Contrary to what JB has written, we Canadians watch the Superbowl. We love it, and we do everything you do: prop bets, stupid gorging on simple foods, excessive drinking, the whole nine yards (which, ironically, is all you need to get a first down in the Canadian Football League). Even if we were luke warm on the game up here, no other sporting event will go up against it, so unless you wanna watch reruns of the World Poker Tournament, you’re dialed in to the Superbowl. So I saw what you saw. And what can we take away from Sunday’s big game, hmmmm? The KISS principle, which is: Keep It Simple, Stupid! It works in virtually every facet of one’s life, but in relation to fantasy basketball, it means don’t get all “Inception” in your approach to a trade, or acquisition, or conversely, don’t overvalue, or hold a cat too long because of what you think will happen 6 weeks form now, you dig?  There are some running principles we need to adhere to to have the best chance of success, and the main one I focus on in this here article is Buy Low, Sell High.  BLSH. I’m going to try and get that one to catch on. So, with out further ado, BLSHers, lets take a look at who we can BLSH:


Dwight Howard C

In case you’ve been in a Superbowl stupor since Sunday, Howard is injured, and out for a month, they say. But who are they, maaaan? I don’t have any answers for you. What I can offer by way of wisdom, is that if you can afford to have D12 ride your bench for 3-4 weeks, he will be a tremendous asset come playoffs, and you won’t have to pay too much.  Maybe Brook Lopez and a Seahawks Jersey, or something to that effect.

John Henson PF, C

The Muppet man returns. Coach Kidd has been forced to use Henson more, with both Ersan Ilyasova and Zaza Pachulia injured, although why Henson doesn’t get more play before the injuries, I’ll never pretend to understand. He has averaged almost 27 minutes per in his last 3, and will give you solid boards, FG%, steals and blocks. Most importantly, he is likely free, as he’s only 34% owned.

Kyle Lowry PG

Lowry has been named to the All Star team, a position very well deserved. But it seems like he has spent all his energy reserves to do so, as he’s been sub-par by his standards the last few games, dipping in 3pts, FT%, FG% (which wasn’t amazing to start with), dimes, and points. Last game he left the game with a hamstring strain, but came back into the game later, going 2/3/5/1/0 with 4 turnovers and no treys, shooting 14.3%. The thing is, I think that all he needs is to recharge. In the all star break the Raps have 9 days between games, and thus, I think it’s a buy low opportunity. Brandon Knight for Kyle, or something to that effect? I’d be very happy with that.

Jared Dudley SG, SF 

I know that this makes 2 Bucks on the list, but I call it like I see it, and with injury comes opportunity to BLSH. Or technically, to BL in this case. Dudley is a paltry 13% owned, so if you need a streamer, he could be your man, at least until Ilyasova gets back, as Duds has gone 16.3/3.6/3/1/.67 with 3 treys per in his last 3 games. And because I just wrote about him, I won’t give Khris Middleton his own blurb, but he’s been straight murder, and is still only 54% owned. Buck please!



D.J. Augustin PG

Hey DJ, keep playing that song, on and on and on! Love me some Soul II Soul. Augustin has definitly got plenty of soul lately, and with Brandon Jennings out for the year, he’s definitely got the starting spot all wrapped up. But if you’re stacked at point, and you have need of a big, for example, or a K.J. McDaniels/Giannis Antetokounmpo defensive wing type, DJ’s stock is high, so SH, my friend, SH!

Patrick Patterson PF, C

Patterson has been a delight to have on your squad lately. He’s gone for 12.2/5.4/1.6/1.4/.6 in his last 5 games, with 1.8 treys per, and shooting over 50%. He’s not a game changer in the grand scheme of things, but I really like that he is averaging 29.6 minutes per over that stretch. But he was far below this at the beginning of the season, and has gone very cool for long stretches. If you can turn this late round dude into something a little more reliable, I would go ahead and do that, if you can.

Robin Lopez C

This is a reach, I know, so don’t get sand in your neithers. But IF you picked up RoLo off the waiver last week or two, you may want to see if you can capitalize on the excitement that he’s back, and get something for him before he turns in an average performance, which is entirely possible. He could shoot out of the gate, but personally, I doubt it, and that is based on absolutely nothing, other than my jiggly post-Superbowl gut. The choice is yours.


Ok sports fans, I think that’s all I have for now. May all your shots be nothing but net!

  1. JoeJ says:

    Have 2 IR spots Jrue and Rondo
    G Curry, Collison, Gordon
    SF Durant, Batum, Covington, Sullinger, Anderson
    Pf/C Aldrige, Ibaka, Whiteside, Gortat
    1 open roster spot with Rondo moving to IR
    Any trades/adds to consider? I dominate in REB, BLK, 3s but get killed in points and assist

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @JoeJ: High Scorers on the wire? Dudley’s been playing well, Hollis Thompson has been scoring, and Mo Williams has been dropping dimes. But I would try to make a trade involving either Jrue or Rondo. Target a high distributer, scorers are the easiest commodity to stream. Jrue/Rondo and Batum or Ibaka for Wall? Lillard? See what’s out there. With Hassan Whiteside on your squad, you can give up some boards/blocks. Good luck, let me know what goes down.

      • JoeJ says:

        @Dan A.:
        Thanks for the reply looking into it now. George Hill was just dropped picked him up for short term. Seeing if I can trade Jrue I’m worried this injury is worse than theyre letting on

  2. DK says:

    Dho is actually in my … FA. I feel like picking him up. But I am really afraid he will kill my FT, which is doing decently right now. Do you think it is worth it? I would probably drop McD and grab Dho.

    14 Team H2H 9 cats:
    Guards: Curry, Lawson, Dragic, DJA, Lou
    SF/F: Draymond, Covington, McDaniels. T.Jones
    PF/C: Millsap, Gortat, Duncan, Mozgov

    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @DK: If you feel like you need boards/blocks/points, he’s great. T Jones is only giving you blocks, so keep an eye on him, if he doesn’t improve, he’s gotta go. McDaniels is definitely not been playing well of late. Put it this way: If you wait a week/10 days, and he’s still there, go grab him , if you feel you can wait out the injury. If not, don’t give it a second thought. And one guy’s bad FT on a squad of 13 will only drop your average a bit, if the rest are performing. Good luck!

      • DK says:

        @Dan A.: Yup I do need more points, boards and blocks right now. It is exactly what I need. I am pretty much dominating in 3pt, assist and steal right now. Oh yes, it also helps I am ranked no.1 in my main league, so yeah I can definitely afford to stash Howard. Now question is, do I drop McD or Jones for Howard?

        • Dan A

          Dan A. says:

          @DK: It’s a good question. I hate it, because I’ll be taking a stab in the dark, as both guys have upside. McD has been slumping lately, could be hitting the wall, and T.Jones has yet to put a good game together other than blocks. I would say KJ, as Jones still has a chance to prove himself. Hope I’m right.

          • DK says:

            @Dan A.: LOL! I am going to come after you if McD becomes a stud after ASG! 😀 haha kidding! Jones has more upside but the situation is indeed murky in Houston. But so far he’s giving more last week than McD has. If he gets up to 25 mins he should be better.

          • DK says:

            @Dan A.: Well, Dwight updated to 6-8 weeks now. I guess that changes things… not a must pick up right away considering he might miss week 21-22 if it is 8 weeks. Just in time for finals…

  3. sam says:

    dan what are you saying

    sitting in 2nd place 1 gm back after 14.5 weeks and aft being in 1st for 12 weeks.

    have gone 14-20 in last 4 weeks total. still 73-50 overall.
    12 team, 12 player standard H2H league

    would anyone make this trade?

    trade away
    Monta Ellis
    Paul Millsap

    Kevin Durant

    I would prefer to do Monta Ellis & Kief Morris for Kevin Durant but we are still negotiating.

    Thoughts w re to KD ability to stay health ROS vs moving such solid (non superstar) warriors like ellis, millsap /kief


    PS my team is;

    Walker (speculative add for playoffs, was dropped)



    Dr. Dray


    • Dan A

      Dan A. says:

      @sam: Hey Dood,

      Sorry, this email slipped through the cracks somewhere. If you’re still considering the trade, I would likely not pull the trigger on that one, it seems too pricey. I like KD a lot, but Millsap is ballin, and KD has been an assassin one game, average the next. Let me know what went down. In the future, I’ll respond much more rapidly.

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