So I think I used that title a couple of years ago in the season intro post, did something similar last year, and was thinking of something new this season…  But F it!  I’m too excited, IT ALL STARTS HERE BABY!

The 2015-16 season starts tonight, with the Pistons going at the Hawks, Pelicans going at the champ Warriors, and the bigun – Cavs at Bulls.  A very nice slate to kick it off, but I wanted Nets at 76ers!  That’s a premiere matchup right there!  All of our hopes and dreams for the year start this evening (hyperbole police are after me!), with my optimism for an REL title, everyone’s yearning for the RCL title, and my year-long nervousness my ranks look good in April.  Would it be narcissistic if I win the RCL title to put myself in the RCL hall of fame?!  It would be like Heisman awarding himself the first Heisman!  Or something like that…  I’m all talk though, we all know Slim is going to be in the top-10 yet again with me lower on the master table in disdain…

If you missed it yesterday afternoon, our 15-16 lineup features several awesome new writers and you can check out our weekly schedule of content for the season.  The size of that hyperlink mimics my excitement for our articles this year!  Trust me, I’m not compensating for something…

And I’d like to thank all of you out there in Razzball Nation for bringing legitimacy to the phrase/cliche I’ve used on the kickoff post for three straight years: 15-16 is going to be our biggest year yet!  We’ve grown a ton, and I couldn’t be more thankful to you readers and commenters.  Can’t wait for opening tip…  LET’S GET THIS GOIN’!  Here’s a few thoughts on the opening night matchups:

LeBron James – After swarming reports that opening night could be in jeopardy, LeBron – with the confidence of a true daily double – told reporters he’s ready to suit up.  As I put in my final rankings update, I’m worried he gets to 70 games this year due to being such a high maintenance chick.  Recently had that injection in his back, and the DNP risk every night will likely last all year.  In the back, huh?  “Just where your mother likes it, Trebek!”

Kevin Love – I would’ve bumped him up a good 8-10 spots if he was 100% healthy and not off shoulder surgery.  He’s already got the injury prone label, and I’m in doubt he gets to 70 games either.  Owning the Cavs is just as much a headache as owning Spurs, except with even more drama.

Kyrie Irving – Still without a timetable.  I’ve been big on Mo Williams ever since the Cavs picked him up, and I hope you have him on a good amount of your rosters.  There’s no league where he should be available for this first night.

Tristan Thompson – More overpaid than that fat kid on that Charlie Sheen show that somehow got good ratings.  God I hated that show.  Thompson is about as fantasy-usable as that kid is for roles beyond that show.

Tony Snell – Opening the season as the starting SF.  I can’t believe there was a brief period of time where I wasn’t going to keep him as a $1 player in the REL.  Then Mike Dunleavy got hurt, and new coach Fred Hoiberg decided that Nikola Mirotic was already enough of a defensive liability to keep him from starting McBuckets.  If you can make daily moves, Snell’s a great play tonight for some added stats.

Derrick Rose – Going to play, but said he still has blurred vision.  At least it’s not “super” blurred like P.J. Tucker‘s was that one time…  Wouldn’t be surprised to see him play under 30 minutes.

Nate Robinson – Should be a popular play tonight if you have a spot to stream.  Even if Jrue Holiday gets past his 15 minute threshold, at most he plays 20 and 28 go to Robinson.  The Pels just signed Ish Smith, but I dunno if he’s going to play all that much after being on the team a day.  But it does hurt any medium-term upside for Robinson until Jrue expands his minutes and Tyreke Evans is ready.

Anthony Davis – Bold prediction!  Brow goes absolutely ham and the Pelicans stun the Warriors for an opening night win.

Ryan Anderson – Will get all the minutes he can handle with Omer Asik out and Alexis Ajinca very questionable with a “still painful” hamstring.  Those are some long, French hamstrings he’s got!

Kent Bazemore – For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking up Bazemore as a nice streamer for night one, and he’s the official starter at SF tonight.  Thabo Sefolosha is still going to play, but I don’t see either Thabo or Kyle Korver getting a ton of minutes, with frat boy Korver off two major surgeries.  Plus Baze can play both wings.  He should see a lot of early-season minutes with those Old Dominions getting eased in.

Mike Scott – How is he allowed to play basketball right now?  Clearly arrested with a ton of crazy drugs.  I wish I was an NBA player right now!  All you have to do is avoid nightclubs and guns, but really anything else goes, apparently!  Glen Rice Jr.?  Didn’t avoid the guns…

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Foot sprain was minor and he’s good to go.  It’s a light night and he shoots threes.  ThrAGNOF!

Marcus Morris – To the shagrin of every rookie nookie drafter out there, going to start at SF.  Not really a surprise though.  Excited to see Stanley Johnson‘s first NBA minutes nonetheless.  Stan Van needs to learn how to strum that StanJo!  That doesn’t sound right at all…


Really looking forward to NBA action that matters tonight, and our first daily notes tomorrow morning!  Happy 2015-16, Razzball Nation!