rcl-basketball-logoRCL Playoffs, baby!  Slim and I have mentioned several times on the Pod that the RCL difficulty level is sky high.  Slim had an easier time in a $250 league than the RCLs!  And we’re not saying this just to pump up your egos, Razzball Nation bee smawrt!

In our final regular season week, boy did I get a chance to play spoiler!  I faced off against #1 overall RCL team Heat Apologist in the JB’s surprise RCL, and you’re welcome alligno, Nick is Razzy, Smokin’ Fine Cubans and Big-O-Miller!  Shocked Mr. Apologist with a 6-2-1 victory bringing him down to tied-4th overall.  Of course all playoff teams are still alive in the quest for the overall RCL title, as the crown goes to the team that won their fantasy playoffs and had the best regular season record amongst the winners.  Best of luck to everyone in the playoffs, and my 4 RCL playoff teams hope to do some more spoilin’ these next 3 weeks!

Check out how your teams stacked up through the final week of the 2015-16 RCL Master Standings Table table which is now finalized, and here’s how the action went down in the nineteenth regular season week across our 22 RCL Leagues:

JB’s Random Commenter League – The Big Fundamentals had some big fun bludgeoning my original RCL league, going 112-57-2 good for 11th overall on the leaderboard.  Yours truly finished 5th, which is 1st in my book since I finished higher than Matty!  That Canadian got a mouth on him after beating me earlier in the season!

Slim’s RCL – Somber season in the RCLs for Slim, as he finished 8th and missed the postseason.  Big props to Cronos’s Team for bringing Slim down a peg or two!  At 101-66-4, Cronos will have an uphill battle to vie for the overall crown at 32nd on the leaderboard.

Adam’s RCL – At 112-57-2, Walkers Wingmen brought home the bacon in Adam’s RCL.  At 10th in the overall standings, there’s certainly a shot for the WW!

Kap vs. Razzball – Sniff & SCurry took down the Kap 1 League, and in remarkable fashion at that.  Posting a 117-52-2 record, SCurry beat the league by an unreal 21 games and comes in tied for 6th in the overall standings.  Sniffing a title run!

Khang’s RCL – Higher than Sniff was the fantastic season from Nick is Razzy, who as mentioned in the open, moved to tied at 2nd overall with a 119-49-3 record.  Nick is Razzy!  Rick is Razzy!  WE’RE ALL RAZZY!

Stanley’s RCL – Man, 3 100+ win teams in the classist Stanley’s RCL, with Scotty G (who doesn’t know) going 112-58-1 good for 14th on the overall leaderboard.  But seeds 2-4 remain alive as well in the title race!

Drew’s Premier Razzball League – Some Type of Mudiay had some type of season, besting Drew’s Premier League by 19.5 games and going 113-51-7 on the season.  Wait, you don’t even OWN Mudiay with a team name like that?!  At 9th overall, I could see not owning Mudiay the Achilles heel for a title run…

Al’s RCL – YESSSSSS!!!  My favorite RCL team name IT2/3 of a cup put together 4/3 of an awesome season, winning the league by a dominant 19 games and going 117-52-2.  That’s good for 6th overall on the leaderboard, or 18/3 on the leaderboard…

Phil’s RCL – Viva El Toro Iloilo!  Going 106-63-2, the big Bulls finished 23rd overall on the leaderboard, so will need a big rash of upsets to sneak into the RCL title.

Sock Puppet RCL – Oop, there is it!  Your RCL Leader ladies (1?  maybe 2?) and gentleman (the other 265)!  Going 121-47-3, alligno takes home the best regular season record, and now has a target on their back as we head into the playoffs.  Aight Sock Puppeteers, embrace my spoiler mentality from last week and let’s bring this juggernaut down!

The Pete Nice Challenge RCL – Whoa, look at Smokin’ Fine Cubans ending on an exclamation point!  Went 9-0-0 for an immaculate win to wrap the regular season 120-50-1 and tied for 2nd overall.  Smokin’ some fine Pete Nice oppos, that’s for sure!

Slim’s other RCL – Man, Slim’s leagues just slaughtered my compatriot this year!  Hey, I’m gonna embrace it this season, since 4 outta 5 times Slim is gonna best me in the RCLs…  Slim finished 8th and out of the postseason, while Fear the Beard instilled the fear beating the league by 10.5 games and tied for 27th on the overall leaderboard.

London RCL – Big-O-Miller got a big-o-record, that’s for sure!  Finishing 119-50-2, Big-O-Miller was another squad aided by my regular season douchery by taking down Heat Apologist.  Tied for 4th, Big-O-Miller got a big-o-chance!  I really wanted to make a penile joke in here, but I have a big-o-filter!

Adam’s League #2! – In one of our tightest leagues, DunkeycornApocalypse narrowly held on to win the regular season, going 97-71-3.  Some scrappy owners we got here!

Khang’s RCL – Part Deux – Another league without a 100 game winner, Khang’s bland team took home a bland league regular title by going 98-70-3.  Hah, I keed, any league title is worth braggin’ about!

JB vs. Slim – Woooooo!  I said, WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  After hovering in the #4-5 range most of the season, I took off by the end with some consistent winning.  And oh dear lord, I didn’t even notice this until now…  I’m on a 16-week winning streak heading into the playoffs!  That’s how you win a regular season!  At 103-66-2, I’m in a 4-way tie for 27th, so likely not vying for the overall title.  But it would be nasty to win the JB v. Slim league, and I’ll be playing Slim in the semis if he advances this week.

RCL is my hot hot _____ – Like most of my seasons in the RCLs, I had a good but not great team and finished 4th.  I got walloped by the dominant season from SBC, who went 111-56-4 and bested the field by 14 games.  Time for me to do some mo’ spoilin’!

ATOWN RCL – Despite a strong final push from The Bookhouse Boys (going 8-1 in the final week), James’s Superb Team held on to the regular season title going 109-60-2.  At 16th overall with Brookhouse 17th, the title dream could still be alive for both!

JB’s surprise RCL – The league of the spoiler!  Heat Apologist still easily brought home the reg. season trophy, going 119-50-2 even after the 2-6-1 upset to me in week 19.  Although I may have sold out to do some spoiling, as I’m currently losing 3-6 in the #4 vs. #5 playoff matchup.  I’ve burned through 3 moves already, damn the streaming!

EmasculatingHoopsLozengesRCL – Mmmmmm, now I’m hungry!  Kobe beef Curry brought home the beef, and tasty beef at that going 103-66-2.  This got a little weird…  In a 4-way at #27, it’ll be a tough climb for KbC for the overall title, but crazier things have happened!

Charlie’s RCL – I feel like porno4mumu‘s team name is going to keep this post from being safe for work, but a winner is a winner!  Even if this is a family site!  Haha.  Wrapping up with a strong 8-1 victory, adultvideos4mumu finished 116-52-3 good for 8th on the leaderboard.

Kap vs. Razzball Round 2 – Congrats to Razzball’s Peter Kap for taking home the regular season gold in his 2nd RCL.  Finishing 102-67-2, it’ll be near impossible for Kap to win the RCL title, but as our Pod theme song reminds us, ANYTHING IS POSSSSSSIBLEEEEEE!!!

Thanks again to everyone for joining the RCLs this year, and good luck to your squads in the playoffs!

  1. sliimbo says:


    who is the best pickup for next week? Jason Smith, Beasley, Brandon Jennings, Canaan, Payton, Tony P or Smart


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @sliimbo: Yo! Ummm, gimme Smart

    • Lasandro says:

      @sliimbo @JB Gilpin: Uh, nope. Haha! Dude will absolutely sink your %s.. BJ has been decent in his starting gig. Beas is becoming a dependable scorer and boarder off the bench. Even though Smith missed shots last night, he’s getting them with Vuc out and can get brds and blks. I just dont get this Smart love, by some. I love the kid in reality though, but tenacity doesn’t show up on the boxscore.

      • Threekola says:

        @sliimbo: @JB Gilpin: @Lasandro:

        Well, BJ is just as bad as Smart for fg..both around 36% with 8 attempts, taking into account jennings role lately. Smart is not a bad FT shooter and barely turns it over. He will definitely destroy jennings in defensive stats and win in rebounds. Threes should be close once smart breaks out of this slump. The only thing Jennings really does better than him is score and assist. So it comes down to needs, except the Skiles factor kicks in for Jennings, so I say Smart gets the edge…unless you realllyyyyyy don’t want steals…which would be rare, cause around 2 steals at the end of your roster is pretty nice.

        Beasley is BECOMING a dependable scorer. So…he’s slowly developing into a decent bench player. Not saying much. Not only does he not have a solid role yet, which can still be te case next week, he really just scores and boards. Smart has a solid 25-30 minute role with some exceptions both under and over, he’ll get you the threes and assists, but again…those steals are valuable.

        Jason Smith’s stats are padded by one extremely fluky performance, and he’s not even much of a shot blocker. Even with Vuc out, which might not last throughout next week, I don’t think he averages more than a block a game, IF that. So Smith is just a short term two category guy + Skiles factor.

        I’d definitely take Smart over any of those guys.

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @sliimbo: @Lasandro: @Threekola: I don’t love Smart by any means, but vs. that player pool, he’s the choice. Las – have you owned any other Magic besides Dipo?!?!?! Lord!

          Agree with Tkola, needs are a factor. If scoring and boarding are a main need, of course Beasley fits well.

          Also Las – he asked for next week. Vuc and Elfrid could easily be on the court by then.

  2. jonny says:

    Hey JB,

    Just heard crowder may be back earlier than scheduled. My playoffs don’t start until next week, and I should be able to squeeze by for a playoff spot. Should I drop matthews or markieff for him?

    In another league, should I drop marcus smart or kieff for him?

    Thanks in advance

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @jonny: Yeah very encouraging… Problem is they’re safe in the playoffs, I dunno if they push him… Smart I can get on board with. Matthews maybe… I wouldnt Kieff. I might wait until the weekend for a fresher update, if that costs you getting him, I’m OK with that, def feels risky

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