It’s great to have NBA back; I hope everyone had a chance to read the staff picks.  Who was the only person to pick Greg Monroe and C.J. McCollum?  Yeah this guy.  Ok, enough bragging.  Since it’s Halloween, we are going to have some tricks to stay away from and of course some treats.  So let’s get on with this small 6 game slate:

Disclaimer: James Harden, Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Steph Curry, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Demarcus Cousins should always be considered.


Point Guards

We have four PG’s above 9k:  Steph Curry, Chris Paul, John Wall, Damian Lillard.  All are fine plays.  Then we don’t find a PG in the 8k or 7k range.

C.J. McCollum (6,600) is a plug and play at this price.  He will be in the 8k range this time next week or he should be IMO.  McCollum is a flat out scorer. He hasn’t met a shot he hasn’t liked.  On nights that his jumper might be off, he has the ability to drive and get to the foul line.  He’s the lowest I am willing to spend at PG on Saturday night.  

On Halloween don’t be tricked into playing Rajon Rondo (5,600). Personally I think he is trash and I wish he was cheaper so the masses would play him.  

Jrue Holliday (4,900) does have a nice price but don’t be fooled.  He is coming of a major injury and is on a minutes limit.  


Shooting Guards      

Eric Bledsoe (7,300) is the clear top option.  Had 22-3-2 last night against the same Portland team he faces tonight.

Bradley Beal (6,200) looked really good on opening night.  I know it’s only one game but it looks like he picked up where he left off last year.  If I remember right he didn’t have under 30 DK points in any playoff game.  They only downfall to rostering him is that he doesn’t give you the counting stats to offset a poor shooting night.

If you’re looking to save some money, then take a look at Langston Galloway (4,200).  With Arron Affllalo missing time with a hamstring, Galloway saw 25 minutes in each of the first two games of the season. I would temper expectations rostering a player like this.  If you can get the 16-4-3 he got on opening night, call it a victory.  


Small Forwards

I normally don’t like rostering players against Utah.  The Jazz are a really good defensive team and played at the slowest pace last year.  I am going to make an exception with Paul George (8,100).  He’s just too cheap for what he brings to the table.  He has a chance for a triple-double any night.

Al-Farouq-Aminu (4,600) is Portland’s top option at SF.  A.F.A is a good source of points and rebounds for the price. If you’re looking to save even more take a look at Rodney Hood (3,900).  He had a good opening night and really wasn’t needed as Utah blew the doors off Philly last night.  It’s really hard to pass up the production at this price.


Power Forwards

We have a game with a O/U at 214 right now and the Kings are on a second game of a back to back against the Clippers.  Yeah just play Blake Griffin (9,500) and thank me later.

Draymond Green (6,900) is just too cheap.  

If Nene doesn’t play on the second game of a back to back, take a look at Kris Humphries (4,000).



Rudy Gobert (7,100) is moving his block party from Philly to Indianapolis for Halloween.  The Pacers don’t have Roy Hibbert anymore, so they don’t have anyone who can defend the paint like he did.  Gobert already has 9 blocks in two games.

Festus Ezeli (3,100) is starting for Andrew Bogut.  From what I saw on opening night, he is pretty athletic.  The downfall is that he is a foul machine.  But it’s also tough for the Warriors to go small against the length of the Pelicans.  

Willie Cauley-Stein (3,000) is at the bare minimum and got the start for the Kings on Friday night.  He played 30 minutes with 17 points, 9 boards and 3 blocks.  


Don’t forget to check twitter for any late scratches and player news.  As always you can catch me on twitter @realdaddybigs or leave a comment below. Good luck this weekend in your games.

  1. Baller says:

    Great article! Just kinda confused by what the numbers next to each player name means..Do you mind explaining?

    • danb

      DB says:

      @Baller: This is a DFS article. Next to there name is there salary on Draft Kings

  2. WaWa says:


    I’m starting a fantasy basketball league, competitive, large buy in. I really want to have a great format, so I’ve settled on a 8 or 9 cat, roto format.

    One thing I really want is for the site I’m using to calculate weekly winners so that part of the prize pool can be won each week, hopefully maintaining interest week to week, even when some teams may be out of contention for the big prize.

    Can you recommend a site for this format? I tried doing a format like this on yahoo for baseball a few yrs back, but yahoo couldn’t do the weekly winners. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you

  3. Spo says:

    Should I drop Stanley kohnson, O’Quinn, or Galloway for Marvin Williams ?

    • Spo says:

      It’s 9 cat standard h2h

  4. eric says:

    hey danbBBBBBBBbbbb!! 18 team 9cats h2h i have nurkic and iggy available for nov3 (free agent waiver thang) im planning to drop neto? Is it worth to hold on nurkic? or go w/ iggy?

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