The point guard.  The most important position on your team.  Well, maybe that’s debatable, but it’s how I look at it!  PG are strewn all over my top 40 in the overall top 200 for 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball, so I’m probably ending up with at least two in my first four rounds.  A pair of points for the piper!  Yeah, I’m as confused as you with that… And by popular demand, I’ve broken down the PG into tiers (PG as determined by Yahoo position eligibility since 2014-15 RCL Basketball is on Yahoo), along with my mini-blurb and Slim’s projection.  Here’s the top PG for the 2014-15 Fantasy Basketball season:

The “Four Horsemen of the aPGalypse” Tier:

1 3 Stephen Curry, GSW PG, SG Steady as she blows, big threes and big dimes, with a vault in the latter in 13-14. Kerr as the new coach shouldn’t change anything and Curry still has ThrAGNOF king Klay Thompson to camp for treys.
    Slim’s Proj: .465/.900/3.5/24.0/4.1/8.7/1.7/0.2/3.6 :38
2 5 Chris Paul, LAC PG Should have no problem leading in APG yet again in 14-15, after lapping the field by nearly two dimes a game in 13-14.
    Slim’s Proj: .460/.860/1.2/18.0/4.1/10.6/2.3/0.1/2.2:36
3 9 John Wall, WAS PG Led NBA in total assists, played 82 games, and still young and developing with Beal. Hopefully the slight signs of wear down last year (dare I say, he hit a wall?) we be overcome.
    Slim’s Proj: .440/.810/1.3/20.5/4.1/9.2/1.8/0.7/3.6 :38
4 10 Russell Westbrook, OKC PG A rough 13-14 season with injuries and TOs, he developed a career-best perimeter game and I think a healthy season will reap 10th overall value.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.820/1.4/23.0/5.2/7.2/1.8/0.2/3.8 :34

 The “Oh Crap, Everyone is Drafting PG and I Better Get One More!” Tier:

5 19 Damian Lillard, POR PG Opening the run on PGs, Lillard gives you elite 3s/FT%/consistency. Should be third straight season of solid-ness.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.870/2.8/22.0/3.5/6.5/1.0/0.2/2.4 :36
6 20 Goran Dragic, PHO PG, SG One of my big crushes this year, the FG% from a PG is elite. I see dimes going up and an even better follow-up after his 13-14 breakout.
Slim’s Proj: .480/.770/1.4/18.0/3.1/6.2/1.4/0.3/2.7 :34
7 21 Kyrie Irving, CLE PG, SG It’s all postulation, but I think Kyrie can surprise with ratios, get more assists than most (Slim!) expects, but at the expense of a few points.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.860/1.6/18.0/3.4/5.2/1.5/0.3/2.4 :34
8 23 Rajon Rondo, BOS PG There’s a lot of risk in his first healthy year in Brad Stevens’ system, but the development of a perimeter game and upside for 11 assists make him a great high-upside grab.
Slim’s Proj: .445/.630/0.7/12.0/5.3/9.6/1.5/0.1/3.2 :32
9 24 Kyle Lowry, TOR PG A monster breakout last year, I think he can do it again, injury-risk after career-long issue still a big concern.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.800/2.1/17.0/4.4/7.2/1.5/0.2/2.4 :34
10 25 Ty Lawson, DEN PG Chock full of dimebags like a true Denver dispensary!
Slim’s Proj: .440/.790/1.2/18.0/3.4/8.8/1.5/0.2/3.2 :36
11 26 Michael Carter-Williams, PHI PG I’m all-in, elite rebounds from a guard, shot better from the field post-ASB, immense upside.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.710/1.0/18.0/6.4/6.7/2.0/0.7/3.6 :36
12 30 Ricky Rubio, MIN PG The offense continues to be muy mal, but another elite ast/stl season is worth the price of admission.
Slim’s Proj: .390/.800/0.8/12.0/4.2/8.9/2.4/0.1/3.0 :34
13 31 Mike Conley, MEM PG Is the anti-Rubio, safer on all fronts, but without the category-killing upside.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.820/1.4/17.0/2.8/6.1/1.7/0.2/2.1 :34
14 35 Victor Oladipo, ORL PG, SG I’m hoping to get RainbOladipo on all of my teams – Orlando has cleared out the annoying G vets and given him the keys. Lost 20 pounds and is ready for a big breakout.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.790/1.2/17.5/4.7/4.8/1.8/0.6/3.2 :34
15 37 Jrue Holiday, NOP PG The Pelicans are turning into a really interesting team if they can stay healthy, with Jrue the true PG running the show. December slash of 16.3/4.6/9/1.4/0.4 while finally gelling with the offense pre-injury shows you the upside.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.780/1.0/15.0/4.2/7.8/1.6/0.4/3.3 :34
16 38 Kemba Walker, CHA PG Late-January ankle sprain lingered through the end of the season, improving AST:TO ratio while shooting tremendously pre-injury could make a draft day steal.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.820/1.6/18.0/4.2/6.4/1.4/0.4/2.4 :36
17 39 Monta Ellis, DAL PG, SG A rock-solid safety pick, and he should have no problem duplicating 13-14 with maybe even a tad more upside with Dallas’ downgrade at PG.
Slim’s Proj: .440/775/0.8/19.0/3.7/5.9/1.5/0.2/3.1 :36

The “Mostly Old, All Injury-Prone, PG I’m Not Drafting This Year” Tier:

18 44 Eric Bledsoe, PHX PG, SG I expect to be one of the lowest rankers on E Bled, finished only 52nd in per-game last year, contract dispute seems annoying, injury-risk still there, turned the ball over way too much in his first season as a full-time starter.
Slim’s Proj: .465/.780/1.2/17.5/4.8/5.6/1.6/0.4/3.4 :34
19 45 Kobe Bryant, LAL PG, SG Incredibly polarizing – upside is huge, downside is he gets hurt again early on. I feel good with the risk here.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.840/1.3/19.0/4.6/5.0/1.1/0.2/2.0 :34
20 46 Derrick Rose, CHI PG I’m likely passing on D-Rose in all leagues, I think he’s lost too much with the knee injuries and I don’t like the risk.
Slim’s Proj: .420/.820/1.6/18.0/3.2/6.3/0.8/0.4/3.4 :32
21 56 Deron Williams, BKN PG Minutes will be down again and injuries always seem to derail him, but still has some upside. Worth the gamble on his ankles at this point.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.810/1.4/15.0/2.6/6.6/1.1/0.2/2.5 :32

The “OK, Time to Start Reaching for the PG I Like” Tier:

22 63 Jose Calderon, NYK PG I’m buying a decent Ast resurgence in the triangle O, with similar 3s output and low TOs. Was a surprising value last year.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.840/2.3/11.0/2.4/6.1/0.9/0.1/1.6 :32
23 64 Darren Collison, SAC PG McCallum looms, but they gave Colly starting money and he’ll have the keys. Should facilitate well with low TOs.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.840/1.3/14.0/2.8/5.9/1.4/0.2/2.1 :34
24 65 Jeff Teague, ATL PG Was so brutal in January last year, I’m worried by his streakiness.
Slim’s Proj: .455/.840/1.0/17.0/2.7/6.6/1.3/0.3/2.8 :34
25 66 Brandon Knight, MIL PG, SG Numbers were stellar once he was fully back from the early hammy issues, playmakers like Parker and Giannis along with Kidd at the helm give him further breakout upside.
Slim’s Proj: .425/.790/1.6/19.0/3.6/5.1/1.0/0.2/2.7 :34

The “Even Older Injury-Prone PG I’m Avoiding and Poor Ol’ IT2” Tier:

26 69 Tony Parker, SAS PG DNPs, injuries, minutes restrictions, oh my! Wicked witch of the Alamo…
Slim’s Proj: .490/.810/0.4/16.0/2.3/5.8/0.6/0.1/2.2 :30
27 70 Dwyane Wade, MIA PG, SG DNPs, injuries, minutes restrictions, oh my! Wicked witch of having bad knees…
Slim’s Proj: .495/.740/0.3/20.0/4.5/4.8/1.4/0.5/2.9 :32
28 78 Isaiah Thomas, PHO PG I thought IT2 was going to be an interesting sleeper, but he’s getting ranked obscenely high. I don’t think he’s ever the facilitator with Dragic or Bledsoe, and the dimes drop way off.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.850/1.5/16.0/2.4/5.3/1.0/0.1/2.4 :28

The “Getting into the Final Rounds Mishmash Of JB’s Sleepers, a Few Avoids, and Value Picks” Tier:

29 87 Jeremy Lin, LAL PG, SG Low-upside, but Kobe to take the pressure off and a change of scenery could make him sneaky value. Don’t discount those steals!
Slim’s Proj: .440/.790/1.2/14.0/2.8/6.2/1.3/0.4/2.7 :30
30 88 George Hill, IND PG, SG Again low-upside, but could get back to 12-13 numbers with Paul George being out.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.800/1.3/12.0/3.7/4.4/1.0/0.3/1.5 :32
31 89 Elfird Payton, ORL PG Much higher upside and could flirt with numerous trip-dubs, but is a horrible FT shooter for a PG and turns the ball over way too much.
Slim’s Proj: .475/.650/0.5/11.0/5.7/6.9/1.6/0.4/3.2 :32
32 94 Patrick Beverley, HOU PG, SG More minutes with Lin gone, his metric-friendly 3s/low TOs should carry over with good steals. Nothing too exciting, but value will add up.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.810/1.8/12.5/3.8/3.1/1.5/0.5/1.4 :34
33 97 Reggie Jackson, OKC PG, SG Solid as a starter last year, and while most of those starts were without Westbrook, sheer volume of minutes as the probable starting 2 should add up nice numbers.
Slim’s Proj: .450/.880/1.2/14.5/4.4/4.6/1.2/0.2/2.0 :30
34 100 Alec Burks, UTA PG, SG Upside and opportunity, he could be a very sneaky late source of points.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.760/0.8/16.5/3.8/3.0/1.1/0.3/2.1 :32
35 107 Brandon Jennings, DET PG Horrific last year, and Stan Van emphasizing rotations and defense isn’t going to help. But still upside; he’s a talented player.
Slim’s Proj: .390/.780/1.8/15.0/2.9/7.4/1.3/0.1/2.6 :32
36 112 Rodney Stuckey, IND PG, SG George Hill isn’t a passer and Stuckey might be the main offensive catalyst. While on an offensively-challenged team, still think he can surprise.
Slim’s Proj: .425/.830/0.5/15.5/3.2/3.8/0.9/0.2/2.1 :32
37 115 Jameer Nelson, DAL PG Best fit of the 3 Mavericks PGs since he can hit treys. I see him surprising this year as an old vet sleeper.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.830/2.1/11.0/3.2/5.8/0.7/0.1/2.1 :30
38 120 Jamal Crawford, LAC PG, SG Spiked in dimes while CP3 was hurt, minutes and points to regress and late nagging injuries last year scare me.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.870/2.0/16.0/1.9/2.7/0.8/0.1/1.8 :28
39 122 Mario Chalmers, MIA PG Sure there’s some upside with LeBron now gone, but I’m not that enthusiastic.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.770/1.7/11.5/3.2/5.6/1.7/0.2/2.4 :32

The “Throw a Blind Dart and Hope to Hit a Bullseye, Along with Deep-League Value Picks” Tier:

40 129 Trey Burke, UTA PG Anemic steals, horrible FG%, but is the last big minute PG on the board if you need some upside.
Slim’s Proj: .400/.870/1.7/13.5/3.1/5.9/0.8/0.1/2.0 :32
41 137 Tony Wroten, PHI PG In 16 starts put up 17.8/4.4/5.2/1.2/0.4, but lots of TO and the worst FT shooting G in the NBA. Might get a shot to start at the 2 which makes him interesting.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.660/0.7/13.5/3.4/3.2/1.1/0.2/2.8 :26
42 139 Kendall Marshall, MIL PG Upside limited to dimes, but at least it’s a tough to find cat especially this late. Will move up if he’s given the starting gig.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.680/0.9/7.5/2.1/6.4/0.7/0.1/2.0 :24
43 143 Dante Exum, UTA PG Minutes are there for the taking, but he’s so so raw. Already feeling iffy having him even this high.
Slim’s Proj: .400/.720/0.6/8.5/2.4/2.9/0.8/0.1/1.7 :24
44 144 Avery Bradley, BOS PG, SG Brings you some scoring and out-of-position boards, but not too much upside.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.790/1.6/15.5/3.7/1.6/1.1/0.1/1.8 :32
45 153 Jarrett Jack, BKN PG, SG Will fill in admirably in the Shaun Livingston role, doing nothing exceptional but being useful.
Slim’s Proj: .430/.840/0.9/11.5/3.1/4.3/0.7/0.2/1.8 :30
46 163 C.J. McCollum, POR PG, SG Really if he was anywhere else he could be a major sleeper, still should see productive minutes as main backup G.
Slim’s Proj: .440/.810/1.6/13.5/3.6/2.7/1.2/0.2/1.9 :26
47 165 Cory Joseph, SAS PG Another sleeper pick due to lack of roster depth, Patty Mills is coming off rotator cuff surgery and Tony Parker is always hurt. Could leave Joseph with a lot more minutes than people expect.
Slim’s Proj: .460/.820/0.4/8.5/2.7/2.9/1.0/0.3/1.1 :20
48 166 D.J. Augustin, DET PG So much more efficient than Brandon Jennings, Stan Van emphasizing rotations should give him solid run.
Slim’s Proj: .415/.880/1.3/10.5/1.7/3.9/0.7/0.1/1.6 :24
49 177 Shaun Livingston, GSW PG, SG Toe surgery to keep him out right until opening tip, but big PG/SG backup minutes await with no one else there.
Slim’s Proj: .470/.820/0/7.5/2.6/3.1/0.8/0.3/1.2 :20
50 178 Marcus Smart, BOS PG With Rondo still there, upside is bleak but could get extended run in the 2nd half.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.760/1.1/11.0/4.1/3.2/1.2/0.3/1.8 :26
51 180 Randy Foye, DEN PG, SG Had a huge year last year, but a greatly reduced role behind Lawson and Afflalo in 14-15.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.850/1.3/10.0/2.1/2.5/0.6/0.2/1.2 :22
52 183 Ray McCallum, SAC PG Collison is a guy I like, but Ray MAc could push for decent minutes after his huge April last year.
Slim’s Proj: .390/.750/0.6/7.0/1.9/2.8/0.6/0.2/1.0 :20
53 195 O.J. Mayo, MIL PG, SG Not touching him in any leagues, going to really struggle for minutes.
Slim’s Proj: .410/.820/1.3/10.0/2.2/2.0/0.5/0.2/1.5 :20
54 196 Zack LaVine, MIN PG Deserving of the upside play for the 2nd half prospects, likely to have no consistency early on. May get some experience with some extended run post-ASB.
Slim’s Proj: .390/.800/0.3/5.0/1.2/1.0/0.3/0.1/0.8 :12


Man, it thins out quick!  And the sleeper upside is so small for the late round guys that I think you gotta load up on the big names.  17 PG in the top 39 of my ranks really solidifies that I’m getting two points early.  MCW who I have way above the consensus is likely to be one of them as my PG2.  I hope you like how we did the position breakdown this year, as always shoot your thoughts below and happy PG hunting!

  1. Bostonfan says:

    Wow, this is simply awesome! I am tempted not to share this with my friends since its just so good!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Bostonfan: Haha thanks so much man! Well, you could always share us with them post draft if you’re afraid they’re gonna take your picks 🙂

  2. Richo says:

    This is great, would be a real handy draft tool with all the positions.. You say MCW may end up being your PG2 (I’m devo I missed out on him). Are you planning on taking two PG’s with your top three picks?
    I’ve got one guy from each of the top three tiers in my 14teamer.

    • Richo says:

      @Richo: Nevermind, I just re-read at the top that you were hoping to get two PG’s in your first 4 rounds.
      I managed to get 3rd ranked Curry at pick 5, got 37th ranked Jrue at pick 61 and 56th ranked Deron at pick 95.. Didn’t really target any of those guys but the value kept coming for me at PG

      • Boom Shakalaka says:


        How many PG’s is too many? I’m in a 10 team keeper that only has G,F,C as positions. I already get to keep Lawson and Westbroom in the 4th and 6th round. Would it be over kill to target two more elite guard and who would you target?

        • JB Gilpin

          JB Gilpin says:

          @Boom Shakalaka: No not at all, I ideally would have no SG on my team and all PG (well maybe some PG/SG, but you know what I mean). Definitely would target more point guards, what pick do you have and who do you think you’d be choosing from?

          • Boom Shakalaka says:

            @JB Gilpin:

            I wont know what pick until the begining of Oct but I’m assuming between 5-8 sounds about right as we are reseeding from last years playoff success and the top 3 losers get to pick which spot to draft then the rest get seeded from highest to lowest form playoff success. I came in 3rd so the botton half sounds about right.

            I should also mention that since its a keepers league we all get to keep 2 peoples outside of the first two rounds. Here a list of who I think will be off the board. Maybe you can tell me what stats will be more vauble and which players to target even harder…


            Thanks as always

            • JB Gilpin

              JB Gilpin says:

              @Boom Shakalaka: Well it’ll be tough to know until all the keepers are announced, but Curry Harden Wall aren’t on there, and I indeed would target PG early and build on big men late. On today’s pod we talked a lot about sleeper big men, a ton more of those to get late than pg. Any time!

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Richo: Whoa, I hate Deron but 95?! That’s unreal value, I probably would’ve had to pick him the pick before. Love the Jrue value and Curry falling to 5 is insane, good stuff! I guess I really do rank my PG way high, but I think it’s how you win!

        • Richo says:

          @JB Gilpin: Yeah, I hate Deron but I couldn’t avoid the value. I am slim on big fella’s though.
          A guy in our league took him in the first round last year and he’s been copping it from everyone since then. That’s probably why no one was game to touch him this season. He took J-Smoove early second, he did not have a good year.

          I’m usually one to go a punting strategy of some sort but I’m finding my team covers it’s own weaknesses. I know you like an even spread across cat’s.
          Any tips on how/who I could trade to develop a punt?

          PG: Jrue
          SG: Curry (if he has dual position)
          SF: Kawhi
          PF: Millsap
          C: Drummo (love him way too much, really want to build around him again)
          G: Deron
          F/C: Giannis

          B: Henson
          B: KCP
          B: Draymond
          B: Wiggins

          I reckon I’m pretty flexible with some guys who can play SG/SF which will help cover the last two playing spots to play tall or small. I reckon to get best value on these guys, I’ll have to let them play for a bit and have the stats before moving them. Dwight and DeAndre were both drafted 2nd round so it’ll be hard to trade for them I think.
          Keen to hear the new podcast to get some tips on sleeper big men I could get from FA

          • JB Gilpin

            JB Gilpin says:

            @Richo: Took Deron in the first round?! Wowzer! Then J Smoove… Wow rough 13-14…

            Tough for me to suggest anyone to move because I like them all. To be honest, punting Reb/Blk might be the easiest to punt (mostly BLK) by dumping Drummond. But I know you love him 🙂

            Hope you liked the Pod from yesterday we def talked up a lot of later pick bigs!

  3. kisses says:

    This is wonderful. Baseball is winding down and, for me, Fantasy Football is really just a way to pass the time until Basketball season. Thanks and looking forward to a whole lot more!

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @kisses: Thanks so much! I’m kinda the same way, fantasy football is fun once you remove yourself from taking it seriously since it’s 95% luck haha. All other position tiers are coming out every day this week through the weekend and about to do a pod, we’re loving the hoops! Thanks again!

    • Mike says:

      @kisses: I finally gave up on fantasy football because of injuries I had in 2013. Love my baseball and basketball.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Mike: Glad to hear it! I bet a lot of people are about to quit on it after the start this year too, man so many guys are hurt. Or facing off the field suspensions.

  4. Phamtastic

    Khang says:

    Seems like everyone’s reaching for Calderon and MCW in the mocks. I know I myself will be!

    Will Reggie Jackson really get the PT? He was someone I didn’t have on my watch list, but those projections looks pretty tempting.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Khang: Yeah they have no reason to not give him either the starting SG role or 6th man role, either way I think he’s a 30 MPG guy. Won’t be huge in that role. But pretty consistent. Reach for MCW train!

  5. Ryan says:

    I need to choose two to keep in 12 H2h
    Lebron 1st
    Westbrook 2nd
    Wall 3rd
    I lose the round I picked them in…I kno.
    a good problem to have but I’m torn

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Ryan: As crazy as it sounds I lose LeBron. Wall is by far the best value and definitely should be kept. Since you get a 1st round pick by losing LeBron you should expect to still get a top 10 player. If you kept LeBron and lost Westbrook, I bet Westy would be gone by your 2nd round pick and you’re going to be left with a much harder decision to make. Yeah I would keep the 2, 1st round projected PGs.

      • Ryan says:


    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Ryan: I’m probably throwing back LeBron too, but do you know what pick you’ll have? If you’re pick 11 or 12 I’m throwing back Westbrook, if pick 1-4 or 5 I’m throwing back LeBron, I think that’s the critical factor.

    • Richo says:

      @Ryan: If everyone keeps 2 players the first round could be full of third round guys. Depends what kinda guys are available in the draft pool and what pick you have. If it’s a 12 league and the top 24 are kept, I’d keep LBJ and throw Westbrook back. How many guys will forfeit their first round picks? Your 2nd round pick could be top 5 after keepers are taken.

      • Ryan says:

        @Richo: That’s my main concern with throwing Lebron back. I’ll have the sixth pick in the first, but there may be only third rounders there. I think Westbrook carries the most concern, although Lebron may have a drop off in Cleveland. However if I was to keep Westbrook and Wall I would own quote a few categories whereas Lebron spreads out the talent across the board. Thanks for the replies, I’m glad to know I’m not crazy for even having had the thought of throwing Lebron back.

  6. Ryan says:

    Sorry Slim and JB I tried to link you guys to my reply but failed, I love the info you guys provide thanks

  7. Ties says:

    Very nice and helpful rankings. Thanks!

    Question though: who would you rank higher in a league without TO’s: Conley or Holiday? I’m leaning towards the latter, but will he stay healthy?

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Ties: Thanks man! I think I’d still go Conley, but makes them very very close. I love Holiday’s upside though.

  8. CTMN says:

    Question for JB and Slim: now that the Kings signed Ramon Sessions, what does thsi mean for Darren Collison? I know he’s still starting, but do you think he moves down at all? I’m already kinda scared to pick him because his role seems less secure than guys like Teague, Calderon and Brandon Knight.

  9. melo07 says:

    Hi sir JB and Slim

    can you help me on whom should i pick at 14 and 15th pick coz our league is a 14 team and sad to say im the last one to pick..also, what position should i pick up with that particulary picks coz my nex pcik will be 42nd and 43rd i guess, so i think it would definitely critical for me to build on the 14th and 15th since my next picks would be too far again…

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