Razzball Nation, welcome to the fourth quarter of the NBA season. Most of you playing in points leagues are in your fantasy playoffs with hopes of being crowned champion in the next few weeks. For those of you in rotisserie formats, you are here until the bitter end, which will surely include some silly season heroics, and I will be with you for all of it.

Trade deadlines have come and gone for a vast majority of leagues, which left me contemplating how to pivot this post for the final stretch of the season. The answer is and always will be in finding value and making that value work best for you. That is why this week, I am looking at an entire team and leaving it up to you to roll the dice on a few options that may be readily available on your wire or perhaps sitting on your bench in deeper leagues waiting to be deployed.

Get your motor running…?

The Detroit Pistons

Here are the facts.

One, Detroit is not a very good basketball team. Two, Detroit is content with losing games from here on out. Three, Detroit will come up with phantom injuries for many of their players. Four, we could be here forever so I will stop, as there is no end to how bad the Pistons could be rest of season. They would never come right out and say tank but essentially, we know they are No Limit Soldiers and that is what is happening in the Motor City.

The question becomes, who to target?

While it may be difficult to gauge from night to night who will have value and be available, one thing is certain and that is Bojan Bogdanovic, Isaiah Stewart and Jalen Duren will continue to miss some time and be in and out of the lineup. This creates opportunity for Isaiah Livers, James Wiseman, Marvin Bagley and possibly RJ Hampton as he may give him an opportunity to see what he has.  Hamidou Diallo would have been another option, but he left the game against the Blazers with an injury and spotted in a walking boot leaving the arena.

Most of these players should be available on your wire and worth a lottery ticket if they provide some of the stats that you need. Rebounding and field goal percentage from Wiseman and Bagley, with Wiseman offering some upside in blocks. Scoring and threes from Livers who has opportunity to play all of the minutes left behind from Bogdanovic. Even an expiring Cory Joseph could become low end useful if Casey gives him increased minutes as a parting gift.

It is winning time so move accordingly and as always hit me up in the comments and leave your thoughts and questions.

Good Luck out there,