Dwight Howard‘s 18th technical was upheld yesterday, which means he won’t have the pleasure of going 30/20 against the Bobcats on Sunday. (NOTE: Mostly because the Magic play the Bulls. I’m not a very smart man.) Honestly, as jovial as Howard is, you’d think he’d get away with more. He’s forever grinning, right? He’s happy? He’s smiling. He’s pissed? He’s smiling while shaking his head. I got through three years of high school French smarting off and getting away with it because I was all go-lucky about everything. Oh, I’m just kidding about la bibliotheque. No offense. Please continue, guh-haw, guh-haw. Shucks. I’m not even sure one can be go-lucky without being happy, but I damn sure tried. And I damn sure had less at stake than Dwight does right now. Anyway, it looks like Ryan Anderson will take Howard’s spot in the starting lineup, which could mean big things for a small percentage of fantasy owners who both own Anderson and are still in the hunt for more points. The Bobcats Bulls are about as likely to stop an opponent as a moat is to stop a cannonball people who can’t swim. Couple that confusing metaphor with the fact that Anderson (and Bass) are both going to see huge influxes in time, that game could be a huge boon for fantasy owners. Boon, baby! Boon!

Here’s some more fantasy basketball news to take you into the final regular season weekend.

Quentin Richardson – Suspended two games for shoving Gerald Henderson‘s face. That’s one game per hand, or one game per minute per game Q is averaging this season.

Jermaine O’Neal – Managed to stay in there for almost 17 minutes, and is averaging 16 mpg. That’s better than I thought he’d be able to do. He’s also averaging 5/2.5 in his last five. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and tehre you have … a disappointment.

Joakim Noah – 2/6/2 in 23 minutes. A bit off since returning from injury. Not as spry, not as energized. He’s also officially an injury risk. I don’t know how much of that August Adam will care about, but April Adam is, like, totally bummed about it.

Rodrigue Beaubois – Many moons ago, I said that right about now is when Rod Goodwood might start to heat up. It didn’t happen on Wednesday with Jason Kidd on the bench. It might happen in these next four games as Carlisle plans to limit Jason Terry and Shawn Marion‘s minutes. I’ve cooled significantly on Hot Rod, but I can be re-heated.

Jose Calderon – Neither Joe Kettle nor Andrea Bargnani will play tonight, and while I think Bargninny plays one of Toronto’s remaining three games, I’d be surprised if Calderon did. Jerryd Bayless, like Mary McCarthy junior year, totally has the green light to do whatever until the season is over, he’s in his fourth year and too cool for all that third year nonsense.

Al Jefferson – Splashed his game with some weak sauce last night: 10 points, .400 from the floor.

Gordon Hayward – Foul trouble (4) begets fantasy line trouble (1-for-5, 10 pts, 36 mins). Begot it?

Devin Harris – Seven turnovers. As you were.

Weekend Rest – It should be a pretty damn big weekend for rest. Back in November, rest was logging in just a few minutes a game. Now, rest is taking over your entire fantasy roster. This weekend, look for Weekend Rest to overtake Stephen Jackson, Dwyane Wade, Josh Smith, Andrei Kirilenko, Jason Collins, Lou Williams, Kevin Love, Jason Terry, Shawn Marion and most of the starters for the Pacers and Raptors. It’s doubtful Weekend Rest will sap everyone’s minutes, but a huge decrease from those listed is likely as Weekend Rest has really heated up lately.

  1. Weekend Rest is why, whenever I’m commish of a fantasy league, the playoffs avoid the last week of the IRL season.

  2. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ChrisV82: Good call. Smart call, really.

    @Jonathan: Yeeesh. You’re absolutely right. Two things have to happen now. 1) Anderson/Bass owners should still start them with more assuredness than they normally would (they’ll still get the minutes even if they’re likely to be less productive minutes). 2) I’ve got to go find the perfect switch stick from yonder backyard for to whip the team of monkeys I forced into writing this daily roundup.

  3. Kitchenworks says:

    Adam! sup man! hey I’m wondering, should I trade wall and Gwall for Al Jefferson in a keeper league where I don’t plan on keeping Wallace. My keepers are Kobe/Nene/Bosh/Evans/Wall and draft the best PG next season? thx man, hope all is well.

  4. any updates on if joe kettle and jason kidd will play tonight and their minutes? or would you rather play james harden at G?

    could use some threes, but in the name of game preservation and trends, i could not in good conscience play frye tonight… is it also wise to let odom and ibaka sit?

    looks like the only categories i can make a splash is ft percentage… but it’s so hard sitting rondo against miami….

  5. @kitchenworks…. why are you keeping evans over wallace? did you see how wallace has been going bonkers over the past two weeks?

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kitchenworks: If you’ve got Bosh and Nene, I wouldn’t give up Wall for Jefferson. I think they’ll be drafted somewhere close to one another next season, as I expect Jefferson’s draft position to fall and Wall’s to rise. Nene and Bosh offset Wall’s below-average FG% a bit and I suspect both his TOVs and FG% to rise a bit with a season under his belt.

    @hakasan: Kidd is in today. Haven’t heard anything new on Calderon, but I wouldn’t expect a great game even if he does play. I’d play Harden over Calderon.

  7. Kitchenworks says:

    you guys really think I should keep Wallace over Evans? Evans is boardline all-star, hell I mean super star… and still super young… what do u think adam..

    thanks a lot

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Kitchenworks: It’s a toss-up. They’ve both had underwhelming years that ended strongly. I think Wallace would match up better with your other keepers (Kobe / Nene / Bosh / Wall – should you skip the Jefferson deal), but certainly Evans has more upside and a more clearly defined role on the Kings than Crash’s role on the Blazers.

    Personal taste – I’d keep Evans and draft a top-shelf SF with your first pick in next year’s draft.

  9. El Burro says:

    adam – quick question for my final week (wk.25) to championship glory… H2H — Choose top 3 players from this group – looking for all around stats and praying for no DNPs — (pts, boards, steals, asts, blks, 3s, fgm, ftm, ft%, fg%, to). Will punt assts this week:

    goran dragic
    toney douglas
    drew gooden
    ed davis
    jason richardson

    * im likely benching A’mare and Kyle Lowry, unless you tell me differently.


  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Go Gooden, Douglas and Davis.

  11. El Burro says:


    i fell asleep on my keyboard — went Dragic, Goodem JRich… and benched Amar’e and Lowry. Heres to shit hitting fan.

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: Eh, I think you’ll be okay. Lowry’s done, and Gooden’s more of a sure thing to play than Amar’e for the final two games.

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