It’s September, which means draft season is around the corner. Son published his Top 100, so after many a podcast & Twitter battle between us (all in good spirits of course) I figured that the best thing to do was publish a comparison piece. I promise there will be no talk of Corey Brewer in here (yeah, nah), but as Son attested to in his comments, personal biases and intangibles must be accounted for when looking at rankings. We all build teams and weight categories uniquely. There is more than one way to build a winner.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the Top 100 comparisons between our fierce leader Son and myself.

+ Indicates I am higher than Son.

– Indicates that I am lower than Son.

= Identical ranking.

Craig Rank Son Deviation +/-
Anthony Davis 1 Anthony Davis =
Giannis Antetokuonmpo 2 James Harden +
James Harden 3 Steph Curry
Kevin Durant 4 Kevin Durant +
Steph Curry 5 Giannis Antetokuonmpo
Karl Anthony-Towns 6 Karl Anthony Towns =
Nikola Jokic 7 Nikola Jokic =
Lebron James 8 Lebron James =
Damian Lillard 9 Chris Paul +
Russell Westbrook 10 Damian Lillard +

No real surprises here. The top 6 are interchangeable and you can make an argument for any of those guys. If you take Russell Westbrook in the top 10, then you do so knowing you’re punting turnovers.

Kawhi Leonard 11 Victor Oladipo +
Victor Oladipo 12 Russell Westbrook
Chris Paul 13 Kyrie Irving
Paul George 14 Paul George =
Jimmy Butler 15 Jimmy Butler =
Joel Embiid 16 Kevin Love +
Rudy Gobert 17 Marc Gasol +
Donovan Mitchell 18 Joel Embiid +
Kyle Lowry 19 Clint Capela +
Bradley Beal 20 Rudy Gobert +

The two big differences between Son and myself are over Kawhi Leonard and Bradley Beal. Listen to the pod HERE for the Beal discussion. As for Kawhi, I’m a believer he returns to elite form. He is a free agent after the season, so can he afford a season like last year?

Kyrie Irving 21 Otto Porter Jr
Kemba Walker 22 Kyle Lowry +
Clint Capela 23 Kris Middleton
Draymond Green 24 Jrue Holiday +
Jrue Holiday 25 Kemba Walker
Ben Simmons 26 Donovan Mitchell +
CJ McCollum 27 John Wall +
Kris Middleton 28 Al Horford
Kevin Love 29 Tobias Harris
John Wall 30 Eric Bledsoe

Son has Otto Porter Jr 19 spots higher than me. Much of Otto’s value comes from his shooting efficiency and low turnovers. He is for sure a solid pick in a roto league, but in H2H I am looking for a bit more stat-stuffing upside.

Marc Gasol 31 DeAndre Ayton
Tobias Harris 32 Jamal Murray
Devin Booker 33 Gary Harris +
Blake Griffin 34 DeAndre Jordan +
DeMar DeRozan 35 Klay Thompson +
Eric Bledsoe 36 Bradley Beal
Jamal Murray 37 Kawhi Leonard
Lamarcus Aldridge 38 Robert Covington +
Al Horford 39 Draymond Green
Otto Porter Jr 40 Lamarcus Aldridge

I have Blake Griffin ranked 43 places higher than Son. Yes, the defensive stats are light, but there are not many PF’s in the league that will offer you big upside in both the assist and three-point categories. DeMar DeRozan is your classic case of team context because his value fluctuates greatly depending on who was selected in earlier rounds, but there is value for high-volume free throw percentage and scoring, with a solid trickle of boards, assists, and steals.

Gary Harris 41 Will Barton
Lauri Markannen 42 CJ McCollum +
Jayson Tatum 43 Ben Simmons +
Luka Doncic 44 Jarrett Allen +
Andre Drummond 45 John Collins +
Myles Turner 46 Nikola Vucevic +
Aaron Gordon 47 Devin Booker +
Nikola Vucevic 48 Enes Kanter
Josh Richardson 49 Myles Turner +
DeAndre Ayton 50 Mike Conley

First rookie off the board for me is Luka Doncic. Love the fit from a team style, coach, and personnel perspective. I see no reason why he won’t achieve top 50 value over the course of the season.

Mike Conley 51 Lauri Markannen
John Collins 52 Lou Williams
Jarrett Allen 53 Andre Drummond
Gordon Hayward 54 Luka Doncic +
Will Barton 55 Jonas Valanciunas
Paul Millsap 56 Jayson Tatum +
Lou Williams 57 Nikola Mirotic
Ricky Rubio 58 Josh Richardson +
D’Angelo Russell 59 JJ Reddick +
Jonathan Isaac 60 Jeff Teague +

I am all-in on Jonathan Isaac this year. Even with just 25 mpg, the defensive-weighted stats are huge, and if Isaac can stay healthy and have even a small uptick on offense, Isaac could develop into a fantasy darling.

Lonzo Ball 61 Serge Ibaka +
DeAndre Jordon 62 Aaron Gordon
Steven Adams 63 Paul Millsap +
Nikola Mirotic 64 Joe Ingles +
Jabari Parker 65 Dwight Howard +
Wendell Carter Jr 66 Jonathan Isaac +
Goran Dragic 67 Jaren Jackson Jr +
Trae Young 68 Wendell Carter Jr +
Nic Batum 69 Harrison Barnes +
Robert Covington 70 Zach Lavine

Am I a big fan of Jabari Parker playing the 3 in real life? No! I do think it provides an excellent path to fantasy success, though, as the Bulls will no doubt find a way to get significant minutes for their marquee summer signing.

Jaren Jackson Jr 71 Nic Batum
Dennis Smith Jr 72 Danillo Gallinari +
Jusuf Nurkic 73 Tim Hardaway Jr +
Enes Kanter 74 Hassan Whiteside
Serge Ibaka 75 Jordan Bell
Jeff Teague 76 Steven Adams
Marvin Bagley III 77 Blake Griffin +
Kris Dunn 78 Dewayne Dedmon +
Dario Saric 79 DeMar DeRozan +
Julius Randle 80 Kyle Anderson +

The key to rookie success for Marvin Bagley III lies in the pace of play for the Kings, with Bagley III being the best forward option in transition. De’Aaron Fox could well just be MB3’s fantasy best friend. Call me a believer.

Jonas Valanciunas 81 Lonzo Ball
Harrison Barnes 82 Darren Collison
Bogdan Bogdanovic 83 Goran Dragic +
Collin Sexton 84 Mo Bamba +
Zach Lavine 85 Ricky Rubio
Dwight Howard 86 Evan Fournier
Joe Ingles 87 Taurean Prince
Eric Gordon 88 Willie Cauley-Stein +
Tim Hardaway Jr 89 Larry Nance Jr
Brook Lopez 90 Eric Gordon +

Outside of Collin Sexton, this is the round of boredom for me, but there are still plenty of solid fantasy producers to be drafted. I think Joe Ingles takes a small step back, not because of his lack of ability, but because Grayson Allen could take some of his minutes to keep fat Joe rested for the playoffs.

Hassan Whiteside 91 Corey Brewer
Jordan Bell 92 Kris Dunn
Brandon Ingram 93 Dario Saric +
Jaylen Brown 94 Gordon Hayward +
Kyle Kuzma 95 Malcolm Brogdon +
Malik Monk 96 Jusuf Nurkic +
Thaddeus Young 97 Bogdan Bogdanovic +
Jakob Poeltl 98 Mitchell Robinson +
Taurean Prince 99 Thad Young
Markelle Fultz 100 Marcin Gortat +

Malik Monk baby! This round is all about Monk. James Borrego has been talking him up like a favorite lovechild, plus Nic Batum came out on Twitter saying it’s likely he returns to his natural position (SF) to open up the position for Monk. The complication here is Jeremy Lamb, but the Hornetts need a ball handler and shooter. Over the course of the season, I envision a big breakout from the former Kentucky star.


You can find me on Twitter @storytelling41 for the usual dose of basketball news and opinions, or check out our podcast which goes live every Thursday featuring the Razzball team.

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4 years ago

you dont have klay thompson in your rankings

Craig Bozic
Craig Bozic
4 years ago
Reply to  danby


What an awful oversite, I have him in spreadsheet at 32, so bump accordingly

Thanks for heads up

4 years ago

Obviously these ranks make much more sense than Son’s, but i think the way they are presented could be better.
Instead of having the actual Son Rankings on the right, you could just use a number reminding us where he ranked the player on the left. Much easier to read and understand!

Anyway, what do you think that’s the best draft position this year at 12-14 man leagues?
Does the presence of 6 interchangeable players at the top means that a 6th pick is really valuable?

Craig Bozic
Craig Bozic
4 years ago
Reply to  bahraspower


Thank you for the suggestion, always open to ideas on how to improve.

For me pick six is the ideal spot naturally because I’m happy with making an argument for any of the top 6 guys in my rankings. 6&18 is definately a combination that gives plenty of scope to choose a direction for me. Failing that give me the wheel, but that’s just personal preference of back to back picks