My first RCL draft is in the books!  I may drop another league closer to the start of the season – we’ll see on that.  [editor’s note – if you’re interested in joining an RCL league, you can take a spot in several leagues with openings here!]   At any rate, I’m fairly happy with how this draft went.  I had the 11th pick, so that was ugly, but I caught a break in the first round, and I don’t think I blew it too badly after that.  You can be the judge though!

League Draft Overview

My Team:

PGChris Paul
SGKyrie Irving
GAvery Bradley
SFEvan Turner
PFPaul Millsap
FMyles Turner
CNikola Vucevic
CRyan Anderson
UTILJordan Clarkson
UTILEric Gordon
BNBuddy Hield
BNDario Saric
BNCourtney Lee

My initial evaluation is that I have a pretty well rounded squad.  I could be a bit short in the blocks area, but hopefully I can stream some.  Millsap and Turner should provide a good base there.  One thing I did notice was the complete lack of SF Talent, once we get passed Parsons, Ariza, Wiggins and Fournier (Basically round 6).  I’ll get into that more as we go along though.  Let’s get into this!

Round 1, Pick 11 – Chris Paul I was incredibly happy that he fell to me at 11.  Slightly stunned at that.  Anthony Davis, LBJ, Paul George, and Giannis went before him.  Not a lot to say about CP3.  He’s a fantastic all around guy, and I’m more than happy to build around him!

Round 2, Pick 14 – Paul Millsap – Once again, my choice was easy.  Sapper is a 1st round guy, and I think the injured tag scared some people away.  He’ll be ready to rock by the time the season starts though, and all of that multi-cat goodness is mine!

Round 3, Pick 35 – Kyrie Irving – I love Uncle Drew, and this pick just made a lot of sense.  At this point, I was looking to not punt anything, so Irving’s solid percentages were very appealing.  Derozan was another option, but I wanted the treys and assists from Kyrie.

Round 4, Pick 38 – Myles Turner – Here’s where things get interesting.  I was debating between Ibaka and Turner with my last pick, but I decided to wait, and the decision was made for me.  Having the younger of the two is not a bad thing though, and hopefully he can be a defensive monster.  Not a lot of big men, that provide good percentages, beyond this point.

Round 5, Pick 59 – Nikola Vucevic – I was slightly surprised he fell so low… Besides Fournier, he is the only scorer in Orlando, and I see no reason why he won’t get his 30 minutes.  The Magic have shown in the preseason that they don’t mind playing big, so he’s going to get time.  Plus, I’m betting he averages over 10 boards again if he plays next to Ibaka a lot.

Round 6, Pick 62 – Ryan Anderson – My target at this point was Wiggins, but I got sniped by the one team that autodrafted… Go figure.  I decided to head in the other direction with Rhyno.  Some people may not be fans of this pick, but he is going to put up stats, and a lot of them.  D’antoni is running the show in Houston, so I highly recommend buying as many Rockets players as you can.

Round 7, Pick 83 – Avery Bradley – A boring pick, but I like the production, and rumor has it, his assists will pick up a bit.  Meh.

Round 8, Pick 86 – Jordan Clarkson – Debated about Devin Booker here, but I wanted more volume than he guaranteed.  Plus, I love this young Laker back court.  Russell and Clarkson will be fun to own this year, regardless of the team’s record.

Round 9, Pick 107 – Eric Gordon – Love Gordon here.  Frankly, I think JB completely whiffed on his ranking of EG… Likely the starting SG in a run and gun offense – I’ll take that all day long!  Sure, health could be a concern, but I doubt he gets injured shooting 3s, and I don’t picture the Rockets being a scrappy defensive squad…

Round 10, Pick 110 – Buddy Hield – Buddy Buckets!  I’ve been on the Buddy bandwagon for a while now…  Check that link if you haven’t seen my thoughts.  Yes, those percentages are a bit high, but with the injuries, Buddy should have a very high usage rate this season.  110 is a steal.  Don’t let the haters tell you otherwise!  Someone put Hield almost 50 spots behind Rondo in his ranks… Haters gon hate.  Jussayin.

Round 11, Pick 131 – Evan Turner – Finally!  A small forward.  Nothing too exciting, but I wanted more help in the assist department.  Turner should fill that position quite well.

Round 12, Pick 134 – Dario Saric – Lot of playing time, Coaches like him, and a great skillset.  I’ll take a flyer on him.  Worst comes to worst, I’ll drop him if the TOs get out of hand.  The upside is too tantalizing to turn down though.

Round 13, Pick 155 – Courtney Lee – Steals, 3s, no TOs.  Meh.  I needed SF depth, and Lee won’t hurt me.

That wraps it up for me!  Leave your opinions and judgement in the comments below, and remember to stay Razzy!

  1. Osama says:

    Remember the hield and saric picks as you got both just a couple spots ahead of me. However I’m happy with this team and def looking fwd to matching up.

    As boring as deng and deron are feel like getting them in 110+ & 135+ range represents great value for my squad.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Osama: Definite health risks, but yeah, probably worth it at that point.

      Good luck this year!

  2. Lasandro says:

    I get what you’re saying re: Clarkson, but I’m not the biggest buyer on him THAT early in drafts. It seems as though Walton is quite content with having him come off the bench as a high-powered sixth man, if any of his interviews and preseason rotations are anything to go off. I think that makes him a bit risky IMO.

    If you drafted Kyrie, Rhyno and Avery, why were you intent on drafting Hield? Your 3s seemed quite safe. Just curious as to what you think Buddy is gonna do this season beyond score and hit 3s, a la E Gordon (I’ve read your previous post btw).

    Loving that bold Turner pick. I really do hope he gets a decent helping of mins. And you’re right about Vuc being a focal offensive player for that team.. just hope Vogel sees it that way, too.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Lasandro: The preseason rotations haven’t been an indicator to my knowledge. Clarkson has been the most consistent preseason contributor, but again, I doubt we see the real rotations til the last few games, if at all.

      Okay, here’s the reasoning: I’m quite high on Hield. I’m not counting on Gordon to stay healthy, but I love his value when he is, so I have a natural fill in with Hield. If they both stay healthy, then they will be worth a solid amount, and I’ll sell for a need. Last few rounds, I focus on value.

      I think he gets enough minutes to help me in blocks, and that’s all I ask!

  3. Slim

    Slim says:

    Some interesting picks… Jokic 36, Nurkic 74. Whatever, I’m over it.

    Curry/Drummond FT punt team is Ok, didn’t go full punt but still has no chance at ever winning FTs. But he did a good job with his FG%.

    Team Harden is different, heavy FG% punt but should be real solid in the counting stats.

    Team Durant is pretty solid, definitely a punt block team, but he did good with all those guards and solid rebounding bigs even though they don’t block.

    Westbrook/Jordan is weird. Is it a FG punt? No. DeAndre (and Howard) makes it a FT punt. Pretty solid combo of age and youth though.

    I like team KAT. Lots of out of position assists to go with few PGs. Did a good job dealing with the lack of 3s later in the draft instead of early.

    Team Giannis is going to be fun. A bit of a reach for Gorgui but fine and a bit of injury risk with Parsons, Favors, Gallo but I like it. Gallo was a great pick to make up for the low end FT%.

    Team Brow is strong. Maybe 1 more big though. So much upside on this team and it’s upside that I think comes though. A bit shy on assists, esp when Reggie returns.

    Team Bron is odd. Melo doesn’t really fit, Capela/Gobert makes it a FT punt but Wall, Russell, Knight are pretty big FG% drains. I don’t know… Assists are great but I’m concerned this might also be a punt TO team.

    George/Cousins, ok it’s a TO punt. Love/DeRozan, ok it’s also a FG punt. Rondo is the PG1? Uhoh. There’s also very few blocks on this team. Out of them all this is the one I’m worried about the most.

    Kawhi/Lowry. Sure. Some big reaches here. LaMarcus 34. RoLo 63?! Reggie probably saved the draft since it’s really hurting in assists. I’m concerned about FG% with Lowry, CJ, Ariza, and esp Rose.

    Team CP3. My kind of draft. PG/C/PG/C/C/C/PG/PG. Although it’s really relying on Turner each week to compete in blocks. But there does seem to be quite a few guys that only (mostly) contribute in points/3s.

    Lillard/Whiteside. OK. Jokic/Ibaka. OK steals are a punt. Next PG is Jrue at 109. So it’s gonna struggle in assists too. I’m guessing this is the autopicked team.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Slim: PGs and Cs are all you need! I’ll likely end up moving one of my shooters, hopefully for a shotblocker. I wouldn’t say that any of them are complete THRAGNOFs though. Plus, with 3s and scoring locked up, Turner becomes much more valuable.

      Team Kawhi probably saw RoLo’s fabulous trey shooting in college…

      • Team K! says:

        @Adam: But Rondo Says ROLO is gonna be an all star! Aint never see rolo play nothing.
        Honestly, it was a bit of a push to get blocks and decent ft%. Looking at the team at that point, i had scoring and treys with hopefully low turn overs. Assists were fast slipping as was FG%.

        Lamarcus, i think i needed low TO points and rebounds.

        Went after keeping FT high, with blocks and rebounds!

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Team K!: I don’t mind RoLo at all. Just seems a bit high, but hey, if he’s a guy you want, then you gotta go after em!

    • jay says:

      @Slim: Thanks for the commentary!

      i knew that if i was going in with Harden as 1st pick, i’m likely to punt FG. bigs drafted aren’t your high FG bigs but they all contribute something to assts. FT might be an issue in the sense that ideally you’d like to be cream of the crop on FT with Harden on your team. we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Bryce Krispie Treats says:

    Ok, now im having a tough time after watching the yahoo rankings change over the past few weeks…

    12 team, 7 cat (3s, pts, rebs, asts, stls, blks, tos) and no percentages. 3 year keepers.

    Im keeping Myles Turner for $3 for sure.

    Now I have to choose between Jokic and Schroder for $1. I thought Schroder was a lock in my book, but after seeing that hes going for $30+, its making me rethink my choice. Your thoughts???

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Bryce Krispie Treats: I’m going Jokic there without too much hesitation. He should be a beast down the road, if not this year! I’m just not that high on Schroeder personally. He’s good, but Jokic has elite upside.

  5. Scott says:

    Attempted a punt points build in a mock draft. Except for trying to be cute and pick up Mirotic before Hollis-Jefferson (who was picked), I pretty much got who I was targeting. Anything I should change?

    PG George Hill
    SG Buddy Hield
    SF Jae Crowder
    PF Kristaps Porzingis
    C KAT
    G Elfrid Payton
    F Nikola Jokic (for you, Slim!)
    UTIL Al Horford
    UTIL Chandler Parsons
    UTIL Danny Green
    BE Nikola Mirotic
    BE Patrick Beverly
    BE Jared Sullinger

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Scott: This really doesn’t look like a punt points build haha. It seems to just be lacking identity. If anything, you’re punting assists. Everything else looks fine. I think you get enough blocks from Goose, Kat, and Horford to be competitive.

  6. zaphrodesiac says:

    here’s my RCL squad I drafted. I like the mix of floor and ceiling, but I’m biased


    PG Curry
    SG Irving
    G Teague
    SF Gay
    PF Porzingis
    F Capela
    C Gobert
    C Monroe
    Util Booker
    Util Deng
    BN M Plumlee
    BN D Rose
    BN Mozgov

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @zaphrodesiac: Looks fairly solid, although you may have some issues with FT% and blocks. Hard to tell there though. That depends a lot on volume from Gobert and Capela in both categories.

      • MAC says:

        @Adam: FT is def a punt with capela though better than the dj drum dwight teams. BLKS shud be elite with this drafted team, considering u do have a tad too much bigs. maybe flip mozgov for a 3 and d wing with upside in the free agent pool.

  7. Dru says:

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