As you can tell with a heavy dose of exclamation points invading the short sentence periods, it’s JB writing the H2H Playoff Schedule post this year!  But do not fret, JB-unbelievers, Slim still came up with the tiers and was my main consultant for putting this together.  I’m like a machine for writing posts, Slim is like a machine for projections and dissecting numbers.  I couldn’t even dissect a frog without writing about it in Camus-existential prose!  My science teacher was like, “What in the hell is this?!  You were only supposed to write about the body parts, not existence itself!”

Speaking of existence, it doesn’t matter how long you make it in your H2H fantasy league if you don’t come away with the trophy.  Unless of course, you’re talking about how I did vs. Slim in the RCLs last year!  I went further in the JB vs. Slim league, woooooo!  But neither of us won, so I will begrudgingly admit, it was moot…  Should’ve spent more time analyzing the playoff sched!  This post is required reading if you’re in the RCL leagues…  Still hoping to start up or join more leagues this season?  Be sure to join the RCL leagues today by checking out our RCL signups post!

Slim is still going to sprinkle his sage-like, pixie dust of wisdom regarding the playoff schedule all through the comments – he picked up these abilities while on a walkabout in the Outback – so comment often about your thoughts on the playoff sched through the final week-and-a-half of drafting.  Here’s our H2H Playoffs Schedule breakdown, in tiers:

Please, blog, may I have some more?