“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest. We have to be more disciplined than the rest” (Warren Buffett)


“History doesn’t repeat,” said Mark Twain, “but it sure does rhyme.” Mark Twain wasn’t talking about the NBA in particular but he could have been. Two of the best players have returned (Kawhi Leonard and Isaiah Thomas), and one of the best has fallen (James Harden). It seems this is our weekly ritual, and it’s had a high impact on the results for the last two weeks in our leagues.


Here is how the action went down in Week 12 across our 12 RCL Leagues:

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Experts League: Tarch Tadness continues to lead and won 7-2. Dynasty Deep Dive beat Krishna Ligas, and is now comfortably in third place. Tarch Tadness acquired Brook Lopez, Zach LaVine, and Marquese Chriss. Lopez only plays in the range of 20-25 minutes. This hurts his production in points, but he’s still an elite player in blocks. LaVine should be back in about one or two weeks, and he will need a couple of weeks to play consistently, but 18 pts, 2-3 3pts and 4-5 assists per night seem reasonable in the future.

Straight Cash Homie: OsamaRazz2 lost against SON, his first since week four. The surprise was the first defeat of Pikachu by Cronos Possesed. One of the keys was the great week by Lauri Markkanen, with a first-round value through the last seven days. Pikachu remains the leader and OsamaRazz2 is in second. Adding De’Aaron Fox for Frank Ntilikina seems like a good move for Fenris-77.

Straight Cash Homie 2: jasper’s Team is still the leader but Cronos Black Metal is second by only one point. Slapnuts is only 1.5 points behind. Myles Turner was traded to porno4mumu and Serge Ibaka and Harrison Barnes to Beamer. It seems good for everybody.

Straight Cash Homie 3We have a new leader; Vengeful Hoopdies beat Onions!, who falls to the second place. Vengeful Hoopdies, a team built in a “Moneyball mode” with four players (Bradley Beal, Michael Beasley, Justin Holiday and Delon Wright) in the top-20 of the week. I can imagine Joe Ingles without a team, but now Boogie’s Low Ceiling is his new home.

Straight Cash Homie 4:  get picky with it won 5-4, but Nevitt’s Polyester has narrowed the gap with a 6-3 victory. With four wins in a row, my team TonyRP is now in fourth place. Highlight adds by get picky with it with Dwight Powell and Matokie Slaughter with Terry Rozier.

Straight Cash Homie 5: Hals’s Team lost 4-5 and Klark Shark with a great 8-1 victory is now less than six points behind. In this league there will be a great fight for the last playoff place. Worth noting, Team Ho Wan added Markelle Fultz and De’Aaron Fox.

Straight Cash Homie 6: The home league of our new leader in all Razzball leagues; Evil Empire remains unbeaten since week 1. The key players on his team are LeBron James, Klay Thompson, and Jayson Tatum, all with top-25 value this season. RJC’s Team made a good acquisition with Bismack Biyombo. In the last two weeks, without Nikola Vucevic in Orlando, he is averaging 8.3 pts, 11.4 rebs, and 3.3 blks. I added two interesting rookies: Markelle Fultz and De’Aaron Fox. The upside of Fultz is so high and Fox is the future in Sacramento.

RAZZblueBALLS: GasOl(d) Anthem and Mamba are leading and continue to  win easily. GasOl(d) Anthem acquired the intriguing Dwight Powell. In the last two weeks he averaged 12.2 points with extraordinary percentages in field goal (70.3%) and free throws (95.0%). His outlook is promising for the rest-of-season.

BBQ MousetrapThe surprising defeat of More Sonics Please tightens the standings, but he’s still the leader. TonyRP 3 is only 0.5 points behind and Durrant me a Title is one point behind. Moreover, Steph Infection with the stronger win this week (8-1) is now within two points.

Italy vs Razzball: Stuck in Saigon lost against Granny Shots, and The Wakefield Case defeated the strong Chicaghiamo Addosso. ! wins again and is in solid second place. Chicaghiamo Addosso added Gerald Green. He’s only a hot player and his value will fall once James Harden returns, but he’s averaging a stratospheric 4.2 3pts, 16.5 pts, with 100% FT and only 0.8 turnovers.  

No Punt Intended: Dicks Out 4 Harambe is the new leader with a crushing victory over The Green Walkers. Well done by The Bad Bandidos adding Marquese ChrissMaybe “The Passion of Chriss” has ended and over the last week, he has averaged 2.0 3pts, 14.3 pts, 7.3 rebs, 2.0 stls and 1.3 blks. basketballsacks added Jahlil Okafor for Bam AdebayoIt’s difficult to evaluate the real value of Okafor right now but it seems higher than Abebayo.

Dynasty Deep DiveI am surprised my team, Tony RP5, won the team of the week for the second time this year. In the last week, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lauri Markkanen were top ten players, and Josh Richardson, Draymond Green and Kyle Lowry in the top fifty. Big Baller Brand continues leading with a 7-2 victory.



Name: TonyRP 5 (Dynasty Deep Dive) victory 7-2 and best team with +7 cat win
Key players: G.Antetokounmpo (28.8 pts/8.8 rebs/ 62.7 FG%)

L.Markkanen (17.5 pts/8.5 rebs/ 3.0 3pts)

J.Richardson (18.0 pts /2.0 stls/ 1.3 blks)

Dr.Green (14.7 pts /12.3 rebs/ 7.7 asts)


1 Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6  71-34-3
2 Pikachu Straight Cash Homie 70-36-2
3 Dicks Out 4 Harambe No Punt Intended 69-39
4 basketballsacks No Punt Intended 68-39-1
5 Hals’s Team Straight Cash Homie 5 68-40
6 TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6  68-40
7 Newbie No Punt Intended 67-39-2
8 Tarch Tadness Experts League 67-41
9 Vengeful Hoopdies Straight Cash Homie 3 66-40-2
10 Stuck in Saigon Italy vs Razzball 66-40-2
11 The Bad Bandidos No Punt Intended 66-42
12 ! Italy vs Razzball 65-41-2
13 More Sonics Please BBQ Mousetrap 65-41-2
14 Onions! Straight Cash Homie 3 65-41-2
15 TonyRP 3 BBQ Mousetrap  65-42-1


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  basketballsacks No Punt Intended
Week 3  GasOl(d) Anthem RAZZblueBALLS
Week 4  TonyRP 4 Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 5  ! Italy vs Razzball
Week 6  Cronos Black Metal Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 7  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 8  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 9  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 10  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 11  Pikachu Straight Cash Homie
Week 12  Evil Empire  Straight Cash Homie 6


Week 1  gesiot’s Team Italy vs Razzball
Week 2  Slack-Jawed Daps Straight Cash Homie 2
Week 3  The Wakefield Case Italy vs Razzball
Week 4  The Wakefield Case (2) Italy vs Razzball
Week 5  Newbie No Punt Intended
Week 6  Evil Empire Straight Cash Homie 6
Week 7  TonyRP 5 Dynasty Deep Dive
Week 8  Stuck in Saigon RAZZblueBALLS
Week 9  Newbie (2) No Punt Intended
Week 10  Durrant me a Title BBQ Mousetrap
Week 11  Newbie (3) No Punt Intended
Weel 12  TonyRP 5 (2)  Dynasty Deep Dive











Thanks for playing and good luck.

  1. Des87 says:

    Hi, please rank ROY; mgasol, kuzma, lonzo b, I thomas
    Thanks (9 cat)

  2. Hello! 1- Marc Gasol, 2-I.Thomas, 3- Kuzma, 4-Ball

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