Look, I’m not going to go nuts here and tell you that Andrea Bargnani is terrible or overrated or any other hyperbolic fluff that clearly isn’t true. Bargs can play. He’s averaging 19 points in 32 minutes per NBA game. That’s something even I can’t do, and I’m great at basketball, according to my rec-league teammates. Like dogs walking in single-file, I smell a ‘but.’ Bargs is averaging 12.3 points per game in his last three along with four rebounds in over 31 em-pee-gees. Geez! That’s awful. Unfathomable, really. The guy is seven feet tall and standing on the court forever. It was cute when Toronto’s franchise big man averaged only three rebounds in his first three games of the season because Reggie Evans was gobbling up 15+ boards a night. But Evans ain’t doing that no more and the laughter has stopped in Canada, or as the Canadians call it, “happy crying.” Your third or fourth round pick went into drafting a 19/4 guy. That’s Luol Deng territory. It’s bad enough that he has a girl’s name, but now he’s grabbing just one more rebound per contest than Steve Nash. Uncool. Almost as uncool as burning a first round pick on a 7-footer averaging 19/6. That’s right, Brook Lopez. You’re next.

Here’s what else I saw in fantasy basketball yesterday:

Aaron Brooks – Out 4-6 weeks. A healthy Brooks trumps Lowry, a healthy Smith trumps an injured Brooks, and a healthy Lowry trumps Smith. Brooks-paper-Ish’er … SHOOT!

Josh Smith – Attempted his eighth three-pointer this year, one more than he attempted all last season. But since we’re tripping down memory lane, I’d like to point out that unlike last season, in which he missed all seven of his downtown bombs, Smoove has made half of ’em this season.

Marvin Williams – Could miss the next two weeks. Or if you own Williams, he’ll avoid screwing your team for the next two weeks.

George Hill – 0-for-4 with a rebound and two assists in 21 minutes. It’s the second time in his last three games Hill failed to score. He’s been injured already and the season is still young, but Hill looks like he’s content to hold down the fort until Ginobili and Parker relieve him of his duty. If you’ve got your eye on someone else, go ahead and relieve Hill of his duty.

Manu Ginobili – 26/5/3 in 34 minutes. If anyone can average 21.8 ppg and three treys per game quietly, it’s … not Manu Ginobili. MANU!

Boris Diaw – 15/6/5 with one steal, block and trey in over 36 minutes. He’ll have a solid game like this, then stink it up for the next three. He’s French. This is what happens when your country’s definition of bathing consists of going through one bath and six bottles of perfume per week.

Gerald Wallace – Shot 2-for-11 from the floor and was just off. Multiplicity may have been cold, but if you own him, you’re the one that needs to stay cool. He’s got the Raptors and Wizards coming up next. Cha(rlotte)-ching!

Leandro Barbosa – Left the game early after straining a) his shoulder and b) thousands of fantasy lineups so far this season.

Jarrett Jack – Played 28 more minutes than Jose Calderon last night and produced a 24/8 line with three steals. I’ll tell you what my mother told my sister and me many years ago, “if only one of you existed, it would make things a lot easier for everybody.” If you had to choose just one, Jack has played increasing minutes over the last three games while Calderon has not.

J.J. Redick – If I told you Redick scored 11 points in 27 minutes, how many threes would you assume he hit? One? Two? Five, but no one saw the last two? The Duke sharpshooter went 0-for-5 from behind the arc. He’s shooting .167 from downtown, which is why owning Redick, even in deep leagues, is Redickulous.

Chris Duhon – 4/4 in 25 minutes. Poo on Duhon.

Rashard Lewis – He shot 2-for-7 in 31 minutes ending with four points. He’s shooting .373 on the season. His FG% and PPG have been in decline in each of the last four seasons. Do with that information what you will (as long as ‘what you will’ consists of getting rid of Rashard Lewis).

Joakim Noah – Grabbed 19 boards and is now averaging a league-leading 15 rpg. I had him and Kevin Love tagged as the two most probable rebounding leaders at season’s end. Noah is the actual leader, Love is ranked second in per minute rebounding (0.43) and, oh God, do I really hate Kurt Rambis.

Taj Gibson – Well, if I’m mentioning Gibson, you know there’s a Carlos Boozer reference a-comin’. Chicago’s favorite blues harpsichordist scored 16 points and blocked five shots. This is why I would never want the ability to see into the future. Every time things were going well for someone, all I’d be able to see is what awful twist of fate Carlos Boozer had in store for them. There it is!

DeShawn Stevenson – I couldn’t resist pointing out that the Mavericks have – literally- five guys that can play SG and they start Stevenson and his 6/0/0/0/2 line just to keep Jason Terry‘s role as the ‘energy’ guy off the bench in tact. Sometimes basketball coaches *cough* Rick Carlisle *cough* just seem silly.

Zach Randolph – 23/20 in 41 minutes. Mmm, that looks like the line of a guy bumpin’ up against the Suns’ defense all night.

Grant Hill – 19/12/3 in just 29 minutes. He just keeps doin’ it and doin’ it and doin’ it right.

Robin Lopez – 2/2 with two blocks in 14 minutes. He’s making Darko look average. Drop him.

Hedo Turkoglu -8/1/1 in 21 minutes. He’s making Robin Lopez look average. Drop him. Yes I’m aware that I pick on Turkolgu every other day, but he’s still owned in over 85 percent of fantasy leagues. Clearly I’ve got a lot more work to do.

Channing Frye – Shot .142 from the floor amassing a grand total of three points. He’s averaging 4.9 ppg after seven contests and he’s clearly lost all confidence. He’s not the only one. Drop him.

Chauncey Billups – Anybody else want to discuss Billups’ 4.6 assist per game average? No, me neither. Especially because I talked about it all preseason.

Stephen Curry – .571/1.000/2/34/5/4/3/0. What? No blocks, bro? Psssh.

Monta Ellis – Dropped like a burnt brisket, left the game in the fourth quarter and stayed in a Toronto hospital overnight. And because it was a Canadian hospital, neither Ellis nor the NBA have to pay for it. Booyah! Way to get injured abroad, Monta! His fall sounded bad, but he walked off the court. My guess is he wanted a taste of that sweet, sweet worry owners were showering on Curry’s ankle last week. If you can spare the speculator pick, and either Dorrell Wright or Reggie Williams are unowned, own them. Don’t pwn them. That’s not in your best interest right now.

  1. Quintero says:

    IF Amir Johnson and Tyson Chandler can reach 30 mins, how do you see them performing? Thanks!

  2. Tony says:

    1) wow does monta take alot of shots, i was watching that game last night, he goes 100 mph and will fling the ball up from anywhere….

    2) any reason a guy would want anthony morrow from me? (20 team league i have him for $1, i dont know if there’s an injury i’m not seeing or some word on the street i’m not hearing?) He offered me jamario moon, i declined, thought about asking for biendrins?

  3. Tony says:

    any liking for sonny weems? besides a sweet name? i’m sitting on mareese speights and tmac in that 20 man league, just looking for SOMETHING to drop them for….

  4. Another Falstaff says:

    @Adam – Brooks was dropped for Lowry in my league. My guardline Is ‘Reke, Harris, Nelson, RWilliams and Hill. Worth stashing for Hill? Can also bid for Afflalo tomorrow. Thanks and keep the good stuff comimg!

  5. jake says:

    I’m on the other side of the Brooks/Lowry equation… I’ve got Brooks and thinking about dropping him b/c I’m in a daily transaction league where we need guys to produce every night. I know I’m screwed longterm if I drop him, but fear that if I don’t get production from PG, I’ll fall way too far to compete.

    No one else on my squad to drop (closest things would be Terrence Williams or Ty Thomas).

  6. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Quintero: I like Johnson at 30+ minutes more than Chandler. If he ever averages big minutes with Toronto, it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him as a low double-double guy. Maybe just shy of it. Think 12/9 with a block and steal per game.

    @Tony: 1) Yeah and he’s averaging 1.5 fewer attempts a game this year than last year! 2) I don’t like the Moon-for-Morrow trade. I think Morrow has more value. Biedrins seems about right. Something’s not right in New Jersey. Everyone there seems to be underperforming so far. Monitor, but don’t panic. Morrow at $1 still has enough upside to hang on. RE:Weems. You can’t really go wrong dropping McGrady for anyone, so if you want to speculate on Weems, go for it.

    @Another Falstaff: Yeah. Missing a month is rough, but there will still be another 15 weeks of fantasy basketball after that. By January 1 – POOF – you’re suddenly rostering a top 10 PG.

    @jake: Yeah, you’re in a tight spot. Any chance you can drop him for three weeks and pick him up again just before he’s re-activated? This way your team can salvage a little of Brooks’ downtime without losing Brooks’ production once he returns.

  7. Tony says:

    @Adam: ya monta’s lines are nice, watching him as a player reminded me of iverson, i find it annoying, i dont like players like that….

    i declined moon for morrow right away. I went and offered morrow for biendrins but then cancelled because i thought maybe i’m getting duped, didn’t really look at any news last night to see if anything happened that I didn’t know about… Devin Harris could go down at anytime which would likely get Morrow into the lineup some more… he’s got skills he’s just hot and cold and doesn’t get the PT right now…. i think i may go for weems, I hate TMAC

  8. Jay says:

    @Adam: When Curry missed a couple games, I figured Reggie Williams would move into the lineup and produce. But he stunk in the first game, then they started Rodney Carney in the 2nd game and RW did OK off the bench (and I had RW on MY bench b/c of his previous bad game).

    So what do you think happens with Ellis out (in regard to who starts and if RW produces)?

  9. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jay: You’re not the only one who thought that, but Williams is a SG who was asked to pretend to be a PG while Curry was out. Curry just recently returned and it’s going to take a bit of time for this team to gel. I think Williams will gel along with the rest of the team, I just don’t think he has yet. He’s played anywhere between 33 minutes and 8 already this season and no one would produce any consistent numbers under those conditions.

    That said, it doesn’t look as if Monta will miss more than a game or two (if any), so it’s all kinda moot.

  10. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    The trade you suggested I propose was accepted; I give up Conley and Galinari and I receive Parker and Igoudola.

    Good deal?

  11. Tony says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: i like that deal for you howie…. iggy and parker are too much more stable KNOWN commodities. Conley is hot right now but for how long and Gallinari? I mean neither of those two have put together a FULL years worth of good fantasy numbers, good deal for u….

  12. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: For your needs, yeah. I think this is a good trade for you.

    You’re giving up: .410/.736/2.9 3pt/ 27.8 pts/ 9 rbd/9 ast/ 4.1 stl/ 0.8 blk/ 3.4 tov

    You’re getting: .454/.700/0.7 3pt/29.2 pts/8.2 rbd/ 14.1 ast/ 3.5 stl/ 0.8 blk/ 7 tov

    +.044/-.036/-2.2 3pt/+1.4 pts/ -0.8 rbd/ +5.1 ast/ -0.6 stl/ — blk/ -3.6 tov

    You had threes to spare and you really needed assists, this deal takes that into account. In addition, Iguodala has started underwhelmingly this season, Conley has played out of his mind so far and will likely digress a bit (he won’t average 3.5 steals all season), so some of those other categories you might dip in in the next few weeks, I doubt it will remain that way for long.

  13. Howie Met Your Mother says:


    Thanks for that breakdown. Makes me feel great about the deal. Do the Tony Parker trade grumblings make any difference?

  14. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: The $50 million, 4-year deal he signed with San Antonio around Halloween would suggest Parker ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  15. jake says:

    @Adam: You never know if someone will grab him, but I dropped Brooks and picked up Lowry. Hopefully he’ll still be around in another couple of weeks and I’ll grab him then.

    Thanks for the help Adam!

  16. Quintero says:

    @Howie Met Your Mother: Park signed a new four-year 50M contract, so I think he is going nowhere.

    Speaking of contract, as a frustrated Kevin Love owner and victim of ignorambis, I went checking Rambis’ contract. He is in the second year of a four-year 8M contract, so they ain’t gonna fire him, right?

    That leads us to…

    Would you trade Love for Amare?

  17. A –

    I’m on the Lowry train, as I can’t see him not putting up good #s with Brooks sidelined for 4-6 wks.

    Projecting: 15 pts / 5 boards / 6 assts / 1-2 steals per game with light 3s and decent shooting %s.

    Your projections?

    Also, I’ve got 4 bench spots in my 12 team h2h weekly league and thinking about taking a flyer on Marcus Thornton, who has been nothing short of fodder to date, but I’m still intrigued cause I think Belinelli isn’t the long term solution despite NO early success to date. Am I way off and drinking Thornton’s kool aid from 2009-2010 season?

    I could drop Mike Dunleavy (bench), who is bound for a timeshare with Rush, once he’s activated this week.

    We use standard 9 categories + FTM and FGM.
    Guards (3) – Rose, Kev Mart, J. Richardson.
    Forwards (3) – Amare, Batum, Al Thornton
    Centers (2) – Gasol, Scola
    Util (3) – Ben Gordon, Afflalo, Javelle MaGee

    Anthony Randolph
    Andrew Bynum
    Mike Dunleavy
    Kyle Lowry

    I like Thorntons upside better, but want your take and see if you’d make the move.

    El Burro

  18. Dilbert says:

    is this the lowest pt (buy-low) for brook lopez? i cant see him sticking with only 6 rpg and 40% FG for the entire year.

  19. Adam

    Adam says:

    @jake: It’s a bad break, but I’ve been in daily leagues like yours and chances are if you can’t afford to have Brooks on your bench, neither can anyone else. And if gets snapped up, c’est la vie.

    @Quintero: Sure. I had Amar’e ranked above Love during the preseason (as did everyone) and both have had disappointing starts to their season so far (for different reasons). Do you think you’ve got an owner willing to make that trade? Also, contracts can be avoided with coaches. Chicago signed VDN for three years, fired him after two. Let’s hope a similar fate befalls Rambis.

    @El Burro: I project him to produce slightly less than you have. I’d guess closer to 13 / 5 / 5.5 with 2.5 threes+steals. Not bad for a waiver pickup, but nothing that’s going to revolutionize your team. Certainly nothing that makes anyone forget about Brooks.

    There’s really nothing to lose by dropping Dunleavy to grab Thornton. NOLA will no doubt employ the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it strategy” with the current lineup, so I wouldn’t expect a change to come about organically. Still, if you’ve got the stash spot, you’re not hurting yourself by following a hunch.

  20. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dilbert: If Lopez remains healthy, I’d be shocked if Lopez isn’t averaging at least .450/20/8 by December 1.

  21. El Burro says:


    thanks for the thoughts. I tend to agree on Thornton. Gonna keep him and Ant Rand on pine till they prove otherwise, but I like both of their upsides. Id be lying if said Im not concerned about Ant Rand, however. Watched almost all of NY games to date — he looks completely lost in D’Antoni’s system.

  22. Honus says:


    Who would you pick between Arron Afflalo and Francisco Garcia? I’m leaning towards Garcia because he puts up better per-minute numbers, but Afflalo seems to be getting more consistent minutes.

  23. Quintero says:

    @Adam: Fantastic insight about teams can avoid coach’s contract, thanks! So, should we have a movement?

    p.s. Gonna try something like Love/Millsap for Amare/J-Smoove now. It’s H2H, so you never know. Just got back Rose/Artest for VC/Parker/Hickson. People tend to give-in when they find out they can’t win enough categories.

  24. Adam

    Adam says:

    @El Burro: It’s always good to keep perspective. We’re only 6-7 games into an 82-game season. Even if Thornton or Randolph continue sucking for another two months, there’s still plenty of time for them to figure it out and have a helluva fantasy season. That’s why fantasy teams have benches.

    @Honus: Your thinking is exactly right, but I question why you’re leaning toward Garcia. I doubt Afflalo’s minutes will go down, nor am I confident Garcia’s minutes will go up. When in doubt, go with the guy standing on the court longer.

    @Quintero: Thanks. I’m really not very knowledgeable on contracts (especially coaching staff contracts), so you might want to double-check me if it’s something in which you’re really interested.

    RE:Love/Amar’e – I’d be shocked if an Amar’e/Smith trade went your way. They’re both top 20 players and neither Millsap nor Love are. If you can pull it off, superduper. But, you’d be hosing your opponent (or he’d be hosing himself) if it happened. Good luck!

  25. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: Wow what a game between the Jazz and Heat. If someone asked you whether the Heat would win if Wade scores 39, LeBron has a triple double, and Bosh has one of his better games with his new team, you would emphatically say “hell yeah”! Goes to show, money can’t buy the best team. Their weakness inside will haunt them all year long.

  26. Adam

    Adam says:

    @ThE sHiT: Unreal. AND Al Jefferson only went 1-for-7.

    Millsap shot three friggin’ treys in the final 30 seconds of regulation! And made ’em! That’s bananas!

  27. Jay says:

    @Adam: Before tonight, Millsap was 2-for-20 in his CAREER behind the arc — I’d guess that more than half of those were end-of-quarter heaves — and now he goes 3-for-3 and, by the way, drops 46 on the Big 2.5.

    Now if only I’d remembered to insert AK47 into my lineup after I traded for him…

  28. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jay: Arg. Benchslapped!

  29. Jay says:

    @Adam: Or, as the mighty Grey would say, SONAVABENCH!

    Glad I got him, though. Gave up Fields, S.Blake, and Birdman for him. What do you think?

  30. Dilbert says:

    brandon roy. fail.

  31. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Jay: Great trade.

    @Dilbert: Ugh. I wasn’t watching. What happened?

  32. Dilbert says:

    at the tender age of 26, says he is too old to play back to back games.

  33. Adam

    Adam says:

    @Dilbert: Oh, yeah. I read that. He might have a point. Dude left tonight’s game for a bit to ice his leg. I’m not sure, but I think that means he made his leg drink a Smirnoff Ice.

    Roy is such a bro.

  34. ThE sHiT says:

    @Adam: When my girl got home, sometime in the second quarter of that game, she asked if I had any of those players on my team. I said no, just that I wanted to watch it cuz it was an intriguing game. Utah was getting blown out, but they were showing signs of not giving up early. Little did I know that it would end up being one of the best basketball games I have seen in my life. That is why I love sports, you never know what’s going to happen.

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