Why. Yes. I. Did. Now from when did I miss you is another question? From last year’s playoffs when Zach Lowe awarded you an island after your own name? Or was it just from this year when you provided 6th round value out of someone essentially undrafted?

For the first time this year, we have a second-timer as the highlight. And yes, Dion Waiters, you actually deserve it. Coming back from injury wasn’t enough to get back to the top of the scrap heap. No, you needed a few games to get your legs back. I get it. Haha, goodness, at 30 I need a few weeks to get my legs back. I’m also not an NBA vet, though (sadly). Nope, just a washed up college volleyball player. And before you think too much of me, that would be club volleyball, because in the south boys don’t play volleyball growing up. And neither did I, but white boy shooters without enough quickness to blow by smaller defenders don’t get the chance to play big league basketball. Thankfully, Dion has it, though. And enough swag where I probably could have borrowed some. Oh, and thankfully for fantasy…he’s vastly under-owned.

Oh, wait, you thought I looked like the other Deion?

(Or do I?)

The 7 Ahead

  • 5-game week: N/A
  • 2-game week: DET, LAL

Overall Thoughts: 

Top Weekly Waiver Options (<40% owned in Y!/games this week):

  • Dion Waiters (26%/4) – I mentioned most of the hype above, but a further look into the stats breathes a little affirmation to the gaudy proclamations you just read (hopefully. Can I assume you read that?). Since really rounding back into form four games ago he’s averaging over 30 MPG, which may be the biggest reason to take a trip out to his island once more. The Heat are a clustereff (yep, that’s a word. There may be children reading) where journeymen like Wayne Ellington and James Johnson can hoist 10+ shots per contest. Give me Waiters and his 15+ shots as a lock. He plays with the ball in his hands, has a few weapons around him to finish when he forces his arms to pass the ball, and is always a threat to blow up like he did Saturday night: 33/3/3/1 in 33 minutes on 64.3% shooting. WAY too many 3’s were mentioned perviously, so I’ll just spell out that he drained five three’s, as well. Of all the options, he’s the most predictable for high scoring outbursts. He’s the gem.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr. (33%/4) – Many times my focus for these highlights is on the past 7 days, but with Hardaway the track record can be stretched well beyond that. Over the past month THJ’s putting up more than 10 shots per game, leading to 13.2 PPG at a healthy 48.1% clip. He’s not going to blow your opponent away with the side stats, but he offers enough consistent scoring and 3PM to be worthy of the add, especially on the 4-game weeks like this one. Anything 12-team and deeper deserves a look this way.
  • Caris LeVert (20%/4) – Is it finally time to unleash this beasty rookie in New Jersey? Haha, why the hell not if you’re the Nets. Oh, wait…did I say New Jersey? Sorry, that’s just the last time this franchise was worth anything (and don’t give me the past their prime KG/Pierce/Joe crew. They’d rather play BINGO in Brooklyn than basketball). What else are you trying to do this year? The Michigan product, LeVert, is an athletic freak of genetics with enough ball skills to provide in multiple categories. If they take the training wheels off him to provide the green light for aggressiveness his three-game line of 13.3/3/4 in less than 25 MPG could become the floor. He won’t get the minutes to rise too much higher this year, but those stats, on his good shooting, are worth a stash at minimum.
  • Frank Kaminsky (17%/4) – Frank the Tank’s back to his scoring ways the past week or so. He’s not just streaking around the quad, but he’s doing it with both offensive and defense lately. Cody Zeller is still the better big white man in Charlotte, but Kaminsky’s averaging 2+ 3PM and 2+ SPG in his past three games. He’ll keep streaking, because, well, that’s what he does, but with four contests he’s sneaky PF/C addition if you’re in need of 3PM and scoring. The steals? Don’t bank on them, but they’re a bonus.
  • Iman Shumpert (12%/4) – I almost highlighted Shump given what he’s done since entering the starting lineup to start last week: 16/5/1/2 with 3.5 3PG and shooting 61% from the field. In this offense, and playing next to playmakers far better than him, he was never going to shine as a fantasy option, but he’s more than a perimeter defender with an occasional shot. Shumpert was a do everything guy in college, and with the Knicks showed he can produce in multiple cats, so if the minutes and shots start coming his way this is a sneaky add. The biggest add, though, is the 3’s. 14 in his past 4 games. A little LeBron James DNP wouldn’t hurt, either.
  • T.J. McConnell (28%/4) – The gem of last week is still absolutely worth the add if you need the assists, but the impending debut of Ben Simmons, and the scoring possibilities of Waiters, make McConnell lost the luster. But only slightly. It’s still rare to find his assists on the wire, so when there are four games on the docket go grab him if you’re in need. Since returning from his little injury nonsense he’s averaging more than 33 minutes per game, and just dropped 11 dimes against the Hawks Saturday. You can’t find that everywhere. Or anywhere, for that matter, on the waivers. He’s worth the rental. Still.

And now a look at the daily rhythms of the NBA for this week!

Monday: 9 GAMES – Take note of the NBA’s rhythm: 9 games seems to be the standard for Mondays. Coming off a lite Sunday, Mondays have been on the heavier side of things lately. Not complaining, though! Not with the NFL about to be in full hiatus for a total of three weeks. I can’t wait to watch Enes Kanter (have you seen how good he’s been lately for fantasy?) and Steven Adams bang down low against Rudy Gobert and the Jazz, but my eyes will be fixed to the Giannis Antetokounmpo v. James Harden rubber match. Harden’s been playing a lot better than the Greek Freak lately, and I wouldn’t expect that to change in Milwaukee on Monday. Side note, it’s a four-game week for Russell Westbrook again this week after just two over his past seven. And all the Russy owners in weekly leagues collectively exhaled a big ‘Hallelujah!’

Tuesday: 6 GAMES – A decent stream day with six contests, we get to see the upstart 76ers (did I just write that?) host the depleted Clippers. He’s owned too much to mention him, but grab Austin Rivers if he’s not owned with the Chris Paul injury. DeAndre Jordan became an absolute monster since Blake Griffin went down, but I’m hesitant to say he can keep it up without CP3 running the offense. No worries, though, because really I just wanna see Joel Embiid hit the court again after missing him in Atlanta Saturday. Sadness. Process. I trust it. I’m just jealous.

Wednesday: 10 GAMES – It’s a heavier week for the league period, but this is the most amount of teams to take the floor in over two weeks. Your stars should fill most of your roster on Hump Day, but the Houston/Boston matchup takes the cake as the best. The third best team in each conference should provide plenty of fireworks and offense. Money’s on Houston, though.

Thursday4 GAMES – Another stream day highlighted by Phoenix’s visit to Utah. Have you seen Devin Booker‘s stats in January? This joker’s 20 year’s old and averaging 26.8/2.5/3.0 on 49% shooting with 2.4 3PM. The big difference for his emergence is his increased aggression and ability to get to the line. The FTA are up nearly three a game to 6.9 per contest. When you shoot 85.5% from the line that’s nothing but helpful. His percentages are incredibly strong for his high volume, and, folks, we have a budding star down in the desert. Now, if he can do it up in Salt Lake, that would be a feat against the league’s best defense.

Friday10 GAMES – When 20 teams take the floor you’re relying on your studs, but if you have a gap here’s a great opportunity to see what Chris LeVert can give to you. Facing the Cavs, his Brooklyn Nets are sure to lose, but with the elevated competition, will LeVert up his game? I’m guessing so, and along with the huge point differential likely coming their way, plenty of garbage time could pad some stats for him. He’s so far away from the guys in this game, but it’s a good showcase to see what he can do.

Saturday: 7 GAMES – The Clippers @ the Dubs gets the national spotlight, but do you really think LA minus CP3 can hang? Um, no, boo boo. So, instead, check out how many points Isaiah Thomas drops in the fourth quarter against the Bucks. The Celtics are a legit threat in the East, and with the way Isaiah is playing to close out games he absolutely deserves to be an All-Star. In fact, he should be starting. Over Kyrie Irving. Easy. And I’d take Kyle Lowry over DeMar DeRozan, but no one’s asking me. I turned my single fan ballot in, for whomever was looking for it out there, haha.

Sunday: 8 GAMES – Remember that whole lite on Sunday, heavy on Monday thing? I was just playing, haha. It’s the NFL’s bye week before the Super Bowl, so here’s your outlier. The Cavs are in full cruise control mode, so the visiting Thunder probably won’t be as fun as it should be. I doubt LeBron wants to triple-double race with Russy in January. Instead, the nightcap could bring some fun basketball. Remember that time Damian Lillard dropped 50 on the Warriors? Well, let’s see if he can do it again Sunday night in Portland, because that’s the only way they can steal a game from Golden State.

Now, DROP THOSE COMMENTS! And don’t be afraid to send along any questions on trades, pickups or life! Good luck in Week 14!

  1. Fitz says:

    Hey man! Great article as always! I’m in a 16 team H2H league for this one and I’m planning to drop Sullinger.

    Would you suggest picking up Chriss, Shumpert or not dropping Sullinger?

    Thanks [email protected]!!!

    • @Fitz: 16 team makes it tough. Chriss has the most upside, but probably not this year. I’d take Shumpert right now while he’s hot. Take the stats when you can get them.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Nick woods says:

    I’m in a 12 team 9 cat HTH league. I’m wondering if I should target anyone in a trade? My team is KD, Lebron, Lillard, BroLo, Reggie Jackson, Enes Kantar, D. Rose, Vucevic, Terrence Jones, MKG, Felton, Rivers, and Garret Temple. I know I can’t trade my waiver guys, but I’ll entertain any trade ideas, since I know I’m weak in boards. Thanks.

    • @Nick woods: That’s crazy strong with those first three. Since you have plenty of scoring, and you can find points on the WW, I may try to ship Lopez out for someone who brings more big man stats than Lopez’s points. Maybe something like Lopez and Jones for Chandler and Chandler? Haha, just as an idea.

  3. Wen says:

    Hi [email protected], I already stashed Middleton in my only IR spot. Lin and Gasol just got dropped. Lin should come back earlier, Gasol is so so and Middleton has some unknown. What should I do? Thanks for the help.

    • @Wen: Gasol should be back after AS Break, and I’d rather have him down the stretch than the others, but it really comes down to positional and stat need, I guess. Either way, I’m choosing Lin and Gasol over Middleton, because there’s no guarantee Middleton even plays. I like him as a stash, but not when those others are there.

      Base the stash on the contract of your team. Both should be solid.

  4. Hugh says:

    good article….been offered paul george and tyreke evans for my schroeder and klay thompson in 16 team dynasty 9 cat with DD as a cat…thoughts?

    • @Hugh: Dynasty….the double double hurts all involved, but I’ll stick with Klay/Schroder. A) They’re younger. B) They’re healthier. C) I don’t want any part of Tyreke. And D) if Klay leaves GS he’s in store for a huge upgrade potentially.

      Yep, I’d turn down the best player this time given their age, ceilings and health.

  5. Mr. Blast says:

    12 team deep H2H.

    Recently picked up Zubac to stash. But Saric just got dropped today.

    Should I make the swap & pickup Saric dropping ZuTang ? Looking ROS.

    Needs are boards & blocks. FG% would help.

    • @Mr. Blast: Saric. Easy. Even without the huge blocks and boards, I don’t know that Zubac gets enough PT to matter in a 12 teamer.

  6. Tyler says:

    Question 1: 10team league. Bebe or RoLo? punting FTs

    Question 2: Who’s my most droppable player?

  7. marimon says:

    Which side wins, Lord Cov and Vuc or Jokic? thx

    • @marimon: Jokic. Throw ins have to be dominant to make up the ground to the best player. Vuc is incredible, but Jokic is entering another realm altogether. Also, for the counting stats Covington can bring, he’ll hurt you in the % game. Then there’s that whole Ben Simmons lurking thing.

      • marimon says:

        @[email protected]:
        So…I pulled it off, traded my cov+vuc for jokic!

        Thx for the advice, feeling confident about it 🙂

  8. cash says:

    Would you trade Derrick Favors for Deron Williams and Ryan Anderson? 12 team h2h 9 cat. My team:

    G: Stephen Curry, Kyle Lowry, Elfrid Payton, Tim Hardaway Jr., Tyreke
    F: Wes matthews, Parsons, Jae Crowder, Bazemore, Leuer
    C: Brook Lopez, Favors

    • @cash: The total value sways more towards the DWill, Anderson side, but does that mean you’re benching one of Payton or DWill each night? I think I’d rather improve the F area greater than what Anderson brings in a 12 teamer. Shop him around a little more first, aiming for a better F and rebounder.

      However, haha, that’s a ton of value for someone averaging 9 & 7. His upside is higher, but the other two are DOING it right now. Pull the trigger if you feel good about it.

  9. dt says:

    what up [email protected]!

    need some help in a 10 team 9 cat h2h league.

    debating between stashing middleton or picking up one or two of parsons, waiters, or Baze.

    bottom guys on the team I would consider dropping is levert, warren (hasn’t shown the consistency from beginning of year), gary harris, or felton?

    also have…

    curry, lowry, KCP, Griffin, Batum, Drummond, JV, Monroe, Dieng, Covington, Gibson.

    Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!

    • @dt: Downtown. Thanks for the comment!

      I’d rather have Bazemore than Warren, and Waiters than LeVert. Do those moves, and stash Middleton before those moves. That gives you:

      Curry, Lowry, Felton
      KCP, Waiters, Harris
      Tatum, Covington, Baze
      Griffin, Monroe, Gibson
      Drummond, JV, Dieng

      Super deep rosters, but that’s a solid squad. Could use a scoring boost, but Griffin may provide that when he’s back.

  10. Tyler says:

    Harkless got dropped in my 10team and he’s a perfect fit for my punt Ft build. Who should i drop?

    C-Whiteside,Deandre,RoLo(might swap for biyombo or henson)

    • @Tyler: I’d rather have everyone on your roster than Harkless. I don’t understand the value of him that others find. To me, I’m sticking with that roster over picking up Mo.

  11. Tyler says:

    In my 12team, should i drop harkless, aminu or jmyke for lawson, temple or mirotic?

    • @Tyler: I’d hang onto Aminu and JaMychal, but drop Harkless for Temple.

      • Tyler says:

        @[email protected]: Delly is also available. Is he better pickup than temple?

        • @Tyler: Probably really similar value. He has two strong games in a row, but I don’t know that he maintains close to that. It’s a toss up. I’d prefer Temple, but you pick.

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