I’ve posted that video at the start of every season since my inception as The Son of Razzball Hoops and it goes just as hard as the first time. Gets me hyped every time. It is the official song of Razzball Hoops and signifies that fantasy hoops is back in our lives again! Holla!

Usually, I post my Top 10 as the first piece of the season but I wanted to change it up this year. I wanted to spend this time introducing the writers who will be providing the wonderful content that you will consume over the next half year.

  • JalonsWorld – Jalon will be writing the Saturday recap and Hoopers of the Week which will go up on Fridays. He’s out in Maryland (don’t hold that against him) and grinding away writing about hoops for various outlets. Give him a follow on the Twitter machine @jalonsworld. I had him on the pod last year, so if you want more, go take a listen.
  • Keith – The author of the infamous Cork Report which is up every Monday. He’s a bonafide professional writer and makes the words dance off the page to entice all the senses. He also does DFS/player props over at HoopBall. Go follow him on the Twitter machine @G1nsbergB3ats. I also had him on the pod last season, so check it out to get to know him better.
  • Jay – My fellow Korean brother and the man who brought me onto Razzball. I am forever indebted to Jay. He will be writing up Player Profiles every Monday. He’s up on the Twitter machine @jaywrong. He’s always right, though.
  • Jalen – I ain’t s**t when it comes to writing when compared to some of the talent on this squad. Jalen has a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry from Johns Hopkins University. I wish Def Poetry Jam was still up and running because I know Jalen would kill it. He also knows hoops so the combination is one of extraordinary magnitude. Jalen will be recapping Sunday’s games and you can find him on the Twitter machine @jaleneutsey.
  • Mr. Hooper – Joel will be bringing you Hooper’s Heroes every Tuesday and will be recapping the Wednesday games two times a week. Joel is a fantastic writer as well and, like Keith, is a professional writer/editor. He touches on a variety of topics every week and presents them in an enjoyable and thoughtful manner. Follow him on the Twitter machine @jcbahr. You can learn more about Joel on this pod that we recorded last year.
  • Paul Cawston – Paul is new to the squad this season. He will be writing up the Monday recaps for you guys. He’s on the Twitter machine @PTC39758329. I hope that’s not his Social Security number.
  • Kostas – My brother from another mother out in Greece. Kostas has been with me since Day One at Razzball. He blesses you with the Top 155 Roto projections every offseason and the weekly Buy/Sell piece that goes up every Wednesday. Kostas is not on the Twitter machine. Wise man he is but you can get in contact with him via the comments section in his pieces. Here’s the pod from last year with Kostas.
  • Joe Bernard – Joe represents Toronto to the fullest. He brings to you the Underperforming Players every Wednesday. Like Kostas, he is wise and eschews the cesspool that is Twitter. Hit him up in the comments section. If you want to get to know Joe better, here’s the pod from last year.
  • Sterling Hooper – I’m not sure if he wants his real identity known, so I won’t be a rat. We got ourselves a real-life superhero! I just realized that we now have two Hoopers on the squad. Cage match to the death? Sterling Hooper is new to the squad and will be doing the Tuesday recaps. He also does not have a Twitter account. A wise superhero at that.
  • PB – Eric is across the Pond in the UK. He came on late last year but it was a joy to add him to the squad because he added such a great piece to the rotation. Every Thursday, he provides mid-week guidance to help you win your head-to-head leagues. Eric is another wise soul who does not venture into the streets of Twitter. We did a pod last year, so check it out.
  • Grizzle – My nizzle fo shizzle nizzle. Grizz is an eccentric one who is a permaculturalist by day and fantasy hoops scribe at night. He will provide the recaps for Wednesday’s games twice a month. Grizz takes the yearly pilgrimage to Sin City every summer to get the 411 at Summer League and provides tidbits of knowledge from the boots on the ground. Follow him on the Twitter machine @NativeSunGarden.
  • EZ – Ehran is my SoCal brother and he brought you the Thursday recap last season and will be blessing us again with the same content this year. You can reach him on the Twitter machine @ekhansworld. We had an awesome time chatting on the pod last year, so take a listen.
  • Ryan – More fresh meat! Ryan will be doing a weekly piece on Pace, which will be going up every Thursday. Y’all know I’m big on pace so when Ryan said that he wanted to write about that, a tent rose in my pants. Sorry, Mrs. Ryan. It ain’t like that. Ryan also writes on the football side and does work for NumberFire, Fanduel, and Fantrax. Translation? He knows what’s up. You can reach him on the Twitter machine @KirkseySports
  • DFSJackson – Last, but not least, we have Jackson, another newbie, who will be doing the Friday recaps. I imagine that there will be some DFS nuggets included. We shall see. You can reach him on the Twitter machine @dfs_jackson.

That’s the schedule and lineup for this season. We have a solid crew and will be pumping out tons of great content all season long. It’s hard work so show your appreciation once in a while. The smallest display of gratitude goes a long way.

I may be biased but the Razzball community is truly one of extraordinary magnitude. Let’s keep growing, learning, and hopefully winning.

  1. Kostas

    Kostas says:

    Can’t wait for this season to start, both in real life and in fantasy as I think it will be an exciting one. Thanks for the mentions Son, looking forward to publishing the roto projections and review as well as talk to you guys through the comments as usual.

    • Son

      Son says:

      Always a pleasure, Kostas. Let’s go! Can’t wait!

    • Giannis says:

      There’s no place without a Greek these days

      • Kostas

        Kostas says:

        This place already has got a Greek for 5 years now, but I have to agree.

  2. ambradbu says:

    Nice can’t wait

  3. Jason Lee says:

    Let’s go boys!

  4. slim says:

    son! gladddddd to be back

    Keeper question

    14 team h2h keep 6

    Keepers are Jokic, trae Young, Shai Alexander, Zion, VanVleet

    who fits best with my build as a 6th keeper
    Gobert J Collins or timelord

    • Son

      Son says:

      Yessir, slim!!! Hope this season is one of extraordinary magnitude.


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