I’ve been told over and over for two decades that Michael Jordan is the most competitive man to ever walk the planet; annoyingly so; dangerously so. He’d footrace some awestruck 10-year-old to that tree and back and trip him at the turnaround point to get an advantage. He’d be the guy at your houseparty wrecking everyone at flip cup because he showed up and hour early while you were still making the playlist, to practice his sip ‘n’ flip strategy. And if all his old runnin’ mates retired and got jobs on NBA franchises building toward championships, one would think he’d do his damnedest to excel at that too. Not so. With the exception of perhaps Isiah Thomas, Jordan more than any of those players from the ’80s and ’90s has floundered terribly. With two franchises. The Bobcats, last year, eeked into the playoffs and had one of the best defenses in the game. This season, they rid themselves of two starters and replaced them with nothing. Adding mostly utility guys or young players in need of development, both of which Charlotte’s coach Larry Brown wanted nothing to do with. But Brown was kicked the eff out by an embarrassed Jordan mutually agreed with Jordan to step down, leaving Paul Silas to take the blame for whatever happens next. Sweet deal! But possibly – hopefully – the deal will be sweeter for Tyrus Thomas, the lone untapped resource on the Charlotte bench. In five seasons with both the Bulls and Cats, T-Time has never cleared 12 ppg/ 7 rpg or 30 mpg, but has long been thought of as a player that can be (and should be) an 18/10 and 2 bpg kind of guy. He’s flashed his ability (is that what he flashed?) here and there this season, but never with any consistency. The Bobcats don’t run, they have the eighth slowest pace in the league despite Thomas and a starting rotation that seems better equipped for wins sprints. Thomas himself has flourished against faster teams this season, but Silas isn’t exactly Mike D’Antoni. Even with a spry, young LeBron James six seasons ago, Silas couldn’t crack the top 10 in pace. This will come down to how the offense is run and whether the current sweeps Thomas up more often than before. I’d guess it does a little, but not much. Forget 18/10/2, but if you’ve held onto Thomas this long, perhaps 14/7/2 with about 31 mpg will make you feel better.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball last night:

Antawn Jamison – After starting the season as a 12.5/5.5 reserve, he’s averaging 18/6.5 in eight games as a starter. You feel that tinglin’? That’s you being wooed by ‘Tawn all over again. Don’t fight it. Feel it.

Marcus Thornton – 18 points (four threes) in 19 minutes. Monty Williams swears his defense is bad enough to justify Thornton’s scarce minutes, but NOLA has the fourth-best defense in the league and the fifth-worst offense. This solution seems simple to me. And if that solution doesn’t seem simple enough, how ’bout this: Marco Belinelli‘s DRtg is 107 (average). Thornton’s is 103 (above-average). If I have to take this spoon and feed you the solution, I will. I’ll do it.

Rip Hamilton – Caught fire after being burned in the press about his attitude and his place in Detroit’s rotation. This is why you should wait to invest in Pistons. And then after you’ve waited long enough … you should probably keep waiting. At least until they’re traded away from the Pistons.

Tracy McGrady -17/7/7 with three steals. Best game of his season so far and he’s gone at least 16/6 in two of his last four. He’s still pissed that Arenas is wearing No.1 on the Magic in honor of … Anfernee Hardaway.

Ben Gordon – In the battle of the starting Detroit Bens, Wallace (4/6/3/2 stl/3 blk/1 tov) wiped the floor with Gordon (4/5/0/0/0/2). You see what I do for you? I paid attention to a Detroit-Toronto game and watched what Ben Wallace was doing in order to write this blurb! Who else do you know that would mention Ben Wallace? No one, that’s who!

Amir Johnson – Returned from injury, but probably shouldn’t have. He played 15:31 scored a pair of points, grabbed a pair of rebounds and looks to have injured himself in the process. He hasn’t strung together even two solid games in a row in the last three weeks. If there’s a more reliable option (Glen Davis, anyone?) I might look elsewhere.

Vince Carter – Out. His knee is still swollen. “Swell!” says Jared Dudley.

Andrea Bargnani – Returned and shot poorly (6-of-17), but has has five days off. Should return to normal by his next contest, which is a completely different problem.

Jerryd Bayless – Out. His food was as poisoned as any fantasy roster still starting Jerryd Bayless.

Jose Calderon – The excellence of his 13 assists was canceled out by his 8 tovs. Hope five points is enough Christmas goose to tide you over for another five days, Tiny Tim.

Derrick Rose – Twenty-five points is nice, but it doesn’t stop him from being a 0-for-6 threejerk.

Greg Monroe – Maxiell left with a middle finger injury. Monroe has averaged 8.6/7.2 when he plays 25+ minutes. If that does it for you, he might see a small increase in minutes.

J.R. Smith – With Carmelo Anthony out for the next couple games due to the death of his sister, Earl will take over chucking duties in the interim. He’s unlikely to be traded until Carmelo comes back, so now’s a good time to plug him in.

Ty Lawson – Billups remains rusty (permanently?), ‘Melo’s out a couple games and J.R. Smith could be on his way to Chicago any day now. If you can stash Lawson, you should stash Lawson.

Serge Ibaka – He’s shot 3-for-16 in the last three games and blocked three shots. Hell, you might have better luck grabbing Birdman off the wire.

Andre Iguodala – Eatin’ crow on that buy low post from a month ago.

Al Jefferson – Blocked seven shots to increase his career-best blocking average to 1.8 per game. Now if he’d just increase his scoring, rebounding, assisting and stealing, we’d be cool.

C.J. Miles – Eight points, three steals and shot 33 percent from the field. His quiet night was due, in part, to Kirilenko’s loud one. Still, this is how he do. A couple good games, one bad one. Plug him into your lineup for at least the next two.

Gary Neal – He’s scored 22 points in back-to-back games (five treys last night). With George Hill likely to miss San Antonio’s next couple game, he’s a probably-should-add in all standard-sized leagues.

George Hill – Out. Likely won’t play tonight against Orlando unless Mr. Miyagi starts rubbing his hands together in the locker room.

  1. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – My PF’s are KMart, Antawn & Murphy. Thinking about making an offer for GWallace during the turmoil that is the Bobcats from a lower tier team that needs help. TChandler, Jameer and Antawn too much? Thanks!

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AnotherFalstaff: Why not try offering two of those three (maybe Antawn and Jameer). Three may be too much for Crash in an injured (and sub-par season).

  3. clyde says:

    I seemed to have loaded my squad w underachieving upside guys (Ibaka, Amir Johnson & Ty Thomas), complimenting Dirk & Duncan.

    Would you consider dropping Amir for another big man? Landry and Gortat are both available? Or, if I was just looking for best overall value, Thornton and Webster are around too.

  4. bostonfan says:


    someone dropped jennings, shall i pick him up?

    Heres who I would be willing to drop:

    DJ Augustin
    Baron Davis
    Jose Calderon


  5. Adam

    Adam says:

    @clyde: I’d hold off on the two bigs until they give you a reason to grab them. Same thing for Thornton or Webster. For now.

    @bostonfan: If you can afford to stash Jennings until February, drop Calderon.

  6. barker says:

    someone is asking for arenas in my 18 team league

    he offered some bullshizz like thabeet and noicioni for arenas
    obviously i aint taking that – i think it was just a conversation starter

    i am looking for blks ast reb Off and Def and 3ptm
    some players on his roster i am interesed in are kirilenko roy? mike miller granger udrih ben wallace also he has ginobili and felton

    is arenas for kirilenko fair or even good for me

    was thinking of kirilenko and miller for arenas and marvin williams

    other players on my team i am looking to unload are augustin splitter okafor vujacic

  7. 24hourjack says:

    Adam….I was kinda hoping to outsmart everyone else by grabbing Mike Miller early and having him hit a few 3’s every night once he came back.Is there any chance of this happening,or is his 0-7 return so far a sign of things to come?

    in this league(12 team H2H),I am first overall,and the only categories I need to improve at all,would be 3ptm and overall pts.

    I can afford to stash a player for future use.My options right now are:stick w/ Miller,grab Jared Dudley(is this dude for real?),grab Jennings(who was immediately abandoned after getting hurt),or p/u Beaubois,who seems to have a ton of upside,so what do y’think?….

  8. 24hourjack says:

    Adam and/or anyone else….does anyone have anything positive to say about K-Mart,especially once Melo is traded?….

  9. AnotherFalstaff says:

    @Adam – Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day (currently watching ManU)! No bite on the ‘Tawn/Nelson for Crash offer. Still have Horford/Murphy/Hibbert/KMart/TChandler for bigs. Any worth dropping for Ibaka who just hit the WW? Also, please rate Roddy (when he returns), JR, Afflalo & MThornton. OKC was too athletic at home for JR & AA. Thanks!

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: Kirilenko will likely be more valuable than Gil from here on out (barring injury to Richardson or Nelson or someone). I’d be surprised if Splitter or Vujacic got the deal done instead of Williams, but you could try. I wouldn’t replace Williams for Augustin. You’ be giving up too much.

    @24hourjack: For someone who hasn’t played in months, K-Mart has started stronger than I expected and makes me more positive on his ultimate production. He’s shooting .615, averaging 9/4.5 in 19 minutes on a team that’s going to eventually require him to play 32-38 mpg. He’s easily capable of 17/8 per game. He’s a good buy.

    @AnotherFalstaff: Same to you, A.F.! You could drop Murphy for Ibaka. Just be prepared to grab him again if he leaves Jersey. It’s hard to rate Beaubois at this point. He’s going to require a lot of catching up even after he’s healthy. Still, it’s good to have a little faith now and again. Roddy, Affalo, JR, and Thornton in that order.

  11. Yoni R says:

    hey adam,
    Jason richardson is already two games into his magic career and things have not been pretty, do i sit tight or look to pick up a temporary replacement such as grant hill, rip hamilton, jared dudley or maybe even mike dunleavey?

  12. Yoni R says:

    also what about serge TwoBlocka, my waiver wire has: kurt thomas, Joel anthony, spencer hawes and deandre jordan as the block leaders over the last 15 days…

  13. Mike says:

    Which side would you want in a trade? Kobe and Blake Griffin or Michael Beasley and LeBron?

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Yoni R: Grant’s been playing well, but I wouldn’t recommend dropping Richardson. Stashing him, sure. But he remains too valuable (even with his less-than-desirable situation in Orlando) to release.
    Also, Jordan’s the only one with much immediate value. I’d leave ’em all on waivers for now.

    @Mike: Kobe/Blake.

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