As I perused my morning NBA box scores over coffee and oatmeal as per usual, I happened to notice some things have changed with some teams.  This may or may not last, or may or may not affect the majority of fantasy teams.  I have no idea.  I just notice things and make recommendations.


The return of Point Zion is upon us!  Even the return of CJ McCollum did not stop Zion Williamson from racking up 32 points, ten boards, and five dimes.  He’s a guy to trade for if someone is worried (rightfully) about an injury, or to trade away if maybe you can find a guy like me who thinks he’s the next Big Thing and a first round pick for years.  Yes, that’s my prediction.

A guy I want to highlight who started is Dyson Daniels.  A 19 year old who toiled in the G League instead of the brighter lights of the NCAA, he went under noticed at draft time.  He has increasingly been a part of their rotation in recent weeks and nailed the start last night.  In dynasty, be all over that guy.  If you are sane and don’t do dynasties, monitor him except in the deepest of deep leagues.  Then I can’t help you except for the sanitarium or something.


I love the Kings.  They play their starters over 28 minutes and give Malik Monk 28 per night.  Everyone else is like a backup on my middle school daughter’s team, get 2 minute bursts to help the starters take a break (or in the case of last night, when someone gets fouled out with an epic flagrant foul!)  Domantas Sabonis, by the way, is playing the Nikola Jokic role.  When they win big, he doesn’t even shoot. But then the assists go up, so huzzah.

Free Richaun Holmes.  The Bulls need a good active big.  Make this happen.


I don’t think Kyle Anderson is going to be the beneficiary of Karl-Anthony Towns’ injury.  He will some nights, but others he’ll only get 22 minutes and put up Patrick Williams numbers.  It seems like D’Angelo Russell will be getting more shots.  I was also hoping to see a Rudy Gobert awakening (Goberkening?).  His offensive skills remarkably did not develop due to another player injury, but he’s getting like all the boards.  It’s a Goberkening on the boards, right?


Big rotation changes last night.  Wholesale, even.  Possibly cataclysmic if you are Cam Reddish’s mom.  Mitchell Robinson is clearly the big to own over Isaiah Hartenstein at this point (25 minutes last night compared to 19).  Quentin Grimes nailed his starting audition with 23 points, 4 boards, and 2 bonus blocks.  I’d get Grimes right now, and keep an eye on Immanuel Quickley and Miles McBride to see if they keep getting over 25 minutes.

Sorry, Derrick Rose, Cam Reddish, and Evan Fournier.  DNP-CD.  If you for some reason you have them, you know what to do.


Dejounte Murray had himself a sprain!  Game was over going into the fourth, not completely reliable for minutes, but if Murray misses time:

Bogdan Bogdanovic gets some more shots. Aaron Holliday gets some more meaningless minutes for fantasy teams AJ Griffin is even more safe to get over 30 minutes in which he will continue to tank your shooting percentages.

What a depressing blurb, eh?

Lady Pirates

My daughter’s middle school team moved to 2-0 last night with a resounding victory.  My girl won’t read this, so I can post her 2 points, 3 boards, 1 foul, and 2 turnovers here.  However, the turnovers were because she’s not supposed to dribble and the guards ran away from her, so kinda their fault I told her.  They run an athletic 2-3 zone and fast break offense, and could win the conference!


The NBA has just a ton of good players who need minutes.  I’m always checking box scores to see who gets hurt or what coach has a freakout and benches someone.  Probably, I need some help.  Hope these tidbits were helpful though!