Welcome back everyone to the second installment of the Sunday Recap. This edition is full of fright for fantasy owners and fans alike, as there were some strange(r) things affront given the scores we saw.  And no Winona Ryder performance either.

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Giannis Antetokounmpo had another outstanding night as he continues his MVP-like season with 38 pts, 11 rebs, and five asts.

Kris Middleton had a big night, one owners hope to see more often out of him, with 27 pts, seven rebs, nine asts, and two stls.

Of note, off the bench for the Bucks was John Henson accumulating 28 minutes of PT. He had a nice game in this one and could continue to play big minutes if Maker struggles.

On the losing side (again), Atlanta continued to provide us with some fine fantasy lines.

Taurean Prince had a steady 17 pts, five rebs, three asts, and two stls.

Kent Bazemore contributed 15 pts with two rebs, six asts, and two stls; notably going 10-for-10 from the stripe.

John Collins continued his strong play, with 14 pts, seven rebs, and a block. He’s not starting yet, but he’s been outplaying Dedmon and his minutes have been very steady.

And of course Dennis Schroder put up a hefty 21 pts, two rebs, eight asts, and three stls.


What a game this one turned out to be!

The rejuvenated Victor Oladipo led the Pacers to victory with 23 pts, four rebs, five asts, and the game winner late in the fourth quarter. He’s had a great start to the season and continues to put up first round value for those smart enough to draft him.

Also notable from Indiana last night was Domantas Sabonis, who has taken full advantage of his playing time recently, put up 22 pts, 12 rebs, two asts to go along with one stl and blk a piece. He was perfect from the field too going 9-for-9. Enjoy the ride while you can as his minutes/usage will drop dramatically once Myles returns.

For the Spurs, Lamarcus Aldridge had a fine 26 pts, eight rebs, and a block.  While his front court running mate Pau Gasol had a fine 17 pts (7-for-10 FG), seven rebs, five asts, and five blks! Likely putting his owners ahead in any close matchups for the block category.


The Nuggets exploded here, as most teams do when facing the Nets.

Wilson Chandler and Jamal Murray did well with 18 and 26 points, respectively.

Nikola Jokic righted the ship with 21 pts, 14 rebs, four asts, and a steal and block. He’s off to a slower start this year, and as expected him and Millsap have both taken a bit away from each-others stats, but worry not with Jokic, as he’s still the main guy in Denver.

For the Nets, RHJ continues to impress with a nice line of 18 pts, six rebs, one ast, and a block.

D’angelo Russell had an off night going 3-for-12 from the field, contributing 12 pts and three rebs, but did add eight asts to somewhat save his night.

With the first unit not looking up to task, that paved the way for upstart backup Spencer Dinwiddle to get more run in this one. And he took full advantage, putting up 22 pts with four rebs, four asts, and three stls. He’s a worthy add if his PT becomes more consistent.


This turned into a shootout as the Hornets took down the Magic 120-113.

Kemba Walker paced the field with 34 pts, six rebs, 10 asts, two steals, and a block in a stat stuffing line we’re starting to expect more and more.

Dwight Howard put up a double-double dropping, 22 pts, 10 rebs, three asts, and a block.

And Jeremy Lamb had a nice night with 20 pts, six rebs, seven asts, and two steals.

For the Magic, Jonathan Simmons led the way here for Orlando with 27 pts, four rebs, three asts, three stls, and a block.

Evan Fournier lit it up with 23 pts, three rebs, five asts, and a steal.

And Vucevic and Gordon also had some steady lines with 15 & 11, and 17 & 9, respectively.


As this turned into a blowout the lines suffered a bit.

John Wall still managed to put up a steady 19 pts, two rebs, nine asts, and a block and steal a piece.

Otto Porter carried on with his strong play with 16 pts, five rebs, one ast, two stls, and a block.

And Beal, while awaiting his judgment by the NBA, put up 15 pts, three rebs, and four assts.

Not much worth writing about from Sac-town, other than a nice night out from Bogdan Bogdanovic, who was the lone bright spot on this night for the Kings with 15 pts (7-for-9 FG), three rebs, one ast, and four stls.


LeBron continues to claim there is nothing wrong in ‘The Land’, but when you lose to the Knicks, you may want to double check that.

New York stymied the Cavs in this one, with Porzing-god dropping 32 pts, 12 rebs, one stl, and two blocks.

Enes Kanter played his part as well in the front court dismantling of Cleveland, with 18 pts, 12 rebs and a steal and block.

Courtney Lee had a very nice line of 15 pts, 10 rebs, three asts, and two stls. And can you believe it, but there was even a Tim Hardaway Jr sighting, as the $70MM man finally had a line worthy of his paycheque, dropping 34 pts, four rebs, eight assts, and two stls.

For the Cavs, LeBron James mustered up 16 pts, 10 rebs, seven asts, and two stls.

While Kevin Love led the team with 22 pts, 11 rebs, one ast, and a steal.


Continuing on the theme of WTF did I just see, the Pistons beat the Warriors last night in Oracle, off inspired from their backcourt. And are off to a very nice 5-2 start to the year.

Avery Bradley had a nice line of 23 pts (8-for-13 FG), one reb, two asts, and three steals.

Reggie Jackson dropped 22 pts (8-for-12 FG), three rebs, and five asts. And

Ish Smith added 16 pts (6-for-7 FG) with two asts.

The Warriors had no answer for the guards, but the usual suspects did their thing with Kevin Durant putting up 28 pts, six rebs, four asts, and two blks.

Stephen Curry nearly matched that with 27 pts, but also had six rebs, eight asts, and a steal.

While Klay Thompson led the team with 29 pts and two rebs and two stls.


  1. Davis says:

    What do you guys think of this trade:
    I get Chris paul and marquese chriss, he gets my porzingis and mike james.
    Nine cat. 12 team with ftm instead of TOs

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:


      Team needs notwithstanding, I like the Chris Paul side.

  2. AKTHESAVIOR says:


    I have a bit disfunctional team , rough start so far and a bit too full of guards.

    After reading the recent updates, I decided to drop Fultz. Also taking into account Phillys zero risk policy on regards to injuries, and their lack of need of winning. Instead of him I decided to grab Ntilikina, its seems very raw but there are so many chances for him right now… however it could have made more sense to not grab another guard. Available players are Kelly Oubre, Stanley Johnson, Holmes, Maker,Poeltl, Bogdanovic, Moore, Bender, Parsons, Kyle Anderson, J Winslow, Valentine, Ilyasova, Ullis, Monk…

    My complete team is:
    Payton(IR), Bledsoe, Mike James, Dunn, Murray, Ntilikina, J Richardson, Middleton, Ingram,LaVine (IR), Prince, RHJ,Antetokoumpo, Myles Turner and Taj Gibson. I really need bigs, I like J Allen or D Powell but they just dont play enough as of now…

    What are your suggestions?

    Thanks a lot

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:


      Wow, that’ slim pickings for big men there. Bender/Poetl have some appeal, but need injuries to have consistent PT. I’d look to make a deal in your case. There are some intriguing guards available; Ulis, Monk, or now Fultz that I would rather have stashed. Dump Dunn or Bledsoe if you can for a C/PF.

  3. Eddie Rooskie says:

    12 Team / H2H / 9 CAT

    Quick question:

    Would you trade Malcom Brogdon for Avery Bradley?

    Im punting assists and I love Brogdons game and development so far this season. Also realize Avery gets his value mainly from steals, 3’s and points. With AB trending up would you do this trade or hold Brogdon?

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:

      @Eddie Rooskie:
      No I wouldn’t. Brogdon gives you everything Bradley does, but with more efficiency and the assists. If you’re looking to deal him, I’d ask for more.

  4. Purdman says:

    Would you drop anyone of my guys for Taurean Prince, Avery Bradley, Gary Harris, aminu?

    I am not a big fan of Ingram, not sure on Collison.

    My roster:
    PG – Lonzo, Collison, Lillard
    SG – Hardaway, Klay,
    SF – melo, Covington, James Johnson, Ingram,
    PF- Aaron Gordon, Jokic
    C – Towns, Adams

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:


      Ingram for Prince and likely
      THjr for Harris (although Harris could flop given the depth in Denver now)

  5. I am the Walrus says:

    Would you trade Reddick for Aminu?

  6. fred says:

    Hey brother,

    What you think of this trade?

    Horford and porzingis for KD and schroder.

    I’d be getting KD side

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:

      @fred: I like your side of it, but it’s close.

  7. Clos says:

    Hey man how’s it going? In a 10 team 9 cat h2h. Jaylen brown is on the wire and I have the number 1 waiver right now. Also have kawhi and Dunn sitting in my IL spots which means I have to drop someone to get Dunn out of the IL spot since yahoo won’t let me do any moves until I do that.

    Lonzo, Richardson, Dennis Smith Jr, Mccollum, Gary Harris

    T. Prince, Demare Carrol, RHJ, TJ Warren

    Jokic, Millsap, Dedmon, Nurkic, Chriss

    IL- Kawhi, Dunn

    So are you dropping any of those guys to take Dunn out of the IL spot and are you dropping any of those guys for brown? Thanks.

  8. Zayn

    Zayn says:

    I’d lean Chriss right now if anyone, but given your team not sure I’d do that since you won’t be playing Jaylen much once Kawhi gets back anyway. The difference between Jaylen and Warren is sparse, and Chriss still has a lot of upside. Gun to my head, it’s Chriss though.

    • Clos says:

      @Zayn: ok thanks. What about Dunn? Just leave him in IL for now?

      • Zayn

        Zayn says:

        @Clos: I always like to leave a guy on IL unless he’s someone I’d be definitively playing over someone else right now. I’d leave him until you need to make a move or he lights things up.

  9. Myles says:

    Richaun Holmes is set to come back this Fri. Worth dropping Nance or Skal for him? This is standard 12 cat. Thanks.

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:

      @Myles: Not a bad flier, especially if Embiid goes down. I’d consider dropped Nance of the 2.

  10. Noah says:

    Hi. I’m in a 9cat H2H league. My squad is:

    Jrue Holiday
    CP3 (IR)

    Hardaway Jr.

    Taurean Prince

    Aaron Gordon

    Marc Gasol

    Should I accept the offer of: Anthony Davis, Gary Harris, and Josh Richardson/Carroll for Gasol, Holiday, and Gordon?

    • Zayn

      Zayn says:

      @Noah: In a heartbeat.

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