rcl-basketball-logoCongratulations to Nick is Razzy!  Our RCL Overlord!  Your name will forever live in infamy in the RCL Hall of Fame!

Now before we all bow down to Mr. Razzy, Nick, you 100% owe me for this honor.  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!  As I mentioned in the regular season wrap, in the JB’s surprise RCL league, I put all my eggs into the streaming against Heat Apologist basket in the final regular season week, winning 7-2 and bringing Heat Apologist down from #1 to #4 in the overall standings.  Apologist would go on to win the league, so he would’ve been the champ!  Alas, my altruism to the field resulted in Nick is Razzy – the #2 overall seed – winning the overall title after picking up the championship in Khang’s RCL.

As promised in the RCL Signup post, Nick is Razzy picks up a $50 Amazon gift card, plus a JB shaming video (previous shaming videos for the 2013-14 RCL winner and 2014-15 RCL winner)!  So hit me up at [email protected] and we’ll find a volume eating challenge that will almost certainly have me yack somewhere near where I live.  This should be fun!  Heat Apologist doesn’t go home empty handed at least, getting a $20 gift card.  And well, I know you Heat Apologist, so I’ll get up with ya.

You can check out how your teams stacked up in our final 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table which is now finalized with league champions in bold/yellow highlight, and here’s how things wrapped up across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – RJ brought home the bacon in the original RCL with a 7-2 victory over 2nd place The Big Fundamentals.  RJ just had more youth!

Slim’s RCL – Leading virtually the whole way, Cronos’s Team bested the standings by 10 games in the regular season, and waltzed into a title beating 2nd seed Angry 6-3.  You wouldn’t like Cronos when they’re angry!

Adam’s RCL – Tough ride through the postseason for #1 seed Walkers Wingmen, but despite being the hunted, they were able to bring home the trophy!  Defeated 2nd place form a [email protected] wall! who wasn’t sturdy enough for the upset.  All hail the Wingmen!

Kap vs. Razzball – Absolute annihilation!  This championship round went the exact opposite of the NCAA title game, where Sniff & SCurry obliterated Ray Guy’s Punters 8-1 to defeat the Kappers.  Proof that punting isn’t a fool proof plan!

Khang’s RCL – Nick is so Razzy!  Bested Woo 6-3 in the title game to win the overall RCL championship.  Is that John Woo?!  Let’s get this made into a movie!  Congrats again to Nick is Razzy; make this eating challenge easy on me!

Stanley’s RCL – Unlike the Memphis Grizzlies, MemFitz Grizzlies RB was healthy at the right time to go streaking!  MemFitz didn’t even need a bye week, upsetting some higher seeds along the way.  Cinderella story!

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – Some Type of Mudiay was some type of champion, that’s for sure!  Entering as the #1 seed, Mudiay had no trouble dispensing through opponents through the postseason.  Champpppppionship!

Al’s RCL – Coming in as the #2 seed, Death Row Records had some great home-court advantage PA music that’s for sure!  Bested Kurt Ramis’ Goggles 6-3 in the final.  True story – since I wear rec specs, and the first time I played morning adult pickup where I play, a long-time player there called me Kurt Rambis Jr.  Nice try for the title in this league, dad!

Phil’s RCL – Here’s a Cinderella story!  Los Perros de Abajo2 was able to win the title coming in as a 5 seed, won a league as a #93 overall seed, and made mid-majors everywhere proud.  Everyone was cheering for you on the neutral court, Perros!  Nice work!

Sock Puppet RCL – Despite lacking a bit of that confidence going in as a #2 seed, Asserting Dominance asserted themselves quite nice pulling in the RCL gold!  After #1 overall RCL ranked alligno got bounced in a crazy upset by the Thragnovs in the semis, Dominance became the favorite to beat the puppets.  Keep asserting that dominance!  Although you get negative points for a late-season name change, no one will know who you are on the master standings table!

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – Upset of the RCLs!  Upset of the RCLs!  In just a stunning finale, #2 seed, but 5000-1 underdog, The King & Duck was able to win – nay crush – Smokin’ Fine Cubans in the finals 7-2, which gave Nick is Razzy the RCL the clear overall title (they were tied in RCL points).  Nick is Razzy – you owe both the King AND the Duck a drink!

Slim’s other RCL – Whoa, screw that Phil’s RCL story, here’s the true Cinderella of the RCLs!  Slim’s nightmare The Slim Reaper came in as the 6th seed, kept Slim from even making the playoffs, then after a 7-2 win the in the quarters, fought tooth and nail for 5-4 wins in the semis and in the championship against Elton Brand Aid , interestingly the #5 seed.  6 defeating a 5!  Both teams didn’t even have 90 wins!  Barely a .500 regular season team, The Slim Reaper went in as the #133 overall seed to win a title.  Phenomenal!  Awesome postseason planning!

London RCL – Our conservative audience was certainly cheering against them, but OSAMA BIN BALLING bin winning championships too!  Bested Razzball (who is reppin’ us without letting us know who that is?!) 5-4 to beat the Londoners.  Cheerio, Bin Balling, cheerio!  Although you get negative points for the late team-name change as well!

Adam’s League #2! – In one of the hardest fought RCLs, DunkeycornApocalypse survived as the #1 seed to win the title over Woo.  Again John Woo, let’s make a Razzball movie!  Congrats to the epicly named Apocalypse!

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Part Deux didn’t quite have the cache as the first Khang’s RCL winner that had the overall champion, but did feature a commish victory which was nice to see!  Khang’s bland team bested Just like Kobe 5-4, denying Kobe his 5th ring.  Camon, you had to know naming your team after Kobe would make you come up short in 15-16!

JB vs. Slim – Congrats to Mr Green Beans who apparently is unable to play in a fantasy basketball league without winning it.  Beat Slim in the REL Championship as well, only to beat me 5-4 in the JB vs. Slim RCL.  Hey, at least I did a lot better than Slim!  It was a pretty boring 5-4 win too, as it was utter murder in those 5 cats.  What I get for rostering Derrick Rose!

RCL is my hot hot _____ – My season in a nutshell.  I hopped in this league at the last second to help fill it out, it looked like I had a title, only to get as bad a beat as in the REL semis, where I lost by .001 FG%.  It’s Sunday night, champ Saigon DUBS 2 is out of players, I’m down a single steal and have Evan Turner and D’Angelo Russell going in that final 9:30 PM game.  Andddddd, nary a steal.  Saigon Dubs even congratulated me on the message board for winning.  Twice.  Wow.  Thanks.  Another 4-5 loss for me in an RCL title game…

ATOWN RCL – Nice to see perennial REL contender Yappers (and 14-15 champ) pick up an RCL title!  Beat The Supremes 5-4 in the title game going in as the #5 seed.  Don’t carry over these winning ways into the 16-17 REL season, Yappers!

JB’s surprise RCL – Ya know, well, I wrote the league updates before the open so I’ll put it in the intro.  Reiterating here.  YOU OWE ME A DRINK NICK IS RAZZY!  After selling out to stream to take down the #1 overall RCL seed Heat Apologist, it cost me a chance in the quarterfinals, and Apologist ended up winning my Surprise RCL 5-3-1 over Team GIANT.  My meddling took Apologist from first to second!

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – Mmmmm, here’s to hoping my eating challenge is Kobe beef Curry!  They beat Slimbo 6-3 in the finale, going in as the #1 seed and coming out the undisputed #1 Hoops Lozenge.  I needed some of those on these sickly Pods I did last week!

Charlie’s RCL – One of the top RCL contenders Brixton Guns was unstoppable in their playoff run as well, winning 7-2 in the championship.  As the #11 overall seed, those Brixton Guns should be illegal!

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – Hah, love the team name Big Baby’s Lovechild who spared no love for the Kappers, beating #1 seed Kap’s Team in the semis before a 5-4 championship win over Gasol Gas Hole.  Nice work, Lovechild, this should help pay off some of Glen Davis’s child support payments!

Thanks again to everyone playing in the 2015-16 RCLs!  Hopefully you had as much fun tracking your squads through the standings as I did, while also doing better than my teams…  Ugh, TWO 4-5 title losses?!  I am cursed in these friggin’ things…  Be on the lookout for my shaming video for Nick is Razzy, and get pumped up for the 2016-17 RCLs coming this fall!

  1. Heat apologist says:

    Alright, let’s set the record straight. First off, congrats to all the RCL winners, especially Nick is Razzy for taking down the overall. JB did beat me the last week of the regular season to knock me from the top spot, but he beat me 6-2 with me not making a single move. I was playing for the league title and was sitting on knight in my IL. If I pick up he 3 threes, 8 points and one block, I win 5-4. Not bitter, just saying you had to sell your soul to the devil to win. In retrospect I should have played the week harder. Unfortunately, I was on vacation that week and was more focused on the Mai Tais, since my one seed was locked up. I would have loved to be immortalized on the rcl page, but there is always next year. On a positive note, slim and I did take down our $250 league, coming from the sixth seed to win the big prize, while losing Bledsoe, Blake, Favors, Burks, and demarre. As you guys have mentioned on the pod, playing for a gift card and immortality is much harder than playing for a big money prize.
    On a serious note, thank you for another awesome year of basketball news, observations and analysis. I wouldn’t have won my RCL league or the money league without you, slim, Adam, matty, etc. Looking forward to next year, when year three of my REL plan goes into affect. In the meantime, F the cardinals and go bucks.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Heat apologist: I did sell that I was “selling out to stream” so it’s not like I ignore that 🙂

      Hah I know right?! So much harder to win RCLs than for a ton of money… Maybe I’ll have a chance next year if I make dues for the leagues at $100 a pop haha.

      Thanks so much man, and yes F THE CARDINALS! We family now Mr. Apologist… Family

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @A Hill O’Beans: Hahaha yeah 15-16, the year of green beans…

  2. sebapargue says:

    in drew’s league, you said mudiay had no trouble ??? my team (phenomenal cock) had him pretty good! we had a great matchup that ended in a tie (points)….AND leonard did not play that week, kryie lost a game also. congratulations to the champs

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @sebapargue: Haha sometimes I try to be “punny” rather than really dig deep into the matchups haha. I just said that bc of his team name 🙂 Damn didn’t realize it was that brutally close!

  3. MAC says:

    RAZZUP MAN?!!!

    u got it the other way razzman, my team actually finished 2nd behind big fundamentals by a half game in ur early draft league. hehe.
    already looking forward for next season. any very very early sleeper picks? haha! im on the gary harris grupies!!!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @MAC: Damn you’re right, stupid Yahoo changed how they show end of year standings. Used to be “1st” next to your record meant reg. season standing even through all the playoff stuff, but this year (well maybe they did this last yr too I can’t remember), the 1st meant you won the league. But I had all the league standings in my automated standings doc and figured out I needed to use those a few leagues in but guess I forgot to double check ours 🙂 Thanks for the catch!

      • MAC says:

        @JB Gilpin: No prob razzman!

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