This week, I dug into Basketball Reference’s per 36 minute rate stats.  With the trade deadline coming up, I’ve always found this as a way to find guys who have been producing in limited minutes.  If you have room for guys, this could be a great stash option.  Potentially, these could pay off in a big way.  Or not!  Maybe they just never get the opportunity.  That’s up to you to figure out.


I need to watch the Nets more in order to see why Cam Thomas doesn’t play more.  Maybe you, as astute readers, can fill me in?  Per 36, he’s averaging over 26 PPG, which Bulls fans will tell you is a max player who should never be criticized because scoring is a special skill.  There’s a lot of rumors about the Nets and what they’re up to;  mayhaps Cam gets some more run.

Mo Wagner averages 21.7 PPG and 9 boards per 36 minutes.  If the Magic chop one of the heads off of their three headed monster and give Wagner his minutes, we could have something here.  He’s an excellent real life player, but I do wonder if more minutes exposes him a bit and he’s less productive.  That, and need to chop off Wendell Carter, Jr. or Goga Bitazde’s head, er, I mean clear up the playing time here.


Andre Drummond is the simple choice here.  The Bulls decided to not build their roster with as little size as possible, so any injury elevates Drum to starter status.  With his 19 boards per 36 minutes, this is a definite stash and hold.  And sometimes he has regular league value at the moment!  As a side bonus, it’s super fun to watch him tip his missed layup toward the hoop two times, giving you three rebounds in one play.

Day’Ron Sharpe could take the starting position and run with it if the Nets decide Nic Claxton (no, not the Speedy one, it’s Nic) isn’t someone they want to pay later.  Day’Ron averages 15.8 rebounds per 36.  If his role opens up, I don’t think his rates would go down much.  I would predict him to be a solid double double guy as a starter.  He also averages 1.9 blocks/36.  I’m starting to look at him like Homer at a doughnut.


Kris Dunn in the prorated 36 minute rates nets 8.6 assists per game.  If he can nail the Utah minutes down this is a huge waiver wire boost.  His last 4 games are 17 minutes exactly.  You just never know what Utah’s gonna do.  Much like that weird music with no structure the basketball team is named after, we don’t know what’s happening next in the Salt Lake State.  Just watch Dunn for now and be ready to pounce like Louis Armstrong on a trumpet solo.


What in the wide world of sports is Andre Drummond doing at the top of this list?  2.6 steals?  First on the list?  He’s making the case for me as a possible impact guy.  I have watched him a lot though;  he would not keep it up in sustained minutes, but he’s a sprint to the wire guy if an injury…………wait, Patrick Williams is out?  Okay, gotta get Drummond.

Okay, okay, okay, I was big on De’Anthony Melton too.  Thought he was in a great spot in Philly, but he’s just not a scorer.  And that’s okay!  2 steals per 36 is the lip balm on the chapped lips of your roster.


Walker Kessler for sure has not been worth his draft hype.  4.1 blocks per 36 though gives me pause.  I think Utah clears up this logjam a bit and Kessler will have a big end to the season.  Get him.

No, Andre Drummond isn’t at the top of this.  I’m not sad, just disappointed.

Quick one this week.  I thought it would be helpful, and hope it is!  Happy stashing!