It’s the moment all (some) of you (me?) have been waiting for, the top 200. This will polish off our 2012-2013 fantasy basketball rankings, which is good, because trying to value 6 rebounds per game versus 4 assists per game can make a man go crazy. Yes, of course, I was wearing the skin of unclaimed homeless teens well before I ever worked for this site, but without regular misting, the skin starts to get flaky. Meerg blurgh fakka wop. If I may be afforded one more moment of clarity before my descent into madness is complete, let me say that these rankings, as always, are not set in stone. During a draft, whether it is Head to Head or Roto, Snake Draft or Auction, Shirts or Skins, Muslim or Jew, you need to draft a player valuable to you. If Player A is a PG with tons of threes and assists and Player B is a PF with tons of blocks and rebounds and you’re already stockpiled with guards, why does it matter if Player A is ranked 115 and Player B is ranked 124? You gotta grab the guy that will deliver the most value to your team. Of course, if there’s a player you’re eyeballing that you think has fallen too far, then sure, you can always pick him up and stash him for the hell of it. Take a moment to look at not just the ranking but the projections. Those will provide you more assistance and context. At the end of the day (or draft), just remember that you need a team that can compete.

Update 10/20/2012: I further weighted my projections and moved some players around. The projections have not changed, but after further evaluation, I thought some movement on the rankings was in order. As always, I remind you to give more consideration to the numbers after the names rather than the numbers in front of the names.

101. Luis Scola – Projections: .500 fg/.750 ft/0.0 3pt/16.7 pts/7.2 rbd/2.2 ast/0.7 stl/0.6 blk/2.1 tov

102. Jarrett Jack – Projections: .451 fg/.853 ft/1.0 3pt/16.1 pts/4.0 rbd/6.5 ast/0.9 stl/0.1 blk/2.5 tov

103. Michael Beasley – Projections: .447 fg/.752 ft/0.9 3pt/17.4 pts/5.0 rbd/1.2 ast/0.6 stl/0.6 blk/2.1 tov

104. Gerald Henderson – Projections: .461 fg/.772 ft/0.2 3pt/16.0 pts/4.3 rbd/2.4 ast/1.0 stl/0.5 blk/2.0 tov

105. Brandon Roy – Projections: 445 fg/.798 ft/1.0 3pt/15.6 pts/3.2 rbd/4.4 ast/0.7 stl/0.1 blk/2.4 tov

106. Derrick Favors – Projections: .504 fg/.633 ft/0.0 3pt/14.2 pts/9.1 rbd/1.0 ast/0.7 stl/1.4 blk/2.0 tov

107. Jason Richardson – Projections: .451 fg/.734 ft/2.2 3pt/14.1 pts/4.2 rbd/2.1 ast/1.0 stl/0.3 blk/1.3 tov

108. Tayshaun Prince – Projections: .465 fg/.762 ft/0.5 3pt/13.4 pts/4.3 rbd/2.5 ast/0.4 stl/0.4 blk/1.2 tov

109. J.J. Hickson – Projections: .512 fg/.653 ft/0.0 3pt/14.5 pts/8.2 rbd/1.1 ast/0.6 stl/0.8 blk/1.9 tov

110. Ramon Sessions – Projections: .474 fg/.790 ft/0.8 3pt/13.3 pts/3.7 rbd/6.3 ast/0.8 stl/0.1 blk/2.9 tov

111. Brandon Knight – Projections: .423 fg/.761 ft/1.8 3pt/13.4 pts/3.5 rbd/4.1 ast/1.0 stl/0.3 blk/2.9 tov

112. Jordan Crawford – Projections: .395 fg/.805 ft/1.1 3pt/15.2 pts/3.1 rbd/3.2 ast/1.0 stl/0.1 blk/2.4 tov

113. Drew Gooden – Projections: .433 fg/.804 ft/0.2 3pt/13.0 pts/6.4 rbd/1.9 ast/0.6 stl/0.5 blk/2.0 tov ]

114. Ricky Rubio – Projections: .375 fg/.810 ft/1.0 3pt/11.2 pts/4.1 rbd/8.4 ast/2.3 stl/0.2 blk/3.4 tov

115. Danny Green – Projections: .445 fg/.800 ft/1.7 3pt/11.3 pts/4.0 rbd/1.6 ast/1.3 stl/0.9 blk/1.5 tov

116. Devin Harris – Projections: .420 fg/.802 ft/1.3 3pt/13.3 pts/2.1 rbd/5.3 ast/1.2 stl/0.1 blk/2.2 tov

117. Kemba Walker – Projections: .370 fg/.795 ft/1.2 3pt/13.2 pts/4.1 rbd/4.7 ast/1.0 stl/0.3 blk/2.0 tov

118. Raymond Felton – Projections: .422 fg/.790 ft/1.1 3pt/12.2 pts/3.2 rbd/6.4 ast/1.4 stl/0.1 blk/3.0 tov

119. Jeremy Lamb – Projections: .465 fg/.795 ft/1.7 3pt/14.2 pts/4.3 rbd/1.2 ast/0.9 stl/0.4 blk/2.1 tov

120. Jamal Crawford – Projections: .420 fg/.868 ft/1.7 3pt/15.8 pts/2.2 rbd/3.1 ast/0.8 stl/0.2 blk/2.0 tov

121. DeAndre Jordan – Projections: .648 fg/.538 ft/0.0 3pt/07.9 pts/9.0 rbd/0.4 ast/0.4 stl/2.3 blk/1.3 tov

122. Derrick Rose (out until 2012) – Projections: .446 fg/.830 ft/1.5 3pt/22.7 pts/3.7 rbd/7.5 ast/1.1 stl/0.7 blk/3.2 tov

123. Greivis Vasquez – Projections: .444 fg/.824 ft/0.9 3pt/10.6 pts/3.8 rbd/6.2 ast/1.3 stl/0.1 blk/2.4 tov

124. Andre Miller – Projections: .444 fg/.815 ft/0.2 3pt/10.6 pts/3.3 rbd/6.5 ast/1.2 stl/0.1 blk/2.6 tov

125. Omer Asik – Projections: .509 fg/.522 ft/0.0 3pt/7.1 pts/9.5 rbd/0.9 ast/0.8 stl/2.1 blk/2.2 tov

126. Darren Collison – Projections: .439 fg/.843 ft/0.5 3pt/13.1 pts/3.0 rbd/4.9 ast/1.0 stl/0.2 blk/2.4 tov

127. Dorell Wright – Projections: .428 fg/.830 ft/1.8 3pt/11.1 pts/4.5 rbd/1.6 ast/1.0 stl/0.4 blk/1.1 tov

128. Jameer Nelson – Projections: .443 fg/.809 ft/1.5 3pt/12.5 pts/3.1 rbd/5.8 ast/0.8 stl/0.1 blk/2.4 tov

129. Caron Butler – Projections: .425 fg/.802 ft/1.4 3pt/14.5 pts/4.4 rbd/1.4 ast/0.9 stl/0.2 blk/1.4 tov

130. Emeka Okafor – Projections: .532 fg/.556 ft/0.0 3pt/10.7 pts/9.5 rbd/0.9 ast/0.6 stl/1.7 blk/1.6 tov

131. Chauncey Billups (out until December) – Projections: .378 fg/.899 ft/1.9 3pt/13.8 pts/2.6 rbd/4.3 ast/0.8 stl/0.1 blk/2.3 tov

132. Samuel Dalembert – Projections: .498 fg/.735 ft/0.0 3pt/8.2 pts/8.3 rbd/0.6 ast/0.5 stl/1.6 blk/1.6 tov

133. Brandon Rush – Projections: .445 fg/.793 ft/1.6 3pt/10.7 pts/4.2 rbd/1.5 ast/0.7 stl/1.0 blk/1.3 tov

134. George Hill – Projections: .450 fg/.800 ft/1.3 3pt/13.3 pts/3.1 rbd/3.2 ast/1.0 stl/0.3 blk/1.4 tov

135. Jared Dudley – Projections: .480 fg/.735 ft/1.3 3pt/13.3 pts/4.8 rbd/1.9 ast/0.9 stl/0.3 blk/1.2 tov

136. Dion Waters – Projections: .450 fg/.745 ft/1.4 3pt/12.8 pts/3.0 rbd/3.2 ast/1.9 stl/0.2 blk/2.0 tov

137. Jonas Valanciunas – Projections: .605 fg/.810 ft/0.0 3pt/9.8 pts/7.0 rbd/0.8 ast/0.4 stl/1.5 blk/2.1 tov

138. Al Harrington – Projections: .438 fg/.719 ft/1.5 3pt/12.7 pts/5.8 rbd/1.3 ast/0.8 stl/0.1 blk/1.9 tov

139. J.R. Smith – Projections: .415 fg/.719 ft/1.7 3pt/12.2 pts/3.8 rbd/2.2 ast/1.3 stl/0.1 blk/1.4 tov

140. Thomas Robinson – Projections: .498 fg/.672 ft/0.2 3pt/12.7 pts/8.3 rbd/1.4 ast/0.8 stl/0.6 blk/3.0 tov

141. Wilson Chandler – Projections: .430 fg/.822 ft/1.2 3pt/12.2 pts/5.5 rbd/1.8 ast/0.7 stl/1.2 blk/1.9 tov

142. Ben Gordon – Projections: .441 fg/.852 ft/1.2 3pt/12.6 pts/2.4 rbd/2.3 ast/0.6 stl/0.2 blk/2.3 tov

143. Vince Carter – Projections: .432 fg/.803 ft/1.3 3pt/12.1 pts/3.2 rbd/2.2 ast/0.8 stl/0.3 blk/1.5 tov

144. Mike Dunleavy – Projections: .464 fg/.821 ft/1.5 3pt/12.2 pts/3.6 rbd/1.8 ast/0.6 stl/0.2 blk/1.3 tov

145 . Harrison Barnes – Projections: .430 fg/.718 ft/1.2 3pt/14.2 pts/5.2 rbd/1.0 ast/1.0 stl/0.2 blk/2.4 tov

146. Nick Young – Projections: .419 fg/.836 ft/1.5 3pt/15.2 pts/2.3 rbd/1.0 ast/0.7 stl/0.2 blk/1.5 tov

147. Glen Davis – Projections: .440 fg/.710 ft/0.0 3pt/12.1 pts/5.8 rbd/1.2 ast/1.1 stl/0.4 blk/1.4 tov

148. Jerryd Bayless – Projections: .430 fg/.831 ft/1.2 3pt/11.5 pts/2.3 rbd/3.9 ast/0.9 stl/0.1 blk/1.8 tov

149. Richard Hamilton – Projections: .440 fg/.838 ft/0.7 3pt/12.0 pts/2.2 rbd/3.4 ast/0.5 stl/0.0 blk/1.8 tov

150. Alonzo Gee – Projections: .423 fg/.770 ft/0.8 3pt/11.5 pts/5.3 rbd/2.0 ast/1.5 stl/0.3 blk/2.1 tov

151. Byron Mullens – Projections: .427 fg/.813 ft/0.3 3pt/11.3 pts/5.3 rbd/1.1 ast/0.4 stl/1.0 blk/1.4 tov

152. Corey Maggette – Projections: .428 fg/.830 ft/0.6 3pt/13.2 pts/3.9 rbd/1.2 ast/0.6 stl/0.1 blk/1.9 tov

153. Luke Ridnour – Projections: .444 fg/.896 ft/0.8 3pt/11.5 pts/2.6 rbd/4.5 ast/1.1 stl/0.2 blk/1.9 tov

154. Bradley Beal – Projections: .395 fg/.792 ft/1.9 3pt/12.1 pts/3.6 rbd/2.1 ast/1.2 stl/0.1 blk/1.5 tov

155. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Projections: .461 fg/.720 ft/0.2 3pt/11.5 pts/6.1 rbd/1.5 ast/0.8 stl/0.7 blk/2.7 tov

156. Jason Thompson – Projections: .523 fg/.604 ft/0.0 3pt/10.7 pts/7.6 rbd/1.5 ast/0.7 stl/0.9 blk/1.7 tov

157. J.J. Redick – Projections: .440 fg/.882 ft/1.6 3pt/11.8 pts/2.4 rbd/2.4 ast/0.5 stl/0.1 blk/1.2 tov

158. Taj Gibson – Projections: .495 fg/.646 ft/0.0 3pt/8.5 pts/7.0 rbd/0.7 ast/0.5 stl/1.4 blk/1.5 tov

159. Gerald Green – Projections: .476 fg/.761 ft/0.8 3pt/12.1 pts/3.3 rbd/1.2 ast/1.0 stl/0.4 blk/2.0 tov

160. Hedo Turkoglu – Projections: .422 fg/.713 ft/1.2 3pt/11.1 pts/3.9 rbd/4.5 ast/0.8 stl/0.4 blk/1.9 tov

161. Courtney Lee – Projections: .436 fg/.825 ft/1.6 3pt/12.0 pts/2.6 rbd/1.7 ast/1.3 stl/0.2 blk/1.3 tov

162. Bismack Biyombo – Projections: .472 fg/.495 ft/0.0 3pt/5.8 pts/6.4 rbd/0.6 ast/0.4 stl/2.0 blk/1.2 tov

163. James Johnson – Projections: .452 fg/.703 ft/0.3 3pt/9.5 pts/4.8 rbd/2.5 ast/1.2 stl/1.5 blk/1.8 tov

164. Spencer Hawes – Projections: .464 fg/.687 ft/0.1 3pt/8.1 pts/6.2 rbd/1.9 ast/0.4 stl/1.0 blk/1.5 tov

165. Marco Belinelli – Projections: .422 fg/.780 ft/1.7 3pt/12.2 pts/3.0 rbd/1.3 ast/0.7 stl/0.1 blk/1.1 tov

166. Andrei Kirilenko – Projections: .475 fg/.766 ft/0.5 3pt/11.4 pts/4.8 rbd/2.8 ast/1.3 stl/1.2 blk/2.0 tov

167. Kawhi Leonard – Projections: .510 fg/.780 ft/0.8 3pt/10.2 pts/6.3 rbd/1.8 ast/1.5 stl/0.7 blk/1.2 tov

168. D.J. Augustin – Projections: .403 fg/.877 ft/1.2 3pt/10.6 pts/2.2 rbd/5.7 ast/0.8 stl/0.0 blk/1.8 tov

169. Grant Hill – Projections: .445 fg/.805 ft/0.4 3pt/11.4 pts/4.1 rbd/2.4 ast/0.7 stl/0.5 blk/1.4 tov

170. Marvin Williams – Projections: .455 fg/.812 ft/0.9 3pt/10.5 pts/5.2 rbd/1.3 ast/0.8 stl/0.4 blk/1.1 tov

171. Leandro Barbosa – Projections: .433 fg/.811 ft/1.2 3pt/12.5 pts/2.3 rbd/1.7 ast/0.9 stl/0.1 blk/1.8 tov

172. Mario Chalmers – Projections: .438 fg/.807 ft/1.8 3pt/10.5 pts/3.1 rbd/3.7 ast/1.6 stl/0.2 blk/2.4 tov

173. MarShon Brooks – Projections: .430 fg/.770 ft/0.9 3pt/13.0 pts/3.8 rbd/2.4 ast/0.8 stl/0.3 blk/2.2 tov

174. Tony Allen – Projections: .495 fg/.790 ft/0.1 3pt/10.3 pts/3.6 rbd/3.7 ast/1.8 stl/0.7 blk/1.6 tov

175. Carl Landry – Projections: .512 fg/.792 ft/0.0 3pt/10.5 pts/4.8 rbd/0.7 ast/0.4 stl/0.4 blk/1.4 tov

176. C.J. Miles – Projections: .412 fg/.798 ft/1.3 3pt/11.3 pts/2.8 rbd/1.6 ast/0.8 stl/0.4 blk/1.0 tov

177. Shannon Brown – Projections: .419 fg/.815 ft/1.2 3pt/11.3 pts/2.5 rbd/1.2 ast/0.9 stl/0.2 blk/1.2 tov

178. Jason Smith – Projections: .496 fg/.698 ft/0.0 3pt/10.2 pts/4.5 rbd/0.9 ast/0.4 stl/1.1 blk/1.2 tov

179. Jason Kidd – Projections: .365 fg/.797 ft/1.5 3pt/6.8 pts/4.5 rbd/6.3 ast/1.6 stl/0.2 blk/2.1 tov

180. Anthony Morrow – Projections: .435 fg/.900 ft/1.6 3pt/12.1 pts/2.3 rbd/1.2 ast/0.8 stl/0.1 blk/1.3 tov

181. Carlos Delfino – Projections: .405 fg/.800 ft/1.5 3pt/9.8 pts/4.0 rbd/2.1 ast/1.3 stl/0.2 blk/1.2 tov

182. Nate Robinson – Projections: .419 fg/.815 ft/1.2 3pt/10.8 pts/2.1 rbd/3.2 ast/0.9 stl/0.0 blk/1.6 tov

183. Marcus Camby – Projections: .435 fg/.490 ft/0.0 3pt/5.2 pts/9.5 rbd/1.7 ast/0.8 stl/1.3 blk/1.0 tov

184. Tiago Splitter – Projections: .632 fg/.822 ft/0.0 3pt/9.4 pts/5.3 rbd/1.2 ast/0.5 stl/0.9 blk/1.6 tov

185. Gary Neal – Projections: .440 fg/.791 ft/1.5 3pt/10.0 pts/2.2 rbd/1.9 ast/0.4 stl/0.0 blk/1.2 tov

186. Steve Novak – Projections: .492 fg/.890 ft/2.6 3pt/9.4 pts/1.8 rbd/0.2 ast/0.2 stl/0.2 blk/0.4 tov

187. Tristan Thompson – Projections: .456 fg/.570 ft/0.0 3pt/9.3 pts/7.3 rbd/0.5 ast/0.6 stl/1.2 blk/1.7 tov

188. Chandler Parsons – Projections: .456 fg/.570 ft/1.1 3pt/10.9 pts/3.4 rbd/2.3 ast/1.3 stl/0.6 blk/1.7 tov

189. Jose Juan Barea – Projections: .424 fg/.810 ft/0.7 3pt/9.8 pts/2.2 rbd/4.0 ast/0.4 stl/0.0 blk/1.9 tov

190. Stephen Jackson – Projections: .410 fg/.823 ft/0.8 3pt/9.8 pts/3.7 rbd/2.7 ast/1.1 stl/0.2 blk/1.9 tov

191. DeJuan Blair – Projections: .541 fg/.634 ft/0.0 3pt/9.9 pts/6.2 rbd/1.0 ast/0.9 stl/0.4 blk/1.6 tov

192. Chase Budinger – Projections: .440 fg/.783 ft/1.6 3pt/10.2 pts/4.0 rbd/1.4 ast/0.6 stl/0.1 blk/1.1 tov

193. Linas Kleiza – Projections: .421 fg/.756 ft/1.2 3pt/10.4 pts/4.3 rbd/0.9 ast/0.5 stl/0.1 blk/1.4 tov

194. C.J. Watson – Projections: .404 fg/.781 ft/1.2 3pt/10.1 pts/2.2 rbd/3.7 ast/1.2 stl/0.1 blk/2.0 tov

195. Landry Fields – Projections: .483 fg/.720 ft/1.0 3pt/9.4 pts/5.1 rbd/2.2 ast/1.2 stl/0.2 blk/2.7 tov

196. Tyler Hansbrough – Projections: .425 fg/.795 ft/0.0 3pt/10.4 pts/5.0 rbd/0.6 ast/0.7 stl/0.2 blk/1.1 tov

197. Randy Foye – Projections: .408 fg/.887 ft/1.8 3pt/10.8 pts/1.8 rbd/2.4 ast/0.7 stl/0.3 blk/1.3 tov

198. Patrick “Patty” Mills – Projections: .480 fg/.767 ft/1.5 3pt/10.6 pts/2.1 rbd/2.3 ast/0.7 stl/0.1 blk/1.7 tov

199. Jonas Jerebko – Projections: .476 fg/.779 ft/0.6 3pt/9.7 pts/5.8 rbd/0.8 ast/0.8 stl/0.4 blk/1.2 tov

200. Derrick Williams – Projections: .425 fg/.716 ft/0.8 3pt/9.7 pts/4.9 rbd/0.7 ast/0.7 stl/0.6 blk/1.3 tov

201. Austin Rivers – Projections: .424 fg/.660 ft/1.3 3pt/12.7 pts/2.9 rbd/1.7 ast/1.0 stl/0.0 blk/2.4 tov

202. Rodrigue Beaubois – Projections: .425 fg/.823 ft/1.0 3pt/9.6 pts/3.0 rbd/3.2 ast/1.2 stl/0.4 blk/1.5 tov

203. Delonte West – Projections: .452 fg/.865 ft/0.7 3pt/7.5 pts/2.3 rbd/3.1 ast/1.1 stl/0.4 blk/1.6 tov

204. Richard Jefferson – Projections: .423 fg/.720 ft/1.6 3pt/9.1 pts/3.5 rbd/1.4 ast/0.5 stl/0.3 blk/0.9 tov

205. Cartier Martin – Projections: .432 fg/.715 ft/1.4 3pt/9.5 pts/3.3 rbd/0.7 ast/0.5 stl/0.1 blk/0.9 tov

206. Nikola Vucevic – Projections: .463 fg/.535 ft/0.1 3pt/7.4 pts/5.3 rbd/0.8 ast/0.5 stl/0.9 blk/1.0 tov

207. Alan Anderson – Projections: .420 fg/.839 ft/1.2 3pt/7.5 pts/2.0 rbd/1.4 ast/0.3 stl/0.1 blk/1.4 tov

208. Iman Shumpert (out until December) – Projections: .421 fg/.785 ft/0.9 3pt/10.4 pts/3.6 rbd/3.0 ast/1.8 stl/0.1 blk/2.3 tov


  1. JT says:

    Would you deal Felton and Kevin Martin to get ahold of Eric Gordon?

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @JT, without any other info (besides the dynasty detail), sure!

  2. JT says:

    I should point out that it’s a dynasty, so the age def. works in my favor.

    • Zebo says:

      @JT, look like a good deal, as you are getting the best player for two lesser players.

  3. Hans says:


    There are two 29 in top 100, also two Elton Brand(Here no.139 and he was 73rdish in top 100)

    • Hans says:

      Also Shawn Marion is both in Top 100 and Top 200, 140th here and also around 90thish

      • ChrisV

        ChrisV says:

        @Hans, thanks for catching this. Go with the higher (better) ranking for those duplicates, some of my old lists bled into the newer, updated rankings.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Hans, also, two 29? Not sure what you mean.

      • Hans says:


        Ya there are two players ranked 29, so top 100 is actually top 101

  4. Zebo says:

    How come Tristan Thompson is ranked so low? I have to think he is at least equal to JJ Hickson and Drew Gooden.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Zebo, I tended to value threes, assists and blocks higher outside of the top 100. I wouldn’t really give it THAT much concern. It’s not a knock against Tristan, although minutes are a possible concern for him. Again, I would give more value to the projections than the rankings.

      • Fenris-77 says:

        @ChrisV, Interesting. Why not value steals outside the top 100 since they’re probably a more rare category that threes? At least high end steals (1.5+ per). Just curious about your thought process. I tend to ignore threes except for specialists in later rounds. By that I mean I’ll draft ’em if I need ’em, but they’re not my main focus. Steals, assists and blocks tend to be my focus (depending on my team of course).

  5. Hans says:


    There are two 29 in top 100, also two Elton Brand(Here no.139 and he was 73rdish in top 100)

    Also Shawn Marion is both in Top 100 and Top 200, 140th here and also around 90thish

    • James Redacted

      James Redacted says:

      @Hans, Clearly Chris has split fantasy personalities. They are constantly battling for supremacy over his rankings.

  6. Misses His Old Glasses says:

    Elton Brand at 139? He was #73 in your top 100.

    • Misses His Old Glasses says:

      Also Shawn Marion is both #91 and #140

      • ChrisV

        ChrisV says:

        @Misses His Old Glasses, yes, that was an error that has been corrected. Go with the higher (better) ranking for both.

  7. Fenris-77 says:

    Kawhi Leonard at 169 seems odd when his per game value last year was 78th and his role and usage are only going to up.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Fenris-77, I would give much more weight to the projections than the rankings. The problem with doing these rankings is that they’re all subjective based on my subjective predictions of the future. I would have played with these rankings another week but I would rather have people be able to SEE these BEFORE their drafts.

      Plus, these rankings do nothing for people in Roto leagues.

      • Redhopeful says:

        @ChrisV, That’s great and all but it’s still an egregious oversight to miss the mark by the length of the Grand Canyon. Ranking him this low can be seriously misleading to those who don’t understand projections like that SHOULD have Leonard miles higher.

        • ChrisV

          ChrisV says:

          @Redhopeful, fair enough. I’ll take a look at these again with a fresh eye and see where adjustments are necessary.

  8. Zebo says:

    There sure are a lot of fact checkers in here also, lol.

  9. Fenris-77 says:

    Think of it as a team event.

  10. Adam says:

    Where would you move Rose up to if you were playing in a keeper league? Top 85/90ish? Somewhere between JTerry and MoWilliams? Or higher – near Lin/LouWill/Teague? Regardless I am going to have to throw him back – but wanted to get a sense on where I should try and require?

    • James Redacted

      James Redacted says:

      @Adam, Is this a sacrifice your draft pick league? 10 team? Roto? I could see taking him as high as the 6th/7th round. The thing about D-Rose is that you KNOW he’s going to worth at least a 2nd round pick next year. When he returns this year, he’ll probably give you 3rd/4th round numbers until he gets into the swing of things. I’d rather have that than see if Lou Williams will pan out.

    • ChrisV

      ChrisV says:

      @Adam, you should always try to win this season. However, I would take him between pick 65-80. If I was in your league and saw him fall past the 75th pick, I would grab him.

  11. levo says:

    I have a hard time seeing jarrett jack putting up 16 a game off the bench in golden state. is that projection taking into account a curry injury or is it last years projection?

  12. RickyD says:

    Where do you rank Love now?

    • James Redacted

      James Redacted says:

      @RickyD, Broken hand, 6-8 weeks… what a bummer. I think I’d bump him into the late 2nd, 3rd round depending on if you’re playing roto (3rd round) or H2H (2nd round).

  13. Eddy says:

    Hi there,

    I’ve been a razzball baseball reader for the past three years and I’m doin my first basketball league this weekend.

    I’ve been trying to read through as much Razzball basketball as I can and I have a few draft questions.

    It’s a H2H, 10-team league with standard categories.

    What should be the general draft strategy I should approach regarding positions? (E.g, never take two PG in early rounds, or fill up C before SF). Anythjng of that kind.

    P.S: Those examples are probably wrong, they’re just hypotheticals.

  14. Nick says:

    No change to Mullen’s 3’s per game? He’s been launching them in the preseason. Of course, it’s only the preseason… but… He’s at something like 8 attempts per game. That’s got to move the needle a little.

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