Welcome to your midweek guidance for Week 18!  The goal of this post is to help you identify streaming options who will help you win your head-to-head matchup.  With there being only one night of games remaining for this half of the matchup, I’m only running down options for Thursday’s games this week.  However, this post felt sad and empty without some additional long-term options, so I’ve included players at the bottom who fit that mold.

If you’re in a dead heat for the final playoff spot, trying to hold down a bye, or actually in a playoff battle, adding the players with the right categorical strengths can make all the difference.  As we often see in the week leading up to the All-Star break, several teams are using the occasion to hold players out and provide them with a few extra days of rest.  Many of the players below are the beneficiaries of those absences, so check out their strengths and go get what you need to win!

Regarding the schedule, the Nets are the only team to play tonight and on the first night after the break – February 24th – so there’s your two-for-one option if you’re short on player additions.  This raises the streaming value of Cameron Thomas and Bruce Brown, for instance.  With that being said, here is the full list of players I’m considering for tonight.

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Three Category Contributors

  • Maxi Kleber (Threes, Rebounds, Blocks): You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to Kleber.  One night, he’s playing 35 minutes and blocking 5 shots to go along with 19 points and 6 boards.  The next night, he’s playing 21 minutes and contributing 8 rebounds with no other counting stats.  Still, with Kristaps Porzingis gone, the opportunity is there for Kleber to put up numbers in his most high value categories – boards and blocks.

Two Category Contributors

  • Nicolas Batum (Threes, Steals): In addition to doing two things really well – getting steals and hitting threes – Batum is averaging 0.7 blocks per contest on the season.
  • Terance Mann (Rebounds, Steals): It’s difficult to make heads or tails of the Clippers’ wing rotation, but in the three games since Norman Powell’s foot injury, Mann started and played at least 32 minutes.  I don’t trust the scoring numbers from his first two outings as a starter, but he’s shown the ability to produce defensively, rebound, and even chip in some dimes.
  • Deni Avdija (Rebounds, Steals): There’s still no sign of Kristaps Porzingis in Washington, so Avdija continues to have a 30 MPG role.  He’s expanding his portfolio to include blocks (0.8/game in last 4 games).
  • Gabe Vincent (Assists, Steals): Tyler Herro is out tonight, so the runway is clear for another 30 minute outing for Vincent.
  • Cameron Thomas (Points, Threes): Kevin Durant still doesn’t have a timetable to return, and Kyrie Irving is set to miss four of the Net’s next seven games.  The arrival of Seth Curry dampens Thomas’s output to an extent, but it didn’t stop Thomas from pouring in 21 points on Wednesday (Plays Thursday, 17 Feb, and Thursday, 24 Feb).
  • Thomas Bryant (Blocks, FG%): Adding him depends on his status on the tail end of a back-to-back, along with the prospect of Daniel Gafford returning.  Bryant is being capped at 22 minutes even without Gafford in the rotation, so the upside is limited either way.
  • Omer Yurtseven (Rebounds, FG%): Miami’s backup center job belongs to Omer tonight.  He’s a per-minute beast on the glass.
  • Serge Ibaka (Rebounds, FG%): Ibaka played 24 minutes in Tuesday’s win over the Pacers, grabbing 5 rebounds and converting all 3 of his attempts.  I miss the blocks, but he’s still a deeper-league option for the other big man categories.

One Category Contributors

  • Bruce Brown (Steals): His averages are skewed higher by his amazing outing on Monday (19/6/6 with 5 steals and 3 blocks), but with the Nets playing on the final night before the break in addition to the first game back, his cumulative stats may help you (Plays Thursday 17 Feb and Thursday, 24 Feb).
  • Jaxson Hayes (FG%): Since Jonas Valanciunas returned from injury, Hayes’ production has been volatile and closely linked to whether or not Valanciunas is in foul trouble.  Even if he only plays 20 minutes and takes 6 shots, it’s hard to find a more reliable guy to bolster your FG%.
  • PJ Tucker (Rebounds): P.J. dropped off sharply in the past two weeks, but absences across Miami’s roster may rekindle his value tonight if he can pull down his typical allotment of rebounds and nail a couple threes.


As promised, here are some players are long-term options who are available in a lot of leagues (disclaimer: none are playing tonight!):

  • Justice Winslow (Rebounds, Assists, Steals)
  • Chris Duarte (Points, Threes, Steals): Due to return after the all-star break.
  • Grayson Allen (Threes, Steals): Due to return after the all-star break.

Hit me up in the comments with questions and/or feedback.  Best of luck!


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Joe Beisbol
Joe Beisbol
11 months ago

1. I was offered Ingram and a 6th rd pick for Duarte and a 4th rd pick. Duarte can be kept next year at an 11th round price. Pull the trigger or make a counter? Ingram has upside but he’s been more in the 60-80 range this year than 4th round territory.

2. Another team is shopping DeRozan, Collins, and Ayton. Who would you target at what price? DeRozan the best, but his price may be highest right now with LaVine and Lonzo out. Collins is hurt but seems short term? Anywho, weakest cats midway thru the season are assists, blocks, and TOs.

Team in a 12-team league
White, Jrue, Lamelo, Hart, Duarte, Bane, Butler, Tatum, Portis, Wood, Robinson

11 months ago
Reply to  Joe Beisbol

Hey Joe!

1. I would hang onto Duarte and the 4th or make a counteroffer that’s more favorable to you. Ingram was fine when he was sharing the ball with just Zion, but assuming Zion comes back AND McCollum is in the mix next season, I can see Ingram slipping from where he is now.

2. From your build, it looks like you’re closest to being competitive in assists out of the 3 weaknesses you listed. You’re only getting dimes from DeMar from the candidates you listed, but you’d have to give up another assist getter to make that trade.

Collins is the best candidate for blocks, and yes, he should be back after the break. The only guys I would offer for him are Hart or Bane. Both are playing at a top 35 level recently and it seems unsustainable (Hart might be top 50 for the rest of the season). On the other hand, Collins is consistently in the top 35.

11 months ago

What do you think about Raul Neto ROS?
I streamed him for the back to back pre AS Weekend and he did very well. M picking him over Ish because he’s starting.

Also, AD will never be owned by me, EVER. I didn’t even want to draft him as what has happened to him the season is exactly what I envisioned but honestly, I thought I’d get a few extra games from Him but he’s been a nightmare to own.

I own Ayton and Marcus Morris at Center. I traded JV a week ago. Should have thought that through but I traded him KPJr and Vanderbilt for Bane and OG so it wasn’t a difficult choice.

Which Center would you own ROS?
PJ Tucker
PJ Washington
Hassan Whiteside
Kelly Olynyk
Thad Young

Slim pickings. I like Washington he does enough for top 100 ROS on a decent team.


11 months ago
Reply to  TarmanGotHim

Hey TGH!

I’ll answer the easier one first: I’d go with your gut out of those centers. PJW looks to be the best choice.

I feel your pain on AD. For me, it’s KP who’s burning me in two leagues. I shoulda known better!

I think Neto is a hold for now, unless there’s a top 90 player sitting on your wire who’s a better pickup (doubtful at this stage of the season). Hopefully last night’s dip in minutes isn’t too much to worry about.

11 months ago
Reply to  P B

Thanks P B!

Yes, I agree with everything you said.
Mi honestly would have had more confidence in KD. Track history. He’s past the injuries but this was the season where we would see if he is, and we can say that he, for the rest of his career is a risky play. Such a bummer.

PJW it is. I depise AD LOOOL. I’ll never take him again but if I can be honest with you, I picked 10th in this draft and Dame went right before me and I had was taking him so at least AD somewhat helped me lol.

Will hold Neto.

Thanks so much!!

11 months ago
Reply to  TarmanGotHim

No problem!

Yes, though I was referring to Porzingis, KD is also killing me in my friends league! I have more confidence in KD coming back in the first week of March or sooner than I do for Porzingis, but who knows with those two?!

AD had that magical two-season stretch from 2016-2018 when he played 72+ games in both campaigns and finished in the top two. It’s hard to unsee that, but unfortunately, he’s a walking disaster out there (who sometimes can’t even walk).

Good luck with PJW and Neto!

11 months ago
Reply to  P B

Googly eyes I tell ya. I thought you said KD LOL. Both nonetheless are always injured and are top tier guys so, just reverse what I said into KP LOL.

Yeah, it’s unfortunate, but that’s Fantasy Sports and Sports, period.

Thanks a lot!! I intend to drop Neto at some point but I’ll roll with PJW because I think he’s healthy and will start to produce consistently which makes him a great pick up.

LAST THING. Someone dropped RJ Barrett and I picked him up and stashed him on an open INJ spot. He’s said to be coming back after the ASB.

Good idea?

Thanks again!

11 months ago
Reply to  TarmanGotHim

If you have the open IR spot and it’s slim pickings on the wire, then Barrett is worth a hold. He’s picked up the assist output, so that could help you. He won’t help you with blocks, as you’re aware.

I wouldn’t get too attached, but the scoring is nice!