#OccupyDraymondGreen baby!

Occupying so hard!  He’s like the Russia to the Nets Crimea!  The person whizzing in the bathroom on the plane while you wait in the aisle!

Owning the Nets front line (I can’t really say “owning Kevin Garnett as KG prematurely a-bench-iated for only 13 minutes since well, DrayDray overmatched him!), Draymond Green was magnificent for 17/8/7/1/2 shooting 7-14 (3-8 3PTM).  Near rainbow and three treys?!  But you gotta love the 33 minutes of burn with only a singular TO.  #OccupyEfficiency!  After a little bit of a rocky start, Green was money in bigger minutes from Nov. 5-9 but had 13 TO.  Wasn’t flashy against the Spurs on Tuesday, but had 5 dimes to only 1 TO and then had the monster last night.  There have some comments wondering how many minutes DrayDray is gonna play play when David Lee finally gets his new hamstring, but Steve Kerr has pretty much made Green the heart-surrounded face of his trapper keeper.  Quotes like ” I don’t know what my philosophy is… We’re 4-0 with DG,” and “We’re 4-0 and Draymond’s starting, he’s playing well, so I’ll keep starting him,” and “Yeah, I’d leave my wife for that!”  Maybe I made up the last one, but you get the gist!  Sure the minutes might go down from the 33 he’s at, but I don’t think by much.  #BuyIfYouStillCan!  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy hoops:

Derrick Rose Here we go again!  Hamstrung and was holding his knee, and looking at another string of DNP.  Oh man, you can’t bash the flow of that update!  Rap career, here I come.  We’ll know more tomorrow and over the weekend, but streamers should be on the prowl for Aaron Brooks on Saturday in a cupcake mathcup against Indiana.

Michael Carter-Williams – I haven’t seen tanking so hard since I saw Brad Pitt’s last movie.  But MCW has the greenlight and the fury, taking a team high 19 shots (next highest was Luc Richard Mbah a Moute with 9, which is sad unto itself) for 19/8/5/0/0.  Shot only 6-19, hit a trey, but hit only 6-10 FT, and had 6 TO.  What do you call a redhead with an old, metal prosthetic penis?  Rusty!  Other than those % killers, you like what you saw in this Greek Tragedy of a game.

Tony Wroten – 10ers, yup I think I might let go.  11/4/2/0/0 shooting 3-6 (2-5 3PTM and the killing 3-6 FT) with 5 TO in only 25 minutes.  Now, the rotations might’ve been wonky since this was over when Philly arrived in Dallas, but MCW off the injury AND off the bench to lead the Sixers in minutes is not a sign of optimism.

K.J. McDaniels – Moved to the starting line-up!  And if losing 123-70 in your first career start isn’t a sign of greatness to come, I dunno what is!  I keed of course, 8/2/1/1/1 hitting two treys in a still usable line in 25 minutes.  I expect him to play more when the game isn’t an underrated early 80s Travolta flick, so this may have gone under the radar in several leagues.  Pick him up!

Nerlens Noel – Returned, but came off the bench for 5/7/0/3/1.  Not bad for a big with those steals, but then Josh Smith-ed you!  1-6 FT?!  And 5 TO?!  NBA needs a mercy rule.

Hollis Thompson – Lata dawg!

Weird Dallas PG Minutes – I’m guessing with his injury-history, Devin Harris got the boot when this game got out of hand in the first quarter.  Only 12 minutes, but made them count for 7/2/1/2/0 shooting 2-3 (1-3 3PTM 2-2 FT) and no TO.  So helped you everywhere but blocks!  I’ll take it.  Jameer Nelson ended up playing with his iffy hammy and was horrific, and J.J. Barea ends up with the big line.  7/3/11/1/0 in only 20 minutes.  Even in deepers it’s tough to give Barea a look (available even in our REL!) as Raymond Felton is still there and if this game was at all close, you’d expect Harris to play more.

Brandan Wright – 14/5/0/1/2 and trying to play into that discussion of fantasy-usable backup Cs, but still behind Chris Kaman and Gorgui Apparatus for me.

Darren Collison – Back for the Kings!  As down the stretch they looked more like the Monarchs… 20/2/5/1/1 playing an unreal game, hitting 6-11 (2-3 3PTM 6-7 FT).  SAC had this game won, but lost in a 35-19 beatdown in the fourth.  Blame Boogie’s tech!

Ben McLemore – With Colly back, Ramon Sessions went down to 11 minutes as McLemore is getting more run than Usain Bolt on prozac!  Another 37 last night and averaging right in the mid 30s MPG the past 5 games.  Double-digits in all of them, 3+ treys in three straight, not doing too much else, but he’s now in the Rolodex of ThrAGNOF booty calls!

Marc Gasol – Rainbow alert!  20/7/2/2/2.  Papas fritas!

Courtney Lee – “Came off the bench”, but played 36 minutes and continues to have mad value.  16/1/3/3/0 shooting an unreal 6-9 (1-1 3PTM 3-3 FT).  More efficient than the drunk chick stalking her even drunker prey at the college bar Friday night!  No way he shoots over 55% this year and over 62% from deep.  Let’s not get crazy!

Pau Gasol – Near-rainbow alert!  27/11/2/1/3 shooting 12-19.  Take that hermano!  Awesome call – given it’s been only a game or two – by Dan A to buy Pau Pau New Guinea.

Jimmy Butler Buckets owners have got to be pumped for a few more games sans Rose!  21/9/6/0/1 shooting 7-10 (1-3 3PTM 6-8 FT) in another utterly dominating game.  Dominated my utters, that’s for sure.

James Johnson Naymin Sr.!  I have no idea if I spelled that right…  Redonkulous game off the bench for 16/5/1/4/4 shooting 7-9 in 24 minutes.  Another 3 dimes and it’s a double rainbow!  Jonas Valanciunas continues to struggle, both in performance and for bigger minutes (23 mins for 8/8/2/0/1 last night), so I’m ready to put some fliers on JJ in 12ers, and grab him where I have an open spot.

DeMar DeRozan The Gulf Stream kept messin’ up my shot!  There was a polar vortex!  3-17 shooting, for only 10/1/2/1/0.  Hey, at least no TO!  #BucketsSmother!  A tiny crack in the buy low window.

Jarrett Jack – Ultimate “spit take” when I looked at that box score… What in the?!  10-10 FG 23/3/3/0/0 with 3 TO in 25:30.  When asked pregame if he though he deserved more shots he said, “Wahhhhhhhh I’m Jarrett Jack!”

Harrison Barnes I’m not a fan, but minutes are there and the Warriors have games on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend.  12/3/3 last night with a trey, that’s about what I expected, and I can’t imagine many better streamers for the end of this week if you’re at your last move or two.


Streamer Picks

Gary Neal (14% owned) – If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!  Well, last time I suggested him he was decent going 9/2/3/1/0, but that ain’t gonna cut it!  Going at the Suns, Phoenix plays a lot smaller line-ups and with the red hot Gerald Green getting some burn at SF, I think Neal plays a lot in this one as a matchups play.

Donatas Motiejunas (1% owned) – As I mentioned in yesterday’s Pod, I thought he looked really smooth and polished (not Polish!  Although he’s played for Asseco Prokom!) out there against the Wolves in Mexico City.  Went 8/7/4/1/2 in that one, and is averaging 30.3 minutes and a 12.0/7.5/2.5/1.5/1.0 line the past two.  No Terrence Jones yet again and this is against the terrible, no good, very bad Sixers.  If this call works out, there’s an open spot for the new Luminescent Lithuanian!


I hope everyone is donning a nice lead in their matchups, and I hope you have a great weekend!  See ya Monday!