We had the first big name get traded this year with Rajon Rondo getting dealt to the Mavs.  It’s a perfect “Shark Tank” deal for Mark Cuban.  It sends a message that the Mavs are going for it this year.  I don’t blame them since Dirk isn’t getting any younger.  I really like this deal for Dallas.  It brings stability to the PG position for Dallas and we seen in the past what Rondo can do with skilled talent surrounding him.  Dallas sure has that.  Plus, Rondo isn’t under contract next year. If it doesn’t work out in Dallas the Mavs aren’t on the hook for any money after this year.  I was surprised they got him so cheap.  Yeah, Dallas sent 3 players in the deal but it’s not like those players were really heavily involved in the rotation for the Mavs.  Also, rumors are the Celtics are already shopping Brandan Wright.  The only thing the Celtics really wanted was the two picks they got in the deal and the $12.9 million trade exception .  The Celtics now have eight first round picks in the next four years.  I’m also curious to see if what Jae Crowder can do if he gets some time.  I really liked his game at Marquette and never felt like he was given a great opportunity in Dallas.  Now the the player to keep your eye is first round pick Marcus Smart with Rodo out of town.  This kid can flat out score but the biggest hurdle is if he can stay healthy.  With all that said, how about we get on with this small 6 game slate: 

Point Guards

There is two routes you can go tonight.  You can spend or save because there is value to be had.  I think this is the where most people are going to save money to get in a James Harden or Anthony Davis.  Can’t say I don’t blame them with strategy.  With said I am going to stick to talking about PG’s under 8k.

The Dallas Mavericks break out there new shiny toy,  Rajon Rondo ($7,900), at home against the Spurs on the second game of a back to back.  As I wrote above I like this deal.  Rondo should pile up the assists with the Mavs starting tonight. 

Jeff Teague is doubtful to play with a hamstring injury.  Dennis Schroder ($5,500) and Shelvin Mack ($4000) split the time at PG on Wednesday night.  Schroeder played 22 minutes and had a double/double.  Mack played 23 minutes and was perfect 6 for 6 from 3pt land, for 24 points.  Schroder is more of the assist guy and Mack is more of the scorer.  I would just save the $1,500 and take Mack in this spot.

Tony Parker has been out for the last few games with a hamstring injury.  Cory Joseph ($4,900) should continue to get all the run at the PG duties for the Spurs.  His ceiling isn’t that high but neither is his price.  I wouldn’t expect the world from him.  Around mid-twenties Draft Kings points is about it.  Anything else is a bonus.


Shooting Guard      

Disclaimer:  Instead of talking about James Harden ($11,600) each week, just play him if you can afford him.

Monta Ellis ($7,800) has been getting up a ton of shots and his production reflects it.  Has only had one game under 30 DraftKings points in the last 10 games.  He has a high ceiling.  With Rondo in town he won’t be running the point anymore which might limit his assist totals.  On the other hand he should see more open looks with Rondo driving and kicking it out to Ellis.  He is a real safe cash game option on Saturday night. 

Danny Green ($6,100) has seen his price rise after his monster game Wednesday night.  He is still not overly expensive and will easily pay off this salary if his three ball is falling.  With Kawhi Leonard out and if Manu Ginobili sits on the second end of a back to back, I don’t see how you don’t play Danny Green.  You also might want to take a look at Marco Belinelli ($4,300) if Manu sits…

Gary Neal ($4000) is a nice value option with Lance Stephenson already ruled out.  He didn’t start on Friday night but I like him coming off the bench a little more.  His usage rate is 26.5% without Stephenson in the lineup.  Not bad for a 4k salary saver.

Also consider Wesley Matthews ($5,400) if Nicolas Batum doesn’t play.


Small Forwards

Not many options here on Saturday night.  Gordon Hayward ($7,700) is the top choice by default.   Hayward has a 23.6% usage rate which is 8th at the SF position.  That makes for a nice cash game option with a high floor. 

Wilson Chandler ($5,900) is another real safe option.  You pretty much know what you’re going to get.  Mid 20’s fantasy points as a floor and mid 30’s as a ceiling.

If you want to punt then Kyle Anderson ($3,000) is your man.  Not much to get excited about except that he started on Friday night.

Also consider Jared Dudley ($3,700) with Jabari Parker out for the year.


Power Forwards

This is a position where you can spend some money.  I don’t have to tell you that Anthony Davis ($11,800), Blake Griffin ($11,000), and LaMarcus Aldridge ($10,800) are all top options that you can play on any given night.  With that said I don’t like many options after these guys.

I like Paul Millsap ($8,400) but I am not in love with this price.  Not much value here.   No doubt about it he is really a consistent fantasy player.  Just think he needs to reach 40 fantasy points to reach value.  He hasn’t gotten there lately.

I expect Tim Duncan to sit this one out after back to back 3-overtime games, in which he logged 91 total minutes.   So Boris Diaw ($5,100) should see an increase in playing time.  I really don’t like his price after two real good games before his dud Friday night that’s not factored into his price for tonight.  Those two games are more of an outlier. I think if you don’t spend up at PF then go all the way down to Diaw.


Dwight Howard ($9,200) has been a beast since returning from his knee injury.  He is averaging about 49 Draft Kings points since his return.  Atlanta is 7th in the league in DEF EFF but that doesn’t scare me away from using D12.

 I feel like every Saturday I write up DeAndre Jordan ($8,400).  Well this Saturday is no different because he plays the same crap ass Bucks team he played last Saturday.  He is coming off a 15 point and 23 rebound performance on Wednesday night.  His price has risen but this a awesome matchup against a Milwaukee team that a lot of trouble guarding centers.

Also consider Aron Baynes ($4300) if some Spurs sit out.


Get over to Draft Kings and get in on some NBA action.  They have games at all different price points.

Don’t forget to check twitter for any late scratches and player news.  As always you can catch me on twitter @realdaddybigs or leave a comment below. Good luck this weekend in your games.

  1. danb

    danb says:

    Duncan, Manu, Leonard, Parker, and Mills are out tonight. Leaving the Spurs with 10 players. 5 of them are big’s. Belinelli will serve as the backup PG.
    Joseph -PG
    Belinelli – SG
    Green – SF
    Anderson – PF
    Splitter – C

  2. whatwouldyoudo says:

    josh smith/ wes matthews/ isiaah thomas FOR serge ibaka/goran dragic?

  3. KD Owner says:

    just got an offer my oladipo and MCW for his Giannis and jeff teague, what do you think?

    • danb

      Dan Bigos says:

      @KD Owner: Don’t do it

      • ADADHD says:

        @Dan Bigos: yeah, who knows if the hamstring will linger now. Teague is great but he has a real up and down production from game to game it seems. I like those players who are a bit more consistent come playoff time. Hayward is another one of these who is top 20 and is all over the place from game to game.

  4. Wen says:

    Hi Danb, I am having a really hard time to decide if i should keep Marcus Smart, or drop him for Ersan Ilyasova or Andrew Bogut. What would you do for ROS? Thanks for your help.

    Here is my roster:
    Stephen Curry, Nicolas Batum, Jamal Crawford, J.J. Redick, Patrick Beverley, Marcus Smart
    Paul Pierce, Draymond Green, David West, Pau Gasol, Chris Bosh, Marcin Gortat, Marc Gasol, Derrick Favors

    • danb

      Dan Bigos says:

      @Wen: Be Smart and keep Smart

  5. ADADHD says:

    can I write a sell high on AD segment ???? I am actually one of his biggest fans but I am also that friend that always has to argue the opposite of whatever your opinion is on any given subject. I used to write stock market columns after reading them obsessively. Now I play fantasy basketball and DK. I want to be the Warren Buffett of fantasy basketball 🙂 thanks for helping.

    • ADADHD says:

      @ADADHD: did I get put on a list after bad mouthing one of your commenters ???? if so I totally understand. Cyberbullying is America’s number one problem.
      just ask sony(SNE)Long SNE, Short AD

      • JB Gilpin

        JB Gilpin says:

        @ADADHD: Hah, no you got on hold with the spam filter since you have a new id 🙂 And I was outta town. It’s a free country! Hit up one of my articles for what you were thinking along with your stock analysis of Apple. Bought when I was 18 and still riding the wave.

  6. Charlie says:

    Top adds for assists this week in 8 cat roto, would you reccommend Mo Williams, Reggie Jackson, Jarett Jack or Mario Chalmers?
    I’m a bit concerned about Mo Williams getting limited minutes, but he did play 30+ minutes off the bench today,
    Chalmers, Reggie and Jack both played very well today but Deron, KD and Wade could return anytime.

    • danb

      Dan Bigos says:

      @Charlie: Take a look at who is playing in the most games this week. Chalmers is the top option on this list but Jack could be in for a bigger role if D Will gets traded

  7. Ujiri Prokhorov says:

    i was Offered Rondo and Gorgui for my Lawson & Asik. What it look like?

    14 Team, 10 Cat H2H

    • danb

      Dan Bigos says:

      @Ujiri Prokhorov: I wouldn’t make that deal

  8. Steven says:

    I have a chance to get my hands on either Marc Gasol or Al Jefferson for relatively the same price. Who do you see having more value for the second half of the season? Im in a H2H points league so I don’t care about categories, just total value.

    In the yahoo points league scoring system Gasol has been significantly better thus far but im concerned about a second half drop off and/or a second half surge from the underperforming Jefferson.

    Also, should I take into consideration their playoff schedule? Jefferson’s is better (4-4-4 vs. Gasol’s 4-4-3) but im in last place (team built around Durant and cousins!) so right now just making the playoffs is probably a bigger concern.

    That’s for the help! Also, that’s to whoever wrote that H2H playoff schedule article! That thing has been my Bible this year!
    (Sorry about the double post. Wasn’t sure which article would be more active comments wise so I was selfish and played it safe!)

    • danb

      Dan Bigos says:

      @Steven: I like Gasol more then Al Jefferson. Don’t get me wrong both are good. Gasol has more to play for and is on the way better team

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