Tyreke Evans will miss the next three weeks with the same foot problems that has dogged him all week. Normally in these circumstances, the coach would identify a replacement to take over. Paul Westphal won’t do that. Pooh Jeter, Jermaine Taylor, Luther Head, and Donte Greene will all profit, but only for one in every five games. So, if you can guess which games those will be … well then, your talents are considerably wasted on fantasy basketball. Why aren’t you betting on the Oscars!?! For the record, Taylor was last night’s “winner” (13/2, and a steal).

It’s good to be back to real (fake) basketball!

Rashard Lewis – Played limited minutes last night (20) and Josh Howard was the largest beneficiary (29 minutes, 14/5/3). There are a few people on Earth, in which nothing good comes from them being the beneficiary of anything. Josh Howard is one of those people.

Kirk Hinrich – Was out with a sore calf. Or as my Grampy Cletus used to call it: Date night!

Tony Allen – Started in place of Rudy Gay and got to the line a ton (14 times, made 11) in just 31 minutes. Allen’s minutes will be there, but the scoring won’t. Look for fewer free throws and something closer to 14-17.

O.J. Mayo – Played 30 minutes for the first time in a month and dropped 21 points on a surprisingly organized Nuggets squad.

Stephen Jackson – Left the game early after injuring his hamstring. After the game he said he was fine and could have played. I hate when players say this. Maybe I just hate when Jackson says it. He says it a lot.

Joakim Noah – After a brief 30-game hiatus, JoaNoa returns to the starting lineup. Give it a game or two before putting him back in your lineup. If he blows up tonight, you’ll be happy he returned to form so quickly. If he stinks it up something awful, you’ll be glad he was on your bench.

Ty Lawson – 21/5/7, with 6 steals. Now, to get rid of Raymond Felton.

J.R. Smith – Started in place of Carmelo Anthony, Played like Carmelo Anthony (26/8/5, with 6 threes). Earl’s value will rise a bit, but not this much. There are still a crop of rootin’-tootin’, heavy-shootin’ Knicks riding into town.

Michael Beasley – Returned after a couple weeks off to shoot go 10-for-17 from the field, turn the ball over five times and little else. All-in-all, I’d say it was a successful return, despite a bit of lingering wonkiness. Wonkiness being a technical term to sophisticated for your general understandin’.

Delonte West – Returned to play his first 13 minutes in almost three months. Barring some injury to Rondo and Sugar Nate, I’d pass on this pick-up. Dude’s only played six games this season.

Patrick Patterson – Career-highs in points (20), shots made (8) and shot attempts in 22 minutes. Watch him as closely as Klum doing pilates.

Aaron Brooks – 9/4/6, with a pair of steals in 28 minutes. His line looks better than Lowry’s (9/2/5, in 23 minutes), except that Brooks took 11 shots and Lowry took three. Having said that, my hunches tell me Brooks has a better post-All-Star Break than Lowry. Where do I keep my hunches? Why, in my haunches of course. No one ever searches the haunches.

Will Bynum – 21/2/6, in 22 minutes. Brooks either made Bynum look good, or Bynum made Brooks looks all kinds of stupid. If I ever paid any attention to either player, I could tell you for sure. Either way, Bynum’ll make you look all kinds of stupid too, if you roster him.

  1. barker says:

    18 team h2h in 1st with decent cushion

    would you drop splitter or teague for green or belinelli

    make both drops or one of them

    and what do you think of i give gay and marvin williams for felton and bogut

    we keep three and it would mean i keep deron horford and randolph instead of gay

  2. Paul says:

    Hey, love the blog and the in-depth analysis that you put into each post. It’s nice to read a fantasy blog that has some substance and isn’t just a slew of numbers. With that said…

    12 team, h2h, in 1st with a guaranteed playoff spot:

    PG: Conley, Felton, B. Davis, Kidd
    SG/F: Manu, JR Smith, T. Allen,
    C: B. Lopez, Okafor
    PF: Garnett, Griffin, D. Blair, R. Anderson

    I’m trying to trade away Manu before his minutes start taking big hits. I’m also not sure what I should do about Felton and Garnett because I feel like their second half will see a lot less production. Do you have any suggestions for my team heading into the playoffs? It’s my first year playing fantasy basketball so any help would be much appreciated.

    I also offered Griffin and Manu for Alridge and Wall. Do you think that’s asking for too much? His original offer was Frye and Wall for Griffin and Manu.

  3. Adam

    Adam says:

    @barker: First question first, I’d drop both Teague and Splitter for he two players you mentioned. I don’t see either player mAking more of an impact than they have already. Actually, you could say that a out all four players.

    I wouldn’t give up Gay. Williams ain’t nothing, but it looks as if Felton will stay in a Denver timeshare. I’d consider it if you really need Bogut’s blocks, but I’d otherwise pass.

    @Paul: Nice of you to say, Paul. You’re in a favorable position because the guys you’re trying to shop are both healthy and “big names.” Shop Manu and and Garnett around and see if you can pick up a slightly upgraded SG. Smith and Allen both have a limited shelf-life, and Manu’s production might dip slightly on the next month. See if someone will bite on trading Monta or Martin or more well-rounded PGs like Westbrook or Rose.

    Also, I think LMA/Wall is too much. Frye/Wall is WAY too little.

  4. Lou says:

    A rusty Noah is:
    a.) a better play than JaVale McGee @ Philly
    b.) a dirty euphemism
    c.) all of the above

  5. Phil says:

    Is Thornton a better stash than T Murph at this point, considering the supposed trade that sends him to Sacramento? With Tyreke shelved, it looks like he might get 25-30.

    The only thing standing in the way of minutes for Thornton is Jermaine Tyler and Paul Westphal. Ugh. Maybe it’s not such a sure thing.

  6. Raps says:

    6 team H2H.

    my worst players are jason kidd or wilson chandler. would you drop either for ty lawson?
    thanks for your input. love your blog, one of the best basketball fantasy sites out there!

  7. Lou says:

    as a Knicks fan I kind of feel like the kid who got the “Robotron 4000” on Christmas Eve while my neighbor gets the “Robotron 5000” Christmas morning… I didn’t even know the 5000 hit the market yet.

    maybe I’m just partial to stud point guards, but my lunch is going to taste extra salty today.

  8. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Lou: I generally wait a game no matter what. If you’re really itching to get him back in, you can’t ask for much better than Toronto.

  9. paul says:

    Holy smokes, D Will to the Nets??!? Completely out of nowhere, wow I’m still shocked. And I asked about him last night too.

    Fantasy implications?

  10. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Phil: Your question is whether Thornton is a better stash than Murphy. The answer is yes, but only because it looks like Murphy will be dropped by G.S. I don’t think Thornton will be any less annoying to own on the Kings than he was on the

    @Lou: Don’t sweat it, if there’s a season next year, you’ll probably have Chris Paul.

    [email protected]Raps: Thanks! I won’t stop until I’m THE best fantasy site. I might drop Chandler for Lawson. But at this point, if Denver makes no more moves, Nene becomes the only ownable fantasy option on the team.

  11. Adam

    Adam says:

    @paul: Ha. Yeah. It seems Sloan wasn’t the only old white dude Williams pissed off. As big as this deal is, no one really profits from it. Murphy won’t play, Favors will play less, Harris might see a slight bump in production, but he could just as easily get swallowed up, Williams might score more, but he’s passing to significantly worse supporting players. If nothing else, guys like Morrow and Humphries might benefit just having a better passer getting them the ball more efficiently.I’ll have more on it tomorrow.

  12. Matthole says:

    @Adam: If you have one bench spot…who do you stash with the playoffs in mind….thanks

    batum, kaman, troy murphy, Mozgov, ant randolph, mcroberts

  13. Larry says:

    Since Favors was moved to Utah is Humphries back in the starting rotation for the Nets?

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Matthole: Kaman, Batum, Ant Rand, McBob, Mozgov and Murphy in that order. Though that may change depending on a) what Denver does before Thursday and b) what Portland does before Thursday.

    @Larry: Almost certainly, yes.

  15. I Am the Liquor says:

    Drop Roddy B or DeRozan for Humphries?

  16. the Real KG says:

    Trade proposal sent to me.

    He sends me: Marc Gasol, Jamal Crawford, George Hill

    I send him: JaVale McGee, Aaron Brooks, Beno Udrih

    Who wins?

  17. Adam

    Adam says:

    @I Am the Liquor: Depends on need, but it stands to reason that Humphries is in for the most productive portion of his season.

    @the Real KG: You win. Knock it down, monsieur.

  18. Larry says:

    Just value, drop Affalo for Hump?

  19. kirk says:

    looks like kirk is going to atlanta at this point..is he a must-own? if so, who should i drop for him? This is my lineup: Roddy B, DJ Aug, R.Sessions, Ty Lawson, Grant Hill, Billups, Westbrook, P.Gasol, A.Stoudemire, A.Bogut, D.Wright, C.Kaman, W.Chandler

  20. Stephen Jackson loves Monty Python. “It’s just a flesh wound!”

    Did you get my screwdriver? I told the bar tender to leave the lipstick on the rim.

  21. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Larry: Yeah. I’m cold on Nuggets at this point. That team’s messy.

    @kirk: He’s a should-own, not a must-own. I might consider dropping Chandler or Lawson.

    @ChrisV82: Ha! I did. I’ve been busy lately. Haven’t had a chance to thank you proper-like. I’ll get to it soon. Until I do, thanks a ton. Mighty generous of you.

  22. kirk says:

    so I take it you don’t think Felton will get dealt…Lawson just blew up yesterday too..this is tough…so you think Chandler in a 6th man role < Hinrich as a starting pg? hmm…what to do…

  23. Adam

    Adam says:

    @kirk: It’d be great if he did get dealt, but the Nuggets have said no one is going anywhere. So many players lost their value in that trade.

  24. bostonfan says:


    standard scoring fantasy point league.

    Would you drop mcgee for kaman?

    many thanks

  25. Phil says:

    Having trouble figuring out who to pick up, a ton of great guys on waivers. Here’s my team:

    G: Wall, S Jax, Lawson
    F: J Smoove, David Lee, Hickson
    C: Blopez, Gortat
    UTIL: Scola, Collison

    Bench: Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Beaubois, Thornton

    I’m currently hurting in 3’s and FG%. Here are the FA available:

    Delfino, Greg Monroe, Paul George, Corey Maggette, Sam Young, and Courtney Lee (dude’s put up some solid numbers, might be going to Bulls for solid minutes at SG).

    Could I drop any of my bench players for anyone in the waiver pool? I’m thinking I drop Beaubois or Thorton for Monroe, but I have a ton of bigs. Questions, questions, questions.

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @bostonfan: McGee.

    @Phil: Yeah, Monroe for Thornton is my suggestion. If not Monroe, I’d go with George on just pure talent. Lee is the strongest candidate in both FG% and 3ptm. If you’re targeting just FG% go with Sam Young (.491 FG% in Feb). 3ptm? Go Delfino (2.0 3pm in Feb.)

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