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“When the Mavericks had the ninth pick
  In the 2017 NBA Draft
  Then the team selected DSJ
  And he will take the reigns
  This is the dawning of the age of DSJ
  Age of DSJ
2016 record: 33-49

Key acquisitions:

  • Dennis Smith Jr. via draft

There were a few fringe trades and signings, but they were for players that won’t make a difference, so I couldn’t in my right mind put them under key acquisitions and losses. For the hardcore:

Fringe acquisitions:

  • Josh McRoberts via trade for A. J. Hammons
  • P. J. Dozier via free agency


The Vegas O/U for the Mavs is 35 1/2. I’m taking the over for this squad. It’s crazy how little the roster has turned over, yet that one change will have a profound effect on this team. Often times, change is not a good thing, especially when the torch for the face of the franchise is being handed over while the incumbent is still playing. In Dallas, though, the transition should be a smooth one. The personality of Dirk definitely helps matters, but he also knows where he is at in terms of his playing career. The key for everything, besides DSJ, is Rick Carlisle. I think he’s a really good coach and is able to flow like water. The pace will pick up, after languishing at the bottom for the past few years, and the offense will be centered around DSJ.

PG – DSJ. If you’ve been following me, you know I’ve loved DSJ since the Draft. He really does remind me of Stevie Franchise. For you newer folk, I guess a Derrick Rose with a J would work. He’s going to do it all, except for racking up blocks. Points, assists, rebounds, steals, threes….and lots and lots of dunks. There’s injury concerns for sure. Please fantasy gods….puuullleeeasse, watch over him and keep him healthy! He can get his shot off and break down defenders at will, so with the shooters that will be out there with him and Noel crashing to the rim, there are going to be so many seams for him to do his thing. Yogi Ferrell and J. J. Barea will back up DSJ. The Mavs are deep in the backcourt with guys that can play both the 1 and 2. So, both Ferrell and DSJ could play together at times. With that said, the team loves Barea so he will probably cannibalize any value Ferrell may have had. Now, if DSJ gets hurt….I can’t continue. I’m sorry.

SGSeth Curry…not Steph Curry or Chef Curry. Seth can also play the point or shooting guard, but he will probably mostly play the 2. He’s a really good shooter (42% from three last season). Growing up in the household, you have to be able to shoot at least 40% from three-land right? If not, you’d either get disowned or you wouldn’t be able to show your face around the house. He won’t contribute much is assists and boards, but will rack up some steals. He’s going to get so many open looks with DSJ breaking down defenses. Devin Harris and P. J. Dozier are behind Curry on the depth chart. Remember when Devin Harris was good? There was a time. In a galaxy far, far away when Harris was good. Kind of crazy how much he’s fallen off. Anyways, there’s been talk of Harris playing more small forward this season, which is pretty much the Mavs saying that he sucks and they need to get DSJ, Curry, Ferrell, and Barea more time in the backcourt. P. J. Dozier is super young and is on the roster bubble. He doesn’t even have a picture on his bio page at Rotoworld.

SF – Wesley Matthews will start at small forward. He’s shot 36% from three-land the last two seasons, but he used to shoot closer to 39-40%. I think he has a chance to get back to those levels. Like I said, the pace should increase this season in Dallas and he’s going to get a ton more open looks. He’ll score 13+, grab three rebounds, dish out three dimes, and get one steal. You can pretty much lock him in for 34 minutes. I think there’s going to be value with all the Dallas players, if people just look at past production without factoring in the changes that will be happening. Dorian Finney-Smith is the backup and not a particularly exciting one. The fact that the Mavs are thinking of playing Harris at small forward is all the indication you need. DFS is young, though, at 23 but just doesn’t shoot well enough or contribute in any of the categories to be relevant.

PFHarrison Barnes is the starter. He’s not going to pass the ball or get blocks, but he’s going to shoot at a high percentage and score. Chip in five rebounds and a little over 1/2 a steal per game. That ain’t bad. Not great, but….taste great….less filling. Sorry, my Tourette’s took over again. Someone keeps scratching the vinyl back and forth…wiki wiki wik….because I keep writing the same thing over and over and over again. DSJ is going to get these shooters a ton of open looks. Dwight Powell can play both the 4 and 5, but he’ll probably see most of the minutes at the 4. At 6′ 11″ 240 pounds, he’s very nimble for his size and will grab boards, pilfer, and rack up some blocks. It’s all about three-point shooting and defense for him, as he only shot 28% from three-land last season and doesn’t have Carlisle’s full confidence on the defensive end. If he can start draining threes, he’s an intriguing player due to his size and athleticism.

C – Dirk Nowitzki will start, but at age 38 and coming off an Achilles injury, probably can’t count on more than 26-28 minutes. Wiki wiki wik…..he’s going to get a ton of open looks. He shot 38% from three-land last season. That sounds about right for this season, with the upside for closer to 40%. He will still grab around six boards a game but won’t contribute much in anything else. Nerlens Noel is probably the guy you want to get. The PnR with he and DSJ is going to be nasty. He’s going to shoot a sky-high percentage, grab a ton of rebounds, and post one steal and one block per game. The low minutes is concerning, but the elevated pace coupled with DSJ should keep the floor relatively high. If Dirk gets hurt or on those days he rests, Noel is going to eat.


  1. Lasandro says:

    Yeah I’m thoroughly confused as to why Noel doesn’t get the mad love from the Mavs heads as their future big. He really should be getting 30min..

    • Son

      Son says:

      @Lasandro: Gotta respect Dirk, one of the greatest

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