Ahhh, how I love Mondays.  A fresh new start to the week and a much needed restocking of waiver pick ups for the new match up.  Here are some guys that you should grab if you have space on your team.


Markelle Fultz: He finally won the starting gig and it’s only a matter of time before he gets into the swing of things. His first game as a starter wasn’t all that impressive, but he looks healthy out there and should end up being a nice value off the wire.  Grab him while you still can!

Eric Paschall: “Tanking is against everything I or we ever stand for,” said Warriors owner Joe Lacob. “We will fight like hell.”  Well that didn’t last very long at all as their stars are all conveniently injured all of a sudden.  The Warriors go from being the fantasy basketball darling to this year’s most hated team in less than a week. The full tank is on and Paschall is one of the guys you need to pick up.  He has a well-rounded game and is in line for some nice minutes with everyone being “injured.”

Glen Robinson III: See note above.  He’s getting minutes and will stumble into standard league value.  Pick him up if you have someone to drop.

Jordan Clarkson: He is quietly putting up some nice Lou Williams-like numbers, so ride him while he’s hot.  He does this every year, and then drops off a cliff.  He’s worth a pick up to see how long he can keep it going.

Meyers Leonard: Currently the hottest waiver wire pick up on Yahoo as I write this, but he’s not quite as popular on ESPN and Fantrax. He’s been great with steals, blocks, and 3s while being very efficient. His minutes are trending up and the Heat are on a three-game winning streak.  Grab him while he’s hot!

Rodney Hood: He’s been getting big minutes and hanging around mid-round value as of late.  He’s bound to get hurt at any moment, but so far he’s been highly productive with steals, 3s, and points. It will drop off at some point, but he’s worth using while he’s performing.

Jahlil Okafor: He’s had two good games in a row, and Derrick Favors forgot how to play basketball, so he’s worth a speculative pick up.  Favors is day-to-day and is due back soon, but chances are he’ll get hurt again.  Not a bad pick up if you need a big.

Tomas Satoransky: I’ve been seeing him on many waiver wires, but that needs to change!  At worst, he can be a steals and assists specialist for you.  At best, he gets more minutes and becomes a nice mid-round player.  If someone gave up on him and you have room to spare, don’t hesitate to grab him.