do the Jingle Bells bit but it’s played out now. I’m going with “Who? No habla Ingles!” Joe isn’t sexy. He’s 34 years old and plays fewer than 30 minutes. He’s not your average Joe though. While he doesn’t score many points, he drains tres at a 40% clip (45% last season) and provides a handful of dimes. That’s pretty valuable at this stage of the game. The defensive contributions are….Huh? Say that again? No Ingles!
  • MALIK BEASLEY – When Beasley is not pointing guns at cars or sticking his gun in Larsa Pippen, he’s a pretty damn good scorer in the hoops game. He averaged 19.6 points and 3.5 tres last season in 37 games. The field goal percentage was 44% while he shot 85% from the line. He rebounds well for a guard which makes sense because he always bounces back from his off-the-court tribulations. He doesn’t provide the D, though, which also makes sense because he saves that for his off-the-court activities. The usage rate was 24% which will likely come down because now he will be sharing the court with KAT, Ant Man, and the Snitch. The Avengers this is not.
  • COLLIN SEXTON – Sexton is only 22 years old and is already one of the better scorers in the league. He averaged 24.3 points last season while shooting an impressive 47% from the field. The usage rate was 30.8! The free-throw percentage is excellent at over 80% and he provides a trifecta of boards and dimes. He’s pretty much a zero in blocks and the turnovers are elevated. The big dent to his value this season will be the acquisition of Ricky Rubio. Last season, Sexton played 42% at point guard. That position will be manned by Darius Garland and Rubio, so the usage rate could come down as well as the dimes.
  • CADE CUNNINGHAM – Do we have the next C&C Music Factory? Step aside Clint Capela because Cade Cunningham may truly get us all to dance. He can do it all and could be a 1/1/1 player in the future. As of now, the blocks will likely be a little short but he’s close which is impressive. His IQ and court vision are excellent so the dimes should be plenty. He can also clean the glass and score. There are some questions about his J though and the shooting efficiency could be rough in the early going. The usage rate should be high, though, and there’s optimism for the J because he should convert a high percentage of his free throws. I can’t wait to see the ceiling of Cunningham as I see him being the real deal. That said, be wary of overdrafting him for fantasy.
  • WENDELL CARTER JR. – The jury is still out on how history will view this Carter Administration. The first two years were marked by remarkable consistency as he played 44 and 43 games while finishing as the 116th player on a per-game basis in both seasons. Last year, he played 54 games, so an improvement, but finished as the 146th player. That is not a good trend coming into an election year. So what’s the allure of this Carter Administration? Mainly rebounds, blocks, and good field goal percentage. He doesn’t provide many tres and the dimes are in the two-finger area. While he does contribute some D, both the steals and blocks are sub-1. At least they are not Sub-Zero. Finish Him! Now there’s some risk that Mo Bamba is jockeying for the Oval Office. Hmmm, I’m an undecided voter right now.
  • LAURI MARKKANEN – It makes me sad to see Markkanen here. I thought he’d be a thing after watching him during the 2017 Eurobasket tournament. He was such a dog leading the Finnish team to a respectable showing. He’s a 7-footer who had the shot, the skills, and the moxy. What made me more confident was that he played college ball at the University of Arizona. During his first two seasons with the Bulls, he finished as the 68th and 40th player for fantasy as he provided points, tres, and boards. The shooting efficiency was rough and never got above 43% while he was a defensive liability. As a result, the Bulls traded him to the Cavs this offseason. Markkanen probably won’t start with Evan Mobley ahead of him on the depth chart but he should still get decent run.
  • BRANDON CLARKE – The field goal percentage is great while the free-throw shooting is above average. Clarke will provide steals, blocks, and some boards but won’t contribute many points, tres, or dimes. The turnovers are minuscule which gives him a bump in overall value. The main issue for Clarke will be playing time as the depth chart is deep and he may get playing time in the low-20s. He needs to call up his boy Lewis so they can search for minutes.
  • KELDON JOHNSON – There’s been some hype regarding this Johnson during the offseason. Pop brought him onto the Olympic squad and he will likely start and play a ton of minutes. He can definitely put the ball in the basket but what else can he do? He’ll grab some boards but the dimes and defensive stats look to be light. Can this Johnson elevate his fantasy game? To give all of us fantasy nerds a happy ending?
  • REGGIE BULLOCK – Drained 44% of his attempts from downtown last season. Who he thinks he is? Another Reggie from another mother? Miller? Shhheeeiiiitttt. Fun fact: Reggie Miller shot over 40% from downtown 10 times with a high of 42%. Bullock left NYC and took his talents to Dallas where he will be bombing away for Luka. He is a 3-and-Nothing-Else player but he should get plenty of good looks and drain them with a high efficiency.
  • KENYON MARTIN JR. – I feel so old. I remember the original version. Pops Martin was such a beast. Anyways, last year Junior played a ton as injuries provided plenty of opportunities. He was a top 100 player as he contributed across the board and was close to being a 1/1/1 player. His role and playing time will be reduced this season but by how much? I have him at 28 mpg but there’s a chance he gets far less than that. Keep that in mind as the range of outcomes is wide.
  • SETH CURRY – I like my Curry with rice, veggies, potatoes, and meat. And yes, I want it spicy. While Steph Curry is ultra spicy and has all the fixings, lil bro Seth has spice but is missing the meat and potatoes. But that’s ok because not every dish is the same and you get what you pay for. Curry will play around 30 minutes which is? Class? Yes, yo, Joe! He will provide points and tres primarily with surprisingly good percentages – 47% from the field and mid-to-high 90s from the line. Don’t expect the D but he will chip in a few boards and dimes.
  • DESMOND BANE – Should see an uptick in minutes with Grayson Allen gone. Bane is a rock-solid player. I mean that both literally and figuratively. His physique is massive for his 6-foot-5 215-pound frame. He reminds me of a toy action figure with arms that couldn’t bend. He can score from all three levels and chip in some boards and dimes. The defensive stats are lacking, though but the percentages are good while the turnovers are sub-1. Hopefully, he is not the Bane of your existence but the cost to acquire should be more than palatable.
  • REGGIE JACKSON – Reggie! Reggie! Reggie! Stepped up for the Clippers with Kawhi out last season. Scored at least 20 points in seven regular-season games then went over that mark nine times during the playoffs. The Clippers rewarded him with a two-year, $21 million contract as a result. He will likely start and play over 30 minutes per game. The shooting efficiency is always a concern, as he’s normally posted numbers in the low-40 percent range. Last season, he shot 45% from the field so some regression could be in the works. That said, the usage rate should be above 20, and points, tres, boards, and dimes should be delivered. The turnovers are low while the free-throw shooting is excellent. He is one of my favorite late-round players for dimes and points.
  • JUSTIN HOLIDAY – There’s a ton of uncertainty with the Pacers right now as both TJ Warren and Caris LeVert are dealing with injuries. If they can’t go, then any holidays will have to be canceled for Justin Holiday. This cancel culture has gone too far, damnit! The shooting efficiency is rough as he converted 41% of his attempts last season. He will contribute some D though so that makes Holiday a 3-and-a-little-d player. Not something he should say to the ladies.
  • MARCUS MORRIS SR. – With Kawhi off the court last season, M&M saw a usage rate increase of 2.8% to 23.1. He doesn’t offer much outside of points, tres, and some boards but he should start and play close to 30 minutes per game. Morris scored at least 20 points 11 times last season with two games over 30. He’s inconsistent so know that you will not be pulling out a green M&M every time you reach into the bag. I know that all M&Ms taste the same but I still think that each color has a different taste. One of the great mind fucks in history.
  • JOSH RICHARDSON – My RichardSON! Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Fine, mighty is a strong adjective but my RichardSON was a top 65 and top 55 player a few years ago. Now he’s outside the top 100 and the trend is not out friend. The offensive prowess is gone as the efficiency never improved from the low-40% range. It’s been the decline in the defensive stats that have really plummeted his value. Back in 2017, my RichardSON racked up 1.5 steals and 0.9 blocks while shooting 45% from the field and scoring 12.9 points per game. Last season, he averaged 1 steal and 0.4 blocks. This makes me sad.
  • JA MORANT – Is Morant good? Ja. Is he exciting? Ja. Will he be long gone? Ja. In NFBKC drafts (8-cat), he’s being selected as the 49th overall player. Yes, he scored and dishes out plenty of dimes. Guess where he finished in fantasy last season? 201. No, my fat fingers did not pr….Wait, 0 is nowhere near 2 or 1 so NO!!! The weaknesses to Ja’s game? Lack of defensive stats, meh free-throw shooting, and high turnovers. Remember, this is not a rankings piece. This just shows overall value in nine-cat leagues so hold off on the internet tomatoes to be thrown at my internet head.
  • JAE’SEAN TATE – Averaged 29.2 minutes, 11.3 points, 0.9 tres, 5.3 boards, 2.5 dimes, 1.2 steals, and 0.5 blocks while shooting 50% from the field and…womp womp….69% from the line. He should start and play over 30 mpg this year. The turnovers are low and he provides a little something something in every cat. The free-throw shooting isn’t great but the volume is low. Another player who will never win a week for you and is probably better suited for roto leagues but still has some utility in H2H.
  • MAXI KLEBER – Maxi Kleber sounds like the guy on the roof of the Nakatomi building shouldering the SAM missile to knock out any approaching hostile helicopters. Coincidentally, he makes it rain from downtown on the hoops court so maybe in a parallel universe. Kleber provides tres, boards, and some blocks from the big man position. He doesn’t start but is an integral part of the rotation due to his ability to stretch the floor. The field goal percentage is rough at 42%, though. Send in the car. Sir, we have four assholes in two by two formation approaching the building. For those of you who know, I love you with all my heart.
  • DILLON BROOKS – Down by the Brooks, you never know what the conditions will be like. It could be drought-like conditions then all of a sudden a torrential downpour floods the banks. Brooks shot 41% from the field last season but scored at least 20 points 25 times with two games over 30. He attempted 15.4 shots per game. The free-throw percentage is good at 81% and he gets his 211 on but there isn’t much else outside of the points and tres.
  • GRAYSON ALLEN – Grayson is looking up and thinking, “Hey, I know you!” Allen was traded to the Bucks in the offseason and could start due to the Donte DiVincenzo injury. Pat Connaughton could start at shooting guard but Budenholzer always seemed to like him coming off the bench. Regardless, there is uncertainty to the role but he should play in the mid-20s and do what he does which is trip opponents and drain tres. He shot 39% from beyond the arc last season and 40% the year before.
  • MASON PLUMLEE – Was a top 100 player last season as he averaged 26.8 minutes, 10.4 points, 9.3 boards, 3.6 dimes, 0.8 steals, and 0.9 blocks while shooting 61% from the field. The only bugaboos were the zero in tres and 66% shooting from the line. That was in Detroit, though. He’s now in Charlotte and there are a ton of options at center. The big question will be how many minutes will PJ Washington get at the five? What about Vernon Carey and Kai Jones? I think both Plumlee and Washington can coexist and each get their own. Plumlee is a fine option at center late since he provides dimes, boards, and field goal percentage. The blocks are a little light but he makes up for it with the steals.
  • PATRICK WILLIAMS – Had a usage rate of 14.6 last season. Could we see a PJ Tucker-esque usage season of sub-10 from Williams this season? I joke but I’m kind of not. There’s Lonzo, LaVine, DeRozan, and Vucevic. That’s a lot of usage accounted for. Regardless, Williams isn’t about that life anyway. He’s a hustle player who will do the little things and contribute in every cat. He even chips in some tres.
  • SERGE IBAKA – What it do, baby? What it do. Ibaka used to be such a fantasy beast. Top 20 player back in 2014! 14.3 points, 1.2 tres, 7.8 boards, and 2.4 blocks while shooting 83% from the line. That seems like a different lifetime ago. He’s slowly deteriorated since then and has missed significant time with back issues. I think with Kawhi out, he’s just gonna want to cruise around in the back of limo and smoke stogies. What it do, baby? What it do? When healthy, he and Zubac will likely split the center minutes right down the middle. He can provide some tres, boards, and blocks but nothing like from back in his prime.
  • OTTO PORTER JR. – OPJ used to be out GOD back in the day. He was a top 25 player in 2016 and 2017. Like Ibaka, injuries have sapped his career. He’s now in Golden State and the environment is a good one for his skill set but what is his skill set at this point? We saw the deterioration for Ibaka. How many minutes will he play? I have him down for 28 mpg and 52 games played. Maybe a little too optimistic. We shall see.
  • JARRED VANDERBILT – Do he go to Jared, Jarrett, or Jarred? Jarred is the Mike of Nike. The Pola of Polo. The Versase of Versace. Vanderbilt probably won’t play more than 20 minutes per game but he will grab rebounds, contribute the D (all the women in the back say hey, “Heeeyyyy!!!!), and provide excellent field goal percentage, albeit on low volume. The free-throw shooting stinks though but he doesn’t take many to damage you too much.
  • DAVIS BERTANS – Threeeeeeeeecolllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. If you need tres and literally nothing else, Bertans is your guy. Over the last three seasons, he’s converted 39%, 42%, and 42%. He dealt with a bunch of injuries last season so hopefully, he’s good to go this year.
  • KHEM BIRCH – Should start at center for the Raptors. Over the last month of the season, Birch was a top 90 player. He provides boards and defensive stats while having a below-average free-throw percentage. I have him down for 24 minutes as Chris Boucher and Precious Achiuwa will likely get some center minutes.
  • NAZ REID – It ain’t hard to tell that Naz excels when on the court. He can score from all three levels, grab boards, and notch those precious defensive stats. The field goal percentage isn’t great because he does chuck from downtown. The free-throw can be good, as he’s gotten close to 80% at times but there have also been spurts in the 50% range. That said, he’s the clear backup to KAT so he will see playing time somewhere in the teens. That said, when he’s on the court he garners a healthy usage rate in the low-20s and there’s obvious upside if KAT loses another one of his lives.
  • JAE CROWDER – At this stage of the game, dudes that breathe have value, so someone who starts and plays close to 28 minutes per game is like an oasis in the middle of the desert. The field goal percentage is gross at 40% but Crowder will drain tres, grab some boards, and trip into a few stocks from time to time.
  • GORGUI DIENG – Dieng it! Why is Gorgui here? I have him down for 14 mpg. Well, the free-throw shooting is good but it’s on low volume. He actually provides some tres. LOL. Oh, and there are some contributions in the defensive stats. In 37 games with the Spurs last season, he was a top 90 player as he averaged 14.4 minutes, 6.8 points, 0.8 tres, 3.6 boards, 1.2 dimes, 0.7 steals, and 0.4 blocks while shooting 51% from the field and 87% from the line. Fantasy basketball is weird.
  • CAMERON PAYNE – There’s no Cam Payne to get him a starting gig. No sir. CP3 runs the show in Phoenix but Payne is a very good backup who will provide some dimes at a cheap price. You won’t get defensive stats but there will be some points, tres, and boards. The field-goal percentage is a respectable 48% while the free-throw shooting is impeccable at 89%. He also doesn’t turn the ball over. I have him down for 20 mpg and he should provide value but the main allure of Payne is if CP3 gets hurt.
  • MATISSE THYBULLE – Matisse is not an offensive genius but what he does on the defensive end is pure unadulterated works of art. In 20 mpg last season, he averaged 1.6 steals and 1.1 blocks! Unfortunately, he scores so few points that he could be the first 1/1/1/1/1 player. That said, he should see an uptick in minutes this season and be a defensive savant.
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1 year ago

Blessings for the new season Son!

Just done my draft for my 8 man league. My team is:

G: Dame, SGA, CP3, Jrue, Kemba, Smart
Forwards: Tatum, Keldon Johnson, Demar, Kyle Anderson
Centres: Richaun, JJJ, RoCo

Any thoughts on what I should be looking to do with it? Probs went too heavy on guards early but they kept falling!

1 year ago

I wouldn’t be so sure about Tate being a lock to start or get 30+ minutes. Sure isn’t looking like it in preseason so far.

Kai Jones is probably g leaguin.

1 year ago
Reply to  Zac

Yeah, I could see that. The rockets were a tough team for me due to so much uncertainty. I could see that with Kai. As for TB vs Ja, depends what you need but lean towards ja…because he rules

1 year ago

Yo Son! Gotta love the time when the league is kicking into gear and the possibilities are still endless. Looking forward to the daily round-up articles!

Who’d you value more in a 8-cat h2h 12-teamer, Noel or Kyle Anderson? I don’t have any specific punt format in mind right now so I’m just looking for some upside and flavor. Poku is also interesting, but seems a way more theoretical option than either of these two.

1 year ago

Mr. Anderson for me.

1 year ago

Hey Son!

I’m in a 8 cat H2H, with up to 4 keepers. Would you try to buy low on Kyrie, like, real low, a late draft pick even?

I’ve currently got Steph, Giannis, Bam as my 3 locked in keepers with a mid-level group to pick from next Nurk, TimeLord, Rozier, LeVert.

Love TimeLord & Nurk, but think I could land one of them with my first pick (57).

Thanks, man!

1 year ago
Reply to  Son

I sent an 11th round, pick 129, for him. I would probably not go much above my 9th (109) at this point though, right?

1 year ago
Reply to  Son

His owner isn’t keeping him, and not sure he will get many other offers. He’d be a great fit for my team build should he end up playing mostly normal games/minutes. Worth a shot!

1 year ago

Do you think it’s worth picking up any of Dipo, Klay, Murray or Kawhi to stash on IR?

1 year ago

9 cat h2h, thoughts on weaknesses? tried to build a fg% forward team, my feeling was a bit light on 3s (can always stream?) and other guard stats. bamba probably on the roster cusp though i’m holding for now to see if he can maybe accrue trade value.

guards: harden, jrue, chris paul, d white, conley
wings: butler, miles bridges, joe harris
bigs: wood, porzingis, rob williams, valanciunas, brook lopez, horford, mo bamba

additional thought: i am fading bigs in future drafts. there are TOO MANY of them, especially in timeshares. unclear situations in nyk, while toronto and washington have three centers that are getting drafted! good luck picking which one works out.

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oh, Melton is the last guard (forgot to add)

1 year ago

9 Cat H2H

KAT, VanVleet, D’Angelo Russell, NAW, B Ingram, JJJ, Draymond, Nurkic, Olynyk, Keldon Johnson, Melton, Giddey, Roby, Brooks, Reggie Jackson


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Always enjoy the articles, very insightful and great for the layperson to catch a glimpse of some fringe fantasy surprises.

I’m trying to sort out how to best construct my current roster and could use some advice. As it stands at this time, I haven’t punted a category but I know I’m weak at the C position. I’m in a 12 team H2H league with only 1 designated C position. How would you approach the season with my roster:
G/SG: Trae, vanvleet, Lowry, conley, Graham, and (McConnell)
F/PF: Tatum, Tobias, Covington, Tate, (T. Young. Oubre)
C: Valanciunas, (S. Adams)
(Bench players)

1 year ago

Hey Son, Ive got so many buddies fooled in thinking I am a fantasy basketball wizard. Truth is I just use your rankings and mop these fools up.

Id love to know what you think of this squad. I am beyond happy with what I was able to put together.

ESPN Points league
FGM 1, FGA -1, FTM 1, FTA -1. 3PM 1, REB 1, AST 2, STL 4, BLK 4, TO -2, PTS 1

I feel I had a great draft last night.

$4 Kyrie Irving Bkn, PG

$48 Anthony Davis LAL, PF

$41 Nikola Vucevic Chi, C

$7 Mikal Bridges Phx, SF

$17 Chris Paul Phx, PG

$20 Tobias Harris Phi, SF

$19 CJ McCollum Por, SG

$8 Robert Williams III Bos, C

$5 Derrick White SA, PG

$7 Pascal Siakam Tor, PF

$11 Malcolm Brogdon Ind, PG

$10 Jonas Valanciunas NO, C

$3 Robert Covington Por, PF