One player per game to highlight in a 9 game set.  That’s nine guys!  I’ll try to make it relevant to your team and highlight possible pickups.

So, obviously Andre Drummond is the guy to run to get.  The starter got kicked in the groin and is missing time with an adductor contusion.  Drummond came in and had 24 points and 25 board, along with 5 stocks.  Wow.  It was legit too, not many of those weird tap rebounds where he gets four offensive rebounds because he’s tipping it up.  Run and get him.  After this I think he gets full season value as well.

Day’ron Sharpe is becoming an NBA player in his third season.  Double double last night in 21 minutes,  yes it was the Pistons who are hilarious.  For some context, Sharpe came out after one bad year at UNC and clearly wasn’t ready.  Anyone who saw him play saw potential but no polish.  Guy had to learn to play against guys who are as strong and more athletic.  I think he has done that and is a worthy grab.

The Magic have three centers they are giving minutes to.  None got over 21 minutes.  So none have fantasy value.  Sorry if you are like me and held on to Wendell Carter, Jr.  Frel free to move on from him,  Mo Wagner, and that guy named Goga Bitazde who is actually pretty good.  If one goes down, then it’s like me when my wife comes home with Nerd Gummy’s,  or a kid walks into a cafeteria with Takis.  Why people eat those breathanators is beyond me.  Aren’t you supposed to be impressing girls not chasing away with dragon breath?

Walker Kessler was Sharpe’s teammate for a year at UNC, did you know that?  They both left after the weird Covid year and Ol Roy retiring.  Kessler made his name at Auburn which is funny because they have been paying guys since before it was legal.  Short story long, Kessler is losing his minutes again with Lauri Markkanen back, so you shoulda listened to me about not over-drafting him.  I know, you also listened to me when I said Zach LaVine is headed for a career season,  My mom still loves me,

Julian Champagnie popped his cork and moved into the Spurs starting lineup for a while.  16-5 with 3 stocks will play.  He’s an obvious fifth option and I’m downgrading all Spurs until they do the right think and move Tre Jones to the starting lineup.  JC is not his nickname but it’s way easier to type than his whole name,  and you can fly with him if you want.

“Drop Reath” has to be featured in Christmas week.  Rolled out he holly against the Kings with 25-9.  Not gonna lie, I’ve never heard of the guy until like right now.  He was a true stocking stat stuffer last night!  When he gets minutes he has produced for the Blazers.  We’ll see if that happens and he’s a watch and see guy right now.

I was all set to write up Terrance Mann, as it’s the time of the season where the Clippers will take turns resting their vets.  Alas and a lack, 20 minutes and 4 points won’t cut it.  Speaking of cut, yes, you should cut him.  Yes you should have a couple weeks ago.




Dang it, that was only seven guys, but I mentioned over nine so there we go.  Thanks for reading!