….And we’re back with our regularly scheduled programming!  If you missed it yesterday, our polls are open for the 2014-15 Razzies, our prestigious ceremony awarding the best of the best… of terribleness!  Larry Drew is like, “Finally!  Someone else has to put up with this ish!”

Speaking of putting up with ish, geez navigating all these DNPs is a near impossible chore for championship teams!  The finals of the H2H playoffs are often won and lost by waiver fodder, and if you’re in need of some ThrAGNOFfing, Anthony Tolliver is getting some run!  Sure most of his stats will make you exclaim with defiance, “please sir, I want s’more!”, but he’s at 3+ treys and 11+ Pts in 3 of the last 4.  Got a crazy dose of 40 minutes for 13/10/1/0/0 last night, hitting 4-9 FG (3-7 3PTM 2-2 FT).  And like your perfect little ThrAGNOF, he almost never turns it over, with only 2 TO in the past 6 games.  9-catters needing some treys should certainly take a look, and the Pistons have three games in four days – tonight, Friday and Saturday.  Threes ain’t got no face!  That phrase is so perfectly used here it has got me a little excited in my Dickens.  Here’s what else went down last night in fantasy basketball action:

Atlanta Hawks – Yikes, Hotlanta really IS turning into the Spurs of the East!  No one played over 24:16 last night, and the starters all ran in the same unit for the same rotations.  It was like looking at hockey line changes!  I’m going to be very anti-Hawks next year…

Shelvin Mack – Well, common speculation was that Jeff Teague was going to get another DNP (on top of Dennis Schroder out with a toe), but regardless Mack still gave you a little for 12/3/5/1/0 on 6-9 FG.  The Hawks are off until Saturday and that’s their only remaining game of the week…  I honestly think in all redraft leagues at 10-12 teams every Hawk is expendable for streaming.  Especially when…

Thabo Sefolosha – …is leading your team in shots and scoring!  19/5/2 on 7-14 FG.  But yeah, my thoughts on Thabo read as above.

Mike Muscala Same, nothing but a blip, nothing to trust in an outlier 6/13 game.  I guess my hesitancy to pick up Mike in any leagues makes me a Chicken Muscala!

Reggie Jackson Reportedly played through nausea to put up a dubdub dimebag of 12/4/11 in only 22 minutes.  I’d have nausea too looking at that Hawks B team!  Hey, with all these players getting DNPs, everyone better be big Stan Van fans as he keeps playing his guys instead of this shutdown hooblah!

Spencer Dinwiddie Ruh roh, a kankle from Spence and he couldn’t return.  As I mentioned in the open, the Pistons have games in 3 of the next 4, and if R-Jax is still sick and maybe sits one out, the only healthy body left is… wait for it… John Lucas III!   15/1/3/2/0 on 7-11 shooting last night in 21:30, and certainly worth a stream if there’s DNPs for both PG ahead of him.

Roy Hibbert – Oh man, Nets fans were clowning Hibbert for taking a trey last night!  Gave you 3 blocks, and man, you have to feel good about him doing anything!

C.J. Miles – Wellllll, there went that streamer…  Rolled his ankle early on, played through a few more minutes, then left before getting to 7 minutes played.  Yikes.  ThrAGNOK!  Threes ain’t got no kankles!  Well, more like threes HAVE kankles, but you catch my drift…  Even with Rodney Stuckey back (and playing pretty yucky last night), C.J. Watson now becomes a near must-own on teams filling out starts.  Games tonight, Friday and Sunday, so if you can nab Watson for tonight and see what happens past that, I certainly would.

George Hill – After injury issues to start the year, been an absolute rock.  He only played 50 out of 66 in the lockout season, other than that he’d previously been 76+ games in his other 5 season.  28/6/3 last night, and while the value takes a hit with Paul George back, his consistency and “usual” health will make me a backer in next year’s drafts.

Thaddeus Young Returned after missing a few with a knee injury for 8/7/4/1/0 in 39 minutes.  39 minutes!?  I’m guessing he actually will play tonight given that run, instead of sitting on a back-to-back that you’d normally expect off injury.

Brook Lopez It’s still baffling that with all these injuries and DNPs that Brolo is playing like a manbeast right now!  A manbearpig!  24/11/2/0/2 on 11-17 FG and no TO.  Well, it helps when you have a lumbering dud out there in Roy Hibbert on D…

Alan Anderson – I was about to make a joke about the fluky nature of his 20/2/1 line, but he’s hit a trey in 4 straight and has double-digit shots in 3 of 4.  I’d rather roll with Tolliver on a game-to-game basis, but here’s another ThrAGNOF for desperation starts…

Kawhi Leonard Rainbow city!  It’s kinda like Cloud City, just more metro!  22/9/3/4/2 in 38 minutes, hitting 8-13 FG with a trey.  He needs to finally get an 82 game season!  Then he would vault into the top 6 or 7…

Cory Joseph – I can’t wait for him to get a legit shot…  7/3/4/4/0 in 23 minutes last night, and with a consistent role I’ll be all in.  Hurry up and hang up the sneaks, Tony Parker!

Hassan Whiteside – Whiteside owners are like, “Thank the fantasy gods!”  23 minutes off the bench after getting stitches in his hand last week, for 10/6/1/0/2 on 5-7 shooting.  Had a bandage on his hand, but it didn’t stop him from getting it up there and swatting.  Makes his hand look like Mario’s glove!  Next thing you know, players are using foam fingers to protect their broken ones instead of plain tape!

Blake Griffin – Well I picked the wrong Clipper to go for 30, that’s for sure!  And I should’ve seen this coming with #OccupyDraymondGreen resting…  Monster outing from Blake for 40/12/5/1/3 on 16-25 FG and 8-8 FT.  His FT% is still only at 72% before last night, but his last 4 he’s 23-28 (82%).  If the FT% is decent and he keeps the diming up (career high 5.1 this year and dropped his TO from 2.8 to 2.2), he could be more valuable than ADP in 15-16 drafts.  He could be the Chief of Staph!

David Lee – Well there’s some smack at ya Slim, for slamming my terrible David Lee pre-rank!  But camon, I was tied for second lowest amongst experts!  Got the start with no DrayDray for 17/7/1/0/0.  Ok, so that’s still not very good, sue me!


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Greivis Vasquez (13% owned) – I continue my frequenting of the General Greivis, as he’s still only 13% owned.  Sure The Twerp shot like poo against a PBev-less Rockets on Monday, but still went 3/3/7/2/0 and against the lowly Wolves, I think he’ll deliver.

Jameer Nelson (37% owned) – Of course there’s some dead leagues out there, but Jameer has been playing some must-own ball the past few weeks and gets a solid matchup against the Jazz.  Rudy Gobert clogs everything up in the middle, and the little ThrAGNOFfy G should have ample opportunities to upchuck some treys.


I hope everyone is having a solid week thus far in the championship round, and thanks for stopping by Razzball Nation!  Don’t forget to vote for your picks in the 2014-15 NBA Razzies!