So here we are, heading towards the start of the season and what a difference a few weeks makes. If you have been following the rookie rankings (remember these rankings are just from the 2016 NBA draft, and thus exclude draft and stash candidates), then you know that we are at the home stretch, bringing you numbers 41-60.

For those of you that have not quite caught up to speed, and only just starting to get your research together, then here is the previously stated top 40:

Please, blog, may I have some more?

As we prep for the 2016 NBA Draft in a mere two weeks, I’ve noticed that some of the buzziest guys we didn’t draft in Slim and I’s (grammar police!) 2016 NBA Mock Draft have some absolutely awesome names.  And what do you think of when you hear absolutely awesome male names?  Porn stars of course!  So I dedicated a little mini-series to the under-the-radar draft day names that could sneak their way into the first round and have some deep league 2016-17 fantasy impact.

In our results for Thon Maker: Better Porn Star or NBA Career – we’re at 75.9% better Porn Star!

So I typo-ed his name in the title “Diamond Stones”, and almost left it due to how it fits the series…

But in all seriousness, we’re here to talk about Diamond Stone!  Singular!  But if he did have two kids, he could say he has two little Stones…  This is too fun!

Please, blog, may I have some more?