Getting through a fantasy basketball season can sometimes feel like everyone in the building is against you.  Like you’re John McClane.  Once you get into April, you finally have a bajillion options helping you, but your feet are bleeding and your shirt is burnt off!  Perils of April basketball.  If you’re in a H2H league and your championship stretches until game 82, it’s time to change your league settings!  Maybe it’s just sour grapes since it’s looking like we’re gonna come up short in the Yahoo Friends & Family championship.  Slim could blame me too, because he wanted to welcome Norman Powell to the Razzball party.  Welcome to the party, Powell!

As with a lot of these April guys, Powell is putting up some surprising stats.  But he’s been getting better and better when given the opportunity, with an absolutely crazy Friday night with the Raps regulars DNPed going 27/6/4/1/0, but on only 11 shots and 5 – FIVE! – field goals made.  He hit 3 treys, and apparently bought all the refs dinner before the game, going 14-19 from the FT line.  19 free throws, after 0 trips to the stripe the two games before it.  WTF, mate?!  Then promptly left the party last night, playing only 21 minutes for 2/1/1/1/0 in a scrubby game as the starting SF, and you guessed it, yet again 0 FTA.  What in the wide world of sports?!

I’ve seen a few comments asking about Powell’s keepability for 16-17, and I just don’t know.  He’s 6’4 and definitely a SG (even though he was listed as a SF last night), so you’d imagine they’d have to push DeMar DeRozan to the 3.  That wouldn’t be outlandish or anything, but remember we saw a couple huge flashes from Terrence Ross before he turned into a Holiday Armadillo.  And I’m lazy and didn’t want to rewrite those last couple sentences – I totally forgot about DeMarre Carroll!  He’s signed through 2018-19, so it’s really hard seeing much happen for Powell out of the gate next year.  And even for the final two Raps games tomorrow and Wednesday, it’s hard to give him a starting nod unless we know the Raps are resting peeps.  With Toronto still alive to sneak into the #1 spot, I don’t see that happening if the Cavs beat Atlanta tonight and lock the first seed. Here’s what else went down in fantasy hoops action over the weekend:

Thomas Robinson The automatic dubdub (and automatic FT% slaughterer) went 16/17 on Friday night with 2-8 FT then had to leave yesterday with a bum knee.  The only thing automatic in this situation is a BKN loss!

Kemba Walker While Charlotte is pumping hard the win with Kemba campaign, they certainly didn’t win with him last night!  Lost by 15 @DC, with some irony that he loses in the Nation’s Capital after all these faux-political ad spots.  Story here – don’t use politics ever!

Joe Johnson – 12.6/2.8/3.6/0.8/0.1 with 1.4 treys as a member of the Heat.  “member” when Slim and I fought about his value on Miami?!  After I kinda hopped off JJ needing to be owned in 12ers, when Jarrett Jack got hurt, JJ went 13.4/3.7/4.4 with 1.8 treys in his final 25 BKN games.  Yeah, I win this round!

Evan Fournier Unlike last year, finishing mad strong!  28/7/7 then 21/2/5 over the weekend, and on Friday night – 12-15 FT.  The Skiles factor will always loom, but he might be a sneaky solid pick in the mid-to-late-rounds in 16-17.

Jerian Grant Finally getting some run in the junk time of the season, going 16/5/6 and 19/3/1/3/0 over the weekend.  Granting us some late-season pickup-ability!

Tyler Zeller In textbook Celtics fashion, goes 26/3/2/0/4 on Friday night in absolute beast mode, only to get rewarded with 5 minutes off the bench Saturday.  Zeller is probably buying some brass knuckles to get Even Stevens this week…

Reggie Jackson With no John Wall, Reggie Jackson was like Brendan Frasier in Bedazzled on the court! Yeah, how about that reference?!  Mmmmmm, Elizabeth Hurley…  39/4/9 on 14-20 shooting hitting 7-7 from downtown.  Hot at the right time!

D’Angelo Russell After a blistering game @NO on Friday night (32/2/2), got P-Bevved!  8/5/4/3/0 with 5 TO last night.  Well, more accurately he got Kobe-ed!

Kobe Bryant – 35 Pts on 10-22 FG with 4 treys and 11-11 FT.  Whoopty doo.  Lakers lose by 20 since he’s playing gloryball.  While the Lakers go into a gloryhole.

Tony Allen – Huge game from the usually D-minded vet, going 25/7/1/3/1 Friday at the Mavs.  Shockingly hit 8-14 FG and even more shockinglyer hit 9-9 FT.  Unfortunately he sat Saturday with a sore hammy, so he might sit the final few days.  This is why April NBA is poopy.

JJ Barea One of the more blistering finishes from a barely-owned guy this season, Barea apparently went at it too vigorously and strained his groin Friday night.  ¡Ay, caramba!  Opened a big door for Raymond Felton (and by big door, I mean wide door for him to be able to waddle through) going 11/6/14 on Friday off the bench post-JJB injury and 21/4/5/0/2 last night.  Barea is a game-time decision tonight, but if he can’t go and you can make daily moves, I think you kinda gotta play Felton.

Justin Anderson I shoulda asked Nick Van Exel more about Justin Anderson when he was on the show!  Playing pretty well in a late-season callup, with his best game Friday night going 19/10/0/1/3.  Unfortunately he came up with a dud following his career-high (3/6/2/1/0), but hey, at least he’s in the NBA right now!

Jusuf Nurkic & Nikola Jokic A match made in heaven!  As Slim mentioned on the Pod (and I’m sure we’ll talk some on it on the wrap up show Thursday), the two multi-cat bigs have started next to each other the past two games!  Glimpse of the future?!  I sure hope so!  21/9/1/2/2 then a dud 6/4/1/0/2 for Nurk over the weekend, with Jokic going 8/15/4/1/1 then 19/11/4/2/1.  They’re both super young – just look at Jokic’s passport – so if this sticks for next year, I’m gonna have some cray excitement.  Viva la Nugs!

Cole Aldrich Man, I’m not putting it out there because it’s negative joojoo, but should DeAndre Jordan ever get hurt, I’m gonna invest harrrrrrd into Aldrich next year.  He’s signed with the Clip through 16-17, and in a spot start with DJ a DNP-rest Friday went 21/18/2/5/1 on 10-15 FG.  In deeper leagues I might even draft and stash him.

Paul Millsap He’s just incredible.  31/16/3/2/5 – another monster rainbow line – and he’s averaging a rainbow line since March.  From Mar 1 until now, 16.5/10.1/3.4/2.1/2.5 with 1.1 threes.  Insanity.

Draymond Green Not to be overshadowed as one of the league’s best multi-cat 4s, Dray had a pivotal tip-in Saturday night at Memphis before the Warriors beat the Spurs to win game #72.  I know that the Warriors are the lead everywhere else, but this is fantasy talk, not real life talk!  Unfortunately the game @SA was a dud for Dray, but the Warriors somehow won in the unwinnable arena.  At least the final NBA Wednesday will have a super-drama game as the Warriors hope to get 73!

Seth Curry Yup, THAT Curry!  20/2/3 with 6 treys in a very ThraGNOFfian line last time out.  The Spurs have two left – tonight and the final Wednesday – so if you need ThrAGNOF, he’s an easy pick!

Khris Middleton The Duchess went royal against the Sixers yesterday in OT, willing the Bucks to a W going 14-24 FG for 36/6/9/4/0.  Don’t tell him that the Bucks aren’t playing for anything!

Myles Turner You’re my boy, Myles!  28/10/1/1/2 last night, with a lot of minutes a little junky as the Pacers were up over the Nets by 20 after the first quarter.  But stats be stats!  They’ve locked up their playoff spot, but I bet they let the rook play the final 2 games.


Sad face – this is going to be my last daily notes of the season!  We’ll be recapping the final few games on the Thursday morning Pod, and we’ll be unveiling some of the first Way Too Early Ranks this week as well.  Basketball 24/7 365 baby!  I hope you had a good weekend, Razzball Nation!

  1. Lasandro says:

    A Die Hard reference?? This is why I love ya! For years I actually thought McClain kept calling the cop “Powell”, instead of “pal”. True story. Makes this article’s title even cooler. For me, at least 🙂

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: Hah hell yeah man! And I’ve def had the pal/Powell debate with friends before, I think it’s open to interpretation!

    • Lasandro says:

      @JB Gilpin: Haha love it!

      Ok, down to the wire for my shallow roto league. I only have ONE last pickup to make for the season and need to grab another guard eligible player so as to have a full roster on my last day. Firstly, which F should I drop between Ajinca and T-Rob. Both statuses are unknown but seeing that Brooklyn plays at home for their finale, perhaps T-Rob may play in that one? No need to hold him out if he’s good to go, really.

      As far as the guards to choose from (at least for now – someone may scoop them up soon), here are the ones I like, all playing 2 games:

      – JRich (such low volume stuff but safe bet to land 30mins per in the last 2)
      – Powell (depending on the TOR backcourt guys.. they play BKN and PI.. yum!)
      – Rivers (had a monster game with Crawford when they last started)

      Or do I just field an empty spot at G and grab either (all playing 2 games):
      – Mahinmi
      – Solomon H (PG out makes for more shots, right?)
      – Bismack (playing PHI AND Brooklyn argument)
      – Aldrich (by far my fav option but scared that DJ will get rested for only 1 of the 2 games)

      That’s a lot of names for a single move, I know, but who better to ask than my JB Sensei! If you could rank these two batches, that would help. I had Crawford in that list of guards and just saw that he got picked up as I wrote this haha.

      Now if you feel like none of these guys are really safe enough to warrant a final pickup, then say so and I’ll hold off ’til the final day of the season to pick whomever is hot. I’m more excited that Hanz at the Takagami Xmas Party!! “Now I have a machine gun. Ho-ho-ho.”

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Lasandro: Hmmm, well I don’t feel great on either playing. I would go safer and get someone that is for sure suitin’ up.

        Man, April basketball is rough! I kinda think they play CP3 tonight. I’ll go Jrich, Powell, Rivers, the way you have them up there.

        For the others, give me Bismack, Mahin, Aldrich, Hill.

        If FT% is pretty set in your roto, I might roll with Bismack with TOR locked into the #2 seed. I think they wanna play DeMarre to give him so minutes, which is why I don’t love Powell. He’s def not safe, but he’s my pick of the bunch due to schedule and TOR seed being locked in.

        “Yipee kay-ya, Mr Falcon!”

  2. That's What Speed Do says:

    With Demarre back does that kill Norman’s PT? I’m looking for guys to start Tuesday since I only have 2 guys going right now.

    And what do you think about Favors’ chances of playing tonight? It’s a huge game for them… but it’s his knee so that’s sketching me out a bit.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @That’s What Speed Do: Ummm, yeah I would be really hesitant to play Norman as they’ll want DeMarre in game shape by the playoffs.

      I would given it a straight 50/50, but he made it!

  3. Drez1 says:

    Hey man, great work this season. I appreciate all the help.

    Got one last one for ya: Who’s a good PG to target with Fournier? I’m thinking A.Bradley or Clarkson. Maybe even Schroder since its a dynasty? Any other ideas? (I have Jackson and Payton). I don’t want to undervalue Fournier, but he’s kinda redundant on my team. Anyway, thanks again!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Drez1: Appreciate it, thanks for stoppin by all yr! Ummmm, I’ll say either Clarkson or Schroder would be huge hauls! Well, Clarkson is close, I think Schroder would def be worth it. I’d prob stick with Fournier over Bradley. Other ideas… Ummm maybe you could buy Knight low?

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