I bet you haven’t heard and I’m breaking the news… The Heat lost last night!  27 games in a row, down the drain.  One of the most impressive streaks we’ve seen in American sports is over.  However, instead of linking highlights to the game, I think this sketch from one of the best sketch comedy shows Mr. Show encapsulates what happened last night.  David Cross is the Bulls and Bob Odenkirk is the Heat.

Fantasy-wise, the Heat big three had their usual games and Luol Deng was the Bulls top performer with 28 Pts and 4 3PTM.  It was one of the most-hyped, most-talked about regular season NBA games in recent memory, so apologies this isn’t a fantasy-heavy open.  That’s what the rest is for!

Here’s what else went down across a heavy slate of NBA action (yes, there were other games!):

Tobias Harris – My boyfriend and best call since becoming Razzball Basketball Editor had a huge game going 10-20 FG 2 3PTM 9 Rebs 6 Asts 1 Stl and 3 Blks.  And to think the Bucks just gave him away!  Right there with Jeff Green as the 2nd half’s best pickups and I think continues strong until the end of the year to prove he can start for the Magic when everyone is back and healthy in 2013.

Kyle O’Quinn – I don’t think there’s any chance O’Quinn will become an NBA starter on a healthy team, but right now he’s playing tough and got 42 minutes last night.  Here’s what I said after Monday’s game, “In super deep leagues, he’ll give you a couple points and a couple boards with a good FG%.”  That’s me quoting me!  Went 11-14 FG 11 Reb 6 Asts and 1 Stl.  That’s how we do it in the pub!  My quote still stands pat, I wouldn’t drop a big name player for him in 10-team leagues.

Kemba Walker/Gerald Henderson – Put up 34 a piece in a Bobcats win.  There’s a sentence I will never type again.  I had a commenter ask about Henderson as a points league option amongst some other guys and I said Henderson.  Did you get that 34-7-2-1 in your line-up man? Because I hope so!

Jeff Teague – I’ve mentioned it a few times now, but Teague is going to be one of my big draft day targets next year.  Went 24-4-13 including 3-4 from deep and just absolutely took over this game which I watched.  An emerging great player and with Josh Smith gone next year, he’ll be even more a threat.

Jonas Valanciunas – The big JV is a guy I’ve been touting as a great pickup the past few weeks, and didn’t disappoint going 8-11 FG 19 Pts 8 Rebs and a Blk.  He really had a big impact on this game, as all four of those free throws were on and-ones.  He’s only 20-years old too, I’m gonna be big on him for next year.

Damien Wilkins – Continues to be slightly under the radar, probably because he starts on the 76ers, but had a very respectable 18-5-4-2 line last night.  And the Sixers won!  Golly gee Wilkin-ers!

Brandon Jennings – I love Brandon J, but what happened here?  Played only 17 minutes, went 0-3 had 3 Ast and 1 Stl and didn’t score in a game for the first time in his career.  Apparently got benched in the 3rd and never returned.  He’s too good and the Bucks need him too much for this to continue.

Jeff Green – Another gem across the board going 21-7-5-2-1.  Shot only 7-18, but was only 6-17 then hit a game-winner.  So you stat heads can suck it!

Wayne Ellington – Shot only marginally better at 7-16, but continues to be useful with a 16-3-2-3 line.  I think he should be owned in more leagues down the stretch, but good playoff teams are probably set.

Ed Davis – After a few nice runs with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph injuries, got a dreaded DNP – Coach’s Decision.

Marc Gasol – Returned after missing two games with what was first reported as an ab tear.  Ab tear my ass.  Man I wish I had ass abs.  Started the game poorly, but ended with a usable 13-5-3-1-1 line in his first game back.  Deploy as usual.

Zach Randolph – Probably Z Bo’s worst game on the year, going 3-4-3 in only 25 minutes with 5 TOs.  Just not his night.

J.R. Smith – Back-to-back 30+ Pt games going for 35 on an efficient 10-18 shooting and 12-13 from the FT line.  Led the Knicks in minutes even though he’s “the sixth man.”  BS.

Eric Gordon – You hate to love him, because he misses so many mother f games, but when he plays, he puts up 24 like last night.  Let the dude play every night, he’s fine now!

Greivis Vasquez – Returned after missing a few games and probably shoulda sat this one out as well.  28 mins 0-2 FG 2 Rebs 4 Asts 1 Stl 0 Pts.  If he helped ya to the playoffs, he’s pulling a Tom Brady in that 50+ TD season.

Roy Hibbert – Continues his binge scoring that would make Lindsay Lohan proud.  11-17 FG 28 Pts 13 Rebs 3 Asts and 3 Blks.  Will be interesting to see where he goes next year, but if he gets a ton of hype, I probably won’t own him as he’s had huge spells of inconsistency.  But maybe those days are behind him?

Paul George – Been huge this year, but 4-17 from the floor ain’t gonna cut it!

George Hill – Another guy returning from injury to post horrific results, going 1-11 from the floor only scoring 2 Pts.  The 4 Rebs 5 Asts and 2 Stls help pad the blow, but the 38 minutes are encouraging.  I think he’s fine.

Tyler Hansbrough – Still no David West means Hansbrough is fantasy usable.  16-8 last night in 32 minutes.  However, according to Indiana coach Frank Vogel, West will be back tonight.

Greg Smith – Exploded in the post with a near Goromotaro of 18 Pts and 19 Rebs.  Played 6 more minutes than Omer Asik and out center-ed him.  Just one game, I don’t put too much stock into it.

John Wall – After his huge game Monday night, shot only 3-18.  Gotta love the Russell Westbrook D!

Kobe Bryant – 31 Pts and only 4 fouls when it shoulda been 5.  That non-call made Ricky Rubio muy cansado.  Man I love bringing out my high school Spanish.

Pau Gasol – What foot issue?  36 minutes 8-12 FG 17 Pts 9 Rebs 3 Asts 2 Stls and 2 Blks.  Rainbow line!  I knew someone could do it (I mighta missed a tiny one somewhere).  If for some reason he’s still unowned, grab him!

Nikola Pekovic – Approached a Goromotaro himself with a 19-16 game in 41 minutes.  Should finish the year strong.

Chase Budinger – If you need scoring and a smattering of other stats, Chase B is your man.  Went 6-12 14 Pts 9 Rebs 1 Ast 2 Stls and 1 Blk in 24 solid minutes off the bench.  Give him a look if you need a spot start or the depth.

Denver Nuggets – Had their top 3 scorers last night come off the bench.  I wonder how often that happens?  I know the Knicks were doing that with Stoudemire and Smith…

Andre Miller – Bench player #1 with 7-18 shooting 14 Pts 5 Rebs and 8 Asts.  Ty Lawson only played 20 minutes and wasn’t effective.  Lawson is probably going to miss Friday as it seems he came back too soon from the ironic heel injury.  Miller is a great play Friday night if he’s available.

JaVale McGeeBench player #2 had his best game of the season with a season-high 21 Pts an 11 Rebs 2 Stls and 3 Blks.  Shot 10-11 and I think 9 of those were dunks, as this was the second game I watched.  He was just a matchup nightmare against Duncan/Splitter/Blair who all got owned down low.

Wilson Chandler – Bench player #3 with 15 in 34 minutes.  Proves he can score a do a little bit of it all.

Danny Green – Hit 6 3’s last night, and all 6 were in the first half if I remember correctly (at least 5 were).  Hit 4 in about a minute of game time in the 2nd quarter when the Spurs were down double-digits.  He was a big reason they came back and won a thriller.

Kendall Marshall – After a huge run by Goran Dragic, he’s now missed the last two games as he’s been benched with no injury.  Sorry Dragic owners – the Suns seem content to tank the season.  That means fantasy use for Marshall, who went 7 Pts and 13 Asts last night in 34 minutes.  He’s a gold-mine if you need wire assists.

Wesley Johnson – Like Wayne Ellington, will become the Suns primary scorer with their new lineup.  Scored 20+ in back-to-back games.  Need spot start scoring, look no further.

Isaiah Thomas – Another big game in the little guy’s young career scoring 31 Pts on 10-18 shooting including 7 3’s and 7 Asts.  The Kings upset the Warriors as well, marking another big upset for the young team.  They might actually stay in Sac too.

Stephen Curry – Didn’t have his shot (5-18) so dimed his way to a nice fantasy day with 12 Asts.  Back-to-back games with double-digit assists.  Not bad for a pure scorer.

Reggie Evans – Super GOROMOTARO!  Knew someone could do it.  22 Pts on 9-13 shooting and 26 Rebs.  Twenty-Six!  Sheesh.  The Nets really took it to the Blazers who were 22-11 at home before last night.

Brook Lopez – 12-22 for 28 Pts.  Becoming an elite interior scorer.  If he stays healthy for like 8 more years, he’ll push for hall-of-fame at this rate, Gus Ayonin’!


Game Friday: Heat @ Hornets.  Damn, wish the streak was still alive… The Hornets coulda knocked off both the Nuggets streak and Heat streak within a week.  I think the Heat trounce here.  Shoot your comments below, stay strong through the playoffs!