Do you wanna play a game? Of course, you do! Unlike a certain puppet game show host, I won’t penalize you with torture and pain if you don’t get the answer right. Interested? Read on.

As you may know, I have 32 teams and counting this year, so I make a lot of deals in my leagues. Here is your mission, should you choose to accept it. I want you to look at the deals below and guess which players I received, and tell me which side won the deal.

I’d love to hear your unbiased opinion, and some logic and reasoning too if you feel so inclined. I give a lot of feedback on people’s trades, so I think it’d be fun to turn the table a bit. I have a lot of fun poking holes in people’s teams, so here is your chance to get me back!

Feel free to throw in your own deals for comments too if you want. Just for context, all my leagues are 12-team 9 cat H2H on Yahoo.  Here we go!


1. Bradley Beal for DeAndre Ayton and Kelly Oubre Jr: We’ll start it off with a blockbuster! This was in one of my late $500 pro leagues that drafted yesterday. Deandre and Oubre are struggling big time while Beal is ballin’. If Ayton and Oubre both do what they’re supposed to do, then no question that is the winning side. But that’s a big if. What do you think?


2. Zach Lavine and Keldon Johnson for Collin Sexton and Kelly Oubre Jr: This one was done with our very own SugarShane in one of the leagues that we are in together. I actually forgot I made this offer and was a bit sad when he accepted it. Which side wins? Hoping you say my side so I feel better!


3. Kelly Oubre and Tyrese Haliburton for Darius Garland and Keldon Johnson: Yet another deal made with SugarShane in another league, and I couldn’t accept this one fast enough when it was sent! What do you think? This one is a no-brainer with a clear winner right? RIGHT???


4. Shai, Fournier, FVV, and Roco for Trae, Hayward, Slomo, and Levert: This one was such a huge blockbuster that I had to use name abbreviations to make it fit! I think I like this deal? It’s too much to comprehend. There’s more talent here than a Harlem Globetrotters game. Pick a side!


5. John Collins and Buddy Hield for Bradley Beal and DeMarcus Cousins: Will Collins be a bust? Can Beal keep it up? Are the Wizards going to win 20 games? Did Luke Walton just realize that they gave Hield a max contract? So many questions in this deal, but the most important one is: who won?


6. Khris Middleton for Christian Wood: This one is hot off the press and actually just got done as I was writing this! Both players are red hot and returning first-round value. The question is who can keep it up. Which one of these studs would you prefer?


Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. These were some of the deals that I made this past week and I’d love to hear what you think. Remember, I want you to guess which players I received and tell me which side won. I’ve even numbered them for your reading convenience. The person who makes the most correct guesses will receive endless amounts of respect and admiration, and a nice warm glass of milk (Happy Gilmore reference, look it up!).


As always, feel free to comment with your own trades too. Let’s see those guesses!

  1. Runfast says:

    Haha this is a fun concept!

    Ok here goes:

    1. I think Beal side wins. Why did you trade Ayton away? His role looks diminished and it feels like he’s going to be inconsistent this year.

    2. You said that you regret making this trade…so I’m going to assume you traded away Lavine/Keldon lol

    3. I think Garland and Johnson side. More upside and just as much value

    4. Trae side for me. Best player out of the group

    5. I like the Beal side. As good as Collins is, I’m worried that he’s not the number 1B for these hawks, only because they’re so deep and may have rest down the stretch while wizards are going to be fighting for a spot (in the Eastern conference lol)

    6. This is a very close trade but I would prefer the Middleton side, only because he is the undisputed number 2 option on the team, and I believe playing with unselfish Jrue will unlock his ceiling more often than not, while dark hole Bledsoe capped him last season. Wood will get his stocks on, but he is making the rest of his stats through the flow of the game, and it’s honestly looking like these rockets are not going to be crushing their opposition meaning ball in Harden/Wall hands more…I guess you can say I lean toward the usage side?

    Now I’m curious how you’re going to provide feedback without spoiling it for everyone else if they read your reply to my comment lol

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Beautiful response! You should message Grandmaster Son and ask him if you can write a few articles lol.

      You’re right though it’ll be tough to provide feedback without ruining it. I guess I’ll wait a few days!

  2. Tyler says:

    1. Give me Ayton and Oubre. If Oubre returns to 80% of what he was last year I like the depth I get for Beal here.

    2. Lavine side, but, if Oubre gets back to what we know he can be and KJ falls back to earth a bit, it looks a lot more even. Sexton’s playing amazing averaging 25 ppg.

    3. Huge KJ fan, and Garland is playing great, a little worried Oubre could start balling out again, but even so, I like KJ and Garland.

    4. Dead even to me. I kept breaking down the trade to see which side I preferred, and i kept coming back to the left. Just more talent across the board. But if Anderson keeps it up, just that might have me take the Trae side.

    5. I like Buddy Hield more than most so I’m going Collins and Hield. I love balance and no weak spots on a roster and this trade does that.

    6. Wood. I paid the price for doubting him in the pre-season drafting season, and I won’t make the mistake again. Doubt Middleton keeps up this hot streak either.

  3. J says:

    What do you think about vanvleet+valanciunas+Ross for bam+mikal+Derrick white?

    • Runfast says:

      Bam side

      • Phamtastic

        Phamtastic says:

        Agreed Bam side. It’s close though so it just depends on your team needs. I don’t think it’ll make or break your team either way.

  4. JC says:

    Rooster now out a couple weeks and D White just got back and was out today. JJJ already in my IR slot. Ugh. This is a competitive 12 team, h2h league, 9 cats.

    With my roster below, do I cut Rooster or hold. If cut, here are my wire choices: Hunter, Hardaway, Ingles, D Robinson, Quickley, Crowder, Reddish.

    Secondly, honest critique of my team would be helpful, Feels kinda old!

    Harden, Paul, Bledsoe,
    Beal, D White, Bog Bog,
    Barton, Keldon
    Rooster, Horford,
    JV, Ayton, Holmes
    IR: JJJ
    One streamer spot…7 pickups per week allowed.

    Thank you!

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Hey JC good to hear from you as usual! Most definitely drop Gallo and grab Hunter. No brainer there. He was a drop for me already, but if you don’t have an IR spot for him then you definitely need to drop him. Hunter is looking good, so you need to get him before someone else does!

      • JC says:

        Got him. Thanks.
        Here’s to another .00045634 of a cent in ad revenue. Talk $oon.

  5. Jingle Dahl the Way says:

    14 team, 9 cat H2H

    I went all in and bought both KAT and Jokic in an auction draft. When KAT went down, I started searching for a trade to fill out roster. This is what I got:

    His – Lowry, Oubre, JV and Schroeder ($2 keeper next year)
    My – Jokic, Barton, Milton

    Problem is, I’m not really sure where this leaves my team construction. Below is the new roster – what are my stengths/weaknesses and how would you play it from here?

    PG – Chris Paul
    SG – Terrence Ross
    G – Kyle Lowry
    SF – Oubre
    PF – Boucher
    F -Crowder
    C – JV
    UTIL – Schroeder
    BN – Delon Wright, Lonnie Walker, Redick, Noel, Baynes
    IL – KAT
    IL – Kevin Porter Jr.

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Damn that sucks. But you did manage to get some depth, so that’s good. That’s not a bad haul for Joker at all.

      If I were you I’d trade Kat too and get some more depth. With the way the wolves are looking, and with Cade Cunningham available in next year’s draft, I have a feeling that Towns is going to be a pain to own this year.

      I was able to get Ayton and Lonzo for Towns in one league, and Kawhi in another league. I hate selling low, but if you can find someone who will give you decent value for Towns I say go for it.

  6. JC says:

    The winners are:

    1. Beal. Just too consistent vs two yo-yos.
    2. LaVine side. Best player and Keldon may very well be better than Oubre.
    3. Toss ‘em up. Love Halliburton by the end of the year. So if h2h, I would go there.
    4. Trae – top 5 fantasy player this year
    5. Beal. Cousins may be a bust but Collins has too much competition.
    6. This seems like a crazy question but it is not given Wood’s impressive start. Still, I would go Middleton as the safest choice here.

  7. Sawmen says:

    1. I bet you took Ayton. Lost!!
    2. You got Sexton – Loss again!!
    3. This one is TBD – It will eventually end up being ANOTHER loss!!
    4. As usual you picked SGA side – Loss # 4
    5. Loss # 5 – JC side
    6. Need I say more? Loss # 6 – Wood!

  8. Jm says:

    Here are my thoughts sir:

    1. Ayton/Oubre side is much better potential and stats-wise. You traded for them because you were focusing on a long term season.

    2. Sexton/Oubre side bec though it is risky since Oubre is currently on a slump, you thought it is worth the risk!

    3. Oubre/Hali hands down!!! No brainer indeed. Lol

    4. Shai side for me. That group has just the right combi of talents and potentials as compared to the other one. Both sides are good but the former is just more capable of producing number quite a bit.

    5. Collins side ‘cause it is really hard to trust on Cousins now after his many surgeries and given his age.

    6. Wood will breakout this year. I’m one of his firm believers. Plus, his combi with Wall is just so good and natural. With or without Harden, Wood got my approval over Middleton who has more talents around him.

  9. Ary says:

    Traded away B Simon’s/ C.Boucher for J.Murray/ RoCo, Which side do u think benefited the most?

    • SugarShane

      SugarShane says:

      Definitely Simmons side is better to me. Roco is a buy low guy right now, but Ben is a top 25 guy.

  10. BadFantasyManager says:

    Interesting trades. Especially the Middleton and Wood one. I actually have Middleton in my team and would have made that one.

    Question for you and the community, would you trade Valanciunas for Nurkic?

    • Phamtastic

      Phamtastic says:

      Sorry super late reply, but I still believe in Nurk. I say yes!

  11. Jon says:

    My mind is blown reading these; I’ll make a guess and say you got the upside of Wood versus steady-Eddy Middleton?

    Quick question; I play in a 12 team league with 11 h2h cats with std 9 plus off reb & def reb

    I can move Smart & Lonzo to get RoCo (pickup E Gordoooo or Joe Ingles). Do you expect enough of a bounce-back from RoCo to justify this trade in a center/reb-centric league?

    Thanks in advance!

    • SugarShane

      SugarShane says:

      Ewwww man. I like both of those guys better than Roco. I have Smart and Lonzo in quite a few this year. There is no way i’m accepting a trade getting Roco for either one.

      • Jon says:

        I am glad our minds were aligned like the planets last week!

        I couldn’t do it, either, so I traded Lonzo & 7th pick for Donte Div and 5th pick? Like, Love or Hate?

        • Phamtastic

          Phamtastic says:

          Sorry super late reply, but you should be offended by that offer lol. I have both Smart and Lonzo over Roco right now, so definitely don’t trade them both for him.

          Not a bad trade at all. I still like Lonzo over Donte, but the pick swap makes it worth it.

  12. Leo says:

    Drummond for Simmons? Who wins I have Simmons

    • SugarShane

      SugarShane says:

      I’m going Simmons every single time.

      • Phamtastic

        Phamtastic says:

        Try and get both lol. They go beautifully together. But yeah if I had to pick I’d go Simmons.

  13. Phamtastic

    Phamtastic says:

    Thanks for playing everyone! I appreciate all the input and comments from everyone. Here are the answers:

    1. Bradley Beal for DeAndre Ayton and Kelly Oubre Jr: I got Ayton and Oubre in this one. Regretting that a bit now since Beal is absolutely exploding. Hopefully Ayton and Oubre can get it going soon!

    2. Zach Lavine and Keldon Johnson for Collin Sexton and Kelly Oubre Jr: I got Sexton and Oubre in this one, and it sucks! Sexton is out with an injury and Oubre is still struggling. Lavine and KJ are on fire. Sadness. Let this be a lesson, don’t leave trade offers hanging for more than a day!

    3. Kelly Oubre and Tyrese Haliburton for Darius Garland and Keldon Johnson: I got Garland and KJ and it was a stellar deal at the time. Even though Garland is hurt, I’m still happy with it. Haliburton is looking great though, so I may not be as happy in a few weeks lol.

    4. Shai, Fournier, FVV, and Roco for Trae, Hayward, Slomo, and Levert: I got Trae side. Very happy with this one, no complaints.

    5. John Collins and Buddy Hield for Bradley Beal and DeMarcus Cousins: I got Beal side in this deal, and it turned out great. Beal is on fire and Cousins had a monster night.

    6. Khris Middleton for Christian Wood: I got Wood. It was looking good until his injury popped up. Still happy with this deal, as I really needed a big in this league.

    Thanks again for commenting everyone!

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