After Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz tested positive for COVID-19, Adam Silver sprung into action last night and suspended the remainder of the season. For those hoping for a return of games this year, that’s a highly unlikely outcome. First, scheduling would be a nightmare as many of the venues have been booked with other events, but the most important aspect is liability. Imagine if the NBA resumes the season and someone gets the virus. It could be a fan, a worker, a media person, or a player. The lawsuits would be crippling. So, just start prepping for football because MLB is next, right? Anyways, for fantasy, I have no idea how sites are going to handle this situation. There’s no way they can crown a champion so basically it would be a lost season and entry fees would be held for next year’s contests? That’s my best guess. As soon as I hear or read something, I’ll post it. As for this kind of situation happening in the past, the 1994 MLB season did not crown a champion because the players went on strike.

Here’s what else I was writing last night until Woj dropped the bombshell. I won’t delete so you can have some shits and giggles.


Christian Wood

32 7 2 3 2 3 3/4 14/18 1/4

If Christian keeps playing like this, a new religion is going to be formed. Over the past five games, he’s been a top 30 player, averaging 24 points, 1.6 tres, 9.8 boards, 2.4 dimes, 1 steal, and 0.6 blocks with 56% shooting from the field and 76% from the line. Fine, maybe not a new religion, as someone else had dibs on Christianity, but a new line of varnished Wood at Home Depot? The newest XXX star? Lot of paths are available.

John Henson was out due a sprained ankle, so Thon Thon Thon Thon Thon Maker got the start.

13 3 1 0 1 0 2/4 5/9 1/2

Only played 17 minutes, though, as he encountered some foul trouble.

Ben Simmons will be re-evaluated in three weeks. Make him walk the plank! He has no business being on your ship. *gets tapped on shoulder* Simmons can’t walk due to his back injury. Throw his ass over then! Shake Milton will continue to start and be fantasy relevant by providing tres, dimes, and steals.

Al Horford

20 10 6 0 2 2 4/6 8/11 0

Balled out even though Joel Embiid returned to action. That’s an encouraging sign, but before we jump for joy, know that the Pistons suck. Let’s see this more consistently before we announce good tidings on YouTube.

Joel Embiid

30 14 3 1 0 4 2/3 9/17 10/12

Returned to action after missing some games due to a shoulder injury. Everything looks a-okay. With Simmons out, Embiid is the captain now. Last night, he garnered a 42.8 usage rate! Alrighty, then. He just needs to stay healthy.


  1. Court Vision says:


    • Son says:

      Indeed. I’m discombobulated right now

      • Osama Romeh says:

        was thinking of hitting you up to go over an add drop a few hrs ago when the news came down lol. we can add drop to infinity and beyond now. if it doesnt come back youre work was boss like usual my friend, hit you up when im in LA in a couple months.

        • Son says:

          Much appreciated as always. Peace, my brother.

  2. Wen says:

    All fantasy leagues should be locked down to prevent any adds or drops at least.

    • Son says:

      Yup. I locked all my RCLs but forgot to notify the others. Thanks for reminding me

  3. It's not Markelle's Fultz says:

    And now we’ll never see Christian Wood’s peak. That’s a boss statline against horford and embiid. Oh well….. Lastly, idk if its possible but a March madness type of playoffs would be amazing. If the nba decides to comeback.

    • Son says:

      Did he die? We should see his peak over the next few years….hopefully.

      You mean as in single elimination tourney? That would be exciting for sure

  4. Mr. Blast says:



    First off, I want to say this is bigger than basketball, and fantasy for that matter.

    Secondly, Son – You are the man.

    Thank you for all of your write ups, answers, shout outs & recognition.

    I’m coming off of a Three-peat, back to back to back championship run.

    No Four-peat for me I guess.. But it is out of my hands.

    My team was without a doubt finally healthy & firing on ALL cylinders.

    Jrue/Lowry/Conley/Rozier/Derek White

    This squad was ready to rock!!!! Monday our playoffs would of started.

    I put in the work, practiced a lot of patience & here we are.

    Very unsatisfying to say the least.

    But what is most important is health!!!

    Maybe we will be back this year, maybe we won’t.

    Peace to all & Thank you again Son.

    • Son says:


      This is some crazy shiznits.

      Thanks, Mr. Blast. Much appreciated. Thanks for reading, engaging, and being a part of the Razzmilia.

      You did good this year. Hopefully we resume this season later, but I’m not too optimisitic.

      Peace to you as well!

  5. Jep says:

    Sup Son!

    And I thought 2020 wasn’t kind to me and my team only. Gobert shut down the whole league! Defensive Player of the century.

    Probably one of the craziest years ever since I started playing back in 2002 with all the injuries, suspensions, and now this.

    Until we chat again, thanks for all the write-ups/therapy/advice. If my league is going by yesterday’s live stats to end the season, I ended up in 2nd.

    • Son says:

      Sup, Jep!

      Thanks for reading and commenting. It was always a pleasure interacting with you. Let’s get these chips for the Razzmilia in the future!!!

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