I was watching Dahmer the other day on Netflix, and there’s a scene toward the end of the series where Jeffrey Dahmer (infamous serial killer) seeks wisdom and guidance from a priest in prison. Dahmer says, “Even in Star Wars, I always liked the bad guys more,” to which the priest replies, “So did I… those characters are written better.”

With that in mind, is there a villain in the NBA whose storyline is written any wilder than Kyrie Irving’s? Back in his Cleveland Cav days, Kyrie was my favorite player in the NBA, and now he even plays for my favorite team – the Brooklyn Nets. And yet, for a plethora of obvious reasons, Kyrie has gone from my favorite to most hated player in basketball. For lovers of The Villain – like Dahmer, who was one himself – has an NBA storyline ever been written like this before?

(1) It all started when Kyrie dropped a bomb on us… apparently the world is flat. That’s when we knew things were starting to change in the young man’s mind. (2) Then he wore out his welcome in Boston, and capped that off by enraging Celtics fans when he stomped on their logo, Lucky the Leprechaun. (3) Then he became THE anti-vaxxer in the NBA – the poster boy for dissent – and cost the Nets their season in the process. (4) Then came Alex Jones, I don’t think I need to say more on that, followed by (5) The Grand Finale, going down as arguably the worst anti-Semite in the history of the NBA.

And yet, after all that disgusting content and embarrassment, Kyrie refused to vanish into Cancellation. In fact, he seemed to return to the court as strong as ever. Is he simply embracing his newfound role as basketball’s Supervillain? Let’s jump into Wednesday night’s NBA slate to get a deeper understanding of Kyrie’s fantasy basketball adjustments.

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Welcome back to DFS Dunks, playoff edition. It’s me, cousin Timmy, coming at you with the best plays to win your DFS contests tonight. We have a three-game slate of  Western Conference matchups. All three series are in Game Three so we’ll see a home-court shift.  Luka Doncic is questionable to play after missing the first two games vs. the Jazz. The Mavericks showed us they don’t need Luka to win, with a massive scoring effort from Jalen Brunson. Utah and Dallas are tied 1-1 as are Memphis and Minnesota. Golden State has a 2-0 lead on Denver and it doesn’t look good for the Nuggets. An important difference in playoff DFS is minutes. Teams really tighten up rotations but can make major shifts after each game depending on matchups.  Ok, you ready for some playoff DFS? Let’s get to my favorite plays of the night.

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Welcome back to DFS Dunks! I love Thursdays because I seem to do well when I write this article.  Last week I finished 3rd of 1,800 entries in the DraftKings $2 Elbow Shot. The prize? $100! When you 50x your entry fee you sleep pretty well. It’s important to stay humble though because if you don’t, you can lose your money real fast. I discussed this on the Son Pod this week. You can listen to it here.  When you do hit big, go and celebrate the moment because it may be a while before it happens again. Have a beer or six, buy yourself a jersey, do something, but remember to manage your bankroll when then next slate comes around. Ok, let’s keep the momentum going and get to tonight’s analysis.

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