Razzball Nation!  For most of us H2Hers the season is over, but we’ve still got Roto wrapping up and some ill-conceived H2H finals pressing through, so I wanted to take a quick look at some Daily Notes over the last stretch of action.  Really the only reason it would be fun to still have games matter is if you own superstars on teams vying for the 7th or 8th seed.  Enter Omen, stage left!

Damian Lillard showed Utah why he really hates jazz music, going 59/6/5/1/0, and somehow dropping that kind of line without a TO.  Hit 9 triples and 14-16 FT, on his way to a career and franchise high…  It’s a horror film watching him slice up oppo D’s!  Career-highs in FG%, FT%, scoring, and he’s dropped his TO rate from 3.2 last year back down to 2.6.  Funny how no one complains about his sub-1.0 STL rate though, unlike Dennis Schroder!  But when you’re hitting 3 treys a game at almost 45% from the field, you get a pass!  What a year from “Baby”, as he plays his way into a clear early-to-mid second rounder for drafts in 2017-18.  Can’t wait to unveil some ranks!  Tomorrow we’ll have the Razzies Presentation (if you haven’t voted yet – vote now!), then Wednesday my 2017-18 Top 10.  Fantasy never sleeps over here on hoops!  Here’s what else went down over the past week in fantasy basketball action:

Russell Westbrook It’s hard to believe how mundane it feels that Westbrook has officially averaged a triple-double for the season.  He might be able to do it a few more years on that team, but I don’t think we see any other player for generations get close to 30/10/10.  Fitting he broke Big O’s triple-doubles in a season as well yesterday, going ham on the Nugs to knock them outta the playoffs, going 50/16/10.  Ice man!  Dat cold…

Jamal Murray Lean back Mother F$*&ah, you don’t know me like that!

Can’t wait to be the highest in the industry on Murray next year.  I think he’s gonna have a ridiculous season as the starting PG in Denvah.

Willy Hernangomez While there’s not much of a Willy left for Poppycockers fans, at least they got a little half mast glimpse last night!  24/11/5/3/0 on 9-15 shooting in a game without any of the regulars.  The line-up was super bad!  At least Willie looked McLovin-ish.

Al-Farouq Aminu I hate on his game quite a bit, but he’s on a decent little roll to wrap up the 16-17 season, going 11.7/7.9/1.2/1.3/0.7 with 1.4 treys over his last 10 games.  Without Jusuf Nurkic (fibula fracture – ugh), the Blazers are running pretty tight 7-8 man rotations.  Since the Omen has put this team on his back and they’re making the playoffs, Nurk has a shot to be ready for the first round at least.  I’m gonna be a Blazers fan when they shock the world and beat the Warriors in the first round!

Lance Stephenson – Back on the Pacers, and causing his good ol’ ruckuses!  Too bad for fantasy he’s still completely irrelevant!  but maybe the Pacers keep him around and he can be an interesting deep league guy in 2017-18.  We’ll see how much run he gets in the playoffs.

Shawn Long – Long in the tooth and nail won’t go away!  Wait, is that the phrase?!  Had a 18/6/2 line against Brooklyn last Tuesday, in a completely legit NBA game where Brooklyn won 141-118.  Yuck.  At least Long showed a little promise should he ever get minutes again.

Nikola Mirotic – Makin’ the triples and getting the Bulls close to playoff berth!  Although you can’t lose to the Mess like they did Saturday night, what was that about?!  Miro was 1-9 too…  After a 6 trey game the one before at that!  Ever since that DNP hooblah at the beginning of March, Miro is 16.3/6.7/1.4/0.6/0.9 with 3.2 treys shooting 48.5% from the field over the last 14.  Strong ass finish!  I’ll only like him next year if Hoiberg is fired though…  So kinda cheering for the Bulls to miss the playoffs, hah!

Caris LeVert Also finishing strong, and a big reason the Bulls mighta fubarred away their playoff hopes!  20/4/1 against the Magic on Thursday, then 19/5/1/1/0 on 7-11 shooting with 4 treys in that shocking Bulls win.  We’ll have to see how the Mess assemble their line-up in 17-18, but if Asshat is still there, I won’t even have LeVert as a sleeper.  Hate Asshat.

Jeremy Lin – Better late than never?!  Ending his season strong, including 32/5/3/2/1 against the Magic, with 5 treys in 31 minutes last Thursday.  I actually might like him a decent amount next year, even if Asshat is still around.  He’s so much better than their Mess of other PG they’ve been trotting out there…

Boban Marjanovic Going full Boban!

Somebody give The Ork a shot!  Absolutely destroyed the Rockets on Friday night, going 27/12/2/0/0 with no TO.  Hit 12-18 from the field, which is kinda unfair.  This kinda looks like when I play pickup with my work friends.  No one else is above about 6’1 and I’m 6’7.  I’m posting up on Montrezl Harrell out there!  Boban is a per minutes god when he gets run, but he just needs a home – was plenty fine for 14/10/0/1/0 in only 23 minutes off the bench yesterday on 4-6 FG 6-7 FT…  Maybe that home is under a bridge, I dunno…

Henry Ellenson – A guy we really liked coming out of college for a fantasy-friendly stretch-4 game, finally got some run over the weekend for 15/11/0/0/1 then 9/9/2/0/0.  Could be Frank Kaminsky-ish if given a chance, but better play less minutes than Boban next year!

Ben McLemore I’ve never been a fan, and neither have the Kings, apparently!  But they’re giving him a little run now, giving a big spark on Tuesday’s win against the Mavs scoring 22 points, then scored 18 points yesterday against the Rockets.  Needs a new team to have any draft day fantasy value though…

Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot – Gone gone chasin’ younguns!  I had Luwawu as a lottery gamble in our mock draft, but he fell to the 24th pick to the Sixers, and playing some solid 3-n-D ball!  Not like they’re winning though…  16.1/5.0/2.1/1.7/0.3 with 2.1 treys his last 7.  Shooting only 38.7%, but decent little showing!

Jae Crowder The Boston Clam Crowdah’s elbow is fine!  Or should we call it, his claw!?  24/4/1/1/0 against Atlanta then 15/9/3 on Saturday.  Still not enough steals there, where’s the beef?!  Wait, you don’t put beef in Chowdah!

Paul Millsap Good to see him healthy, that is, unless you were desperately relying on him in a loss in the fantasy playoffs…  Had a huge 26/12/4/2/0 line still coming off the bench last Thursday beating Boston, then an even bigger OT-win yesterday against the Cavs, leading the Hawks with a 22/9/2/1/0 line.  Trillsap ready for the playoffs!

Bryn Forbes Who?!  Did his parents forget the “A” on his Birth Certificate?!  Completely out-of-nowhere 27/3/6 for the Spurs against the Mavs on Friday night, hitting 4 treys.  I kinda remember him from Michigan State, but Pop didn’t even remember the nice game, as he played him only 4:33 on Saturday in a loss to the Clippers…

Gordon Hayward Trust the Gordon’s Fisherman!  Tore apart the Wolves in his second-straight 30+ point game on Friday night, going 39/3/5/2/0.  “Only” 21/5/4 Saturday as his quad flared up again and he’s questionable tonight.  Utah is still playing for home-court, so he might fight through it for tonight, or at least suit up Wednesday for the finale.

James Johnson Year of the neck tat!  Moved into the starting 5 recently, going 26/4/3/2/0 Wednesday at Charlotte, then 22/10/3/3/2 at Toronto on Friday, and kept it rolling for 15/11/5/1/1 at Washington including this game-winner:

Damn, what a season.  I think he has to be a fringe 50-60th pick next year, right?!  Is that crazy?!

Karl-Anthony Towns/Andrew Wiggins Pair of 40-burgers!  Man, makes me remember the days when I would always order two Thickburgers from high school instead of just one…  No wonder I got fat once I stopped growing!  Anddddddd, the Wolves still lost even with both their studs scoring 40 points.  KAT went ham too, going 40/21/4/1/1 for a 40/20 outing.  Goromotaro, and then some!  Wolves really need to learn how to win games though…


I hope everyone had a great 2016-17 season, and if your league is still going on, good luck in the final 3 nights of action!

  1. Fenris-77

    Fenris-77 says:

    Thanks for one final kick at the wrap-up can JB. Personally, I’d place more faith in the Irish sweepstakes than in high-end players doing what they’re supposed to over this last week. Ugh, a mixed bag of huge lines and players no one owns or cares about doing flukey things that will convince some poor schlep to over-draft them next year. ” Oh yeah, Forbes had that huge line that won me my Redneck Retard league for the 12th consecutive year…”, presses draft player in the 9th round. Yeesh.

    Real leagues finished a week ago. 🙂 Anywho, thank for the season of hard work man, much love.

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Fenris-77: Hah totally with ya man, thanks for reading! Yeah it’s just a complete shitshow for teams not in the 6-9 seed range haha.

      Why I think Roto in hoops is so unreliable. If April numbers swing a team that had half their roster get benched/DNPed/shut down/rested, that would be too frustrating to handle haha.

  2. Lasandro says:

    I’m absolutely with ya on Johnson man, but I may be his biggest fan boy. Who gives a shit if he’s pushing 30 – his game is so smooth and controlled, and his body is buy caliente since his Toronto move.he should be at 28 min per next season and there’s no way he won’t be flirting with those sweet 1/1/1’s with decent volume brds and assists. love him.

    For the last two days, is Skal a good streamer for volume FGs? He should play those last two right??

    • JB Gilpin

      JB Gilpin says:

      @Lasandro: Some guys take a little while/right team to break out! He was a per-minute god for a while there iN TOR too.

      Yeah I think Skal should be playing, Kings should see what they have,. Not like he has too many mins on the tires haha

    • Slim

      Slim says:

      @Lasandro: I hate to do it but I think James Johnson is going to be overdrafted next year. Winslow is going to start and see 32-34 minutes at a minimum. When Dragic and Tyler are on the court Richardson will be playing the 3. Over Winslows last 10 games James was playing anywhere from 18-26 minutes with an average of about 24 or so. That’s where I’d put him for next year, so assuming nothing changes I’d give him a line of…

      .470/.700/1.0/10.5/4.4/3.0/0.8/1.0/2.0 :24

      But that’s assuming he doesn’t get any worse at age 30, which he should, both steals and blocks were below his career per36 avg. 3pt% was like .045 over his career avg but that usually gets better as guys get older so that can probably repeat itself, career high FG and FT attempted per 36, and a career high TOs per36. Yes he had a good year, and you could make an arguement for top 100 next year if nothing changes, but certainly nowhere near top 50, because you don’t pay for a career year, *cough* DeMarre Carroll *cough* Jae Crowder *cough*.

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @Lasandro: @Slim: Yeah but the Heat were sooooo much better with him playing more. I think there’s still a possibility Winslow loses out some minutes. I still like my wear-and-tear argument – not like he’s logged the same minutes as some 30 yr olds. I think his blocks and dimes make him more interesting than those pure 3 n D guys

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