Using a little reference there, with regards to the latest election results.  It’s a perfect example of how to never just take the statistics in front us as the end all and be all ESPECIALLY when there are non numerical factors in play.

However, that’s done with, and time to focus more important things in life…the 3 Fs–Family, Friends and Fantasy Basketball.

Here’s this week’s grid. (If you need a reference as to what this grid shows, you can always take a look at my attempt to simplify it.

For easier reference I’ve posted last week’s grid as well just to show how the match-up stats have changed as expected due to the low sample size and how one additional game can cause a big change.  Current week on the left, last week on the right.

matchupswk2               matchupsv2

Some observations:

BOS becomes the best overall matchup while last week, it wasn’t even one of the teams to target. I think they’re missing Al Horford and Jae Crowder a little.

LAC – Maybe it’s just me but this team has looked really good early. Sure, they still have no bench, but they’ve clamped down on opponents and I personally have avoided picking up players that face them especially if it’s a PG. Chris Paul is as tough as they come. The team held the Blazers, a team that averages about 110 PPG to 80 pts after giving up 106 against the same team during their first game against each other.

GSW – As the team continues to adjust to changes, it’s still a decent team to target unless you need to hold down FG%.  I’ve watched several games and the team plays with a lot of pace.

Enough of that and time for some actionable info for the games ahead:



Looking for 3s? If JR Smith is available, might be worth a pick up.  Channing Frye is another that could be a nice stream.



If you want a little of everything (3s, out of position rebs, maybe a stl & a blk) and think this could be a blowout, Jared Dudley could be a target.


Watched this game last night and I think if you’re looking for some steals, Jonathan Simmons is a decent target. HOU plays with a lot of pace and those TOs can pile up providing opportunity for stls. Also 2nd game of back to back for SAS.


CJ Miles for scoring and 3s.


2nd game of back to back for WAS and is a good target for 3s help. I’ve seen Nikola Mirotic dropped in 2 leagues so he and even Doug McDermott could be low risk high reward pick ups for 3s.



If Tyson Chandler has been dropped due to the 2 game DNP and will play, he’s a good target for a team looking for rebound help.

30 point challenge ideas for Friday night?


Orlando has been a mess. Gordon Hayward could have a good night.


Paul George scored 28 last night. Another good choice to get to 30.


No Al Horford, no Jae Crowder, I like Carmelo Anthony’s chances here. I like it better if Derrick Rose would be a DNP.


Good luck to your teams for the remainder of the week and let’s do this again next week.