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I may never forgive Corey Maggette for being just good enough that, when he plays 10 minutes and leaves the game with back spasms, I have to mention it. He knows how much I hate mentioning Bobcats! So here it is. Feast you’re eyes on the good news if you’re a Reggie Williams owner (or about seven clicks away from being one! Go! Go!) and bad news if you’re a Maggette owner. Corey Maggette might be the only fantasy-worthy player that can carry your team’s offense for a night and I’d still try to console you for having to own him. And this isn’t just idle fantasy basketball smack talk. Corey and me (besides being a classic after school special about boyhood chums experimenting with each other’s no-no zones) happen to go way back to Oak Park, Illinois, junior high basketball. We were playing on opposite teams. He was pretty awesome even at 12-years-old. But, I managed to steal the ball from him. Stole it right out from under him as he tried to go past me. I immediately threw an outlet pass, which was what I’m calling it now. Back then, I called it the “Holy shizz, I just stole the ball from Corey Maggette! Please, dear Lord, get this thing away from me before he realizes what I’ve done!” pass. I charged up the court not expecting to get the ball back, got it back anyway, went up for a layup only to have my shot blocked so hard by the future Duke star that the damn ball ricocheted off one gym wall, out the door, down the hall, turned the corner into room 105 and sat in one of the empty seats next to all the other kids serving detention. I’ve never liked Corey Maggette since. Drop him. Trade him. Rid yourself of any trace of him. (Or assume that back spasms are not usually a big deal and keep him benched for a game, maybe two, and pick up Williams (6/4/4, with 2 stl last night) in the meantime). So that’s that. Below are some fantasy basketball options I dislike significantly less than ol’ Corey Daze.

Bismack Biyombo – 12/7, with 4 blocks. This was easily the best Charlotte line from last night. I’m telling you this because I know you don’t already know. I know you don’t already know because there are three people on this planet who paid attention to last night’s game between Charlotte and N’Awlins and they were Byron Mullens‘ three dads.

Marco Belinelli – Blows. He scored 12 points from 3 threes and that, mes amis, was it. Let’s just agree that next year, no one talks to this guy.

Kris Humphries – 18 rebounds and a career-high 31 points in 42 minutes. It’s the second time in his last three he’s had at least 20/15. With D-Will and Broke Lopez both out, the Nets may legitimately now be Kris Humphries’ team. His two game losing streak team. /Jordan Farmar’s scoff

Shelden Williams – .692 /.866/10.3 pts/9 rbd/1.3 ast in his last three starts coming into Monday’s game. On Monday, he went 6/3/0, with three fouls because he could feel everyone watchin’ him and it gives him the willies. Sometimes I feel like somebody’s watching me and I realize it’s just Rockwell hoping I have a spare sandwich to offer him.

Ersan Ilyasova – 4/3, in 24 minutes. More like Ilyucksova. … Y’see what I did there?

Taj Gibson – 15/13 double-double, Taj’s second of the season. He also had a block. Time for another sweet-ass invisible blues guitar solo!

Joakim Noah – Returned and drop-kicked a 12/10 double-double to go along with his two steals, three blocks and quintet of dimes. Ten more dimes and you can buy yourself a donut.

Ben Gordon – 12/2/1 last night and he missed all three of his attempts from the arc. Sadly, this was an improvement over Gordon’s 9/2/2 average in six games this month. So that’s odd. Is that odd? I dunno. Is anything that goes on with the Pistons odd anymore?

Derrick Favors – Jefferson might miss the weekend games. Favors is a wise grab. I won’t force it. I’m just asking politely.

Wesley Johnson – 10 3ptm/10 stl/ 7 blk in his last  seven games. Most of that didn’t happen last night, but still. I thought you should know. Don’t mention it. Seriously. He’s not very good and I’m 82 percent sure his last seven games are a blip. And when you think about it, as blips go, it’s kind of crappy.

Jared Dudley – Averaging 1.4 3ptm/19 pts/7.7 rbd/1 blk in March so far. This is what we hoped for all season, based on his last month of 2010-11. He’s early as compared to last year, or late as compared to our expectations from earlier this year. He’s just Jared. Love ‘im or leave ’em.

DeJuan Blair – Double-doubled for the sixth time this season (11/12, in 27 minutes). That’s twice in seven games. Settle down. He’s still chunky.

Manu Ginobili – Left in the third quarter. Eso no es bueno. Then again, this was the Wizards. He basically just cut practice a bit short last night.

JaVale McGee – 21/15, with a block. Just when I think JaVale can’t get any dumber, he does something like this … and does NOTHING to change my mind! He scored 10 points four games ago, 12 the game after that, 15 a game ago and 21 last night. Anyone who scored over 600 on their SATs know that this man is scoring 65 his next time out.

DeAndre Jordan – 6/13. Speaking of underperforming block machines: Hylandre Jordan! He had double-digit boards at the half, but still. He’s been underwhelming lately and his blocks have dried up in his last four (0.75 blk).

Mo Williams – Playing well. Scored 21 points whilst draining only one of eight three-point attempts. Did you like the addition of “whilst?” It’s classy.

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  1. Benny says:

    Beauvois or Devin Harris ROS?

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Benny, Go with the upside and the secondary statistical output (3ptm, stl). Go Beaubois.

  2. Steve Stevenson says:

    H2H pts league, drop Mo Williams for Tony Allen? A few considerations: 1) wk 15, when Allen has 5 games, is a must-win for me, as I’m playing the guy I’m tied with for the last playoff spot; 2) that said, I already have a better team, more total pts and a few more projected games played that week; 3) I’ve already banked the benefit of Mo’s 5-gamer this week; 4) if the Clips make a move for a G, Mo’s playing time suffers; 5) league playoffs track the NBA playoffs, and we can keep guys. Right now I like MEM better than LAC to make a run, but that could change. Also, Allen’s and Mo’s overall season pts are about the same in our format, but Allen’s been slumping lately.

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Steve Stevenson, Cripes, that IS a sticky wicket. I think the most important facts are that your team is already better and you play more games than your Week 15 opponent. If that’s true, why try to tinker? Will Allen give you an advantage in an area (say, steals or rebounds) that Mo won’t? I think Mo is the better overall fantasy option and there’s nothing you listed that throws that WAY out of whack, with the exception of maybe the playoff tracking, which, in discussing the current 4 and 5 seeds (separated by a game), is anybody’s guess.

      • Steve Stevenson says:

        @Adam, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Same league, give Iguodala for Ellis? Iggy would be replaced in the lineup by Harrington or Frye, and Ellis would replace Mo Will/Isaiah (and be Manu insurance). Iggy would be a fringe playoff keeper for me. Monta has better reg season sked if he stays in GS, but not sure how much reg season help i need.

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Steve Stevenson, I’m unfamiliar with the NBA playoff aspect of your league. Wouldn’t you want Iguodala more than Ellis simply because one is going to play at least four playoff games and the other won’t?

          Outside of that, I see no reason why you WOULDN’T rather have Monta over Iguodala, unless you think Ellis won’t see touches on the Bucks (which just won’t be a problem with Monta Ellis no matter where he goes).

  3. Ryan says:

    I am in 1st place of my 14 team h2h keeper league. I am a bit worried about curry and lowry come playoff time. I was thinking of moving either of them sometime this week b4 the trade deadline. I am thinking of dealing either lowry/curry and mcgee for lin and pau. Is this a good move for me? What if I deal amare instead? What do you think? Team is below.

    14 team h2h keeper

    pg stephen curry
    sg Paul pierce
    g kyle lowry
    sf kevin durant
    pf bismack biyombo
    f andre igoudala
    c amare staudamire
    c javale mcgee
    util nikola pekovic
    util james johnson
    bn randy Foye
    bn Landry fields
    bn luke ridnour

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Ryan, I worry that you’re overthinking this. You’re in first place and Stephen Curry didn’t really have much of hand in getting you there. Shop him and McGee around and see what you can get. Hang onto Lowry as most people wouldn’t give you good value for a guy who might miss the first round of the fantasy playoffs.

      • Ryan says:

        @Adam, So how does curry McGee for Pau Lin sound?

        • Adam

          Adam says:

          @Ryan, Sounds great for you. If I owned Gasol and Lin, I wouldn’t trade them for Curry and McGee.

  4. ChrisV

    ChrisV says:

    This is Corey’s second lede (<- fancy!) in a week! The dude is going places.

    If you ignore the spelling, this is a fun video about McGee –

  5. Shawn says:

    3 keeper league
    Rose/Ljames and Andrea Bargnani or Al Horford
    I’ve been told Horf and Bargs, I see lot of upside in both, maybe a little more from Bargs, I see him upping his rebounding and he’s the number one option in T.o.. I just know horf is the real deal who does a little of everything very well.. SO, thought id ask you adam man, thanks!

    • Adam

      Adam says:

      @Shawn, I’d go with Bargnani. I tend to think we’re seeing one of Bargs’ best season, whereas, I think Horford was having a down season (before the injury). That said, I think with Rose and James, you have two players who play significantly bigger than their positions, meaning you can afford a C who plays a little smaller in his. Rose/James/Bargnani is a more well-rounded team than Rose/James/Horford.

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