Here’s what I noticed in a three game slate from Tuesday night.

Kings by 2 over the Jazz

If you haven’t watched the ending, it’s everything that makes basketball great.  Kudos to Will Hardy, the Jazz coach, for not calling a timeout and letting the end game flow.

My first take is that the Jazz may not be as big of sellers as we all assumed they would be.  They have a solid young coach, a breakout star in Lauri Markkanen (28 and 8 tonight), and, when Mike Conley (18 points, 7 dimes, 3 swipes) plays, they are downright good.   I was monitoring guys like Walker Kessler, but I’m thinking now they keep the group together and figure things out.

Kelly Olynyk (5 points, 6 boards) would be a logical piece to move if they decide to do so, as is the aforementioned Conley.  I just give the Jazz some credit for not going scorched earth on this and playing well and hard, even if the end result was a close loss to the surprising…………..


The Kings have figured their five man rotation out.  Keegan Murray hit 35 minutes with 16 points and 5 boards.  Great future for a rookie who’s playing a role on the first place (!!!!!!!!) Sacramento Kings.  De’Aaron Fox (37 points and 6 assists) lit the beam and the scoreboard up and is becoming what everyone wanted him to be.  He’s a first or second round pick going forward.

Domantas Sabonis (21 points, 14 boards, 8 assists, one terribly mangled hand) is a baaaaaaad man.  I hurt my thumb once in college, and it hurt so bad I couldn’t even go to class.  Wait, what, professor?  That’s not a good excuse?  Sabonis though is just a pleasure to watch and own.  Of course, west coast, and I don’t own him anywhere.  I’ll just swoon from a distance.

Side Rant

The refs in the end of NBA games have long been known to swallow their whistles.  I’m all good with that!  I don’t want games decided on any fouls that are questionable at all.  However, when there’s clear rule violations, like this:

Or this:

Guys, you have to call out of bounds when a guy is out of bounds.  You also HAVE to call blatant lane violations, especially when you called two of them earlier in the game.  Refs are never an excuse, but these calls are just so bad they really should be called out.

Thunder destroy the Celtics

Well that’s clearly a weird game.  What happened?

It must have been Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, right?  Wait, he didn’t play?

January in the NBA is really weird.

Maybe the Celtics stayed in that infamous haunted hotel in OKC.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown were great numbers wise.  The rest of the team was not.  I’m not sure there’s a takeaway besides “Road Trip in January.”

The Thunder, on the other hand, had a number of big contributions.  Thunder had seven guys score in double figures, and five scored over 20.  I’m not sure if there’s a takeaway, I think it’s random.

Isaiah Joe came off the bench for 21 points and a smattering of boards and assists.  I’d keep an eye on him in case of injury/tanking, he could be a late season guy or a streamer.

Jalen Williams also hit 20, and Jalyn Williams scored 8 with  7 boards.  Serious trolling by OKC to draft the two guys with the same names.  The first Jalen with an E is a combo guard with potential to be a good dynasty guy.  The second guy is a versatile big who probably should be left on waivers in all but deep dynasty leagues.  Seriously, you guys had to draft all the Jalen/Jalyn Williams in the league.

The Bucks are better when their good players play

Holy Giannis Antetokuompo!  55 points, 10 boards, 7 assists, and he’s the best player in the league.

Pat Connaughton has been starting lately.  He was good for 11 points, 2 boards, 2 assists, and that’s about right.  He can get hot, but that’s like a whack-a-mole trying to figure out the big nights.  He’s a consistent deep league asset.  I had him in a 30 team dynasty and that’s his zone.  In shallower leagues he’s just not productive enough.

MarJon Beauchamp did not mar the name of Jon at all in his 15 minutes.  He’s a deep league guy for now, but he’s 6-7, athletic, and if his head is right can play some 3 and D.  Keep an eye on him.  Grayson Allen totaled three points and has been constantly targeted on defense.  They may go for more upside at some point.

The Wizards gave my favorite Taj, Taj Gibson, the night off so of course they lost.

Big news for the Wizards was Bradley Beal aggravating his hamstring like my kids aggravated me over Christmas break.  Look for Kyle Kuzma to do Kuzma things, good and bad, to pick up the slack.  The guard rotation, I predict Corey Kispert to pick up more minutes and do very little besides 3s.  Why does anyone ever draft a Gonzaga player?  Who’s the last one to actually be good?



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