…It’s like the beginning of a 1950s B&W horror movie.  “As I recall it was a horror film!”

“…From the depths of the muck – ya know, that soft clay shizz at the bottom of a lake – comes the waiver-wired, until recently available in a ton of leagues, RODNEY STUCKEY!”

Monster game from R-Stuck, who gets to R-Stick it to a hot Reality-TV show wife, unquestioningly motivating him to a 34/6/7/1/1 line last night with an NBA Jam “he’s on fire!” 13-19 FG and 6 treys.  Just a redonk game in 31 bench minutes, especially since the Pacers started Damjan Rudez who couldn’t miss either, hitting 6-8 including 5-7 from deep.  It’s like the Pacers were playing on Fisher-Price baskets!  Although those “throwback” (well, just older, not too throwback) unis are schweet.  While a big game and all, Stuckey was averaging a monstrous 0.6 3PTM a game before last night, so a huge anomaly there.  1,000% more 3s!  And the dimes were an outlier as well, with only two games more than 6 before yesterday.  Anyone in the NBA can get hot on any given night, and Stuckey is a good low-to-mid-teens scorer ala that creeper who stayed home instead of going to college.  He’s fine as a last guy on your bench in 10 or 12ers, but I don’t think he’s someone to drop a stud for.  A great comment yesterday was Stuckey or Brandon Knight, who was spotted on crutches yesterday.  Yeah, unless you have a H2H week one bye, I’ll probably pick the guy who can currently walk.  Here’s what else happened last night in fantasy hoops action:

Victor Oladipo Finally, a RainbOladipo!  13/3/2/3/3, and I can’t believe I thought he’d be a rainbow threat every night last year….  The D just hasn’t been as sharp, evidenced by Rodney friggin’ Stuckey going for 34!  First multi-block game this season, and subsequently first rainbow.

Nikola Vucevic Returned from two out with a kankle for 13/5/2/2/0 on 6-10 shooting in 28 minutes.  Well, at least he’ll be out there for his barely-any-games in the H2H playoffs!  Dewayne Dedmon still started at PF, but only got to 17 minutes in a 6/8/0/0/1 game.  Still worth holding onto in the deepers, but that’s it.

Roy Hibbert – Wow, ceding playing time to Ian Mahinmi…  Just a dreadful 15 minutes of 2/4/1/0/1 (given he played through a sinus infection and it was a blowout, but schwatev) and it’s yet another season of a full collapse.  I don’t see how I could ever draft him again…  Mahinmi is quietly in that Dedmon range with a 6/10/3/0/1 game off the bench.

Quincy Pondexter – Let’s hope you brought the Q-Pons!  Because Pondexter sure is in the bargain bin…  17/1/4/0/1 hitting 5-6 from deep.  You know what’s coming…  ThrAGNOF!

Alexis Ajinca – The TO are still unacceptable, but a huge 17/5/4/3/0 line off the bench getting some blowout minutes.  3 more TO though in 23 minutes?!  Le Poo.

Norris Cole – Got the start with Tyreke Evans out with a kankle, and went 16/5/4/3/0 on 6-11 FG (4-6 3PTM).  I’m a smidge interested.  While Evans is out, I don’t think he’s that far of a step down from the Isaiah Canaan/Aaron Brooks range.

Cory Jefferson – The Nets are terrible.  Not only for losing this game, but for spreading all the fantasy numbers thin across everyone.  Thaddeus Young plays 27 starting minutes and is fine, Jarrett Jack led the team with 28 minutes off the bench and was OK, really the only interesting takeaway was another showing from C-Jeff for 8/7/1/0/1.  After dubdubbing in only 16 minutes two games ago, he’s also creeping into the deep league Mahinmi/Dedmon class.

LeBron James Took off the headband (which is a kind of herb, maybe it was symbolic he didn’t do a pregame toke) for 27/7/8/1/1 with 4 treys in only 29 minutes.  The Mavs suck.

J.R. Smith – I mentioned a few times that Smiff’s steals were really saucy since joining the Cavs, but he only has 4 the past 5 games.  Last night it didn’t matter since he hit 5 treys for 21 points, but he’s starting to look super ThrAGNOFfy!

Iman Shumpert – Stole Smiff’s steals!  From the seashore!  7/4/6/6/0, and I guess Shumpert should secure six steals sometimes.

Dallas Mavericks – I mean, all of these guys have been busts.  Chandler Parsons for 18/5/1/0/1 is fine – good to see him healthy – Monta Ellis for 17/3/4/2/1 and no TO is OK but no 3s, Rajon Rondo reverted to hot garbage and Dirk Nowitzki has been the worst bust of them all.  Might be one of my least favorite teams this year.  If the Finals were Mavs/Nets, I would boycott the NBA.

Kawhi Leonard MVP!  MVP!  24/11/1/5/1 hitting 10-19 and all 4 FT.  And it’s so effortless.  Love the 39 minutes as well.  Time for Pop to feature the superstar!

Tony Parker – Turning back the clock!  “Do you believe in time travel?”  That makes more sense saying it in my head in the Donnie Darko rabbit voice…  23/2/9/1/0 hitting 9-20.  Le Oui!

Danny Green Was hot, and a little surprised he didn’t play more.  19/6/2/0/1 hitting 5-6 from deep.  Been a solid stretch the past two weeks, good to see him turnin’ it up!

Tim Duncan – Left late with a hyper-extended elbow when running into Tiago Splitter.  Splitter splittin’ elbows!  But it sounds like Timmay J will be shooting Js again tomorrow.

Kyle Lowry If you win or lose your matchup this week by three treys, I call utter BS.  Lowry hit 3 treys in the final 30 seconds of utter junk time.  32/4/5/2/0 making 10-19 FG (5-9 3PTM 7-7 FT).  At least the rest seems to have helped!  But yeah, it was like watching that Julio Jones game against the Packers in fantasy football this past season.  They were way down and he got all those prevent catches!

Patrick Patterson Well, if he could make a shot my stream call would’ve looked good…  2-11 from the field, but piled up a nice multi-cat otherwise for 4/10/3/1/2 with no TO.

Amir Johnson – I told Slim on the Pod!  I stuck with play your bigs against the Spurs even with the terrible Amir!  16/14/3/0/1.  Of course I’m not counting Jonas Valanciunas to carve up the Spurs, because on a night-to-night basis you can’t count on him for anything (9/6/0/0/1 with 2 TO in 21 4-foul plagued minutes).

Andrea Bargnani – Only 3 rebounds and no blocks?!  Against Rudy?!  Shocker!  Hit his jumper though for 20/3/1 on 9-19 shooting.  He’s the best Poppycocker.  How?

Alexey Shved – Whoa, look at that multi-cat.  “That’s what she Shved!”  Huge night from the Russian for 21/10/7/1/2.  And was mad efficient for 6-12 FG (4-7 3PTM 5-5 FT).  I’m just glad he got through the game with no PTSD after this hit last year.  How Gobert got the name Monsieur Elbow!  No blood, no foul!  Oh wait…

Cole Aldrich – Everyone slow clap Slim!  As in, give him your slowly-showing -symptoms clap…  17/13/0/1/1, and Slim recommended him in our F&F weekly league with the 5 games.

Rudy Gobert He’s been mentioned like 15 times already!  But still gets his own blurb because he’s an alien.  10/14/1/3/4.  He’s so good, just wish he could bury the FT (2-5).

Gordan Hayward – We mentioned on the Pod he might miss with a back strain, and indeed sat giving a starting nod to Elijah Millsap.  Who played 14 minutes….  Eesh, as Rodney Hood took 16 shots off the bench for 17/1/1/0/1 and 3 treys.  Meh.  Hayward’s been previously playing through it, so I don’t think he sits another.

Reggie Jackson Ewwwww.  EWWWWWWW!  Against the inconsistent D of Jordan Clarkson, really struggled for 2/2/3/0/0 on 1-9 shooting and 5 TO.  Yikes.  If you don’t have a trade deadline, I would probably buy low if I could, but the price is mad dropping.

Greg Monroe – Rainbow Moose!  24/9/2/2/2 on 10-14 FG.  Should’ve taken 30 shots!

Jordan Hill – Ya know, looked pretty good out there.  7-15 FG 16/3/2/0/1, but is really turning into a mid-range big.  Makes the boards and blocks look bleak for any upside.

Jeremy Lin – The amount of times he was on the floor was Linsanity!  Seemed like every transition play he was on the ground, ending with a 12/7/5/1/0 line on only 1-4 FG.  9-12 FT!  On only 4 FG attempts!  He was flippin’ and flappin’ around like one of those air tunnel flaily things!


Streamers/Cheap Daily League Picks:

Marvin Williams (5% owned) – Cody Zeller is doubtful tonight with a bum shoulder, and while Starvin’ Marvin isn’t likely to play a ton of minutes, the Kings give up a ton of points (3rd worst in the NBA at 105.1 PPG allowed) so I think we could see a solid outing tonight.

Cory Jefferson (0% owned) – Ya know, why not?!  I really struggled finding a second streamer, so going with a Nets big against the Heat that don’t have any bigs due to health and elbows to the back of heads.


Thanks for stopping by Razzball Nation, and see you tomorrow!