Inflated line alert! The Thunder and Sixers went into triple overtime and guys in this game were playing minutes in the fifties, so you got some huge lines in this one. No one likes inflated stat lines more than Russell Westbrook! 2-27-18-15-2-0-6. Some guys do that in a week… The Thunder won, in the battle of interconference eighth seeds, but you don’t care about that, its time for the Friday fantasy recap!

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Robert Covington – 3-11-10-2-3-2-2 in the rainbow line, but only shot 4-for-21. Not in Lovington.

Joel Embiid – 34-8-6-0-2-7. Great percentages too. My namelganger had a great night if you ignore the TOs.

Wayne Ellington – Had 16 points and guess how many 3’s? If you said six, you might need to double check your maths. He had five and one free throw, obviously. Charlotte took the Ell-ington too.

Tyler Johnson – 4-16-2-1-0-1-2 on 5-of-6 from the field and 2-of-2 FTs. He’s been killing it lately and hopefully he can sustain this consistently. Heat bench really held it down in this one.

Goran Dragic – More like Goran Tragic! Only 8 points, but otherwise a full stat line and the Heat won.

James Johnson – 11-5-5-2-3-2 Incredibly, this is pretty much his average for the year, but with more steals and blocks. Great all around guy…for fantasy. I can’t speak on his character.

Nothing really stood out for me on Charlotte’s box score as they seem to be content with another year of mediocrity. They seem like they should be better.

C.J. McCollum – 20-2-4-0-1-1. I’m starting to lose a little faith in this guy that he will put up as good numbers as last year. Adding Nurkic to this lineup is sapping his usage rate and  he’s averaging about two points less per game than last season.

Nikola Vucevic – 2-26-14-1-1-1-3. Continues to put up huge lines and the addition of the 3-ball to his game has been a major boon to his value. Never thought I’d use that word…

Stanley Johnson – 1-13-6-4-0-0-0. He’s been getting run and could be worth an add if the last guy on your bench is terrible. Reggie Bullock got the start and posted 15 points, which is semi-interesting.

Myles Turner – 1-24-8-2-0-2-1. Hopefully, this is the start of him putting it all together. He’s still got Myles to go! JK, he’s actually quite close…

Victor Oladipo – Had a pretty standard night, but one thing of note is that he shot twelve three’s! He made five, but the fact that he’s hoisting that many means he’s got the green light.

Mike Scott – 2-22-4-0-2-0-4. The Dunder-Mifflin boss had a solid night and he seems to have fit in well with his new team. The Scranton branch lost a valuable player.

Otto Porter – Left with hip pain after just three minutes. Oubre would be the pick-up for short term value.

Jawun Evans – 1-15-6-6-5-0-2. He got 40 minutes and I’m not sure why, but could be worth looking into. For the ‘wun!

Rudy Gobert – Left with a knee injury. MRI coming today. Favors would gain a lot of value, but he is probably out tonight with an eye laceration. Scary for owners and this might not be his year.

Ricky Rubio – 1-22-7-5-1-0-2. His best game in a while. Maybe a sell-high moment.

Kyrie Irving – Dropped 33, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Jazz, who were sans-Gobert and Favors for most of the game.

Donovan Mitchell – 2-17-5-9-0-0-3. Mitchell and Yess!

Dennis Schroder – 1-18-5-11-2-1-3. The Dennis System with das dimebag! Guten Tag!

John Collins – 2-7-4-2-4-1 in 24 bench minutes. Nice line minus the points, but I foresee bigger lines in the near future.

JaMychal Green – 8-12-1-1-1-2 might be worth re-adding if he was dropped, but I’d expect you’d cut him again at some point for a hotter FA.

Nikola Mirotic – 3-22-8-2-1-0-1. Man, I wish my waiver claim went through…Good thing I used on someone useful like Greg Monroe! Bitter, party of one!

Bobby Portis – 2-27-12-0-1-0-1. The one steal is actually a pleasant surprise.

Khris Middleton – 2-29-6-6-4-0-2. Caught fire last night, but it wasn’t enough to beat the red hot Bulls!? Sorry, had to check my specs. They have actually won five in a row since Mirotic returned.

Nikola Jokic – 1-13-11-4-0-0-1 in 22 bench minutes, as he’s being eased back from injury. Big night for Nikola’s.

Gary Harris – 2-21-2-5-2-0-2. Dirty Harris made your day, and you should be feeling lucky if you drafted him.

Anthony Davis – 28-12-1-1-5-3. Big night for the Brow, but it wasn’t enough to top the Nugs. Boogie also had a huge night FYI, and that combo is not really working in the West. Who could have forseen that?

Kawhi Leonard – Still being eased back from injury and he only played 17 minutes in a blowout loss to the Rockets.

Chris Paul and James Harden – Both had 28 points and amazing stat lines. I think you could add CP3 to any team and they would instantly become better. He’s smart enough to find how he fits best. Take note Cousins, Melo, etc.

Jahlil Okafor – 10-4-0-1-0-2. Made his Nets debut off the bench, and you can expect bigger lines in the future. Hopefully, you added already. He was actually outshined by Nik Stauskas, who dropped 22. I really don’t want to talk about this game, as the Nets had to go to Toronto for the second half of a back-to-back, in what was egregious scheduling misconduct by the NBA.

Kyle Lowry – Trip-Dub alert! 2-10-10-12-4-0-1. Not too shabby, but against the tired Nets, coulda been better.

That’s it! It was a big night in the NBA with a ton of games, so if I left out your favorite player forgive me. Don’t forget to drop a comment!

  1. Tony C says:

    Joel, good work on the daily update. Gotta a question for you. I am considering adding Aminu, Portis, Len, Henson, Ilysova, Jordan Bell or Ntilikina and dropping Avery Bradley and Bro-Lo. Are any of those available players warranted pickups for me?
    My team in a 10 team, 9-cat H2H
    PG Paul, Teague, Dinwiddie, Dunn
    SG Harris, Lee, Bradley
    SF Richardson, Levert
    PF Giannis, Myles Turner
    C Bro-Lo Cauley Stein

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Tony C: I’m a Len guy, I think hes the best player you listed, but the roration in Phoenix is extremely annoying. I think he should be the starter soon. That being said, I’m not sure I’d cut anyone on your team for him. Henson might be the best option if you can stomach the FTs. Thanks for reading

  2. Utah Green Sox says:

    Hey Joel,

    Playing in an 8 team league, so there’s heaps of juicy adds on the waiver wire. Who do you like out of: Payton, Collinson, P. Gasol, Caldwell Pope, Murray, Prince.

    The players I could drop are: Dinwidde, Johnson, Markennen, Barton.

    Roto league – trying to get FG%, FT% , Assists and Blocks – I’m sorted on all other stats

    • Joel

      Joel says:

      @Utah Green Sox: Based on your needs Collison gets you a bit of all those except blocks. I’d be hard pressed not to add Jamal Murray right now, but he’s mostly a points and 3’s guy. Could see dropping Markennen with Miro back.

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