Diapers.  Tires.  NBA in January.

What do they all have in common?

Blowouts.  And they happen when you least expect it.

Not to complain as I know all of you reading are jealous of the glory filled life of a fantasy writer.  But those games are super hard to get a takeaways from.  Oh well.  Nevertheless, I persist.

Warriors vs. Magic

No you psychos, not the Magic of the Warriors, they’re just the teams that played.

Wendell Carter had 21.  No, not points.  Or rebounds.  Or points and rebounds combined, that would be 8.  No, dear Wendell Carter fan, that’s his minutes off of the bench.  The dream is over.

Speaking of dream, Jalen Suggs probably dreams that some of his shots went in (3-14).  Hilariously, all his made shots were three pointers.  He was 0-7 inside the arc.  So much for heating up on shorter shots, right coaches?  He has hot and cold stretches and the cold can tank your H2H stats, but he’s still a fun own.

Jonathan Kuminga started, scored 19-6-4, played 34 minutes, and the Warriors won.  Yes, it’s too late but he’s the guy now.  Trace Jackson-Davis also started but didn’t have the minutes to get stats.

Celtic vs. Thunder

I had that CD in high school.  Remember that weird Gregorian Chant trend in the 90s?  No?  Was that just my friends?  Wait, I wasn’t cool back then?  Why wasn’t this game nationally televised?

Remember Derrick White and his crazy roller coaster of an offseason prediction?  First he was a clever later pick, then got the helium blues and went way high for smart people, then they added players and his stock crashed, but man that guys been better than we could have hoped.  I mean, what guard averages 1.3 blocks?  If I could do the math, I would bet that he is the only guy who contributes in literally every category.  17-4-5 with 50% shooting, 89% FT, 3 3PM, 1.2 steals and under two TO per game.  Just an incredible all around season.

Other takeaways from boring games

Victor Wembanhana should have the most shots for the Spurs every game.  He rarely does.  Pop needs to like coach or something.  Why on earth does Kelden Johnson shoot as much as Wemby?  I mean, he’s fine, but not a generational prospect.  Very frustrating as a Wemby owner.  He’s great, but it seems like he could do more if his teammates, you know, looked for him.  That’s why I hold on Tre Jones;  he’s the best player to help that progress.

We’ve all been waiting the return of a certain Grizzly guard all season, and it finally happened.  Luke Kennard season is upon us!  If you need a three specialist, he hit three threes and yes that’s going to hurt my readability score on this blog.

Damontis Sabonis had 11 TO last night.  That’s like more turnovers than Wendell had stats.

When I was hyping up Coby White I shoulda mentioned that he’s streaky with his shot.  Yes, he was 0-5 again last night.  He also has a wrist thing, left last night with an ankle thing, and has a certain high volume guard coming back next week.  He’s for real, he does enough if the shot isn’t falling, but he isn’t a 24 PPG guy.

Patrick Williams sat with a lingering ankle thing/blowout loss to the Sixers thing.  He’s going to be good, stick with him


Thanks for reading!