It went down sweetly, like an Italian opera or an Italian ice. Whichever best suits your personality. From out of nowhere, DeMarcus Cousins decided he was unhappy with the team’s direction. Makes sense. It’s been four games into a lockout-shortened season in which 75 percent of the league is still grossly out of shape, why wouldn’t a sophomore demand an immediate shot at a championship. So the Kings made a public announcement that this is what Cousins wanted. Coach wants to let him loose, told him to stay home last night. But the GM says he won’t trade him, Cousins’ agent denied he ever demanded a trade and his teammates claim they don’t know what’s going on (and with Marcus Thornton, at least, I believe him). Maybe the kid who fell at least three spots in last year’s draft because of his maturity issues will play nice and make it back into the lineup for game five. Maybe everyone who dropped J.J. Hickson last week, pick him right back up today. Reports are that all signs of Sacramento’s starting center were removed from the arena’s highlight reel last night and any time a head coach makes a public statement, you can bet shizz is real. But Cousins was the team’s top draft pick last year and a cornerstone of this team’s rebuilding, I’d be surprised if they just give him away for Charlie Villanueva or Jordan Hill. Anyway, Hickson and Hayes get huge bumps – permanent or temporary – until this thing straightens out. Here’s a little less drama, but a lot more action from yesterday’s fantasy basketball roster of games.

Zach Randolph – Z-Bo started the season with a sickly 10/6 performance, then improved to 24/12, then 23/9. Then in last night’s game against Chicago … well, he only scored 2 pts and grabbed 3 rbd before leaving with a sprained knee. Z-Woe. None of us thought that’s where this story was going. Dante Cunningham is the quick add (he’s the only one left) if Randolph misses time, but it doesn’t appear he will.

J.J. Redick – 21/3/3 last night. He’s averaging, 15/2.5/2 and a pair of threes in each of his first five games of the season. Grab him while he’s hot, his 24 PER and .545 FG% won’t last forever.

Jerryd Bayless – Bayless and his left sprained ankle missed yesterday’s game and probably the next one. Jose Calderon is the big winner, but if you own Bayless, it’s because someone else already owns Calderon.

Lou Williams – Averaging 20/3/4, with 2.5 3ptm a game. You feel that tingling? That’s Screwy Looey wooing you all over again. He calls it “looing.” Don’t fight it. Feel it.

Omri Casspi – 9/1/4, with a 3ptm. Sadly, his best game of the young season. He’s averaged 13/6.5/2 and only three extra minutes in the first two years of his career. I’m confident that Casspi will be an ebb ‘n’ flow-type all season. Why should you care about this? Because he hasn’t topped 9/5/4 in any game so far. So take a guess where he’s at?

D.J. White – Averaging 25+ mpg along with .571 FG%/11.3 pts/5 rbd/1.3 blk. That’s deep league gold.

Michael Beasley – Cut his finger down to the bone, received five stitches and might miss some time because of it. If that happens, Wes Johnson is the add. Followed by Derrick Williams, and Anthony Tolliver. Also, it’s possible the Timberwolves might play Way … oh, fudge it. WhenIsRubioStarting!

Kobe Bryant – 6-for-28, 1-for-8 3ptm. Oh. Wait, what? Woof.

Matt Barnes – Started the last two games in place of Metta World Peace. He ended with the inauspicious 2/2/1, with a steal and two block-line. He’s starting, but I wouldn’t pick him up. It’s your team and in the end, you gotta listen to whichever song your heart sings loudest.

Al Harrington – Highest PER of his career, highest URtg of his career, and highest career FG% by five percentage points. He’s a great option to package in a 2-for-1. He’s also like Rachel Leigh Cook in “She’s All That,” only instead of shedding bifocals to become beautiful, he shed Kenyon Martin.

Greg Stiemsma – He’s turning into a one-tool blocks machine. He had three blocks last night and 10 in his first three. He’s so blocksure that I won’t even bother mentioning his complete lack of everything else … any more … after this.

Rashard Lewis – Shooting .385 (15-for-39) on the season. No one knows why the Wizards are allowing him to do this. And by “knows,” I mean “cares.” #Wizproblems

Greivis Vasquez – Came out of nowhere to average 6.5 assists in his last two games. This was only his sixth and seventh NBA game he’s had at least five dimes, yet he’s already surpassed Al-Farouq Aminu in games played in which he’s made a positive impact (1).

Randy Foye – Started in place of Chauncey Billups. Lob City’s next game is Wednesday, Billups is likely to be back in the starting lineup by then. Or “limeup,” if you’re a citrus drink angling for a league sponsorship.

Gerald Wallace – 0-for-5 and no points. Clearly, this was brought on by guilt.


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  1. ringo says:

    Is Toney Douglas going to hold value all year? I worry about Baron Davis coming back and taking over during the stretch drive. It just seems like D’Antoni’s (funny double apostroph there) mind is already made up and Douglas’ value is obviously going to come crashing down when Baron is back healthy. My team is:

    PG = Russell Westbrook…..John Wall
    SG = Tyreke Evans………..Carlos Delfino……MarShon Brooks
    SF = Hedo Turkoglu……….Antawn Jamison…John Salmons
    PF = Elton Brand…………..Chuck Hayes
    C = Andrew Bynum……….DeMarcus “AssHead” Cousins
    UT = (—–) = Usually John Wall

    Its a Y! league with only 6 starting positions and 6 bench spots. Chuck Hayes is my #4 Big Man, wheras Toney Douglas would be my #4 guard. I am gonna see what happens with AssHead over the next few days no matter what, it’s just if Toney Douglas value is gonna crash when it seems prudent to avoid that situation if I can.

  2. Mugsy1 says:

    Marshon Brooks or Anthony Morrow?

  3. Tony says:

    demarcus cousins is cancer.

  4. ringo says:

    I am thinking about dropping MarShon Brooks for Jordan Crawford aswell, could be useful as a Wall handcuff and is similar to Brooks, except more proven.

  5. Jeff says:

    8 Team h2h each cat 9 cat

    Monta Ellis
    Tyreke Evans
    Kyle Irving
    Joe Johnson
    James Harden
    Kevin Durant
    Dorell Wright
    Boris Diaw
    Andray Bkatche
    Amare Stoudemire
    Chris Bosh
    Andrew Bogut
    Serge Ibaka

    Would you drop Blatche and/or Diaw for Paul George, Al harrington, Carlos Deifno, Carl Landry Hedo Turk, Nic Batum, lou williams, or jameer nelson?


  6. Jeff says:

    Sorry. addon to comment #5

    or Andre Miller

  7. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ringo: He isn’t really holding value right now. Baron is definitely taking over this team upon his arrival. It just comes down to whether Von Davis can stay healthy.

    @Mugsy1: Is there a C)?

    @Tony: Yeah, but is he the terminal kind?

    @ringo: Brooks and Jordan are similar in a lot of ways. They take dumb shots offer little other fantasy value aside from scoring and play for a team swirling around the toilet bowl. BUT Crawford has an extra season on Brooks (like you said). I’d go Crawford.

    @Jeff: I’d drop Blatche for almost anyone you named, especially Landry, Miller or Lou.

  8. AL KOHOLIC says:

    pick up hickson and drop Ed Davis,R Lopez or ZaZA Pachulia?thanks

  9. AL KOHOLIC says:

    dropped pachulia,the oldest of the 3 and hasnt done anything yet

  10. Yarwood says:

    I see a slew of people picking up this Jonas Jerebko character. I got Corey Maggette on my bench half stinking it up. Would you you guys drop Maggette for this dude?

  11. Joe says:

    who would you rather have.. brandon knight cj miles or greivis vasquez?

  12. Tony says:

    which Morris brother you liking better adam? marcus or Markieff?

  13. josh says:

    hey adam – drop dj white for markieff morris?

  14. Eng says:

    I need 3s badly. Dick Jefferson or Fridette??

  15. Clyde Prompto says:

    Howdy, Adam. Do you see Lamar Odom turning his shizz around anytime soon? He’s sitting on the waiver wire right now and I’d have to drop Ty Thomas, Brandon Bass, or a stashed Brook Lopez to pick him up. Should I make a move or stand pat? Thanks, and I’m really loving the blurbitude this season.

  16. Eng says:

    Is Dorell Wright a good buy low or a bust?

  17. fitz says:

    Hi Adam, first time playing fantasy basketball so sorry if my question is borderline idiotic. Which of these guys if any should I drop for Lou Williams? Jared Dudley, Hickson or Amir Johnson? It’s for a last util spot so just looking for the most helpful player overall.

  18. TBone says:

    Never thought I’d be asking this…at least this early anyway.
    Trade Nick Young for Rubio in 9 category, 11 team roto with positional maxes? Only have Tony Parker as PG option right now and Young has been timesharing my starting G with Dudley.

  19. Joe says:

    Better question.. keep 2/3 thad young brandon knight or jonas?

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @AL KOHOLIC: Yeah. Any of those three for Pachulia, really.

    @AL KOHOLIC: Oh. Well, good then.

    @Yarwood: If you can gamble on upside, I would. He looks to be a core part of Detroit’s future. Assuming Detroit has a plan for the future … which is not a good assumption.

    @Joe: Jonas, Young, Knight, in that order.

    @Tony: After last night it’s easy to say Markieff … even if actually saying “Markieff” is not all that easy.

    @Eng: Jefferson. Playing more minutes, better overall stats, shooting more threes and will get a heavier load with Manu gone. Also, I kinda think Dorell Wright is a little of both. He’s a bust in the sens that I just don’t see him repeating his 2010 season (of which I repeatedly said he wouldn’t), but also, I don’t see him continuing to suck on the suckhole this badly all season, either. I’d buy very, very low if you want. But don’t bend over backwards to do so.

    @Clyde Prompto: Haha. Thanks! Yeah. Do it. If the Mavs were humming right along without him, I’d be worried, but they’re not. So I feel he’ll find his footing sooner or later.

    @josh: Yup. Markieff.

    @fitz: I’d drop Hickson for Lou.

    @TBone: Absolutely. Go do it before you reach the end of this sentence.

  21. Nick says:

    12 Team H2H League

    Chris Paul
    Tyreke Evans
    Gerald Henderson
    George Hill
    Arron Afflalo
    James Anderson
    Rudy Gay
    Jared Dudley
    Michael Beasley
    Carlos Boozer
    JJ Hickson
    David Lee
    JaVale McGee

    I just dropped Casspi for Anderson was wondering if you would drop any of these players for one or more of these? Carlos Delfino, Charlie Villanueva, Ramon Sessions, Jonas Jerekbo, Richard Jefferson, T-Mac, Chalmers, Marvin Williams, Okur?

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